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Picture Gallery for Daria 2:  The Curse of the Misery Chick

     Brought to you by Aaron Solomon "Nails" (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman and Barry "Iguanaman" Adelman

Last updated:  12/31/00

WARNING:  Some of these images are huge or depict graphic violence!

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Daria and Trent right after the first set in the Zen

Tanqueray and Butt-Head in the Zen

Mr. Van Driessen, going to visit Todd in the Limber Psychiatric Hospital

Daria, depressed after trying to commit suicide the night before

Tiffany with a really fake smile on her face

Quinn, running from an angry mob

Stewart at the Halloween party

Quinn tempts fate

Sandi and Quinn

Jane at the Halloween party

Jesse acting like an idiot while drunk

Alizarin Crimson and Sanguine from Lair of the Lesbian Vampires 2:  The Sucking

Jane's dream

Joey drinking, waiting to be interrogated by the police

Daria laughing at the disaster which is unfolding

Tiffany is interrogated by Agent Danielson

Mack salutes Daria with the sign of the secret order of evil serial killers

Stupid Dude in his kitchen

Pigeon Man after being stabbed and tossed out a window by Smiley

Beavis in Cornholio mode

Tanqueray hiding from Smiley

Lolita running from Smiley

Andrea in a bar, risking attack by Smiley

Smiley shows up in a Good Time Chinese restaurant

Smiley pushing Andrea off the top of a building

Brittany, shot in the head

Agent Fleming after an unfortunate encounter with Smiley

Val looking over the lyrics to Spatula Man's latest song, not realizing that Smiley has slipped into the room

Todd comes out of the shadows at Daria's cabin

Jane scared in the middle of a hurricane

Jane in the pool, waiting for Daria

Agent Danielson finally meets up with Smiley
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