Around the Town




Tell-tale Kisses




She sat straddling his chest, naked. His eyes greedily following each sway of her breasts as she leaned up over him. She pulled first one hand, and then the other up to the headboard and tied them tightly into place. He tried to lean his head forward, but she pushed it back down and slipped off of him. She grabbed a scarf and blindfolded him with a few deft movements. He opened his mouth to complain and found them filled with something soft and silky... and slightly musky. His mind reeled and his cock hardened, even more so when he realized they must have been the panties she'd been wearing when he'd picked her up. She pulled each leg to a corner of the bed and tied it just as tightly as she had his arms.


She then made sure he heard the sound of the knife she'd brought opening. She let the blade glide over his skin slowly, teasing, and he began to panic just a little. His racing heart slowed whenhearto panic just a little,s skin slowly, teasing, and she stopped tracing patterns with the sharp instrument, and began cutting off his t-shirt and then his pants.


'Kinky' he thought striving to hold still under her expert hands.


She pulled the tattered clothes away from his body and then went to work with the sharp implement slipping it slowly under the band of his jockeys. His breath caught as he realized JUST how close she was to his prized possession with that knife, but she simply slit the elastic along either side and pulled them away. As she did his still hard cock sprang free and he moaned out what might have been a sigh of relief.


She climbed atop his chest again for a moment, leaning over and speaking softly into his ear. "I get to cum first, and you'd better hope you know what you're doing. She plucked the now damp panties from his mouth and slid her body up over it until her slit was positioned over his waiting tongue. A little shifting on her part and it was now very difficult for him to breath, her taunt rounded ass cheeks covering his face and her warm and slightly damp slit waiting over his mouth.


He raised his tongue, blindly searching for just the right spot. He slid his tongue from her tight hole upwards until he felt a small crinkle of flesh, and heard a soft gasp from far above him. Satisfied that he'd found what he was looking for he went to work lapping back and forth over it in a near rhythmic pattern. He would slowly lap back and forth, then suddenly speed up and go from side to side, then a nice slow circle. He shifted swiftly every time she began to tense above him; forcing her orgasm further and further away, letting her anticipate it all the more. Finally, when his lungs began screaming for air,hardd he sharp instrument, and he started a fast up and down stroke with his tongue that had her grinding down against his mouth. Even as she began to moan he kept his tongue going faster and faster, until she let out a loud moan and collapsed down across him, raising her ass slightly as she did, so he could breathe easier.


He could feel her hair lying across his hard cock as she gasped and recovered from the orgasm. After a moment or two she raised up, back into her sitting position. She turned around and repositioned herself over his head, this time facing the headboard. She held onto it with both hands. Her movements had shifted his blind fold and his eyes looked straight up at her pert breasts greadily as she spoke one word.




Her new position put her now wet hole over his mouth, and meant he'd have to stretch up to reach her clit just a bit. It also meant he could breath easer, so instead of making the stretch for the tiny spot that would bring her back to orgasm quickly; he began darting his tongue in and out of her slowly at first, then faster. She began slowly raising and lowering herself slightly, riding his tongue instead of his cock.


Finally, when she was right on the edge he stretched his tongue for that one spot. It was swollen now from his previous attention, and every stroke caused her to moan softly. she slid backwards slightly giving him easier access to it, and when he began lapping it faster and faster she again slid her body in a short quick up and down motion. He kept going this time faster and faster. Her grip on the headboard was tight as was evident when her orgasm began... as she spasmed over him the head board thumped against the wall in time with her body's reactions


Sated, she slipped off of him slowly, sliding down his body to lie beside him, panting heavily. After a few moments she kissed him lightly on the cheek. She re-adjusted the blindfold, and slipped the panties back in his mouth.


"That was great" she murmured. "Hope the Missus doesn't come and find you like this, huh? Two-timing bastard!"


She pulled out another scarf and used it to tie the panties in place. That done, she sat on the side of the bed to apply lipstick to her ruby red lips. After a moment she leaned down and placed a kiss around his still hard cock, and leaving a telling lipstick print.


"Bye Mr. Griffin." she called after she'd gotten dressed and was walking to the door.


Once outside she thought about phoning Trent for a ride, but one look at her watch changed her mind. It was just after three a.m. 'Guess I walk.' she thought, 'Oh well, serves me right for dating another bastard named Tom'