Brother Grimace

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Unca Trent's Advice - Based on a PPMB 'Iron Chef' challenge, we get a look at the life of Jane's teenage son, and the results of listening to his favorite uncle's sage words.

Another Stupid Daria Internship Fic - Set after 'IICY', Daria relaxes at home with a... special guest. Fecal matter does occur.

The Devil In Miss Morgendorffer - Set at the end of Season Two, Our Heroine plays one prank too many - and she learns that there are some things that you just can't make right...

Victory Lane - Created for CINCGREEN's 'Fanfic Throwdown II', this is an alternate-world look at Lawndale if 'the events of 'Esteemsters' had not occurred.

A Slice of Pizza - A fanfic written for Kara Wild’s ‘Slice-of-life’ vs. ‘Over-the top’ Fanfic Challenge on PPMB. 

Daria Authors' Tombstones - Epitaphs for some of the Daria authors.  Based on an Iron Chef on the PPMB. 

Getting on With Life - Jane deals with the end of a relationship positively. 

Victory Lane - A differing take on the events of the ‘Daria’ episode ‘Esteemsters’

The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow... - Story 1 of the Visitations Serial.  Based on Canadibrit's TLAS. 

Shipping Overnight - Story 2 of the Visitations Serial. 

Like Sandi, in the Hourglass... - Story 3 in the Visitations Serial. 

It's All About Respect - Brother Grimace's ongoing tale of conspiracy, changes,  and intrigue. 
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The Winters Of Those Gone Before… - Helen must deal with life-changing issues and conflicts, both internal and in her home, in the aftermath of devestating events in the lives of her family. A continuation of the single most controversial 'Daria' fic ever written, 'Night Of The Storm'. Adult content and themes (Don't say you weren't warned)
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The One Day We Forget - The first of three BG/Angelinhel challenges, it involves Quinn and Jake taking a trip, and paying tribute to an unexpected person from his past.

Lunchtime, Doubly So - The Fashion Club, years after their days at Lawndale High. What the hell happened-?

3-D Chess - Based on a 'Fantasy Themes' 'Iron Chef' challenge, the Greek God of the Underworld deals with the Misery Chick of Lawndale. Shudders of fear are

A ‘Sick’ Daria Commercial – a twisted little TV spot inspired by the PPMB’s ‘Iron Chef’ competitions.

BTG-4 Submission – Originally meant to act as an introduction for ‘It’s All About Respect’, this piece details a few, well, moments in the lives of the Lawndale characters.

It’s Time To Duel - It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s an ‘Iron Chef’! It’s very short!

He’s The QB – Set a few years after his graduation, Kevin meets the well-dressed man and ‘Forrest Gump’s his way through the experience. Part 5 in the ‘Visitations’ series.

Lunch Hour In Lawndale – a fic that is to ‘It’s All About Respect’ what ‘Sealed With A Kick’ is to ‘Daria’.

The Bear and The Unicorn – a Valentine’s Day- themed ‘Iron Chef’ featuring Jake and Helen.

The Almond Ninjas! – Stacy gets a few unexpected visitors in her room one night…

The Big Wedding – Written by ‘Lyman Moneychanger’ (hey, who’s he?), Daria and Trent’s big day is here – or is it?

The Trouble With Veronica – A trip to a familiar place gives some insight into the third Morgendorffer daughter.

The Thieving Pizza Fairies! - Daria gets another stupid assignment, and Jane tries to help out. Weirdness commences.