Around the Town




Of Moonlight and Dreams



He tossed and turned in his sleep.  He was dreaming again; dreaming of her.  She'd stolen his mind, his heart, and he would never be good enough for her, but at night, if he was very lucky, she'd see him. 


Tonight they walked on the beach and he read Romeo and Juliet to her.  In his mind he got the words perfect and her smile lit up the darkened beach.  She reached for his hand and gave it a kiss.  Chaste, yes, but the touch of her lips burned like fire on his skin.


He dropped to his knees and compared her to the moon.  She blushed.  Even in the darkness he could see her cheeks blossom roses of heat at his words.  


He rose to his feet once again, dusting off the dream sand, and taking her hand.   He led her down the beach until they reached a series of large flat rocks.  He climbed up then reached and pulled her along as well. 


The wind picked up just then and she shivered slightly in the cool night.   He slipped an arm around her before he thought about it.  When she didn't push him away he let out a small smile.  He stood holding her gently, and they looked out at the water and the moon, dancing low along the horizon. 


The sky above them was clear except for a few wisps of cloud.  He saw a shooting star streak overhead.  He knew this was only a dream, but he made his wish anyway.  “Let her see me.  She doesn't have to love me, I'm not greedy, but let her see me”   


Just then she looked up at him “You're wonderful, Joey” She reached out and touched his face.  “I’ve ALWAYS seen you” Her hands suddenly entwined his neck and she pulled his face to hers in a long deep kiss.  


He longed to whisper her name, but that was the moment she would disappear from his arms.  It always was.   He stood there kissing his 'dream' girl while the stars watched and twinkled over head.  Finally she broke the kiss.  The next thing he knew she was laying on the rock under mounds of fur blankets. 


As in all his dreams of 'her' things rarely made sense, so finding himself lying next to her suddenly was no exception.   This was a slightly different slant from normal for the two of them.  Never had the dream lasted this long.  Usually her very first touch caused him to utter her name. 


She was running a hand over his chest and down his stomach.  He realized as she did that he was immensely excited   The feel of her next to him, the feel of the cool night wind on his face and chest, and most of all the feel of her hand as it slid lower and lower, all had his mind reeling.


Slowly he felt her hand wrap around his hardness and he could remain silent no more.  “DARIA!” He called out as he woke with a start, the dream world crashing around him, and reality sinking in. 


He stumbled to his feet, and glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand.  It was two in the morning.  Slowly he climbed out of bed and slipped down the hall to the bathroom to clean himself up. 



Thanks to my beta reader Wyvern ( )  and to Roger Moore ( ) who’s Joey fic ‘The Nothingness of Being’ sort of inspired this one.