"I am Daniel J Wild, kung fu movie fanatic, games design student, amateur English gentleman and all round eccentric, Enjoy the little slice of insanity disguised as fanfic here for your enjoyment, and for those that dont...the Ninjas know where you live BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *ahem* I mean...oh sod it, there will be ninjas."

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Iron Cynic series - An alternative universe to season 5 featuring a few new faces, bizarre situations, and a lot of kung-foolery, which all seems to start when Daria and Jane meet Toms friend Clovis R. Lee-Daniels.

Way of the Cynic - Quick summary: ‘season premiere’ Daria and Jane agree to help Tom with a class project they become exposed to his friends from Fielding Prep for the first time and realise that despite being a school for ‘rich kids’ its really very similar to Lawndale High.

Late Epiphany - Quick summary: Tom reflects on things while he sits through a normal week of school, while Clovis tries to avoid getting into trouble for always missing first period.  Hilarity ensues.

Under the Principals Orders - Clovis is roped into teaching a ‘voluntary’ Martial Arts class in Lawndale High as community service after the incidents of ‘Late Epiphany’ and drafts Tom into being his assistant, can they manage this without killing anyone?  And how will the Freakin’ Friends handle this level of physical activity?  More importantly, how will Mr DeMartino and Mr O’Neill manage to replace the practice equipment they smashed in a drunken rage?

One Night is All I Ask
- All Daria and Tom want is a quiet night together, but everything else seems to be against that, meanwhile losing a bet with Quinn means Wasabi, ‘JD’, and Clovis have to go on dates with the fashion club, be sure that by the end of this story something will have exploded (literally or metaphorically?  See for yourself).

The Flies - After the events of the last story the Fashion club hold a meeting at ‘casa del Sloane’ while Daria and Jane go for a walk with Jodie and Mack (they had no choice) finally Tom and Clovis attempt to get rid of a pesky fly in the house and get more than they expected.  This story takes place 2 days
after One Night is All I Ask.

One Day Is All I Ask - Sequel to “One Night is All I ask” revealing the mystery between what happened to Daria and Tom between Friday midnight and 5:30pm Saturday, also a few questions are answered while more are asked…and who is that mysterious man in the tweed jacket?

Deadpan Master - The precursor to the ‘Once Upon a Time in Lawndale’ saga; After her parents learn about her Tai Chi lessons Daria has to come to terms with the fact that not only is she doing something extracurricular but that she is actually good at it, not to mention enjoying it, her situation is not improved by everyone acting strange at the mere mention of Tom’s cooking…

Once Upon A Time In Lawndale Vol.1 - The first story arc in the series, when principal Li learns of a school Martial Arts tournament being held she pressures the Martial Arts Class to train as much as possible for this, forcing them to seek outside help from some usual and not so usual sources.

Remember, Remember…  - (The Iron Cynic Bonfire night special) Daria attends a Bonfire Night AKA Guy Fawkes day party at Clovis’s and learns why some people should not be allowed near fireworks

Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X Series Ever wondered why Tom drives such an old rust bucket of a car?  Find out in the very anime ish adventures of Tom and 'Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X' along with a full cast of robots, aliens, psychics and other weirdness.

Episode 0: Go Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X - The story that started it all, done as an Iron Chef off PPMB this reveals the truth about Tom's car

Episode 1: Critical Mass - Daria gets an unexpected ‘gift’ from Aunt Amy, Tom transfers to Lawndale along with a few familiar faces, Jane has an unexpected development, The Fashion Club get ‘upgraded’, The pizza boy goes on a rampage, Principal Li plots world domination, And this is just the first episode!


A Step Too Far - An Iron Chef fic. A conversation between two people. Simple? Not really.  Fanart for this story.

Encounters of the vampire Kind - Daria is uncomfortable about school trip to China from the start despite having both Jane and Tom along for the ride, but when Principal Li inadvertently (?) unleashes an assortment of spirits, zombies, and one very  determined Kyonshi (Chinese hopping vampires) they find themselves on the run and having to rely upon nothing more than their wits, a diary of knowledge from a questionable source and surprisingly enough the Taoist knowledge of Mr DeMartino!  There are thrills and spills in this deliciously dark comedy tribute to Hong Kong horror movies…at least one author
nearly killed in the making. 

The She-Tiger - The result of issuing a challenge to a kung-fu obsessed writer to do something without kung fu, here is a DJW reworking of an old personal favourite.