Writes of Passage

An ongoing odyssey of self-discovery, starting three weeks after My Night at Daria's.

My Afternoon at Tom's - Set a few weeks after #512 - My Night at Daria's, Daria and Tom finally consummate their relationship.
Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Set immediately after "My Afternoon at Tom's", this fic explores Daria’s views on her new closeness with Tom, the events leading towards it, and how its changed her.
Down and Out on Dega Street - Set immediately following "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" this story tells of Jane getting picked up by a strange man at the Zon.  Considering how that turned out the last time…
Bird on The Wire - After Jane's adventures on Dega Street Daria makes a hard decision about her friendship with Jane.
Quinntessence 1 – Set the morning following Bird on the Wire, Quinn and Jane both think about the relationships in their lives.
Quinntessence 2 – Set just after Q1, Jane and Quinn have a talk with Helen and Jake. Revelations for everyone. 

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Tie Died My Darling –  Helen finally tells Daria about how she and Jake came to meet, and some interesting facts about Helen's hippie days.
Forest Primevil Pt. 1 - On a rainy night in Lawndale, two people connect. Old scores are settled, worries discussed and resolved, and an announcement made.