Erin Mills

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Killjoy Was Here - In a corrupt future where intellectual outcasts are oppressed and imprisioned by Dr. Sandra Griffin and the People for Proactive Popularism, Daria Anne Marie Morgendorffer, the last intellectual hero, begins a last desperate gambit to escape from prison and restore the right to think to the world. Based on the Styx album "Killroy Was Here."

Guilty Pleasures - Ever wonder what some of our favorite Lawndale teens do when they think no one's looking? Here's your chance to find out.

Daria vs. The Lawndale Zombies - Toxic waste, high caliber bullets, walking undead and Jane's pet chainsaw Maurice all collide in this demented B-Movie when an army of zombies is out to conquer Lawndale.

The Daria Chronicles - Follow the adventures of our favorite "misery chick" as she adjusts to life at Willmore University.

Brush Strokes: The Adventures of Jane Lane - It's an overseas adventure when Jane Lane, artiste extraordinare, starts attending London's prestigious Von Knippling Academy of Art.

Episode 1: Hello London - Jane begins attending the Von Knippling Academy of Art in London. Along the way, she meets her plaster-flinging roommate and her arrogant arch-rival... and the sparks begin to fly.

Episode 2: Dueling Egos - The Annual Von Knipping Freestyle Art Competition is under way, with three days in Paris up for grabs. But when Jane's entry is destroyed, her newfound friends decide to take matters into their own hands...

Last Night In Lawndale - What will you do with the rest of your life... all six hours of it? Depression, revenge, reflection and the indulging of one's wildest fantasies are the order of the day as the citizens of Lawndale literally face the end of the world.

Story Girl - Daria and Jane take on Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

Super Zero - Just who is Jake Morgendorffer? Is he really a clueless yutz, or is there more to him than he lets even his family see?

The Muppet Show: Cynicism & Violence - It's the Muppet Show, with our very special guests, the stars of MTV's "Daria"!

Daria/The Mask: My Big-Head Girl - Daria ends up in possesion of a certain lil' green mask.  Lawndale will NEVER be the same.

Nostalgia - An overdue memorial fic to a great man. 

Misnomer - Jane finds herself being held prisoner by a shotgun weilding lunatic with a very familiar face.

Research - Searching amonst the shelves of the largest Library in the universe.

The Anime Laws of Lawndale - Iron Chef ficlet illustrating one of the Anime Laws of Physics

Hate Is a Drug -  different kind of Johnny/Devi shipper fic.  A JTHM/IFS fic, cowritten by Lio Borte