Not too long ago I had the opportunity to talk with the man who gave a voice to Trent Lane.  We conversed via E-Mail, and after a couple times back and forth I put forth the request of a Q and A session.  Mr. Gonzalez graciously agreed.  Here is the result:

1.  How did you get the job as 'The voice of Trent', and was this your first time as a voice actor?

AJG: While I do have an agent, take classes and do all the actor stuff you are supposed to do, I landed the part of Trent by chance. A friend of mine saw a poster calling for voice over actors (no mention of MTV). She passed the info on to me and I did a phone-in audition. The director liked what she heard, called me in for a second audition and I landed the part.

2.  A lot of animators base character styles on the voice actor.  Was that the case with Trent, and if so, what characteristics do you think your performance added to his overall character?

AJG: In this case, Trent was already drawn before I came on board. It was the collaboration of the directors and myself that came up with the final matching voice. It is difficult to single out one characteristic that was wholly mine but without a doubt, there are large parts of me in Trent.

3.  What is your opinion of Trent as a character, was he an undiscovered talent, an underachieving slacker, or something else?

AJG: Trent is the dreamer. A young guy with moments of deep brilliance. In theory, all he needed was a chance which is exactly what 'Mystik Spyral' would explore.

4.  Where there any other characters/voice actors you particularly liked playing off of?

AJG: Yes, the dynamic between Jane and Trent was great.  Daria comes in as a close second.

5.  Do you have a favorite episode or line?

AJG: My favorite episode is "Road Warriors" One of my favorite lines is "I've got a real problem with authority"

6.  In reality, are you anything like Trent, or is there another character from the show you feel you have more in common with?

AJG: I relate to Trent. As you saw from my site, I play and write music. I also love taking naps.

7.  What was the premise of the 'Mystic Spiral' spin-off?

AJG: Trent and his band embark on a cross-country tour shedding riffs and experiencing all that life on the road has to offer.

8.  Do you keep in touch with anyone you worked with in the series?

AJG: Unfortunately, not really. I speak with Tracy (Daria) once in a while but that is about it.

9.  Who did backup/instrumentals for the spiral songs in Daria?

AJG: Not really sure but I believe it was some MTV studio musicians.

10.  Do you follow the Daria fandom at all?  Have you read fanfic based on your character?  If so, what were your thoughts about it?

AJG: Until I spoke with you, I had no idea. Once I do, I will get back to you on this one.  (I will update if and when I get a further answer on this one ~~ Sh33pie)

11.  I've become quite addicted to 'One Time'  and 'They Tell Me', the songs on your site.  Are you part of a band, and is there any talk of an album or additional songs?

AJG: Thank you for the support but like Trent, I have difficulty finishing things. Yes, I am still working on other songs and encouragement like yours is a great catalyst. I will keep you posted.  (Again as I know, you'll know. ~~ Sh33pie)

12.  Ok now for the lame personal stuff people wanna know: age rank and serial number... just kidding, well sort of. :) How old are you, what are you favorites (tv show, movie, color, song, book, author, actor) any hobbies/interests?

AJG: I am in my mid 30's but feel like I never passed 21.  My favorite TV shows are "That 70's Show" and "The Simpsons." I also love Sienfeld.

Favorite movies are "Monty Python's The Life of Brian" (comedy) and "Harvey" (classic).

Favorite books include " The Lord of the Rings", Harry Potter series, "The Little Prince" and "The World According to Garp."

Favorite actors include Patrick Stewart, Matthew Broderick and Cher (she won me over in "Mask")

I love writing music/songs, photography (see, painting and improv.

13.  Do you have any projects in the works?

AJG: Right now everything is pretty much on hold. Several of my projects, the MTV Spyral included, are not moving right now. To make ends meet I have taken on a very demanding office job. Once I get settled, I plan to recharge the old ones and start up some new ones.

14.  There has always been a 'shipper/anti-shipper' controversy in the Daria fan community.  The introduction of Tom Sloane only further fueled the 'Daria/Trent' debates.  Do you think Daria and Trent would have worked as a couple?

AJG: Yes, without a doubt. They complimented each other greatly. Trent the dreamer, Daria the realist. I would like to see them get together after Daria graduates college.

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