Around the Town




Birds in the Park


They had been meeting for months now.Not every day or even every week, but as often as possible; Ever since they discovered their shared tastes.She waited silently on the bench.This was a part of the game; she was always picked up in public.It didn't really mean anything, but it still added a sense of danger, of being vulnerable, to the games. She was scanning up and down the street, but saw no one. It really amazed her how much the 'games' turned her on.


She had always been the one in control. That loser boyfriend of hers was always content to do what she wanted.This was different, and she couldn't fight this habit she'd discovered.It was probably the best high she'd ever had.As nervous as a junkie waiting for her next fix, she stood and started pacing.She listened to the heels, which she had been ordered to wear, clicking on the pavement as she walked back and forth.


As she paced, she went over her instructions again making sure she had followed them to the letter.She had put on the ankle high boots with the spiked heel, and what amounted to a schoolgirl uniform.Someone had been feeling kinky, or had watched a bit too much anime this week.The short plaid pleated skirt hung scant inches below the curve of her ass cheeks and she had been prohibited from wearing panties or a bra.The white blouse was tied under her ample chest and her nipples were hard against the rough material.Her dark hair was pulled away from her face and into a high tight ponytail.


She was to come to this particular park bench and wait. Across the distance she heard the clock tower chime the hour.At the sixth and final chime she was suddenly grabbed from behind.A hand clamped across her mouth, and another wrapped around her wrist.Finally, her lover had arrived.The hand left her mouth, and she felt it roam her body.It stroked down one breast, around the aching nipple gently, and then sliding lower until it slipped up under the skirt.Her lover ran a finger along her ass cheek.Her lover stayed close behind her a moment, hands holding her close, then pulled away.


The inspection finished, it was back to business."Put your hands behind you." Her lover ordered.She complied immediately, without realizing the implication until the cool steel bracelets slipped over each muscular wrist, and pulled tight. Only when they clicked home, did she remember just where they were and exactly how vulnerablethey were.


"Get on your knees, NOW."Her mistress ordered abruptly.She dropped immediately, despite it being quite awkward with her hands behind her.The pavement scraping her knees, she waited."Open your mouth and close your eyes.Ē unsure what to expect she complied, and almost immediately, she felt cloth filling her mouth "These were the panties I wore all day while thinking about what Iím going to do to you.Open your eyes."


Leaning in close she tied a white handkerchief around her mouth tightly holding the panties in.Her lover raised her own short skirt, and showed off her nakedness and her neatly trimmed hair."You want a taste donít you?" she asked taunting."First things first" she muttered and dropped her own short skirt back into place.


"Get up" she commanded, and then helped the cuffed girl to her feet.She brushed bits of dirt and dust off her captiveís knees.Then she sat down on the bench knees crossed, the very form of elegance."Get over my knee pet.Itís time for your punishment to start."


The dark haired girl looked around, nervous at the openness surrounding them, then at her lover. The obvious question 'here?' was showing in her frightened eyes. The sharp "NOW" was enough to get her moving despite the fear rolling in her stomach. 'What if someone saw them.í she worried.


She paused a moment or two, then decided not to let fear stop her and positioned herself over her mistressís knees.Her ass was raised in the air barely concealed under the short skirt.It was flipped up and her ass was out for anyone who happened by to see.


Enjoying the control she had over the dark haired girl laying over her knees, she waited a moment or two before speaking, "It was going to be 25 per cheek tonight pet, but you hesitated, so now itís 50."There was a small moan at that, but it was done quietly, so as not to increase the number any more.


The first sharp sting hit her left cheek.It left a delicate but brightly colored palm print on her; then another on the right.After getting into a rhythm, she worked first one cheek then the other, until they were both a uniform red color.


Being so open and so helpless, being punished where anyone could see, had the newly awakened submissive very wet.She knew her lover would notice, and soon enough she did.


The dom slipped a hand down between the dark-haired girlís legs and found her clit.She stroked the small bud in tempo with the smacks, until instead of flinching the brazen hussy on her lap began arching up to meet her hand with each smack.She was moaning in the gag, and as her mistress noted the reaction she increased the tempo until her fingers where practically flying over the dark haired submissiveís clit.As the last few smacks fell on each cheek she could hear a series of harsh gasps and a low ragged panting she knew to precede orgasm.As the first shuddering wave engulfed the dark haired girl she pushed her off her lap and onto the ground.


Gasping, Monique looked up at her blond lover and waited.ďNO ONE gave you permission to cum pet, thatís going to get you extra punishment tonight.ĒBrittany told her in a low menacing voice.