Around the Town




The Shoppers


It was Tuesday, and she always shopped on Tuesdays.


He watched her walking from aisle to aisle, pushing the shopping cart ahead of herself.  Being sure not to be too obvious, he followed her every move, storing it away for his 'entertainment' later.  Every time she bent for something on a low shelf he followed the curve of her ass with his eyes. 


She moved on to the produce section, and began thumping melons and picking cucumbers.  He watched lustfully as she stroked them looking for the best one.  The image of her stroking HIM that way would not leave his addled mind and he very nearly started stroking himself then and there. 


Not a moment too soon he remembered just where they were.  Ever mindful of the eyes watching, he pretended to shop, picking up items at random, holding them a moment or two, then putting them down and moving on. 


She moved from the produce aisle to the store’s fine wine selection.  Arm raised high she reached for a specific vintage and year.  As she did, a brief line of creamy skin was visible along the small of her back.  He froze, eyes locked on her, as she shuffled between three different bottles. 


Finally selecting two she sat one on the lower shelf and began reading the label of the bottle in her hand.  While she read her hand moved on the neck of the bottle.  It slowly slid up then down over and over.  It was probably a sign of her inner debate between the two; a nervous tic, and nothing more.  Watching her move her hand like that was making him so hard.  Mesmerized by the motion she was unconsciously making, he watched.  He grew harder and harder as she moved on to the second bottle. 


After a moment or two, she made a choice between them, and slipped her selection into the basket of her cart.  She made her way to the checkout counter and he grabbed the first thing on hand and moved up behind her in line.  Watching her bend and stretch to reach all the items in her cart nearly made him moan in pleasure. 


Finally she finished unloading and waited while the clerk tallied it all up.  While the clerk started to load the bags, she turned, as if remembering something, and leaned towards him.  His heart sped up and he couldn't breathe.  She reached past his left shoulder, and picked up a copy of the TV Guide off the rack next to him.  Once she had turned back to the counter and added her purchase he started feeling very lightheaded then realized he'd held his breath.  He breathed in deeply smelling the scent she exuded into the air around her, baby powder, and a hint of lavender. 


She paid for her purchases and left the counter.  In a daze, he paid for his own purchase and walked out of the store already thinking about the next time he’d see her.  The store's automatic doors opened, and he moved into the warm evening air.  Suddenly there in front of him was the same delicious ass bent towards him as she reached into a soda machine.  She set it in the basket of her cart and moved off towards her car. 


He needed a few more precious seconds in her presence, and out of desperation, took a chance at speaking to her.  He caught up to her as she was reaching her car, and in his smoothest voice, spoke.  "Hello Ma'am, may I help you with your groceries?"


She looked at him a moment, sizing him up, then with a smirk, she nodded.


She had seen him following her, not just tonight, but every Tuesday for a month or more.  She had to admit it was flattering. She watched him as he loaded the groceries.  He'd be too afraid to make the first move.  Guys his age usually were.


As she watched him load the groceries into the trunk of the car, she thought about what her family had planned tonight, and how to get around it.  Smirking a little she picked up the can of soda from the basket of the cart.  Eyes on him, she shook the can, then as he finished up the loading moved towards him, holding it out.  Moving in close she looked at him, and plastered an innocent smile on her face before speaking.  "That looked like it was hard work, here you deserve this." 


Holding the can between them she opened it allowing it to splatter both of them liberally.  "I'm like so sorry; it must have gotten shaken up when it dropped out of the machine.  Go ahead and climb in the car, and I'll help you get that cleaned right up."  Eyes wide he slipped into the passenger seat and waited mute as she climbed in and leaned past him to the glove box for some napkins. 


She started patting his shirt with the napkins, mopping up the sticky sweetness.  Slowly, with her eyes on him for a reaction she slid lower down his stomach.  A sharp intake of breath was the only reaction. "Maybe I should take you somewhere to clean this mess up properly."


He opened his mouth to say 'no thank you' then, instead, croaked out a "Yes” 


She allowed herself a triumphant smile as she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.  He waited silently as she drove. 


His mind however was running a mile a minute: 'What was she doing? Where was she taking him? Was he imagining this?  Was he making more out of it than there was?’ 


Five minutes, and to him an eternity, later she pulled in near the giant clog of the Dutchman Inn.  As she slid out of the car, she looked over at him sitting there, obviously in shock.  "Wait here a minute.  I have some business to take care of, or something, and then we'll see about getting all that sticky stuff off of you."


He gulped, then nodded dumbly, and sat waiting.  She entered the lobby and was gone a moment or two.  She returned and climbed back in the car.  She started the engine and pulled out.  He felt disappointed, but, truth be told, a little relieved, to realize he must have imagined any implied innuendos from her words.


She pulled away from the clog and he thought of what might have been.  Then she pulled into another parking spot at the far end of the lot near the last room.  She reached in the backseat for a small tote bag, and looked over at his shocked face.  "Here, go like make yourself useful and open the door." she handed him a small card with Room 120 printed on one side.


Stunned, he scurried out of the car and up to the door, fumbled a moment or two, and then got the door open.  She watched him, greatly amused at his eager antics.  He looked back at her, as if for approval, and she motioned for him to go inside.  After he disappeared, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed the house.  It was busy, as usual.  She waited for the voicemail to pick up and left a message that something had come up, and that she'd be quite late. 


She slid out of the car again, this time grabbing the tote bag on her way.  She looked around once as she moved towards the open door, to see if anyone was taking notice.  The only movement on the street was the shift of the traffic light on the corner and the blinking clock on the bank changing from 6:59 to 7:00.  Flicking her hair out of her face, she walked to the door. 


There was a small sitting area in the room, and he was on the couch, eyeing the bed, deep in thought.  She shut the door, and watched him, amused, as he jumped when it slammed shut.  She stood there watching him try and speak, a small smirk playing across her features, then she reached out and took his hand.  She pulled him to his feet, and led him further into the room.  Setting her tote bag next to the bed, she left him standing at the foot of the bed, and walked to the bathroom. 


She picked up a washcloth, ran some warm water on it, and then lathered it up with some of the liquid soap on the counter.  As she walked back to the room she grabbed a towel off the rod next to the door.  She moved across the room to stand in front of him.  "Now, let's like get that shirt off." she purred.  He ran his hands down the buttons but couldn't quite manage them.  Laying the towel down on the foot of the bed she reached out and unbuttoned them herself, and pushed it off his shoulders.  She unbuckled his braided leather belt and pulled the t-shirt off him as well. 


Slowly, and with great deliberation she stroked his stomach with the warm soapy cloth.  He barely breathed as she cleaned up any spots where the soda had splashed.  Slowly she rubbed from his lightly hairy chest, down his toned stomach, to the top of his slacks.  Which, she noted with not a small amount of pleasure, were becoming decidedly not slack.  She picked up the towel off the bed, and slowly dried him off. 


Once she had finished she stepped back and took a look down at herself.  Then, as if she had just realized it, she said, "Well look at that, I'm all wet." and proceeded to pull her own blouse off.  She stood in front of him in her silky bra and slacks.  His eyes locked onto the light blue bra, and the expanse of cleavage rising from it. 


He took a step forward, as if in slow motion.  She reached out and took his hand in her own.  She pulled him to her and gently kissed him, nibbling lightly on his bottom lip as she pulled back.  Her hands dropped down to his pants again, and she unbuttoned and unzipped them.  She slid a hand inside stroking him lightly over his underwear.  A low moan escaped his throat, and she pulled her hand back, a triumphant smile playing across her lips. 


She slid off her pants, and led him to one side of the bed.  She turned away from him, and he admired her ass without the pants in the way and the look of it with the matching light blue silken thong.  She turned back the comforter on the bed and climbed in slowly, enjoying the attention she knew her ass was now getting.  Finally she moved to one side and patted the mattress, silently inviting him to join her.   As he moved to climb in after her, she stopped him and gave a tug on his pant legs.  They slid to his ankles and showed of a pair of black and yellow smiley face boxers.  She let out a giggle while he stepped out of his pants, then pulled him into the bed with her.  


Once he was next to her, she moved between his legs and started pulling his boxers.  Once she had them down a few inches on his hips, his hardness sprang out.  She slowly stroked the length of it, then darted her head down and ran her tongue across it, teasing. 


She finished removing the boxers, then on her knees beside him, reached back and unfastened her bra.  He raised a hand to her and helped her pull it off.  As she moved closer, he leaned in, at first fondling them, then as he grew bolder, kissing them. She slid a hand down his chest and back to his cock, stroking.  At the same time she pulled back a little, moving his focus to her nipples.  She teased him with one until he darted forward and took it in his mouth.  As he sucked and nibbled, she practically cooed running one hand along his shaft and the other in his hair.  Finally, she pulled away.  He tried to move in for the other nipple and she pushed him back onto the bed.


Slowly she slid down the thong, slipping it off entirely.  Then she leaned down to the floor and picked up the tote bag.  Reaching in, she pulled out a condom, and ripped it open. She licked across the head of his cock once more, and then she then rolled the condom down over him.  Once it was snugly in place, she moved up over him and lowered herself onto his hardness.  Hands gripping his shoulders, she started riding him.  All he could do was hold her and moan softly. 


She gripped one of his hands and pulled it to her, positioning it with one finger on her clit.  Taking her none too subtle hint, he stroked her faster and faster as she slipped up and down on his shaft.  He brought his other hand back up to her chest stroking a nipple in the same tempo as her clit.  Her nails started digging into his shoulders, and as they did he began speeding up the stroking with both hands.  She started moaning loudly as he did, and rode faster and harder.  He started bucking up to meet her thrusts, as they both moved closer and closer to the final edge. 


Pinning his hands between them she pulled him to her.  Chest to chest, she kissed him deeply; her tongue exploring his mouth greedily.  She began running her hands up and down his back, then when she neared orgasm her nails dug in.  She lowered herself onto him completely.  She held him that way a moment or two then started gasping for air, her face flushed.  As the wave of her first orgasm ebbed she started riding him again, faster now.  He started moaning, low and deep, head thrashing from side to side.  When he got close, he pinched her clit and nipple, holding on for all he was worth.  She gasped at the intense sensations, and started a second orgasm as he exploded beneath her. 


Both of them panting, she moved to lie beside him.  After a few moments she looked up at him.  "We don’t even know each other’s names.  I'm Linda." She smiled at him waiting.


"My name is Robert, Ma'am."





Special thanks goes out to my beta readers on these stories: Mr. Bigglesworth (the inspiration) & Brandon.