Brandon League


Brandon League is a FanAuthor from Western Georgia.  His works are often thought provoking and he has a weakness for a certain Ms. Blum-Deckler.

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His Daria fanfic:

Anything - A sinister stranger appears one morning and takes a mysterious interest in Tiffany Blum-Deckler, who is struggling with personal demons. What is his interest in her, and is the "Sinister Stranger" REALLY that sinister?

Dreams of the Past - Ten years after her encounter with the "Sinister Stranger," Tiffany Blum-Deckler dozes and dreams of the past. A short sequel to "Anything" (read it first!).

Contemplation (Jeffy's Journey) -  Late one night, in the shadow of Lawndale High School, Jeffy ponders his feelings for Quinn, and realizes just how deep they are.

Cool -  After Jesse Moreno is killed in a car crash, Trent takes drastic measures to get his friend back. Inspired by the classic "Tales from the 'Burbs" horror fanfic series.

Ear's Looking At You, Kid - After a particularly wild party and a bout with the flu, Jane takes Trent to the doctor... who just happens to be an old friend of their brother Wind.

I Remember Halloween - One unassuming day, Daria becomes obsessed with a classic punk tune.

Incognito - A mysterious, masked figure gets revenge on Sandi early one morning, but who is she, and what is her motive? Takes place between "Life In The Past Lane" and "Aunt Nauseam."

The Morning After - The morning after a wild graduation celebration with the Fashion Club, Stacy Rowe discovers that she's a bigger party animal than she ever could have dreamed.

A Night of Zen - Mystik Spiral learns of a Battle of the Bands at the Zen, where the prize is $10,000 dollars and a trophy presented by one of Trent's long time idols: Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden. How can they refuse?

An Ode to Tiffany Blum-Deckler - Just like the title says: an ode to The One Who Takes Forever to Say Five Words.

The Scorpion Quinn - After a long and torturous wait, the Fashion Club prepares to see the popular film "The Scorpion King," starring WWF wrestler The Rock. Little do they suspect that Daria, Jane, and Mystik Spiral are going as well, nor do they expect the hilarious practical joke planned for them by Daria, Jane and Max Tyler.

Just Another Day In Paradise - Two little girls meet for the first time in a day care center.

Eight Legged Pink – Quinn has a new pet.

Extra Credit - Daria and Jane make a grab for some "easy" extra credit. But, in the end, they get a little more than they bargained for. A Daria/Crocodile Hunter crossover.

His Other Fanfiction:

Loyalty Of A Death Eater - (Harry Potter) Albert Goyle, a former Death Eater, thinks about the past and the future as he prepares for Lord Voldemort's return. Takes place during Goblet Of Fire.

Crabbe's Folly – (Harry Potter) Crabbe plans to brew an illegal potion. Will he get away with it, or will his nefarious plan fail?

Patronus Anxiety – (Harry Potter) One night, in the Room of Requirement, a frustrated Terry Boot receives a little peace of mind from a fellow Ravenclaw.

A Cat's Tale - (Harry Potter) In the middle of the night at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, a strange battle is fought between the unlikeliest of combatants. Post-OOTP.

Presence In The Night – (Star Wars) Four years after Palpatine declares himself Emperor; an elderly Jedi Master hiding on a remote moon ponders his past, as well as the powerful Dark Side presence in the distance.

Through The Eyes Of Tyranus – (Star Wars) Two nights before the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku reflects on his past.

A Chance Meeting – (Star Wars) Six year old Mace Windu has a chance encounter on a boring, monotonous day at the Jedi Temple and receives some unexpected help.