Around the Town




The Trophy




She gripped the arms of the leather chair and slowly stared lifting herself up and down on the rock hard shaft that was buried in her tight ass. His hands moved up, wrapping around her and pinched her nipples hard. She grinned a little at that and started riding faster. After a moment he let go of her nipples. They were completely hard and a purple color.


He put his hands on her slender waist and started helping her lift up and down. After a few moments he told her to stand up. She slipped off his cock and turned to face him.


He pulled her back down, facing him this time, and slipped inside her well lubed ass. She watched herself in the glass front of the grandfather clock while she rode him, and when it began to chime 10 o'clock she started tightening and relaxing the muscles in her taunt posterior.


"OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RE SOOO GOOD BABY!" Steve Taylor called out as he exploded inside her.


A sly look on her face, Tiffany looked down at the man who would soon be making her his next wife and said, I knoooow.