Around the Town




Second Chances



He walked around listlessly, nothing and no one seemed important anymore.  He had been the QB.  He had Brittany and any other cheerleader he could smooth talk into bed, but not any more.  He didn't know who or what he was now.  ‘Wait’, he remembered ‘I'm just a loser.  At least this time I didn't take the whole town down with me.’


He wasn't allowed to wear his uniform anymore.  Ms Li said the state didn't allow him to play another season.  He didn't know why the state would care.  Maybe they liked another team.  That was it, they were Oakwood fans.


"AWW MAN! There is no way they'll let me play if they’re Oakwood fans."

He walked through downtown, past the Pizza King and Deuce Hardware. He thought about getting a video, maybe one of those cool 'Bikini Girl' videos. He'd seen Brit's step-mom on one of those. He tried asking Brittany about it, but when he mentioned what video it was she’d started beating him up.  

He went inside and headed straight for 'that' section of the store.  He was almost there when he nearly tripped over a girl picking up video cases she had dropped on the floor.  He stopped suddenly, standing over her.  "Sorry. Uh… need some help?"

She looked up at him with red rimmed eyes. "Ye-yes, please."

"No Problem" He quickly squatted down and started methodically putting videos on the shelf.

"Thank you" she whispered trying to wipe her eyes

“So like what’s wrong? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be crying."  He looked her up and down and remembered when they'd dated.  It was before he'd made the team and his dad had told him about the 'Football players date only cheerleaders.' thing.
She had been the first girl he kissed.  The first girl to let him touch her really. They'd dated through Jr. High, back when he had gotten better grades and things made more sense.

A big grin spread across his face as he remembered the time they'd played 'Seven Minutes in Heaven’ at his birthday party. She'd let him touch her butt.

After all the tapes were picked up she turned to go instead of answering. 

"Wait" he called out. "Where you going?"

Her answer was short and to the point "Home."

"I could, you know, walk you" he offered

"Well, if you want to, I guess."

Video forgotten he escorted her out of the store. "You know my parents aren't home.  Would you like to come over for awhile."  Seeing her angry look he backtracked quickly.  "I mean to talk, you know about old times."

"Well, I guess that's ok" They changed directions and moved off towards his place. 


As they came up on the Thompson house she found herself remembering the barbecue.  God, she'd envied Brittany that day. She knew that necklace was a piece of crap but still. She also knew Kevin had given it with his 'I’m a very special boy' version of love

Kevin would have been ever so much better off if his dad had just left him the hell alone with all that football crap.

He led her to the door and, after unlocking it, into the living room.  "Have a seat.  I'll grab us a soda."

She settled in, and wondered just what he wanted with her. He hadn't had much time for her in years.  He broke up with her before the homecoming dance their freshman year.  “Dad says I gotta date cheerleaders, sorry, Babe."

She'd been heartbroken.  Her grades had dropped.  She was certain everyone knew she was a loser.  She had skipped school as often as she could until finally the school informed her parents that she had failed.  Her mother had been livid.  She'd tried everything to get her into summer school, but she'd just failed too many classes.   The only thing to do had been to take freshmen year over.

He returned just then, two sodas in hand.  "Here you go." he handed her a glass then sat down next to her on the sofa.

"I've been thinking, and I owe you an apology, you know, for how I treated you before."

"Like, what do you mean?" she asked.

"Since I'm not playing football anymore, Dad stopped making me take all those special vitamins coach recommended, and I can think a lot better.  I treated you really bad, and I'm sorry."

"I guess it’s alright. Forget it."

"No, it's not. You liked me for who I was, not for being the QB.  I really need people around that like me for me now that I can't be the QB anymore."

"I never liked the QB, Kevin, or your dad for that matter, but I always liked you." She smiled shyly up at him.

"I was really bummed that football was over, but now I'm sort of glad."

"Me, too." She whispered.

He leaned in slowly, giving her time to pull away if she was going to.  Instead, she breached the gap and kissed him.  It lasted only a moment, and then he broke away.  "Why were you crying earlier?"

"What makes you think I was crying?"

"Come on Sandi, I've known you for years. You were crying."

"Alright, I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone.  Robert was supposed to like, take me out tonight, and he stood me up.  I thought maybe I'd do like on all those lame TV shows and com-com- er hang out with my friends, or something.  I went to get a video, and called them, but they all, like, had dates."

"It's cool that Robert stood you up, he's sort of weird. He came over a couple times before he tried stealing Brit off me and he just kept staring at my mom. It was really creepy."

"Anyway, I'm glad he stood you up. Cause now you can go out with me. Will you date me, again I mean?"

"I think I'd like that, Kevin."



He pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply.  Shocked, she hesitated a moment then let the sensations flow as he kissed down her neck and around to her shoulder; hitting the spot behind her ear he knew she loved.

Sliding her alongside him, they stretched out on the sofa.  He held her with one hand stroking her neck and shoulders; the other roamed lower slipping up under her shirt.  His hand slipped under her bra and found a nipple.  It tightened as he stroked it lightly then moved over to the second one.

Dimly she could hear Mrs. Thompson's cuckoo clock signaling
9 o'clock in the far reaches of the house.  That brought her back to herself a little, and she realized she wanted this.  She moved to lie on top of him, this time initiating the kiss herself, but after a moment or two she broke it off.


Pulling his t-shirt to one side, she kissed down his neck and along his shoulder.  She nibbled and sucked until a perfect mouth shaped bruise remained.  She giggled a little at that.  She’d given HIM a hickey.  When they'd been together before she'd spent quite a lot of time and makeup on hiding them.  Now it was her turn.  Smirking, she gave him another closer to his neck.

Satisfied with the small marks she'd left she slid lower until she was between his legs.  She could feel just how much he was enjoying this through the jeans he was wearing.  With his help, she slid them and his boxers down a foot or so, freeing him up.  He sprung to life beneath her.  She found a decent position then licked slowly from the base to the head.


He moaned lightly as she slipped it into her mouth, and ran her tongue around the shaft.  As her lips reached the base she gently cupped his balls and started pumping her head up and down.  Slow at first, she picked up speed.  He started moaning again, louder this time. 


He slipped a hand down to her head.   She slowed, afraid he was going to try and grab her head or worse her hair.  A couple of guys had done that before and it made her very uncomfortable, like they were taking things out of her control.  Instead of anything like that, he stroked her hair and face as she continued licking and sucking.  He gently rubbed her neck and shoulders as best he could with the way she was positioned. 


If she’d have been able, she would have purred at the gentle attention.  She licked along the underside of his cock and then slipped it almost out of her mouth and worked her tongue around the head.  Every time he started getting close she changed techniques; teasing him, and delaying the inevitable.  


After several long minutes, he pulled her gently up.  Unsure of what came next she stopped and moved off of him.  Cock still out he got to his feet and, one hand holding his pants on pulled her out of the room and up the stairs.   He led her down the darkened hallway and into his room.


“Umm, wait here.”  He said softly.  He pulled his pants on and left the room. 


The moment he was gone she started wondering what he was doing.  She could understand moving to an actual bed, but where had he gone? 


Just then he returned with a thick white candle in one hand, matches in the other.  After a moment’s fumbling, the wick was lit, and the candle gave off a soft flickering glow. 


“That’s better,  he whispered, huskily, then pulled her to him and kissed her nice and slow.  He broke the kiss then moved his hands to her shirt.  Slowly he pulled it off her.  He kissed her again this time moving down her neck as he slipped hands around her back to undo the bra. 


It took him a moment or two to work the hook and latch of the bra.  Once he had it off, he stepped back and looked at her, pulling the bra off entirely as he did.  Her breasts were perfectly proportioned.  He pulled his t-shirt off and then pulled her close again.  One hand slipped down to play with a pert nipple, while the other slipped his pants back down, this time all the way. 


After he stepped out of his jeans and boxers, he moved both hands down to the top of her jeans.  He slipped her jeans down and slowly cupped one ass cheek, the same one and the same way he had the first time.  She moved away a moment removing her shoes and jeans.  She stood before him in only a pair of white cotton bikini panties.  Then, watching him, slipped them slowly down to her ankle and stepped out of them. 


Slowly they moved towards each other again.  This time as they came together there was nothing in between them.  His cock lay hard against her stomach as they kissed, pinned between them.  She reached down stroking it slowly, while his hands slipped back down to her ass cheeks. 


Suddenly, he grabbed her hips and pulled her legs up around him, carrying her to the bed and gently setting her down.  He climbed on the bed after her, laying her back against the pillows as he started kissing her neck and down to her nipples.  He sucked on one, then the other. 


Finally one hand slipped down to the silky hair between her legs.  He slipped a finger into her slit, slowly sliding up until he found the bud hidden there.  She let out a loud moan as he gripped it between two fingers and pinched lightly.  Keeping he thumb on it, rubbing back and forth slowly, he slipped two fingers into her,  She gasped and pulled him to her, kissing him feverishly.


He pulled his fingers out and then moved up between her legs.  Breaking the kiss for a moment, he reached to the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom.  Ripping it open he rolled it onto his cock and then moved back over her.   He lay over her, then looked into her eyes and asked, “Are you sure?” 


Her answer was felt more than heard; she pulled his lips back to hers and kissed him while she nodded her reply.  Breaking the kiss for a moment he positioned himself over her and slowly sank into her.


After a moment he came up against a barrier.  Shock washing over his face he just stared at her a moment.  “Your still a…” He trailed off unwilling or unsure how to continue. 

She nodded silently, a little nervous and scared that he’d reject her over it.  Instead of laughing he kissed her again and again asked if she was sure.  Again she nodded, suddenly feeling very shy.  He pulled back just a little then kissed her as he pushed forward again. 


There was a sharp pain and she took a deep breath.  After a moment he began pumping in and out, one hand slipping back down to her clit.  As quickly as the pain came, his gentle attentions washed it away. 


Her hands ran up and down his back exploring the musculature there.  He moved his mouth to her neck and started kissing and nibbling along her shoulder.  With his spare hand he started stroking her nipple.  Under his constant attentions it grew hard and tight.  He moved to the other one, pinching a little. 

He stroked her clit faster and she began making a low purring sound in her throat.  Suddenly, her head thrashed from side to side as she reached orgasm.    The feel of her body thrumming under him with her orgasm, the feel of her muscles clenching around him, brought him over the edge with her.  As he came he bit down gently on her shoulder to stifle a scream. 


Panting he rolled off of her and over onto his back.  She rolled with him, her head now resting on his chest.  He wrapped an arm around her and held her tightly.  He silently thanked whatever deity had seen fit to bring them back together.






This one definitely needs some notes. 


1.    Thanks to my beta reader Mr. Bigglesworth  

2.     Yes I realize this is just a little OOC with the main part of the series, but Sandi’s loss of her power base (the fashion club) and Kevin’s loss of football (as well as in my story the steroids he’s been on for years).  Leave them open for change.