Around the Town




Of Human Bondage




She lay on the bed.  One leg tied to each of the posts of the footboard to hold her spread open.  Her arms were bound together and tied tightly to the headboard.  He had filled her mouth with his cock then, after her expert tongue had brought him to orgasm, he’d slipped in the panties he'd pulled off of her earlier, and tied them in.  She squirmed and wiggled trying to work the ropes loose, but he'd been a boy scout and he knew knots.  He admired her naked body a moment before lying next to her. 


He applied his mouth to her left nipple licking and sucking until it grew hard in his mouth.  Then he began nibbling at it, gently at first, then a bit harder.  His hands drifted, one to her right nipple, kneading and rolling it between his index finger and thumb, the other parting her slit and finding the small, but sensitive spot buried there.  He began slowly massaging, slipping a finger down and inside of her every few strokes until she became very wet. 


After a moment or two, she began squirming in earnest under him.  She moaned into the gag lightly, and her head thrashed from side to side.  When the moans and thrashing reached a climactic peak he pinched the other nipple hard, and bit down firmly on the one in his mouth.  It was not hard enough to break the skin, but definitely leaving teeth marks along with a hickey or two along her areola and on the underside of her firm breasts. 


As he did this he never slowed the fingers between her legs.  She was dripping wet, and was constantly moaning and thrashing as much as the ropes allowed.  She strained against the ropes as her body tensed over and over in orgasm.  Finally, he ceased his constant stroking.  He didn't however remove his fingers. 


While sucking and licking her tender nipples, he randomly stroked her now overly sensitive clit.  Each sudden stroke caused her body to strain momentarily against the rope as the aftereffects of his attentions shuddered through her.  After a very long while, he removed the ropes one at a time.  After kissing him long and deep she curled up next to him and drifted off to sleep.


Jake watched as she dozed off.  He had had his doubts about doing it this way, but when she admitted in therapy to constantly holding back from orgasm, he felt it was only fair to do what the sex therapist had suggested.  She couldn’t bring herself to give up control and always stopped herself just shy of orgasm while still worrying about his enjoyment.


He couldn’t quite understand it.  How she could love sex, and orgasms, yet she always wanted to stop at the very edge instead of stepping in all the way.  She enjoyed it, but some part of her wanted it to stop.  Finally, she’d gotten fed up and frustrated, and placed an incredible amount of trust in Jake by allowing him to tie her up for the first time.  Once she’d taken that last step, she had gone from never being completely satisfied to multiple orgasms almost immediately. 


They’d learned the hard way she was a screamer since they’d both discovered a kinkier side to themselves.  The gag served the dual purpose of keeping the girls from hearing her enjoyment, and stopped her from her usual urge to demand he stop before she came.  The ropes did the same thing.   


He checked the clock radio that sat on the nightstand.  It was midnight already, but she had a late morning meeting and could sleep in a little, and he was never really all that busy, so he set the alarm for a couple hours later than usual. 


"Gosh, I hope Helen has something to cover up those rope marks."