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She stood arms pulled tight over her head.  The cuffs dug into her wrists as she stood on near tip-toe.  The ball gag was causing her jaw to ache, and she shifted constantly trying to get into a more comfortable position with the cuffs. 


He stepped up behind her and pinched her nipples through the thin t-shirt she wore, and she moaned softly in the gag. He released them and stepped in front of her.  He was clad in leather from head to toe.  Pulling a knife from his belt, he slit the shirt down the front, then on either shoulder, removing it. The bra came off the same way.  Then he unzipped the tight jeans she wore.


 She stood before him in a pair of white silk panties already moist, whether from exertion or excitement only she knew.  He pinched the nipples again, turning them a lovely red shade. Then he slipped a pair of clothespins on her nipples.  She whimpered a little as they snapped closed. 


He stepped behind her and swatted her once on each firm ass cheek; a teasing stroke meant to get her attention more than anything.  He snaked an arm around her from behind and slipped it under her panties stroking her lips gently.  He then slid her panties down. 


He adjusted the height of the bar over her head; so that her arms could be lowered a little.  Satisfied with the new height, he slid a box in front of her.  He pushed on the box until she was leaning over it, ass sticking out.  This resulted in her arms being pulled taut once again.


Moving back behind her, he began swatting her ass.  He hit first one cheek then the other, slowly getting into a rhythm.  She wiggled and squirmed under his ministrations, but there was really nowhere for her to escape.  Once her ass cheeks turned that same lovely shade of red her nipples had been, he finally stopped. 


He opened a bottle of baby oil and slowly let it drizzle down her spine.  It rolled down her ass cheeks and crack, finally dripping down her legs and onto the floor.  Satisfied, he set the bottle aside and began massaging her.  Back, sides, hips, and finally ass.  Suddenly, he kicked her legs apart and slipped a hand between them, stroking her clit with an oil covered hand.  When she started squirming and moaning in a soft purring fashion he stopped and moved away from her. 


He wrapped a belt around her waist and buckled it in the back just over her ass.  There was an additional piece of leather hanging down in the front of the belt; leaving it dangle, he picked up a bag off the table.  He stood before her and showed her two of the items in the bag, a pair of identical 8 inch vibrators. 


Her eyes widened a little and he stepped behind her.  He slipped one in her wet pussy. Holding the leather strap tightly against it, he went to work on the second one.  Rubbing it in the oil coating her body he pressed it into her tight hole, slowly slipping it in deeper and deeper. 


Once both vibrators were in place he pulled the strap tight, and attached it to the belt in the back.  He then placed a small cover over the buckle, and locked it in place.  He pocketed the key, and removed the box from in front of her. 


He raised the bar for the cuffs so she was forced back on tiptoe.  He tweaked the clips on her nipples, eliciting another moan, then sat on the box, and watched her expectantly.  Once he had her complete attention he pressed a button on the remote.  She immediately started to squirm as the vibrators jumped to life inside her.  


He waited till her moans and purrs were quite frantic before turning the remote off.  He removed the clips from her nipples roughly, taking a moment to nibble on each.  He removed the cuffs, and then the ball gag.  Before she could utter a word, he pulled out a fresh pair of jeans, a bra, and a new pink butterfly t-shirt identical to the one she had been wearing. 


"Get dressed, Quinn.  It’s eleven o’clock and we're done with your lessons for this week."


"I'll do better in History next time, David.  I promise.  Can I please have the key to the belt?" 


"Not until you get an A on the history paper."