The large pastel rabbit tugged at the hot scratchy costume. "I can't BElieve they talked me INto this." He muttered to himself. Taking a quick look in all directions, he slipped off the floppy eared head piece, carefully set it down on top of his overflowing basket of eggs, and breathed the fresh morning air in deeply. After an all too brief moment he quickly slipped his 'head' back on and hopped on down the bunny trail.


Brittany was excited about the easter egg hunt. She and the other cheerleaders had been coloring the eggs all the night before. That little brat brother of hers had tried to sneak some of them off for God knows what, but she'd found them in his terrarium and put them back in the basket with the others.

"Wow babe, check it out! Mr. D. must REALLY be getting into dressing up like a rabbit. Just look at him hopping all over the place and yelling."