Fictlet by Thea_Zara
Illustrations by Rick Hennigan

Ms. Johnson tried valiantly to keep a pleasant smile on her face but it looked more like a grimace as she tried to talk some sense into the earnest little girl standing beside her desk. "Jane, honey, there's a problem with the eggs you brought in for the hunt this afternoon."

"Whats wrong with 'em? They didn't crack did they?"

'God I wish I'd have thought to smash them.' she thought dismally. "No honey they're fine, but they're not quite apropriate."


"Well they're decorated in a-"

"You said we could decorate 'em how we wanted. You said we could make 'em as colorful as we wanted."

"Yes I did say that dear, but I think maybe your's are a little 'too' colorful for the rest of the class."

"Everyone on the bus liked 'em, 'cept for that snooty Sandi. She said they weren't fash- fanc- that they weren't pretty enough."

'Oh lord I'm gonna have that horrid Griffin woman in here again' "Well they ARE very artistic, Jane, but some of the children might be scared or upset by them. Could I ask why you drew such scary things on your eggs?"

"Well I like Halloween. Easter is all pinks and stuff... its too girly. I wanted to make Halloween eggs... so I put bats and spiders and stuff on em. 'sides, mommy said I should paint what I like."

"Ok dear, go on back to your seat now, and I'll make sure the Easter bunny gets them with the rest of the class's eggs for the hunt."

With that the little girl grinned, showing her missing front tooth, and walked back to her seat.