Guy 'Decelaraptor' Payne's Fanfics

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The Alley:  Part 1 - Daria and Jane catch Quinn with their true love, Upchuck. From a PPMB
Iron Chef.

The Alley:  Part 2 - Daria and Jane catch Quinn with their true love, Tom. From a PPMB Iron Chef. 

Bearcat Hollow - A field trip gone wrong, with two students missing. Can Daria and Sandi survive the elements and each other? Find out what happens deep in Bearcat Hollow.

Beneath a Copper Sun - Daria unexpectedly encounters an old aquaintance in the damndest
place.  From a PPMB Iron Chef.

The Blue and Yellow Submarine:  or, Das Misery Boot - Many leagues beneath the Sea of Blue and Yellow, the magical land of Lawndaleland is being menaced by an internal faction dedicated to crushing it's sartorial freedom beneath the iron heel of fashion. Who can Capt. Daria find to help save her home town? Can they survive the many pointless and annoying adventures that beset them? And, most importantly, can she use the towns fuel card to get a cash advance?
(Yellow Submarine/Daria)

Boston Blues 1:  Graveyard Shift - Jane finds a job to pay for BFAC. An Iron Chef from PPMB, with a slice from my sick, sad life.

Boston Blues 2:  Wired - Freshman Daria experiences her first long dark all-nighter of the soul.  From a PPMB Iron Chef.

Brief Candle - "All the world's a stage, the men and women merely actors..." From a PPMB Iron Chef.

Daria Allen:  A Child-ish Ballad - A filksong to the tune of 'Barbara Allen,' poking fun at Daria/Trent shippers.

First Flight - Reincarnation gone wrong. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

Kadhimiya - A Morgendorffer pays the ultimate sacrifice.

The Living in the Past Trilogy - A series of ficlets concerning possible pasts for various 'Daria' characters.

A Meeting of the Mindless - Is there anyone that popular boy can't charm? From a PPMB Iron Chef.

My Fellow Americans - We now interrupt your regularly scheduled fanfic for this message from the President of the United States. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

My Sweet Lord - The Fashion Club finds religion in their own unique style. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

Oath of Office - A familiar President Elect take the oath of office from a familiar Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

The Road not Taken - A visit with Daria in the year 2012.

A Star in the East Window - A Christmas Prequel to 'Kadhimiya'

Teen Holidays:  The Next Generation - The spawn... er, children of Daria, Jane, and Quinn meet for a nice game of cards. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

To Slip the Surly Bond - Mack takes a summer job and is shaken, not stirred. From a PPMB Iron Chef.

The Wolf - From a PPMB Iron Chef about an evil Daria.

Talil - A post-Kadhimiya AU, in which Quinn ponders what the '04 election will mean for her and her comrades.  From a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.