All My Children

You know how it ends. This is how it began.


Deref & Thea_Zara

Chapter 1 - Still Wet by Moonlight
Stay & All I Have to Do Is Dream

Chapter 2 - Homecomings and Honeysuckle
Hey Mr. Postman & Runaway

Chapter 3 - California Dreaming
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena & California Dreaming

Chapter 4 - Light and Shadow
The Ballad of the Green Beret & Vincent

Chapter 5 - Like a Diamond in the Sky
Piece of My Heart & This Diamond Ring

Chapter 6 - Will Power
Aquarius & San Francisco Nights

Chapter 7 - The Howling
Elenore & Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Chapter 8 - Ice and Fire
Catch the Wind & Fortunate Son
View fanart (Just Add Water) by NMorgendorffer

Chapter 9 - Family Business
Let it Grow & Little Sister

Chapter 10 - Going to the Chapel
You Belong to Me & Chapel of Love

Chapter 11 - Different Roads
That's Amore & The Times They Are A Changing

Chapter 12 - I Will
I Will & Suzanne

Chapter 13 - Expanding Horizons
Bleaker Street & Rainy Day Woman

Chapter 14 - The Moon In The Man
Rocket Man & Space Oddity

Chapter 15 - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Jake
Time of the Season & White Rabbit

Chapter 16 - Summer of Love

Following each chapter are two songs.  Click on them in the dropdown box below to hear some of the wonderful sounds of history that inspired us.  If your browser doesn't support the Jukebox below click here to go to a text list of the song url's.