Around the Town




Girl’s Night in

Pt. 1



They'd visited several of the local clubs, and her mistress had made sure all the surrounding people watched as she shimmied and danced in the decidedly indecent outfit.  The skirt was far too short, and any spins or slight bends on her part showed that she was totally bare underneath.  After several long sweaty hours of dancing, flirting, and finally blowing off guys and girls alike, she'd been led from the final club and through to the quieter parts of town.


The ankle boots where a bit much, but as they were locked on she had no say in the matter, and besides, her mistress was in a pair just like them, minus the small locks of course.  The night was incredibly clear and as they walked further and further from the clubs, they each took time to look up; perhaps hoping for a falling star to wish upon.   They slowly moved towards more residential areas of the town.  Once they reached quieter neighborhoods, her mistress reached into her small bag and pulled out a short leash.  She attached it to the collar around her neck and began effectively 'walking' her pet.


It was quite late by the time they got to an area of town she recognized as being close to her mistress's home.  In all the time they'd been walking there had been only minor traffic, cars sedately going by and paying them no attention in the darkness, and not one pedestrian.  There was one now though.  As the girl walked under one of the sodium arc lights, she realized she knew her.  This could very well get messy. 


The girl heading toward them, flushed and satisfied looking, was none other than her boyfriend’s sister... and she was still on a leash and barely dressed.  She tugged at her skirt and blouse to try and make them appear less indecent, but before she got much done her mistress gave her an order:  "Hands behind your back, Pet."


Whimpering a little she complied. Any argument she'd have dared give would make any scene worse by far.  For the second time that night the cold steel cuffs bit into her wrists as her mistress placed them on nice and tight.  Her cheeks flushed a deep red, her mistress marched her down the dark street straight toward Trent's little sister.  Jane was looking stunning herself.  She moved with the languid grace of a well-sated tigress.


Her mistress let the leash dangle down her back and was now leading her along with one hand on the cuffs. While Monique stood, face burning in shame, her mistress, Brittany, greeted the raven haired girl in front of them.  "Hi Jane, out for a walk?"


"Heading home actually." she replied, eyeing Monique curiously all the while, but unable to see the leash or cuffs in the darkness. "I didn't know you two knew each other."


She was obviously wanting more information but received only a squeaky "Sure we do." from Brittany.

"It's a long way from your house Jane. Why don't you come over to my place with us, and once I change into something more comfortable I’ll give you a ride?" Brittany offered sweetly.


Jane was sorely tempted to politely refuse, but when she remembered just how far it was from Crew Neck to her house, she accepted the offer. Brittany gestured for Jane to lead the way and stayed with one hand behind Monique’s back. When they got to the gate, Brittany smiled at the young night watchman and the trio walked past, his eyes followed the three girls until they were out of sight.


Brittany punched in the security code and they slipped into the empty house. "Daddy and Ashley-Amber are both out for the night, and they took the brat to summer camp.”  She explained as she pushed Monique toward the stairs.  When Jane began studying one of the many 'fake' paintings around the Taylor home, Brittany slipped the cuffs off of Monique and whispered in her ear. 


Eyes wide, Monique hurried toward the kitchen. She returned quickly with a small silver tray. there were three deep red wine glasses, a corkscrew, and a bottle of merlot on the tray.  Brittany expertly uncorked the wine and poured three glasses, passing one to each of her guests before taking the last one herself.


Jane drank savoring the taste and thought of the last time she'd imbibed wine.  After only a sip Brittany let out a small EEP of vexation. "I can't believe what I almost did. I promised you a ride, and here I am drinking." She sloshed the contents of the glass into Jane’s quarter full one, effectively filling it to the brim.   Just as Jane went to take a careful sip, Monique made a sudden move and bumped Jane, causing her to slosh the deep red liquid down her shirt.


Brittany leaped to her feet and pulled Jane up. "Come on, we need to get that in the wash, I have things I'm sure would fit you." She pulled Jane along towards her room while looking meaningfully at Monique. "Why don't you go and make sure things are all ready downstairs."  She pulled Jane up the steps and led her down the upstairs hallway and into her room.  Once there, Brittany shut the door behind her, and moved to her closet digging as if looking for something. 


Meanwhile Jane was feeling slightly light headed and a bit confused.  There was no way the small amount she'd drunk would affect her this quickly.  Despite her damp shirt the room suddenly felt stiflingly hot.  She tugged her jacket off and sat down on the edge of Brittany's canopy bed.  Several sets of pom-poms decorated the walls and the eyes of a menagerie of stuffed animals watched her from various points of the room.   She could hear Brittany shuffling about behind the closet door, but didn't realize she was changing until Brittany dropped the small blouse she'd been wearing on the floor.  When she stepped out a moment or two later she was zipping up a dark blue pleather corset.  It forced her 'bursts' up and out in the front, not that they needed the help mind you, and just barely kept her nipples covered


"Oooh I really did make a mess of that shirt didn't I" she squeaked at a very sedate Jane. "We'd better get that off."  She leaned over Jane, brushing her face with one pleather clad breast and reached for the hem of Jane's shirt.  She lifted it over her head leaving Jane in the small black bra sports bra she wore for running. 


Jane couldn't comprehend why she'd just let Brittany remove her shirt, but instead of trying to get it back she began pushing her boots off.  It just felt so hot.  She fanned her face with one hand, trying to cool off.


Brittany leaned in and looked Jane in the face.  "Jane, can you hear me?" she asked slowly and clearly, all the squeak gone from her voice.  Jane nodded dumbly, 'Why wouldn't she be able to hear Brittany, she was right there, so close.’


"Jane, are you dating someone?" Jane shook her head.  She wanted to speak up about breaking things off with Tom Griffin, after all it had been so satisfying, but it just seemed like too much effort.


"You and Daria aren't dating?"  again Jane shook her head, 'what a silly idea, she didn't like girls...  well there was the art colony and whatsername, but, but'


"Do you like kissing, Jane?" Jane nodded her thoughts trailing off, confused. 


Before Jane’s addled brain could put together any more thought, Brittany reached out a hand and stroked Jane's hair.  "I always liked your dark hair Jane.  It’s so shiny, and just so, so you" Brittany said as she leaned in closer still.  She slid her hand down and was now stroking along the side of Jane’s face softly, gently. 


Jane closed her eyes, no longer burning up but relaxed and very sleepy.  Suddenly lips were kissing her closed eyelids, then her nose.  Hands now on either side of her head gently holding her, fingers stroking the sides of her face as the lips gently explored. Brittany kissed Jane everywhere except on her mouth. 


Jane was in a state of numb confusion.  One level of her brain enjoying the sensation, and wanting more; while the other wanted to know how, hell, WHY Brittany was tracing the lines of her face with her lips. 


Brittany stopped for a moment; one palm cupping the line of Jane’s jaw, her thumb stroked gently back and forth across the ruby red lips delicately.  Jane's lips parted, a short, sharp intake of breath at the simple yet erotic sensations that one thumb caused rubbing across her lips.  She darted her tongue out and licked Brittany’s finger, eliciting a gasp of shock from Brittany despite herself.


Gently, Brittany slid one hand behind Jane's neck and slipped closer, until they were sharing the same warm breaths.  Jane ran her tongue over her lips lightly then pursed them in anticipation.  Instead of darting in and capturing Jane’s mouth like she ached to do, Brittany waited; her eyes shifting from those gorgeous lips to the thick lashes and closed eyes.  Finally after a long quiet moment where potential and promise hung in the air, Jane opened her eyes. 


In that moment, only after she looked into Jane’s eyes, Brittany closed the brief distance and took control of Jane’s waiting mouth.  Her tongue darted in and around Jane’s, slowly teasing and stroking it, coaxing it further out until Jane’s was exploring her mouth instead.  After a few seconds, she started gently sucking on Jane’s tongue, while stroking it with her own.


Jane moaned low in her throat, finally pulling her tongue back before capturing Brittany’s lip in her own mouth and slowly stroking it with the tip of her tongue.  She felt so relaxed and so aroused.  Brittany broke the kiss after several long minutes and tugged on Jane’s hand until she was lying in the bed next to her.  Hands once again roaming Jane’s face, hair, and neck Brittany began kissing along Jane’s jaw line and her ear.  She nibbled on one ear lobe gently for a few moments then released it and just pulled Jane to her, holding her gently and stroking her hair.  She would kiss her forehead or cheek from time to time, and after a few brief moments Jane drifted off to sleep. 


She lay enjoying the feeling of Jane’s lithe body pressed against hers for several more minutes then gently slipped out of the embrace she'd held her in.  After all, Monique was waiting downstairs for her punishment, and tomorrow would be soon enough to see how far Jane was willing to explore.