Angelinhel grew up in CT but moved to CA after attaining a degree in Neuroscience. She has Daria's attitude and Brittany's rack. You do the math.

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Padded Walls -  Ever wonder why Quinn can’t remember Jaime’s name? Why she really started calling Daria her cousin? Why Tiffany is so slow? Stacy so suggestible? Or the truth behind why Quinn loves to have guys at her feet?

Guilty Pleasures / More Guilty Pleasures -  This was an entry in PPMB’s Iron Chef “Guilty Pleasures” challenge.  Pick out any Daria character, old or young, male or female, and show him or her indulging in a "guilty pleasure". The character should be somewhat secretive about it, and be doing something noticeably (though not necessarily drastically) out of character.

Unrequited Love – a trilogy of fic-lets exploring unrequited love.

An Angel Named Mary-Sue – Daria is given a chance to ‘see’ the world around her just a little better.

9.14.04 - In response to Roger E. Moore’s PPMB Iron Chef: Your challenge is to write a short fanfic telling what one or more of the major characters in "Daria" are doing today, September 2004.

A Broken Night
- An AU story set during ‘Is It Fall Yet’ in response to Ned’s Iron Chef Challenge to write a DariaDeMartino shipper. Probably not what you're expecting...

And I Think It's Gonna Be a Long, Long Time - Upchuck's trademark phrase explained. A PPMB Iron Chef entry.

Aw, Nuts - A peek into Jake's never-ending war with the squirrel population of Lawndale. Written for Roger E. Moore.

Jane's Theme - In response to Manha Manha's Iron Chef: Why is Jane's favorite song a sappy 70's love song?

Reflections in the Hood of a Car - Tom reflects on his role in "the triangle" after all is said and done.

Remember Me - An Iron Chef ficlet. Quinn's worst nightmare.

Run, Jane, Run - Why Jane likes to run. A ficlet.

Second Place - Daria watches as Jane accepts second place. One-shot.

Crimson Sunset - A little Stacy-centric ficlet.

Structure - Mad-Dog Morgendorffer decides little Jakey's fate. 

House of Horror - A trip to a halloween fair takes on a dark twist.

Illusions - What did Daria see behind the attic door that made her faint? Would you believe . . . another Daria? Prepare for a long crossover journey into strange but familiar Lawndales, drawn from alternate-universe Daria fanfics by almost a dozen authors!  This story was cowritten with The Angst Guy & CharlieGirl

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