Around the Town




Just Desserts



She pulled his finger towards her ruby lips.  He looked at her in wonder and lust, and then she licked the dollop of chocolate mousse from his finger.   She sat back in her seat, savoring the taste and the shocked, but turned on, look on his face.

 Holding up one hand she signaled the impeccably dressed waiter.  "Check, please."


"Yes," he muttered, echoing her, "Check."


He slipped his credit card into the small leather folder holding their bill, and informed the waiter to "Add 20% for the fine service."    


The waiter murmured a "Thank you", and then rushed off to take care of the payment.


As soon as the payment was taken care of, they hurried out.  He pulled a set of keys and triggered the alarm.  The car, half a block down the street, beeped twice and blinked its lights.  He held her door and once she had slid in, shut it for her.  Duty done, he walked to his side, and jumped in. 


"Where to, my lovely?  A carriage ride in the park?  Dancing perhaps?"


"You can take me home."


His smile fell just a little, but he kept it plastered on as best he could.  "Are you sure my sweet?  It's barely eight o’clock; surely a princess such as yourself, has at least until midnight."


"I don't want to take any risk of turning your car back into a pumpkin."  She replied smirking at him. 


He knew he'd lost.  He turned on the ignition and started off towards her house. 


They pulled up to her house, and he rushed to open her door.  Politely he thanked her for a lovely evening and moved to get back in the car, knowing she would be glad he'd gone, and that once again he'd managed to botch everything.


As he turned to leave, her voice stopped him.  "Where do you think you’re going, Charlie?"


'God what does she want, to totally humiliate me?' he thought to himself.  "What do you desire, my sweet?" He asked, knowing full well this was going to be another joke at his expense, but unable to drop the smarmy, protective shell he always hid behind.


"You to come here, Charlie." She said in a low sultry voice. 


He stepped to her waiting for the slap or the insult he knew had to be coming.  When she leaned in and kissed him soundly, a gust of wind could have blown him over.


Breaking off the kiss she pulled him towards the house.  "Just because I wanted to go home, doesn't mean the date’s over."


Shock written in every feature of his face he dumbly followed her in the door.


"My family is almost never home.  Well except for my brother.  He might be around listening to music or something.


Holding his hand tightly, she led him up the stairs and to her room.  Pushing him through her door, she kissed him again, deeper this time.  She broke it off and signaled for him to be quiet.


Breathing hard and raggedly, he struggled to get quiet.  She cocked her head as if listening, then after a moment or two, grinned, "Sounds like it’s just you and me, Charlie." 


He stared at her, wondering if she meant what he hoped she did. 


She got a sly look on her face. "Tell me, Charlie, do you like whipped cream?" 


He was a little thrown by the change of topics, but nodded, "Yeah, I do."


"Wait here", she ordered, grinning, then slipped out of the room.


He looked around at the eclectic odds and ends and wondered just what he'd gotten himself into.  A smile started on his face as he remembered the two kisses he'd received so far.  After a few moments he heard her coming back down the hallway, but instead of coming in the room with him, the footsteps kept going one door further down the hall. 


After a minute or two he heard an odd ‘shhhh’ sound and suddenly there she was in the doorway.


Once his mind registered just what it was he was seeing he made a sound similar to "nrrrrghh" and very nearly fell over stunned.  She stood before him framed in the doorway, completely nude, except for three areas of whipped cream.  Two silver dollar sized dollops covering each nipple, and a small thong shaped patch between her legs.


Shutting the door behind her, she carefully stepped into the room, took his hand, and moved over to the bed.  She settled onto the bed gently so as to not dislodge any of the foamy cream, and scooted back.  "So just how much DO you like whipped cream, Charlie?”  She asked coyly. 


Quickly he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, and climbed into the bed with her.  Holding himself up, he leaned in, mindful of the whipped cream, and kissed her deeply.  As he pulled away, he darted a hand down to the creamy wedge below her naval.  He slipped a finger into it, stroking her slowly, then pulled it to his lips and, just as she had in the restaurant, licked it clean.


Once he saw that she wasn't upset with his roaming finger, he leaned forward and quickly licked the dollops of cream off each nipple.  That done, he slid down between her legs, licking around the edge of the whiteness.  While his tongue licked her clean his hands rubbed her inner thighs.


Once he had uncovered the prize she had for him, he darted his tongue into her slowly running it up her slit until she let out a low moan, followed by giggles, then more moans.  He lapped his tongue across the tiny nub that seemed to get the most vocal response from her.


As he licked faster, her moans became low screams.  With one hand she gripped the top of the bed, the other thumped on the bed seemingly in tempo with his licks and explorations.  Suddenly she started panting, getting louder and louder. 


"YES, YEEEESSS, OOOOHHH YEEEEESSSS."  She cried out arching up towards him, before thumping back on the bed, her breathing heavy.


He moved up to lie next to her in the bed.  Slowly she caught her breath.  She looked down at herself and seemed a little annoyed at the stickiness left on her from the whipped cream. 


"Ugh, I didn't realize it would be sticky like this.  I need a shower."  She got up from the bed, and started towards the door.


A little hurt and very confused, he just stared at her.  Suddenly, she turned and walked back to the bed. 


She leaned over the bed, and he stared up at her.  She reached out to him, and ran a finger along one cheek catching a stray drop of cream.  As he watched mesmerized she licked it off her fingertip, and then looked at him.  "Do I have to send you an engraved invitation, Charlie?  Get your ass up, and get ready to take a shower."


He scrambled out of the bed and followed her to the bathroom.  She turned the water on to heat up and then set about stripping his clothes off.  When he was down to his underwear she slipped down to her knees in front of him.  He watched her, now completely sure he was dreaming this all. 


She reached up to his waist and slipped a finger under the elastic of his boxers.  She pulled them down quickly, and had a hand wrapped around his cock before they reached his ankles.  She reached for something on the counter beside them and he realized it was the can of spray whip. 


Holding him steady she sprayed the last of the can's contents onto the shaft of his cock; leaving only the head uncovered, like the cherry on a sundae. 


She slowly licked him up one side then down the other, like he was an ice cream cone, or a lollipop.  It was all he could do to stay upright when she touched him, and the feel of her tongue made his knees weak.  She slowly slid his shaft in her mouth, licking off every drop of the aerosol cream.  Swirling her tongue, she licked him up and down slowly. 


He held off for as long as he could, but just the thought of someone doing the things she was doing made him want to explode, and the actual sensation of it was a thousand times more erotic.  He couldn't find the words to warn her and instead tapped her on the shoulder. 


Mouth still wrapped around him she looked up, catching his eye.  Frantic, he gestured with his hand.  Amazingly she seemed to comprehend what he was trying to tell her.  Instead of pulling away however, she started licking him faster, swirling her tongue across the head of his cock.


He frantically grabbed hold of the sink, and suddenly, with a gasp, exploded.  She slowly got to her feet after he'd finished and licked her lips. 


The bathroom filled with steam around them as she opened the shower and pulled him inside.  He watched her lather herself up, then when prompted, washed her back, unable to believe tonight was really happening.


After he finished, she stepped back into the hot spray to rinse off.  Once she was rinsed she took the sponge back and lathered him up from head to toe.  They traded places, and he took his turn under the hot jets of water.  She leaned, in kissing him as it flowed over them. 


Finally, she shut off the water and they stepped out of the shower.  She reached into a small out of the way closet and pulled out two fluffy towels and a pair of equally fluffy robes.  She handed him one of each.  They dried each other off. 


They slipped into the robes and headed back to her bedroom.  Suddenly her brother walked around the corner. 


He looked at them both for a moment or two.  Then he found his voice, "ELSIE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!?"