Around the Town




Girl’s Night in

Pt. 2




Monique paced back and forth across the cool concrete floor.  Her mistress had been upstairs with Janey quite some time, but she knew her punishment would be coming, and the thought made her weak in the knees.  As she paced her eyes roamed over the various 'toys' Brittany had managed to collect. 


Brittany’s Dad thought this section of the basement was her 'workout' area to keep in shape for cheerleading, but she'd managed to assemble quite the well stocked dungeon.  Hell, he'd even had the place soundproofed so he wouldn't have to hear any of the music he assumed accompanied her routines.


Monique had spent one hellishly long night in here begging for mercy while she'd stood on tiptoe, arms shackled and hoisted until she'd had no choice BUT to stand that way.  Meanwhile mistress had slowly worked her over.  Swatting her body wherever she'd seen fit, nibbling and biting lightly all over.  She’d had quite a few hickeys even.  Good thing Trent was the oblivious sort, not that that mattered once Jane put two and two together. 


There were several long low tables with easy access points for cuffs or rope, a set of stocks that would force her to kneel with her ass high in the air helpless, and several cabinets full of toys and punishments, all waiting for mistress's whims.


Hell, Brittany had even managed to use the very carpeting soundproofing on the walls to punish; after a long session where her nipples had been clamped the entire time, she'd been forced to stand along the wall nipples chafing as she was forced to slide them up and down the coarse material in their overly sensitive state. 


Her newest orders had been to clean up the glasses and any mess from the wine earlier then come down here and wait.  She knew she was not allowed to change out of her 'outfit' or to sit down.  Her ankles were aching from the hellacious heels locked on her feet, but despite all this, she was very clearly still excited by what might be yet to come tonight.  Her whole body was alive with anticipation.  Mistress was in rare form tonight and she KNEW tonight would be special, a punishment she'd never forget. 


Suddenly the door opened and there she was.  Brittany took in the sight of her pet pacing, practically squirming with worry and excitement, and felt a rush of excitement herself.  She took in the sight of Monique’s outfit for this evening again, pleased with the selection.  The slutty schoolgirl look was a distinct turn on and gave her ideas for the rest of the evening.  To bad she was so tired, she'd really have enjoyed dragging this next bit out.  Oh well, she had plenty of time.  Perhaps after a nap laying next to Jane…


Her voice no longer even resembled the bubbly squeak she affected for the bulk of the world, it was low and sexy, but with a hard edge that demanded attention... and obedience.  "Strip pet.  Everything off but those shoes, then sit down and raise them up so I can remove them."


Monique quickly replied, her hands shaking lightly in anticipation caused her to have trouble with the knot at the front of her tight blouse.  Brittany quickly leaned in, swatting her hands away, and deftly undid the knot for her, then stepped back out of her way to watch as the shirt and skirt slithered to the floor.  She moved to one of the various tables and raised one leg at a time as Brittany turned the small key in each lock and pulled the impossibly high heels off her foot. 


"Ok pet, fetch me a nice thick leather collar, one with D rings in front and back.  Also get rope and the utility knife."  While Monique hurried off to one cabinet for those items Brittany moved to another and selected several items which she laid out on a cart, which she pulled to a waiting table.  Monique returned a moment later, her eyes bulging at the selection of fairly large dildoes and vibrators laying on the cart.


"Kneel" Brittany commanded and Monique slipped to her knees quickly.  Brittany attached the leather collar to her neck then pulled her back up to her feet before her.  Brittany hoisted herself onto the table top and crossed her dangling ankles delicately.  "I'm going to be generous pet, I’m going to let you help me decide what toys to use on you tonight.  Select two off of this table."  silently Monique pointed to a low powered vibrator and a medium sized dildo.  Brittany handed the pair to her and ordered her to return them to their proper place. 


Monique quickly returned the pair to the cabinet and came back to stand before Brittany.  "Ok pet pick two more."  Eyeing the remaining four toys Monique selected the largest dildo and a high powered electric vibrator that required being plugged into a wall outlet.  Brittany picked up the two items and set them aside.  She then picked up the final two items on the tray, a low powered battery vibe and the smallest of the dildoes.  She handed the pair to Monique "put these away as well" stunned Monique none the less quickly complied.


When she returned to stand before Brittany once more she was handed the end of one of the coils of rope she'd brought as ordered.  "Hold this here" Brittany ordered, indicating a spot between and just below Monique’s ample breasts.  Brittany ordered her to spin slowly around until the rope was tightly wrapping her body just below her breasts three times.  Brittany quickly tied the rope tightly before cutting off the excess.  She repeated the process this time running the ropes above the breasts. 


This done, she again tied off and cut three small similar pieces of rope.  These she worked under the ropes going around Monique underneath each arm and between her breasts.  Once each was worked under the two ends were tied together until the top and bottom ropes were touching each other offering tight stricture on her breasts.  They were now bulging with the trapped blood and extremely sensitive.  Tweaking a nipple and smirking, Brittany then ordered her to turn around.  She then slipped one end of the remaining rope through the D ring on the back of the collar and down to the ropes running parallel across Monique’s back.  She worked under those until they were also touching, and then knotted off tightly.  This done she ordered Monique to bend over one of the tables.


A bit of KY applied to her hand she began massaging Monique’s already dripping wet pussy as well as her taut ass.  She stroked the dark haired girl’s clit lightly until she heard a moan from the other side of the table.  She slowly slipped the large dildo along the crack of Monique’s ass then slowly pressed it against her tight hole. 


Monique moaned again as Brittany pushed it in nice and deep, and then went to work on slipping the vibrator into her empty pussy.  When done, she pulled the rope that lay dangling from the D ring and ran it over the ends of both the dildo and the vibrator, past her clit.  She ordered Monique to stand up as she pulled the rope up to the ring on the front of the collar.


After a quick mental measure, she cut off the rest of the excess rope, pulling the end of it through the front D ring and down to the ropes at her chest.  She ran it under those, and then pulled it back up to the ring, this time cinching it brutally tight.  Monique gasped as the tightened rope now pulled her 'rope bra' up high keeping her tits at attention and effectively pushing both toys deep inside her. 


Once done, Brittany produced a few more items.  She pulled and pinched each of Monique’s nipples until they were rock hard, then applied a clip clothespin to each.  Brittany grabbed the rope and the cord for the vibe inside Monique, and then she led her over to a very long low bed in one corner.  She pushed her down onto it and proceeded to tie the bound girl’s arms to the head of the bed.  She tied her ankles together, and then to the foot of the bed pulling until her body was held taut and tied them off as well. 


Brit slipped away one more time and returned with a small ball gag and an extension cord.  She slipped the ball gag into Monique’s waiting mouth and buckled it in tightly, and finally plugged in the vibrator.  The response was instantaneous... Monique’s tight prone form began squirming and moaning.  Intense vibrations now thrumming through her body, she had the first of what was to become countless orgasms. 


Giggling girlishly Brittany kissed her on the forehead and whispered "sleep tight" before shutting out the lights and going back to curl up next to Jane for a nice long nap.