It was 3AM on a quiet Thursday morning in Daria's residence hall.  Well, it's really a dorm but they didn't want people to know that.  Thankfully, this one had a bathtub in the bathroom, probably installed for the use of disabled people who could not properly take a shower.


          "Thank god for the ADA," thought Daria as she rested in the bubble bath.  Not that she was supposed to use bubbles, but she didn't really want anyone wandering by to see what she was doing, especially given how flimsy the curtain was.


          After a long night of homework for human sexuality, she felt the need to relieve some of the tension, but her roommate had long fallen asleep and she didn't want to wake her. 


          Daria wasn't sure what she wanted to think about most as she slowly lost herself to her sexual excitement.  She sat up and splashed the water against her hardening nipples, while her other hand was lovingly massaging her vulva.  Even though the tension built, it felt oddly relaxing to do this, especially given how tired she was.


          It had been a hard day, but not quite as hard as the guys in their class, who were probably attracted to the young woman TA in their section.  Daria quickly pondered what it would be like to share this experience with her, as her hands quickened slightly.


          Daria decided to lose herself in the moment, continuing to rub her protruded clitoris while her breaths became still deeper.  Eventually she climaxed, letting out all the tension in one loud grunt.  "Good thing nobody was awake to hear that," she thought.


          She then relaxed a few minutes, and decided to step out of the bath... where she saw Vanessa, the attractive TA.


          "What are you doing here?" Daria asked furtively.


          "Waiting to do the same thing you did, I suspect... want to do it again with me?"  Daria blushed, realizing how embarrassing this must be.  "Don't be afraid... I used to be just like you.  You look so beautiful... even if you don't join me, I'll think of you anyway.  Besides, I can show you a few tricks.  Here, sit down while I take my turn..."


          Daria decided to sit down and watch Vanessa... and about half way through decided to join her.


          "This is the start of a beautiful friendship," Vanessa said.


          "Among other beautiful things," Daria added while kissing Vanessa. Boy would her classmates be jealous.