Herd about Ms. Li?


A twisted tale of bondage, domination, and white slavery.




The Caneman




            All characters owned by Viacom and MTV. All events, descriptions and locations depicted herein are wholly fictional. All similarities to actual persons, living or dead, events and locations are strictly coincidental. No animated characters were hurt in the production of this work of fan-fiction, and no compensation, actual or implied was solicited by the author. If that doesn't cover my poverty-stricken ass, I don't know what will. R.P.H.-9/15/2002



  Summary and description- Daria, Jane, Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany are abducted by their former principal, Ms. Li, and subjected to various cliché BDSM scenes as they are readied for eventual disposal into sexual servitude, with a surprise ending. Included are scenes of abduction, torture (sexual and physical) implied forcible intercourse, implied incestuous behavior, lesbianism, and felony violations of the Mann Act of 1866.




 Due to the violent and disturbing nature of the following work of fiction, the author warns that no one at all read this work. Thank you, and enjoy, since I know you'll disregard my warnings anyway-The Caneman.
















Dammit, Quinn! You told me we were supposed to help TAKE CARE of some ponies, not becoMURRF!" Daria's grumble was cut off by Ms. Li's insertion of a soft bit into her mouth. She tried to pull it off, only to have Li expertly put her in an arm lock, as she slipped a loop of thin cord around her wrists, quickly throwing a couple of turns around them and tightening. Daria winced in pain as she struggled under the older woman's mass.


  Quinn stood there, not quite believing what she was seeing, as she nervously laughed and said, "Ha, Ha! T-that's a reeeeal funny joke you're playing, Ms.Li! But isn't what you're doing, sort of, I dunno, illegal, or something? I mean, it's kinda funny seeing Daria like that, but I don't th.."


  "That's right! You DON'T THINK!" Li bellowed, advancing on her. " I've been dreeeeeaming of the day I could get you two hellions out here! It's high time you both learned a little discipline! Now, Bennett!"


   Quinn had been backpedaling away from her right into the waiting arms of her assistant and flunky, Diane Bennett, who grabbed the girl with surprising strength and easily put her in an arm lock.



  "Ohhhh yesssss, Quinn Morgendorffer. You're just as bad as your sister here, if not worse. Thanks to you, I have to recognize going to the mall as an EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY! Not to mention all the mindless shenanigans you've made those idiots who follow you around perform! Welllllll, now it's MY TURN to make you both "perform", if you will."



  Still holding Daria tightly, she forced her down to her knees and swiftly wrapped the remainder of the cord about her ankles, much like a rodeo cowboy would rope a calf. Her victim made outraged noises through the bit and struggled valiantly, but in the end it was to no avail.  A few minutes later, both girls were firmly trussed and gagged, Quinn wearing an identical bit and harness as her sister.



   "Allrighht, Mrs. Bennett! If you would be so kind as to bring around the rest of the 'hardware' and the buggy, we can finish these young ladies' 'education'."  At that, both women began to laugh wickedly, before passionately kissing.



   "Okay, self." Daria thought as rationally as she could under the circumstances "Remain calm. This has got to be some sort of warped prank she's dreamt up to punish me for being so damn sarcastic these last two years. Yes. That has to be it." 


  Craning her neck, she looked around to see if there was anyone else witnessing this. "When I get home...Ohhhh! Will Mom sue the bejesus out of these two! Look on the bright side, this little stunt'll probably pay for all four years of college. For me AND Quinn."



  Satisfied with her reasoning, the teen cynic glanced at her sister for a moment and felt a brief pang of pity. Her eyes were squeezed shut and tears were flowing quite copiously into the dust. 


   "Oh yeah. This is definitely gonna cost both of those two dearly! This is way beyond a joke now!" she thought, as she focused on the advancing boots of Diane Bennett.

The plump woman had an evil smirk on her face as she pulled a ricksha-like cart behind her, its' seat piled with a bundle of leather straps, metal objects, and what appeared to be a bullwhip.



   "Well, Daria!" she addressed her as jovially as if asking her an obscure question in economics, "I'm sure you have some sort of sarcastic comment about all of this, don't you? What's that? Oh my goodness! That's right! You can't speak right now, with that bit in your mouth. It's just too bad you didn't have one when you were in any of my classes, or maybe you wouldn't be here right now."


   She paused to rummage through the items on the rickshaw’s seat before continuing cheerfully, “No matter!  Both of you are about to learn a very valuable lesson in economics very shortly!  You might want to remember the rules of supply and demand, ladies. It's going to have an awfully big bearing on your futures!"



   Thoroughly confused at her little speech, Daria glanced over at Quinn, who looked equally perplexed. "Okay," her little voice said again, "Now this getting really weird.  And these damn ropes are staring to hurt too, dammit! When Mom..."



   As if she were reading her mind, Angela Li added, "Oh, and if you're thinking about what your mother's going to do, you can just forget it, missy! After you left home to come here, I took the liberty of calling her up and telling her that this little 'errand' I talked your sister into doing would be considered 'extra-curricular credit', and I'd put it on your transcript. Hah! She fell for it hook, line, and sinker! By the time she realizes something’s happened to the both of you, you'll both be well on your way to your new owners! Hah! And Hah, again!"

 "Alright, it's now official: These two have gone completely insane. This would be amusing to no end if it weren't for the fact me and Quinn were trussed like chickens twenty miles outside of town. Note to self: when this is over, whack both Mom and Quinn for believing anything an educator says after school is out!"


 Bending over, Li grabbed a handful of Daria's long auburn hair and pulled her upright, eliciting an angry squeal. Bennett handed her a thick leather collar, with a large padlock dangling from a hasp.


   "You'll be getting used to this my dear," she said as she applied it around Daria's throat, leaving the lock opened. She repeated the process with various other restraints as her minion handed them over, methodically locking the wrist and ankle restraints to short pieces of chain before threading them all to the collar. With a flourish, she secured the final padlock, leaving a goodly length dangling.


"Oh dear! I almost forgot! You won't be needing these for a while, my dear," as she plucked Daria's glasses from her face and secreted them in her jacket. Standing up, she took the flogger Bennett was now proffering, and gave Daria a heavy blow to her rear end, bringing forth an angry yelp from the girl.


   "Nowww, Ms. Morgendorffer, you stay put until I say to move!" she ordered, in the same tone as if announcing an assembly, or explaining away her callous disregard for a student's rights. With equal swiftness, she applied the same restraints to Quinn, who merely whimpered and cried through the bit.



Once assured the shackles and manacles were fitted properly, she removed the cords from their hands and feet. Rising, she commanded, "Diane! Get these two into the stable immediately. Oh, and get their clothes off too. I'm going inside to slip into something more 'comfortable'. We might as well enjoy ourselves as we also enhance the bank account of Laaawwwndale Hiiigh!"  Daria and Quinn could only exchange puzzled looks as the two women cackled hysterically.
















"Dammit! Between Helen and Quinn it's impossible to get through on that phone!" Jane snarled as she slammed the receiver back down.  "Whoa, Janey. Take it easy on the phone." Trent admonished from the kitchen table. "Why don't you just go on over?"

"It's not that, Trent. Ever since her and Tom broke up, she's been kind of moody. Well, as moody as Daria ever gets, that is. Let me borrow your car for a while, I'm gonna go see what she's up to, okay?"


   He just shrugged and tossed her the keys and resumed scrawling on the pad in front of him. "It's gonna need gas, by the way."

"When doesn't it?" she replied, as she strode out.  Her mood wasn't much improved when she knocked on Daria's door and Jake answered.

"Well hey, uh, kiddo? Daria's not here. Her and Quinn are out on an errand or something."

"Do you know when she'll be back, Mr. Morgendorffer? I need to ask her something," Jane lied, not wanting him to know she was just bored and needed someone to talk to.



"You know, I'm not sure exactly. Something about horses or something. Helen sent them, and she's not home just yet. I can have her call when she gets home," he added helpfully.



  Jane smiled, and shook her head. "That's alright, Mr. Morgendorffer. It can wait. Thanks."



"Daria and Quinn? On an errand together? This I gotta hear." she said to herself as she piloted the Trentmobile away. Lacking the desire to go home, she opted to hit Pizza King, on the off chance one or the other had ducked out of whatever-it-was they'd been sent to perform.  As she ambled in, she noticed a few familiar faces here and there, but neither Quinn nor Daria.



Fortunately, "Or unfortunately," she added to herself, two of the former Fashion Club were sitting down, not eating what sat in front of them. "Well, I can either wait until Mere Morgendorffer comes home, or..."

"Hey, yo. Stacy, Tiffany, you wouldn't happen to know where Quinn is, would you?" she asked as she walked up to their booth. Startled by "the- weird- girl- who- hung- out- with- Quinn's- sister", Stacy let out an "EEP!", while Tiffany just gave her a vacant gaze.



"Uhhh, sorry to startle you two, but I'm really looking for Daria, and I know the two of them are together, so the quicker you answer, the quicker I go away and leave you to whatever you were doing, deal?" Jane blurted out, not wanting to engage either girl in conversation, or what passed for it in their world.




Tiffany continued to gaze vacantly, blinking several times as she tried to process what Jane had said. Mercifully, Stacy replied, "Uh, sure. Jane? Quinn said something about a summer project Ms. Li had for anyone who wanted extra credit this summer. Ponies or horses. At her farm. Yeah, I'm sure that's what she said. Quinn, that is. Okay?" she said hopefully.



"Ms. Li has a farm? That's news to me. I thought she lived here in town. Ponies, you say? Why didn't you guys volunteer? I thought people like you were into things like that?" she asked, not voicing the fact they could probably use a couple of cheap credits if they were hoping to graduate.



"Horsesss? Ewwwwwww. Manuuuure." Tiffany finally drawled, wrinkling her delicate features in distaste. Stacy blushed a little as she added, "I asked Quinn if she wanted us, I mean me, to help, but she said that Ms. Li had asked for her and Daria especially."



Jane scratched her head at the tidbit, "Quinn, I could definitely see working with horses, but Daria? This I gotta see!" she said, more to herself than Stacy or Tiffany. "Say, you wouldn't know where this place is, do you?"



  Tiffany resumed her vacant look as Stacy blushed a bit more. "Uh, I'm pretty sure I know where it is. But we don't have any way to get there, since Sandi's out doing something. She's the only one with a car."



   "Couldn't you just tell me where it is? I've only got my brother's car for a few hours and I have to return it before he goes for a gig tonight. It's sorta important I find Daria."



"Gee, I don't really know the address, I just remember going out there with my dad. He's a real estate agent, and I went with him there right before he sold it to Ms. Li. I could show you, if you like." Stacy grinned weakly.



  Jane wrestled with waiting for Helen to return, or having two of the fashion drones co-pilot on a road trip to the boonies in the Trentmobile. "Or I could roll around in a pile of broken glass." she thought out loud.



"Huh?" Stacy asked, giving her an odd look.  "Nothing! Okay, looks like we're taking in a ride in the country this afternoon, girls! Let's go!" Jane hastily added, mentally chiding herself for speaking her mind too often.



"Weee're goooing fooor a riiide? Wherrrre arrre the guuyyys?" Tiffany asked as she got up. Jane saw Stacy roll her eyes, and something told her this was going to be an interesting afternoon.









"This is stupid!" Daria thought, as she and Quinn struggled to pull the rickshaw Mrs. Bennett sat in around the yard yet again. The plump woman sounded like she was enjoying herself as she ordered them, "Faster! Faster! Get those legs up, girls!" punctuated by an occasional whiplash across their backs. Her clothes were soaked with sweat already, as were Quinn's.



"That does it! I'm not taking another freakin' step until she takes this crap off of me!"    She stopped abruptly, and stood there.  Mrs. Bennett dismounted, and casually faced her with an unusually wicked look in her eye.



"So, Miss Morgendorffer doesn't feel like doing as she's told, eh? I was waiting for this. On your knees, both of you, NOW!"  Quinn tried, but Daria stood her ground.  Bennett stepped back and gave her a solid blow across the back with her flogger, causing Daria to wince. Quinn looked at her sister pleadingly, sweat pouring off her brow. Another blow fell, then another. As she drew back a third time, Li's voice commanded,



   "Enough! We don't want to 'damage the goods' now, do we, Diane? Get them into the barn and I'll give the young lady the attitude adjustment she so sorely needs." Li added as she stalked toward the trio.


   The sisters exchanged surprised glances at her attire. Instead of the conservative business suit she seemed to wear, even when not at school, she was now clad in a form-fitting leather cat suit, military-style cap, and thigh-high boots.

About her waist, a wide belt held an array of torture implements and weaponry, highlighted by a large pearl handled revolver in a well-used holster. In her hands she held a cattle prod, which she discharged.



"March, ladies. School's out, and now you're in my little world. One where I don't have to answer to school boards and whiny parents. From here on out, you both will do as you're told, when you're told, and how you're told."



Daria gave her a dirty look as she slowly began to shuffle forward as Quinn began to sniffle again. Li reached behind Daria's head and grabbed a handful of hair. Giving a hard pull, she urged the recalcitrant teen forward towards the barn.  Once inside, she closed the door and turned on a light. Both girls gasped in horror at what they saw.



Lining the walls of the structure were steel cages, all occupied by girls and young women in various states of restraint, all nude save for leather harnesses and headgear. Dangling from the rafters was a blonde Daria vaguely remembered from school, red welts criss-crossing her naked, sweaty body.  At Li's entrance, all the captives began to whimper from behind their bits and the tinkle of chains filled the air as they en mass sank to their knees, eyes downward.


"Alright, this is definitely getting seriously weird now." Daria thought as Li pushed her and Quinn towards the far wall. "The second I get my hands free she is so gonna get it!"  


  Expertly guiding her captives towards a large metal fixture, Ms. Li forced first Daria's, and then Quinn's head into headstocks before disconnecting them from the rickshaw. Methodically placing their limbs into steel restraints, the sisters were quickly immobilized at five points.


  "Well, so much for plan A," Daria thought ruefully.



"Thought you were going to put up a fight, did you? I've been doing this far too long to allow some wise-ass teenager get the best of me. Hah! Oh, good! Diane, be so kind as to remove the young ladies' garments, my dear?"



   "Why of course, Mistress. It would be a pleasure!" she replied. When she entered the room, gone was the frumpy dress and sensible shoes, replaced by a long leather dress and spike-heeled boots.  In her hand was a large, sharp knife with which she swiftly cut away the girls clothes. Quinn began to struggle as her imported jeans were slashed away, only to be rewarded with a quick series of strikes from Bennett's flogger.



Finished, she stepped back. "My goodness! These two are absolutely drenched in sweat! We can't have THAT now, can we, Diane?" came Li's haughty voice from behind. Without warning, a stream of freezing water played across the sister's backs, causing both to struggle frantically. For several long minutes, she ran the hose over them until they began to squeal desperately.



"Refreshing, isn't it? After all that hard work outside, I'd have thought you two would appreciate a little shower." she teased the two thoroughly miserable girls. Hair falling over her face and shivering, Daria glanced over at Quinn, who was blubbering pathetically, drool running freely around her bit. Without warning, she heard the swish of a whip just as it bit into her back, bringing forth a strangled scream.



She punctuated each blow with a harsh comment, "That's for making a mockery of my psychological exams! And this is for the poster contest!"

Over and over she recited a litany of offenses, real and imagined, that they'd both committed over the years at Lawndale High, each time receiving another blow. Daria almost passed out in relief when she came to her graduation day speech.



Looking over, she could see Quinn had already passed out. Through the haze of pain. She could hear her whine, "Gawd, Daria, you're such a wimp! I have a high tolerance for pain, when it comes to beauty!"  She wished she could pass out as well, but something kept her conscious as her former principal gave her a few more strokes and stopped.



  "I think they've had enough for now, don't you, Diane?" she asked as she replaced the whip on its hanger.  She sashayed in front of the girls and grabbed Daria by the hair again and looked her straight in the eye. "And that's just the beginning, my sarcastic little pet. It's not over, not by a long shot."



As she strode away, she said offhandedly, "Diane? Please place these two in the stocks and harness them, that's a dear. I'll be in the house, telling Mr. Sloane we have two more for the shipment next week."   As she left, her laughter burned through Daria's numb ears.
















"Dammit, Stacy! I thought you knew where this place is! If we don't find it soon, this car's gonna run out of gas!" Jane snarled as they made their way down the lonely country road.



"B-but I'm sure it's around here somewhere! All I remember is my dad drove out this way for as long as it took me to read that article on hem lengths." she bleated as she frantically looked around for something familiar.

Seated between them, Tiffany was looking in the rear view mirror, putting on mascara. "Heeeyyy, waatch the bumpssss, I keeep smudging."


Jane was about to lay into her about that when the Trentmobile's engine coughed and rattled. "Damn!" she cried, and counted to ten before slamming the dash, to no avail. With a gasping sigh, the ancient automobile sputtered and died, Jane cursing as she guided it to the side of the road.



"Hey! That's it!" Stacy cried out, pointing at a ramshackle group of buildings off in the distance. "I'm sure of it! I remember Ms. Li asking if my dad would take a few thousand of the price because it was so ugly."



"Uuuuggllyyyy." Tiffany echoed. "Whyyy are weee stoppped?"



Ignoring her, Jane got out of the car and looked hard at the old farm. "I can see some cars over there. If it isn't it, maybe we can use their phone and get my brother out here to get this heap moving again. Come on."



"Ugghh! It sure smells like I remember!" Stacy griped as she got out. Tiffany joined them, with a curious look on her face. "Do weee have to wallk alll that wayy?" she asked.


  Jane scowled and said. "Tell ya what, Tiff. You stay here with the car, and we'll do find out if this is the place, okay?"



"Suuure. Doo I have tooo stayyy in the carrr? There's a reeeeallyyy weirddd smelll."

"Argh! Just stay here! Come on Stace, the faster we get this over with, the faster I get ri... the faster we get home, okay?"



"Sure! Gee, I sure hope they have a phone. I'd hate to be stuck out here all night!"



"So do I, Stacy. So do I." Jane added forlornly as they set off.  It took them a little over twenty minutes to reach the edge of the farm, where they paused by a fence. Across a broad meadow, with a couple of tired looking horses grazing the sparse grass, Jane spied a path leading up to the outbuildings.


 "That way looks shorter than going all the way around to the front, don't you think?" Stacy, no great athlete, and slightly winded from the quick pace Jane had set, nodded in agreement.


As they made their way up the narrow dirt road, Jane kept looking for people working, while Stacy concerned herself with trying to keep the mud off of her shoes. Inside the house, Angela Li was just concluding a telephone conversation when she saw them.


"Damn! No, not you, Angier! I've got a problem here! I'll call you right back!" Cursing, she grabbed a long denim jacket to conceal her outfit before grabbing her bottle of chloroform. As she was doing this, Jane was attempting to peer into the barred windows of the barn.



"Man! I think I hear someone inside, but whoever painted over these windows did a good job. Wonder what the bars are for?" she mused as they walked alongside the building.



"Maybe to keep out cattle rustlers?" Stacy ventured, still careful of where she stepped.



"I dunno. It's odd, the paint is new, but everything else looks like World War Three hit.  And these bars look like something you'd see in a prison or something," Jane continued, still rubbernecking to see if anyone was around. "Hello? Anybody here? Helllooo!!" she called out.



From inside the barn, they could hear muffled sounds and rattling, but neither could figure out what it was. "The hell with it, let's see who's in house, and get this over with."


 As they rounded the corner, they ran right into Ms. Li, sending her sprawling. As she got up, Jane thought she saw her wearing pants like Jesse, over tall black boots.



"Ms Lane! Ms. Rowe! What are you doing here on my property?" she demanded, as she wrapped her denim about her tightly.  "Didn't you see the 'No Trespassing' signs? This is a serious breach of the law! I could have you arrested for this! Now, explain yourselves!"



"We didn't mean to trespass, Ms. Li," Jane explained. "We were just trying to find Daria. And Quinn," she added, remembering Stacy standing next to her. She just nodded, fixated on Li's footwear, which the long coat couldn't cover. Her stiletto-heeled boots contrasted wildly with the unadorned duster, and her whip was dangling from it as well. She nudged Jane and took a step backward.



Seeing Stacy's reaction, Angela Li scowled. "Well, they're NOT here, and I want the both of you off my property before I call the sheriff.  How did you find this place?" she demanded.



Ignoring her, Jane replied, "Mr. Morgendorffer said that you had some kind of 'extra-curricular' activity that you offered to them through their mom. Something about ponies, from what Quinn told Stacy and Tiffany. All we wanted to do was see what was going on, but now my brother's car is broken down and I need to use your phone. Please." she demanded, hands on her hips.



"I see. Well, Ms. Lane, as you can see, there are a few horses I board here, but neither of your friends. And no phone, either. So, I recommend that you both leave now before you get in trouble!" No sooner had the words left her mouth than the telephone inside began to ring stridently. Jane gave her an accusatory look, and was about to say something when Mrs. Bennett appeared in the door, still in her leather regalia, calling out,

"Mistress! It's Mr. Barlow, long distance! Oh!" she exclaimed, as she recognized the two girls.


"Oh, bother!" Li snapped, and grabbed Jane by the wrist, pulling the chloroform bottle out with the other hand. "Dammit, Diane! Grab the other one! We can't let them get away now!" Stacy screamed as Li struggled with Jane.



"Run, Stacy, run! I'll keep 'em busy 'til you GURGGGHH!" as Li jammed the bottle in her face. Seeing Jane collapse, she turned to flee, but only made it a few feet before slipping and falling in one of the mud puddles she'd so cautiously avoided earlier.



 Moving with surprising speed for a woman of her years, not to mention her girth and attire, Bennett jumped on her, knocking the wind out of her. Dropping the now unconscious Jane, Ms. Li padded over and held the bottle underneath the gasping girl's nose.



Picking herself up, Mrs. Bennett admonished, "Angela! What do we do now! You know what can happen if too many girls go missing from one place at the same time! What if they told someone where they were going? What if the police get involved? You know I can't go to jail! I..."



Ms. Li slapped her hard across the face, knocking her down. "Don't panic, dammit! We'll figure out what to do with these two after we get them inside! Grab that one, and hurry. And never forget my title again, slave!"



Face still smarting from the blow, Bennett replied meekly, "Yes, Mistress." as she bent to drag the unconscious form of Stacy to the barn.





In the darkness of her tiny cell, Daria fretted away at the bit that was still firmly jammed in her mouth. Little by little, she succeeded in loosening it, until with a last thrust of her sore and swollen tongue; it rolled free of her mouth. Gasping in relief, she moistened her mouth a bit, before hoarsely whimpering, "Quinn. Quinn. Wake up, dammit! Quinn, answer me."



Securely chained to the other wall of the underground cell, arms above her head like Daria, Quinn's head lolled in the haze of unconsciousness. Mrs. Bennett had removed her bit after chaining her there, chuckling, "We can't have the new stock suffocating before the auction. It simply wouldn't be cost- effective now, would it?"



"D-daria? Where are we? What happened? Is this some awful nightmare or something? Oh my God, you're naked! This IS a nightmare! Ms. Li and Mrs. Bennett in those awful clothes! I mean, come on! You DON'T wear black after Memorial Day and..."



"Quinn! Shut up and listen!" she hissed. “This isn't a dream, and they've both gone insane. I think they're gonna try to sell us as white slaves, or something crazy like that. Listen, we've gotta get out of here before whoever they're working with come to collect us and the others. Or we could count on whatever is inducing this nightmare is only temporary."


"What are we gonna do, Daria? I can't be sold! I haven't even gotten into a sorority yet, oh, boo hoo hoo..."



"Will you be quiet before they hear you? Listen, you've got small hands, see if you can get out of those! Hurry!"



In the darkness she could hear the tinkle and clink as Quinn valiantly struggled to free herself. After a few minutes, she heard a dejected whisper. "I-I can't! They're too tight, and I'm cutting my wrists! It's no use, we're doomed!" she began to sob quietly again.



"Well. This is just perfect. Not only have I been abducted by my vengeful ex-principal and Economics teacher to be sold into slavery by who I assume to be my ex-boyfriends dad, I get to have my little sister along for company. And I thought Highland was screwed up." she grumbled morosely.



"Hey! What makes you think you were the one who was kidnapped! How do you know they didn't want me, huh? After all, I'm popular, you know." Quinn retorted angrily. "I mean, I'm cute and I look great in just about anything, and... Oh no! What happened to my new jeans? And my top? I bought those just for this, you know!"



After a long silence, Daria replied flatly, "They cut 'em off you after you fainted. Just as well, 'cause you got to miss the piercing."



 "You got pierced again? Mom is gonna kill you! Where? Is it your belly button again?


  Daria neglected to point out the futility of that comment to her.  "Same places as you, sis. What, you can't feel 'em?"



“I hurt all over, Daria." She peered into the gloom and gasped as she saw the nipple rings dangling from her sister, and then down at her own breasts. "Wow. This'd be kinda cool if it wasn't for, you know..."



"It gets better. Look a little farther south."



Quinn sat up a bit, and squinted her eyes, as she peered at her crotch.

"Ewwwww! You mean...Ms. Li? And Mrs. Bennett? They....down there? I'm gonna be sick!"



"I wouldn't do that, Quinn. Remember that little shower we got? I'm not looking forward to another one. How about trying to escape, okay? Like I said, we don't have a lot of time. And try to keep it down, I thought I heard something!"



As Quinn tried to slip out of the shackles, Daria lay back and felt the throb of her injuries as she lay against the cold stone. Her nipples were hurting like hell, but her pussy hurt even worse. She remembered Bennett's surprised exclamation when she prepared to pierce her.



"Oh, my! Well, I must say that I'm not surprised you're a virgin, Daria. Lucky day for us! You'll be worth even more when the bidding starts! No tattoos, either! You wouldn't believe how many of your peers have them. So unladylike, although you'll be getting one soon enough!" she cackled as she expertly pierced her and inserted the thick rings.



"It's no use, Daria; I just can't get these off. You're smart, how come you can't figure a way out?"



Before she could compose an answer, the bolt on the cellar door was drawn back noisily, and through the small, barred window of their cell light poured through.



"Hurry, dammit! The chloroform will wear off any time now! Get them both locked down while I check on our other little birds!" Ms. Li commanded. Daria struggled to replace the bit before the door opened, and just barely got it back, using just her tongue and jaw, when their cell door was thrown open.



"Well, well, well. And how are my little birdies doing, hmmm? Why, Quinn! I see you've rejoined us!" she said, seeing the both of them squint in the light. "And Daria. I bet you'd just love to have that out of your mouth, wouldn't you?"



She nodded, with an angry gaze. Li grinned wickedly as she laughed, "All in due time. I wish to be sure you learn to hold your tongue. I trust you both are pleased with your new jewelry? Guaranteed you can't lose it. Oh, by the way ladies, if you haven't guessed, you've got some company! I'm sure you'll get along splendidly, once they wake up."


Li took out her riding crop, and stood over Daria. Tracing the outlines of her nubile young breasts with the tip, she warned, "Oh, and just in case you or your sister think about wiggling free and escaping, at sundown I let the dogs roam free at night. You remember the guard dogs at school, don't you? The ones you didn't feel needed to eat? I'm sure they'll just love to take up that issue with you, if given the chance."



As she was speaking, she kept tracing over Daria's body with the crop, slowly working her way down to her crotch. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and she trembled as she felt the tip pass over the new rings. She squeezed her eyes shut as Ms. Li drew the crop away.



"Oh yes. That's what I like to see. Fear. Respect. Obedience. It's just a shame you couldn't have learned those earlier. You could have been one of the few students at Lawndale High who could've made it to the Ivy League. Oh well! At least Ms. Landon knew how to play the game. See where she is? And where the both of you are heading?" She stepped back, laughing. "As I said earlier, you'll both be pleasantly surprised at who's to be joining you in your new lives."



"You bitch! Quinn snarled, rattling her chains. "You don't think our parents are just gonna sit around, wondering what happened to us? You talked to our Mom, remember? She'll get the police here, you'll see!"


"Do I look stupid to you, Ms. Morgendorffer? In a few hours, an arranged accident with your father's Lexus and a toxic waste truck will conveniently erase you both from the public memory and earn me a fat kick back from the hauler for burning that crap up without him being cited. It will be awful! The intense heat will have destroyed both of your bodies so thoroughly there will be no way for the coroner to prove what they find was even human. Don't you approve, Daria? That is up your alley, unless I'm mistaken."



From the appreciative look on her face, Ms Li could tell she'd gotten her point across. "Very well, ladies. Enjoy your evening, and get to know your new cellmates across the hall. We'll see you in the morning to continue your training. Diane! Once you've finished with those two, get the harness off this one's head. I have some toxic waste to dispose of."



As she strode off, heels tattooing cruelly across the stone floor, Daria's heart sank and Quinn began to sob again. Bennett emerged from the other cell shortly and removed Daria's head gear, not noticing how loose it had become.


  "There you go! Now, why don't you try to calm your sister down, Daria? It's so hard to instruct a sobbing wreck, especially when they're hungry. You'll be fed tomorrow, after your next session. Toodle-oo!" she said cheerily. Daria held her tongue until after she heard the upper door slam shut, and the bolt slide home.



"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" she shrieked, as Quinn began to wail plaintively.
















Back at Trent's car, Tiffany began to wonder what was taking them so long. She'd already done her eyes four different times and was starting to get annoyed. "I'mm gonna runn out of makeupp iff theyy don't hurryyy."



Briefly she considered walking over to the house, until a stray breeze wafted the aroma of manure, causing her to retreat to the relative safety of the car, until its aroma drove her back out. Frustrated, she reached into her purse and dug out her cell phone.

The phone rang in the Griffin home several times before Tom answered it with a meek "Hello?"



"Mrs. Grriffiin. Iss Sanndii hoome? It'sss meee, Tiffannyy."



"Uhh, yes. She just got home a little while ago. She's with her mother, I'll go get her," he said quickly.



"Sandi! Telephone! It's Tiffany!" he called out. She stormed out of her mother's office, sneering. "Geez, Dad, you like don't have to yell. Hello?" she said, rudely snatching the phone from his hand.



"Hiii, Sandii, what's uppp?"



"You called me. Remember? What is it? I have important business today with my mother."



"Ohh, yeahh, I did, didn't I. Sandii, I neeed a ride. I'm stuck out in the countryyy."



"You're where? Weren't you with Stacy today? What happened to her?"



"She's with that weird friend of Quinn's cousin or sister. Weee were lookinggg forrr Ms. Li'sss house to meet Quinnnn, and her car broke downn, theyy wentt to Ms. Li'sss house and haven'tt come backkk. I'mm bored and runninggg out off eyelinerrr. Could you come get meee?"



"You were looking for WHAT??? With WHOOO??? Listen! I'll call you right back, I've got to do something, then I'll come get you. Where exactly are you?"



"I thinnk I'm righttt nearr herrr house out here. I didn't knowww she wasss a farmerrr."



Sandi slapped her forehead before replying, "Tiffany! Stay right there! Whatever you do, do not go near that house!  What kind of car does the weird girl have?"



"Iii don'ttt knoww. It'sss old and smelllsss funnyyy. Oh, annd it's bluuuue."



"Okay, Tiffany. Stay right there, and I'll come get you. I'll call you back. And remember! Don't go to that house! Bye!" She slammed the phone down, and gave her father an evil look before dashing back to her mother's home office.



"Mom! We have, like, a major problem!" she cried, bursting in.



Linda Griffin set down her new bullwhip and regarded her daughter coldly. "Annd just what is that problem, young lady? Besides forgetting to knock? I'd have thought you were better trained than that!"



"Mom, Stacy and Tiffany went with Quinn's sister's weirdo friend looking for them. Somehow they found out they were at Ms. Li's! Tiffany just called me, and said Stacy and that girl went to her house! What do we do?"



“Don’t worry. I'll handle it." She picked up her cell phone and dialed.  Angela Li had just sat down in her study when her phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, Linda, thank God it's you! I'm a little busy at the moment, but I've got the Morgendorffer girl safely under lock and key. And her sister, too. We have a minor problem, but you can assure Mr. Barlow the delivery will go forward as scheduled!"



"Your 'minor problem' wouldn't happen to be one of my daughter's other friends, now would it?" she purred, giving Sandi a solicitous grin.



Li sputtered momentarily before replying, "Yes! How in blazes did you know? I locked those two up not an hour ago!"



"I have my ways. Listen. There's another girl nearby, Tiffany, the slow one. Sandi is coming to pick her up now. If she should happen to stumble in, feel free to add her to the manifest. I can handle the cover story well enough to include all of them, if necessary." she said confidently. “We’ll be by in the morning to watch the training. We'll talk then. Goodbye."



Linda hung up the phone and resumed inspecting her new whip. "Gee Mom; don't you think you should ask me before you sell off one of my friends? I mean, like, Stacy is already sort of my property, despite the little bit of spine she got before school ended." Sandi pouted, tossing her hair back.



Linda Griffin gave her first born a wicked smile as she rose and held her whip under Sandi's chin. "Have I taught you nothing?  I know she belongs to you, for the moment, but in the end, she is merely something to be used for the greater good. Ours. I'll make you a deal, darling, whatever we get for her at auction, you can have for whatever you want. Tomorrow, I'll even let you train her. Would you like that?"



Sandi cocked her hip and thought for a moment before replying. "Yes. That would be nice. Though Quinn will probably get more, I could still get quite a few new outfits out of that deal. Alright, Mother, you've got a deal."



Linda gave her daughter a feral smile as they embraced and kissed passionately, laughing evilly as they caressed one another.




Jane woke up with a terrible headache, and her arms felt funny. Then she felt cold and her ass hurt. Opening her eyes, she was perplexed by what she saw. Blinking failed to correct the apparition of a quite naked Stacy Rowe sitting across from her, hands chained over her head. She closed her eyes again and slowly opened them.



"This is weird." she mumbled, as she tried to scratch her nose. Her hand only moved a few inches before it was stopped and she felt something around her wrist. Looking up through the gloom of the poorly lit space she was in, she was horrified to see her hands manacled like Stacy's. She tried to stand, but around her ankles, heavy steel shackles, locked to a ring set in the floor, prevented her from that. Fearfully she cried out,

"What the hell is going on???"


From across the little room, muffled and distorted a bit, Daria's voice replied.  "Jane? Is that you?"



"Yeah! What the hell is going on? Last thing I remember is fighting with Ms. Li at some crappy farmhouse and now this! Where are you?"



"I'm in the cell across from yours. Who's with you? They said they got two more."



"I'm in here with Stacy. What's with the 'cell' shit? This don't look like any jail to me!"



"This isn't a' police type' of cell, Jane. It's more or less like a 'where you stick someone before you sell them ' kind of cell."



"Let me get this straight. You're telling me that Ms. Li and Mrs. Bennett are some kind of white slavers? You've got to be kidding!"



“Tell me that when you take a look at my backside. Me and Quinn both got our asses kicked earlier. Did you get pierced?"



"Whattaya mean? I had piercings for years, you know that."



"I'm not talking ears or belly buttons, Jane. Other places."



Jane's thought that over for a moment before realizing what she meant.

"Oh God. You mean..."



"Yep. Without the benefit of numzit or anything. They've stopped throbbing, but they itch like hell, and I can't do a thing about it."



"This is serious shit, Daria. What are we gonna do?" The silence was overpowering, and after a few minutes she called out.



"Daria? I said, what are we gonna do?"



"Jane, I don't have the slightest idea, and that scares me even more than what Li said was gonna happen."



"And that is?"  Jane noticed Stacy beginning to stir, and dreaded what was about to happen.


"Like I said before, we're in the kind of cells you get stuck in before you get sold. After what Ms. Li called 'our training'."


"Hey! Will you two keep it down! I'm trying to sleep!" Quinn's voice whined from the general direction of Daria's.


"Don't tell me, let me guess. She's in there with you, isn't she?"


"Yup. Pray for me."


"Don't feel so bad, Stacy's in here with me. And I think she's about to wake up, so prepare for much wailing and gnashing of teeth." Jane warned, as she saw Stacy's eyes flutter.


"Stacy?" Quinn asked, excitedly. "Stacy, wake up! It's me! Quinn!"



From the upper door they heard the bolt shoot back and Bennett's voice commanding, "All of you shut up, or you get the ball gags! Understand? Good! Don't make me come down there!" before slamming the door closed.


  For a few minutes the girls kept quiet, listening for anyone coming.  Across from Jane, Stacy began to moan softly as the drug wore off.



"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, where am I?" she finally said, as she came around.


 Jane hissed at her. "Stacy! Keep it down; we've got a little problem."



Stacy blinked eyes and looked around. Her eyes widened as she looked at Jane, sitting naked in front of her, hands chained to the wall above her head. She looked down at her feet, and saw her ankles fastened to a rusty ring set in the floor by thick steel shackles. Looking up, her hands were restrained as Jane's.


 Jane winced. "Here it comes."


Stacy let out a bloodcurdling scream, as she struggled to free herself.


 "Stacy! Save it! You'll only attract attention! Breathe Stacy! Breathe!" Quinn shouted from her cell.


"Quinn! What's happened? What's going on? Your sister’s weird friend Jane showedupandsaidshehadtofingyouandwewentandfoundthisfarmandMs.LiandMrs.Bennettcameandiwokeuphere! Heeeeeelllllllpppppp!!!!!" she bawled out in one breath before screaming maniacally as she threw herself against her bonds.



From across the way, Daria's deadpan softly muttered, "She's gonna regret doing that. Jane! When they come to get her, pretend you're still out. Maybe they won't work you over so bad."



"Thanks. I will. Stacy! Shut up!!" she hissed violently, fear rising in her gorge.


From above their heads, Ms. Li's amplified voice echoed tinnily through the stone walled chamber, "Very noble of you, Ms. Morgendorffer, but since I've heard everything you've said, quite fruitless. We'll be down shortly to attend to certain matters of accoutrement for your friends shortly.

  Ms. Rowe, stop that screaming this instant! There's no one for miles around and all you're doing is upsetting the others!"


"Damn. That's depressing." Jane muttered.


"Sorry. I'll be thinking about you, for what it's worth," came Daria's reply


"Thanks, Amiga."


Before they could exchange any further words of encouragement, the door clanged open and Daria heard the door to Jane and Stacy's cell open, and Bennett's psychotically cheerful voice ordering them as she dragged them away. A man's voice joined hers, and Daria' mood grew even blacker.   


 "Great. Hey Quinn, who do you suppose that is? His voice sounds familiar for some reason." she asked, as he angrily ordered Stacy to shut up. They heard grunting and the tinkle of chains as Jane yelled, "Don't I at least to get to talk to a lawyer or something?"  The door slammed and the bolt was driven home.


  Daria and Quinn looked at each other. "Well, that sucks." Daria finally said.


 Quinn nodded, "Yeah." She looked down at the large stainless steel rings through her nipples, and asked, "Say, Daria. Do you think if I asked nicely, they'd let me exchange these for something in gold, or maybe with a little diamond or something on it. It'd be cute, I think!"



  Daria just shook her head in disgust.



















  Sandi piloted her convertible up and down the back roads around the farmhouse for almost an hour before she spotted Trent's car. Tiffany was sitting on the hood playing with her hair and waved as she pulled up.



"Thannnks Sandiii! I'mmm so gladdd you came. I've reeally got to goooo!"  Sandi sneered at her, both amused and disgusted that her friend was so lame that she couldn't or wouldn't relieve herself out here, miles from any prying eyes.


"Housebroken." she said to herself, and suddenly an evil thought danced through her head.  "Sooo, you really have to go, huh?  Why didn't you go to Ms. Li's?" she asked, innocently.



"You said not to. And it was sooo far away. Can we go now?" her bodily distress abbreviating her drawl.



"Like taking candy from a baby," Sandi thought again. "Maybe I was a little too hasty in saying you should stay away from the house. Come on. If you've gotta go that bad, I'm sure she'll let you."



"Thannks, Sandi. You're the greatest!" Tiffany replied gratefully.



"I know."  She could barely restrain herself from laughing as she put the car in gear.  A few minutes later she pulled up in front of the farmhouse and the girls got out.



"Ms. Li ownsss thisss?  It'sss sooo uglyyy!" Tiffany commented.



“Well, what did you expect?  She's only a principal, duhhh. What are you waiting for? You had to go, didn't you?"



Tiffany looked up at the run-down house and back at Sandi in consternation. Very rarely in her privileged life did she ever have to enter such a dilapidated structure, and right now her 'ick' meter was on ten.



"Alllriiight, Sannndi.  I'lll beee righttt backkk. Don't gooo any where." she pleaded as she carefully ascended the stairs.   She crept up to the door and knocked softly.  In disgust, Sandi called out, "Tiffany! How can anyone hear you knock when I can't, and I'm right over here!  Just go inside and ask, or something!"



She looked back at Sandi, and for a moment appeared to want to respond, but then shrugged and pushed the door open.  In stark contrast to the decaying exterior, the inside of the old farmhouse was quite attractive and well cared for. Somewhat mollified, she called out, "Helloooo? Ms. Liiiii? Anyoneeee?  Iiii've reeeeallyy got to uuuse your bathroommmm! Hellooooo?"



In her sumptuous study, Angela Li was on her computer when she heard the voice down below. "What the hell??? This is turning into a damn drive-through!"  Then she remembered what Linda had said, that Tiffany was somewhere nearby.  "Double damn! I thought that girl was going to get her away from here!" Back on went the long coat, and she stormed downstairs before the girl saw anything she'd regret.



"Then again, that one is two drops short of empty! She could probably witness an auction and forget about it before she left. Still..." she thought about some of the orders she'd received, and though she personally didn't like it, an Asian girl was something that came up from time to time. "And one that can barely communicate would be a plus, come to think of it. She felt for the bottle of chloroform in her pocket, and patted it reassuringly.



"Helloooo?? Isss there anyone hereeee? Pleaseee! Iii've reeeeally got to goooo!!!"



"Ms. Blum-Deckler! What a surprise!" Li announced as she descended the stairs, coat gathered to hide her outfit. "What brings you to my humble abode?"



"Ms. Li! Iii've really got to goooo!!!" she begged, as sheheld her legs tightly together.  The older woman grinned as she pointed the way with an exaggerated flourish. "Certainly! Come! Follow me!" as she led her down the hallway. "Yesss. Polite, attractive, and dumb as a box of rocks! Maybe I was wrong about this one. For one thing, we won't have all that much breaking in to do, and I won't have to deal with her mindless drawl come next year! I'm sure Barlow wouldn't mind another in this month's shipment. I may even get a bonus!"



"In here, my dear. Take your time! I'll be back in a moment!"  she waited until the door closed before hurrying out to the front porch, where Sandi sat on the hood of her car, smoking a cigarette.



"Miss Griffin! You know that's bad for your health! As an adult an as an educator I demand you put that out immediately!" she commanded.



Sandi regarded her with a cool gaze as she slowly took another drag and casually tossed it away. "Uh-huh. And, like, what you're doing here is, like, healthy?"  She tossed her head back and laughed deeply. "So. Is, like, Tiffany done yet?" she smirked.



Angela gave the girl a hard look. "Just like her mother! This one's a dangerous little bitch, to be sure!" she thought.  "Tiffany? Why, you must be mistaken, Miss Griffin. I haven't seen Tiffany since the last day of school. You're clever, young lady, but be careful! There's only so much we can hide with these little 'accidents'. I'll see you get a bonus for her, but in the future, you will tell me when you make a 'delivery'. Now get out of here! I've got work to do."



Sandi laughed again as she got back in her car. Turning, Angela asked, "One question. Aren't you going to be a little lonely next year? I've got three quarters of the Fashion Club as my 'guests' right now, not to mention some of the other girls you lured in."



From her car, Sandi replied. “Do I look worried? After the tragedy, I'm sure I'll have plenty of girls eager to be the new Fashion Club. See you tomorrow! I've got a date to get ready for, and Cashman's will be closing soon."



She watched as the arrogant young woman drove away, shaking her head. From inside she heard the toilet flush, and she dug the bottle of chloroform out of her pocket and went inside.



It seemed to Daria that as soon as she closed her eyes, she was awakened by a bucket of cold water being thrown over her. Coughing and spluttering, she looked up at the blurry image of  Mrs. Bennett, brusquely ordering, "Get up! Time for your lessons to begin, my dears!" she addressed them both, as Quinn awakened.



"Mrs. Bennett! Please let us go!" Quinn begged. "I promise we won't tell! Right, Daria? I want to go home!" she sobbed.



"Please let us go! We won't tell!" she parroted, laughing wickedly. "Right!  Just as soon as pigs fly! It's far too late for that, my dear!  I'm looking forward to the bidding war that'll start when the buyers get a look at you. With my percentage, I'll be able to complete my collection of Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits, and start up my own on-line store with the leftovers. I'll be the Queen of the Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits, do you hear me? Queen!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!"



She bent down and unlocked their shackles from the floor, reattaching them to a length of thick chain. After releasing their manacles from the wall, she commanded them,

"Get up you two! And no talking!  Move!"




She dragged them out into the hall between the cells where Jane and Stacy were already standing. Even with her blurred vision, Daria could see the pattern of red welts criss-crossing their backs, and she could hear Stacy's subdued whimpering.  Bennett quickly ran another chain through the rings dangling from their collars and took the end up.




"All right, ladies. Let's go! As you can see, we take extra pains to ensure that we never suffer from 'shrinkage' of our stock. And as you will all find out, we insure repeat business by supplying our customers with the most docile and obedient products money can buy. Can anyone here explain to me what I mean by this concept? Anyone? Daria. You were always the one with the most astute, if somewhat sarcastic answers to my questions, what do you think?" she asked, as the girls hobbled forward.



"Since you're probably going to kick the shit out of me again, and considering the state the others were in when you dragged us into this barn, we're probably gonna be tortured until we can't remember our names, am I right?" she replied morosely.



 Behind her, Jane muttered "Dammit, Daria. This isn't the time!" only to be rewarded with a hard swat across her bare back.



" Ms. Lane, if you open your mouth without permission, you will find it shut with a very large ball gag." she warned. "Very good, Daria! Sarcastic and disrespectful, but quite correct. However, you'll find that attitude directly at odds with your new position in life, one that our customers don't appreciate from their new properties. Fortunately, we specialize in correcting attitudes like that here, and you'll be no exception." she said, as she opened the cellar door and led them into the main room of the barn.



As Daria's eyes adjusted to the light, she saw three other people standing there. Fuzzy though her vision was, she could identify two women and a man waiting.



" Why am I not surprised." she said to herself as she saw who it was. Not even her poor vision could disguise the unmistakable figures of  Janet Barch, Linda Griffin, and Steve Taylor.



"Well look what we have here!" Barch cackled, hefting her heavy flogger. "Those three, I don't mind seeing here one bit. But Diane, Daria here isn't exactly the material we usually work with. Isn't Li taking this a step too far?"



"Listen, Janet, I'm just following orders like you. You do like your summer job, don't you?" Bennett sneered as she disconnected the girls’ neck chains.   "I mean, you could always find a position at that moronic day camp idiot boy runs, right? This one's yours. Mistress Li wants her trained as a pony girl." she added, indicating Jane.  " Taylor, you can take Miss Rowe here. I don't think you'll have too much trouble with her, and we all know how weepers get you off. Oh, and no vaginal penetration until we get some contraceptives this time! It's such a bitch to get that 'day after' drug."



Linda stepped forward and seized Quinn's chain with wicked grin. "And I get you! Oh, you are so going to regret the trouble you've caused Sandi since you got here!"



Quinn started weeping. "Mrs. Griffin, please! You've got to let us go! My grandma is rich! If it's money you want, she'll give you all she can!"



Linda smirked as she slapped her across the face, "Quiet, you little cunt! Money's not the issue here with you! Before you came, she was top of the pecking order in town and at school. Once you're out of the way, she'll be back where she belongs! Let's go, bitch!" as she dragged her off.



As she watched the others being taken away, Daria asked, "And I suppose you're gonna get your ya-ya's out on me, right? One question. What's with Mr. Taylor? I can figure you and Barch need the cash, but he's loaded! Why's he doing this?"



Bennett raised her flogger, causing Daria to flinch. "Him? Hey, everyone needs a hobby. Why do you think his first wife left? And as for my 'ya-ya's', as you so eloquently put it, that comes when I get my cut of the proceeds. It's all about the money for me. Mistress Li is going to personally oversee your training, missy!"


 As soon as she relaxed, Bennett gave her several hard blows with her flogger on her back and buttocks.

"Stop that, dammit!" she screamed as Mrs. Bennett laughed. "I'm getting sick and tired of this crap, and I want out!" she pleaded, as the plump woman kept whipping her naked body. She maneuvered the girl over to one of the columns and pushed her up against it hard.


    "And I'm tired of your nonstop backtalk, bitch! Stop squirming, dammit! Oh, will I be so glad to see the last of you!" She grabbed the manacles and hauled them up to a waiting hook and slipped them over. Daria kept fighting, but the woman was much stronger and quickly had the restraints firmly attached. Stepping back, she got a large rubber ball gag from one of the many storage racks throughout the barn and jammed it into her mouth.



     Daria attempted to kick her, but she stomped hard on her shackle chain and fastened that to the post. Still struggling with a burst of nervous energy, Daria threw herself against her bonds until they began to hurt her wrists and ankles. Spent, she looked dazedly at Mrs. Bennett and mustered all the venom she could in her eyes.



     "Poor little girl!" she huffed, slightly winded from the struggle. "All those brains, and you still haven't figured out resistance is futile. Mistress Li was going to give you a good working over, but she won't mind if I warm you up a bit first!"



  She stormed over to one of the racks and selected a well used riding crop and a spreader bar. With a violent shove, she forced her legs open and affixed the spreader bar to her shackles. Stepping back, she began to swat her crotch and breasts, making sure she was landing the blows directly on her new rings. Daria began to jerk and moan in pain at each blow, tears flowing down her smooth cheeks.


    "Awwww, does that hurt? You poor baby! Let me take your mind off those nasty little rings, dear," she mocked, exchanged the crop for her flogger. With slow, steady strokes, Daria began to jerk spasmodically, sobs slipping out from the large rubber ball jammed in her mouth. Diane began to get wet as she saw her helpless victim dangle before her, eyes tightly shut.



   As an experiment, she swished the flogger past her, deliberately missing. Daria recoiled at the sound, and opened her eyes in time to see the next stroke land home. She began to bleat, short, sharp, desperate cries as the plump woman beat her.


   "Enough!" Li's voice cut through the room, bringing Diane's last stroke short. The Asian woman stalked up the sobbing girl, shaking her head. "And up until yesterday afternoon you thought you were well prepared for anything life had in store for you. All you ever had was that sarcastic attitude to fall back on when problems arose. Why, I'll bet you've got a sarcastic remark right now! Let's find out, shall we?"


   She took the gag out of her mouth, and looked straight into her terrified eyes. "Well, Ms. Morgendorffer, I'm waiting." Daria was still sobbing between breaths, and she shook her head vigorously. "Such a waste. Here she has the perfect opportunity to mock us, and all we hear is her going boo-hoo-hoo. Diane, go and see how Mr. Taylor is doing, and do try to keep him from raping the Rowe girl, at least vaginally," she said offhandedly. "I'll continue with Ms. Morgendorffer here myself."  Bennett bowed slightly and left quietly.


   "Ms. Morgendorffer. How tired I grow of repeating that name, since I have two of you to deal with. Fortunately, I came up with the solution years ago, when I first began doing this. You see, every girl that comes through my doors gets a number assigned to her, and that number follows her wherever she goes. It makes my job much easier when I have to supply a client with some background on their new possession, and should the worst happen, the authorities don't have names, just numbers. Since you were the five hundred and seventy third girl to come into my possession, that's your new name! 573. It has such a nice ring to it, don't you think? So, 573, do you have anything to say now?"


   Daria stared her in the eye and spat as hard as she could.


  "What the-!" Li spluttered, backing away. "You little bitch! I ought to-!" She slapped her several times across the face before getting a hold of herself. "Well! In the words of one of your former classmates... Feisty!"


  Daria gasped, "Look! I don't know what I did that was so bad, but please don't hit me anymore! I'll do whatever you want, just let me go! Please?"


   "How polite you are! Please? Whatever I want? Well, of course I'll get whatever I want. Do you know what I want, 573? I want that soda contract back. I want all those contests you could have won for me back. I want that State Championship football trophy that your refusal to tutor Kevin cost us back. Do you know how much I lost when the Ultra-Cola contract went sour? Fifty thousand dollars! Any guess on what that modeling school check was worth before they cancelled it? Another ten thousand! As it is, I'll be lucky to get a tenth of that back when you go on the block, missy!" She paused to pull a handkerchief out and clean the spittle off her lenses, and wipe her face. "Mark my words, 573, You'll be glad to see the auction house when I'm through with you!"


   She stormed away, leaving Daria hanging from her chains, still gasping in pain and fear. "This is getting weirder and weirder by the minute!" she sobbed under her breath, hearing for the first time the shrieks of her sister from across the room as Linda Griffin worked her over.


  "I wonder how Jane's doing?" she mused idly, trying to shut out the screams. She glanced over at the cages by the wall, and could just make out the fuzzy images of their inhabitants cowering on their knees, trying to be inconspicuous. Lolling her head around dizzily, she failed to notice Ms. Li return with a tray in her hands.


   "When you're through rubbernecking, Ms. Mor-I mean, 573, I have a little surprise for you!  Just a little something to let you know what a royal pain in the ass you've been since I first laid eyes on you."  She set the tray down and retrieved the ball gag.


 "Dammit! No! Not that again! I'll be good Ms. Li! I promise!" The words that flew out of her mouth sickened her, but she was the first to admit she was a wimp when it came to pain. Still protesting, Li shoved the gag back in and fastened it tightly.



  "Now, now, dear. I wouldn't want you hurting your pretty little teeth when I perform the next phase of your indoctrination. I can't afford losing a penny of what little I'm going to get back for you."


  She reached into the tray and pulled a large black vibrator with straps as Daria's eyes grew wide. "I like to refer to this as 'physical education', in a way. A lot of my girls do end up as brothel inmates, and the looser their rectums are, the less downtime their owners have to deal with waiting for you to heal. Time is money in the meat markets, my dear! Let's have your ass now," she said, reaching around and spreading her cheeks wider.


Daria threw herself into contortions, trying as best she could to keep the device out, but with the combination of her hands over her head and the spreader bar, coupled with Li's surprising strength, she felt it slide in painfully. A strangled scream emanated from behind her ball gag and Li sneered triumphantly.



   "There!" she crowed. "Just let me start it up, and you get 'comfortable' while I check on your little friends!" she said, turning a dial on the device's control box before wedging it behind a strap. "Don't go anywhere now," she teased as she walked away.



  Daria felt the object begin to violently pulsate, sending waves of sensation through her already battered body.


  "I am so not ready for this!" she screamed silently, tears streaming down her face. The device began to heat up and her head swam as she tried frantically to expel it. The starps holding it firmly in place criss-crossed her vagina, and the more she squeezed, the more they dug in. She remembered the first time she'd touched herself 'that way', and found it somewhat exciting.


  "Oh God, tell me I'm not starting to enjoy this," she thought, as the vibrator began to alter it's rhythm. She shuddered deeply and began to wiggle her hips, causing the straps to press harder against her genitals. She felt herself letting go and kept gyrating faster and harder...



   On the other side of the barn, Quinn was spread-eagled from the rafters, her toes just brushing the ground as Linda beat her. Tired of her squeals and pleas, she'd gagged her as well. She paused at Li's approach, smirking as she said, "This one should prove quite the property. She's got the makings of quite the submissive already."


  Li inspected Quinn's skin, frowning at some of the welts and bruises beginning to appear and admonished her, "Dammit, Linda! Try to keep from marking her up too much! I was counting on getting a bidding war started with her, and I want her hide intact! Use the electrodes, if you must, and don't even THINK about ruining that bouncy hair of hers!" she said, eyeing the shears on Linda's bench.


   Griffin scowled, but assented. "Oh, very well! Have it*your* way. Besides, I was planning on letting Sandi get in a few licks anyway. How's the other one shaping up?"


  Li snorted, "You mean 573? I think she'll break soon enough. Let's just say she won't be sitting the same way for quite some time." She pulled Quinn's head up, and looked at her tear stained face before dropping it in disgust. "Do me a favor, Linda. Keep an eye on the both of them while I see how Barch is doing with the new pony girl, eh?"


   "It'd be my *pleasure*. Besides, I was getting tired of this little cow anyway. Just let me plug her ass and I'll go check on your little birdie, Angela." Linda chuckled, as she tossed her flogger down on the bench.


Li remarked, as she walked away, "Don't stretch this one's ass too much, either. The madams usually like to keep pretties like this for straight anyway. And tell your daughter what I said about her hair and hide, understand!"


  Linda pouted, "Very well! I'll *tell* her to take it easy. Gawd! Even as a slave, this one still gets *special* treatment!" she griped as she picked up a vibrator similar to Daria's, as Li walked away shaking her head.














 Li stalked out of the barn into the high walled exercise yard, where she could hear Barch's shrill voice barking out commands. "Pick it up, Lane! You're supposed to be some kind of runner, missy! Getting tired?"  Ms. Li looked on with satisfaction at the condition her former student was now in.



  Sweat pouring from her lithe young body, naked save for collar, headgear and harness, Jane staggered forward, pulling a heavy wooden sledge upon which Janet Barch stood, periodically lashing her with a long, thin dressage whip applied judiciously to her back, buttocks and legs. Already striped from her first night's 'initiation', her back was sprinkled with pinkish-red lines. On her feet Barch had fastened clog-like shoes, wide and heavy with a sole looking not unlike that of a real horse and painfully high heels. Li watched as Jane's sweat covered calves shivered under the strain. 





  On seeing Ms. Li enter the yard, she stopped and began to yell incoherently at her. Barch leapt off of the sledge, swatting her mercilessly on her crotch and breasts. Vainly, she tried to protect her genitals with her manacled hands.



  "You filthy little man-loving, underachieving whore!" she screamed, unleashing another fusillade of swift, light strikes. Jane writhed in agony, and stumbled to her knees. She tried to curl up and protect her body as best she could, but the chains leading to the sledge kept her up. Head down, she could only bleat in fear and pain as Barch continued her assault.



  "Janet! I think this one's had enough as well," she commanded as she peered at her watch. "Get her back inside with the others and feed and water them. I'll be in my study if you need me. After that, I want them all tagged and dope them up. You can put her and her friend back in the basement. The other two can stay up in the barn for now, and we can start taking the pictures. Oh, and tell Steve if he needs, he can take that little blonde we had suspended yesterday. These four are all virgins! Can you believe it? I'd of thought this one for sure had her cherry popped long ago! Oh, and before you go home tonight, there's an invitation for you and Skin...uh, Timothy, to a barbeque at the Landon's this weekend. It'll be after we get the next shipment out."


  "Thanks! Are these going too, or are we holding on to them for a while?" she asked nonchalantly, as she unhooked the cowering Jane from the sledge and attached a lead to her collar. "On your feet!" she snarled.


  "As much as I'd like to, we've got too many now. Barlow said he could take all of them off our hands, and Bennett says we have to replace the money we took out of the slush fund. Let him deal with them! We've made our projections and then some for this quarter. Make sure you hose this one down good too, it looks like she needs it." With that, she turned on her heel and left as Barch hustled the exhausted girl to her feet and led her out of the yard.



   Sandi pulled up in front of the house and got out. She nodded to Mrs. Bennett, now back in her street clothes as she got into her car. She checked her nostrils for cocaine residue in the mirror, and stepped out, wearing an older, more practical outfit over her tall hiking boots.


   She caught a glimpse of Ms. Li, still wearing her leathers and sneered. "Guhod! Why won't my mom *tell* her that outfit just *doesn't* work!" as she opened the trunk and removed some bags.


 "Ms. Griffin! So nice of you to finally join us! You mother and I were expecting you hours ago! Did they give you any trouble getting the straitjackets?" Li growled as she approached.


  "Not when I showed them your credit card. By the way, they were offering a 25% discount on these really *cute* little thumbcuffs, so I bought a few. The cash advance was for some *things* I needed. You understand," she answered condescendingly. Ignoring that, Li looked at her clothes and asked, "And why aren't you dressed properly, young lady? You know what my rules are here!"


  Sandi rolled her eyes and huffed, " I don't care what you're stupid dress code is! Besides, I just *had* my leathers dry cleaned, and I wanted to wear them on a *date* with this, like, musician I met. That reminds me. I've gotta, like, leave early tonight."



   "You can't! Bennett had to leave, Gibson won't be here until the pool closes, and the Gupty's have some kind of stupid encounter group tonight. That leaves you, Taylor, Barch, and your mother to spay those four tonight.  And as for your outfit, these women need to recognize what they are now, and the outfits reinforce that. Manson explained to you how this works, now get dressed! I want to see you in leather and heels in five minutes, or I swear, your mother or not, I'll whip you to tears! Move!" she barked.


  Sandi, pouting angrily, reached into her car and pulled out a garment bag, adding it the shopping bags and stormed into the farmhouse. "*Fine*! Oh. And before you *bitch* about some of the purchases on your card, I took the *liberty* of getting those bitches those *slut* dresses you like. You're welcome!" as she stormed away.


   Li took out her tape recorder and said. "Note to self: At earliest opportunity, get Sandi on the auction block before she drives me insane!"



















   Daria had been writhing in agony for hours as Steve Taylor approached, leading a thoroughly shell-shocked Stacy back to the main area. He had relieved her of all but her harness and handcuffs and she shuffled behind him, head down in submission. Linda sat on a stool, smoking a cigarette as he watched the sisters as they moaned and convulsed, wracked by the intense sensations of the anal torture devices and in Quinn's case, the electrical stimulators.


   "I take it she's *ready* for shipment, huh, Steve?" Linda asked. "If you popped her cherry, Li will skin your balls! And why is it with every one you train, they always come back with your *daughter's* hair style?" she purred.


  "Fuck you, bitch. At least when I'm done with 'em, they know who the boss is! If Li doesn't get what she wants for this one, I just might put in a bid. Now that Brit's goin' to school and all, I've been thinkin' about startin' up my own stable. Ashley-Amber's getting a little long in the tooth for me."


  "Oh, and that's just what you need, another *alimony* check to write each month. How much is Number One getting now?"


  "Open your eyes, Griffin. Who needs a lawyer when we've got this place! I'll just bring her on up with me someday. God! I wish Li was around when Viv was here, and I wouldn't have had to put all my properties in Brit's name." He led Stacy over to one of the empty cages and opened the door. "Get in and get on your knees, just like I told you," he ordered. Stacy obeyed and he padlocked her neck chain to the hasp of the cage.


    Daria was surprised that she'd stopped crying. "I'm jealous! I've been wanting to beat her AND Quinn into silence for years, and here that asshole Steve Taylor beats me to it. This is the wrong time for bad puns now, Morgendorffer." She gasped as a particularly intense series of vibrations shot through her abused body. "So THAT's what an orgasm feels like! At least I hope that was an orgasm, and not one of my internal organs bursting!"



  Steve Taylor walked over to her and peered at her face quizzically. "This one looks kinda familiar to me. What's her name, Griffin?" He inspected her vagina, and whistled. "Another virgin. I'm not surprised though, she looks kind of plain to me. Isn't this one of the sisters?"


   "You jerk!" she thought, giving him an angry look. "When and if I get out of this, I'll show you 'plain'. Plain misery when I get my hands on you!" she seethed.


   Linda picked up a pistol shaped device and inserted a small metal object in the end. "I always thought she was that one's *cousin* or something. At least that's what Sandi always said. While you're there, tag her ear," she said, tossing him the piercing gun. He took it, and attached the metal tag with "573" on it, and reached up.


  "Now I really need to hold onto Trent's hand! Hell, I'd even take Upchuck now!" She squeezed her eyes and tried to think of something else as he squeezed hard and with a pop, it was in. "Thanks. That earlobe wasn't hurting at all. Now my day's complete," she thought angrily.



  Barch marched the pony girls back into the barn chained together, with Jane in the rear. Sweat-soaked and sun burnt, she could barely keep on her heavily shod feet. One by one, Barch caged the more experienced captives, finally coming to Jane.


 "Well, Ms. Lane, or, more properly, #575, how does it feel to be used and abused? That was nothing compared to what I put up with for 22 miserable, stinking years. And just in case you were wondering why I'm doing this, let's just say a certain piece of artwork fell into my hands. By the way, my hips are not that wide, but yours are going to be!"



   She pulled Jane over to where Daria was hanging, and roughly forced her to her knees. "Out of my way, you man!" she snarled at Taylor, as she shoved Jane’s face into Daria's crotch. "You two always seemed to get along so well, why don't you tell her how much you missed her?" she hissed as she removed the bit from her mouth. "You're all fucking crazy!" Jane croaked hoarsely, as she fought to pull away. "Dammit, Barch! I thought you were into women's lib!"


  "Oh I am missy. I'm all for women who stand up for themselves and strive. Not ones who answer all my tests by filling in the letter C! Besides, I need the money, and who wants to work retail?" She muffled Jane's response by jamming her face into Daria's crotch, pulling the chain around the both of them and fastening it back to Jane's collar. "Now, start cleaning your friend out, or neither of you gets fed tonight!"


  She stepped back to admire her handiwork, and grabbed a flogger laying on the bench next to Linda. Jane looked up at her friend and mumbled, "Geez Daria, I'm so sorry! I have to, have to..."


  Barch laid the instrument across her reddened back, and she shrieked. "I told you to clean her out! Lick!" Jane stuffed her face back in and proceeded to lick, tentatively at first, then firmer as she felt a strange excitement growing. Daria moaned, and gave a delighted shiver. Jane raised her eyebrows as she thought, “And I thought I was freaked out by Allison! Oh well, when in Rome..."


 Still freaked out by the surrealism of the whole affair, Jane began to lick Daria's crotch clumsily, still not feeling right about the whole thing. Barch laid another swat across her back and Jane winced.


   "What's the matter, Lane? I thought all you artsy types were good at this! Come on. just pretend it's to get your paintings in a gallery! Clean her up!"


 Jane cringed as she received several more blows, and went back to her task. Daria moaned again as she felt Jane's tongue again at her little...dare she say it? Pussy.


 "And they thought hanging around with Beavis and Butthead would corrupt me. Mom should have really checked our this school better. It wouldn't have been a hard question: Oh, and by the way, you wouldn't happen to be secretly be white slavers by any chance? On the one hand, this'll save them a lot of money, but on the other hand, I think they're kinda fond of us."


  She closed her eyes as Jane continued to lick her genitals, beginning to enjoy the sensation, when Ms. Li walked in accompanied by Tiffany. She was dressed in a harness and collar, but she walked numbly alongside her, with no urging at all. She handed the leash to Linda, and said,


  "Just stick this one in a cage for now. There's no use breaking her, she's been in a daze since she woke up. You really want to have some fun? Try holding a conversation with her. All she seems to know right now is "Does this make me look fat?" and "Do you have some eyeliner? It'll be a mercy to get rid of her."


 Sandi finally came swaggering into the room, a cross look on her face, and not a lot of leather either. Taylor raised his eyebrows, and Linda glared at him. "Sandi? I *thought* you had your leathers *cleaned*. Not shrunken! What *happened* to the rest of them?"


  She ignored her mother, and went straight to Quinn and grabbed her hair. "Ah AH ahhh!" her mother wagged a scolding finger. "Didn't Ms. Li tell you that girls with bouncy hair tend to be worth more? You wouldn't want to cheat yourself out of your cut, now, do you?" That earned her a scowl, but she let Quinn's hair drop. Looking her former friend in he eye, she exclaimed, in a mocking tone,


  "Kuh-win! What have they done to you? Oh, you *poor* dear. I understand that Ms. Li is going to *sell* you, and your *cousin* as slaves! What's that?" she teased as Quinn made outraged noises through her ball-gag, "You want me to *what*? Help you escape? But Quinn, if I did that, I wouldn't be getting my new Vexxer next year. You know, the one with the leather seats you said matched your hair. Every time I sit down in it, I'll be thinking about you, *Quinn* Morgendorffer! Maybe I can get the New Fashion Club to get a plaque commemorating you guys. Wouldn't that be nice?"



  Jane stopped as she heard Sandi speaking, and muttered, "It'd be nice to hear she lost her voice again. Daria, please tell me you have a plan by now. One squeeze for yes, two for no," as she went back in. Daria squeezed once, and Jane whined, "Dammit! How much longer am I gonna have to keep this up? No offense Amiga, but you're not as fresh as you could be. I'm never eating tuna fish again as long as I live..."


 Daria looked down and scowled. "Thanks!" she thought, "Next time you're forced to go down on me, Jane, I'll remember to rub some pizza on it first! She's right, I need a plan. Let's see, if this was some cheesy movie, I'd pull out a hairpin and simultaneously free us all while fighting off the Odd Squad, but I don't seem to recall ever having a hairpin in my life." She stopped as a particularly intense wave of sensation shot through her.


   Li walked over, pulling Jane away from Daria's crotch as she growled, "I think you two have had enough 'fun' for the day. Barch! Taylor! Get these two down and in the cells, we've got to get the rest of the cattle ready for delivery!"





















   The teacher and marketing consultant soon had the girls back in the dank cell, chained to the wall facing each other. Barch had displayed a shred of kindness and not gagged them, but for a long time, neither said a word or looked at the other. Finally, Jane broke the ice.


  "Hey. Sorry about the freshness crack. It's just, you know..."


 "I understand. By the way, even though it creeps me out to say it, you were pretty good back there. Not that I'd know if you were bad, or anything. That is, yeesh..."


 Jane chuckled mournfully. "Thanks. I'll consider that a compliment. So, thought of anything yet? I don't wanta play horsie with Ms. Barch anymore, and how much do you think your mom is gonna sue them for when we get out of here?"



  "Well, I wouldn't really want to speculate, seeing that we're still being listened to, Jane, but it's the 'getting out of here' part I'm not so sure about. We'll do it the easy way, just smile and nod dumb, and play along with it." she said, winking her eye.



 "OhhHHHhhh. Okay.  Smiling and nodding dumbly are what I do best, aren't they?" Jane winked back, smiling. she waited for a second and then said, "Sooooo, now what?"


 "I dunno. I guess we wait. It's too bad I didn't think to take along my harmonica. it'd be appropriate, considering." She motioned around the tiny cell with her manacled hands.



  "Yeah, except just how would you play like that? I bet that'd be a marketable skill if I ever heard of one, considering." Jane replied as she rattled her manacles, grinning.


 Daria blushed and looked down. " Who would've thought Ms. Li was so kinky? I mean, kidnapping teens and selling them? I mean, not that I didn't try that with Quinn a time or two, before she got old enough to tattle, but, this is so..."



  "Tabloid news?  Sick, Sad, World? Hey, we gotta get out of here! We could get rich selling our story. Get this: "I was a teenage sex slave!", they could run that alongside the Super Bowl and win. What's wrong?" Jane asked as Daria looked off oddly.



  "Something's not right. I can't put my finger on it. Something's off." Daria muttered as she looked away.


 "Are you all right? Don't tell me you're gonna start weirding out on me, are you Daria? Cause right now I'm really scared this isn't a dream, and if it isn't, I wouldn't want to be here alone. Not that I'd WANT you to be here, that is. Wait, what I meant was..."



  "No, that's not it. It's just that it seems like we're not really here. Or maybe I just did get the beating and abuse I just received. But it doesn't SEEM real. Like a story, or a movie." Daria replied, dreamily. She could see the fear in Jane's eyes, but it seemed so far away.



   "All right, Daria, now you ARE starting to freak me out. Did they hit you in the head or something? Oh shit!" she hissed as she heard e the bolt being withdrawn. Ms. Li came to their little cell door, and opened it quickly.



  "Woo-Hoo! I've got some exciting news for you girls!" she bubbled.


 Daria looked up at the still bizarrely-clad woman, and said, "You've all decided to resume you medications and let us go? This'll all be just our little secret then. I have no hard feelings."



  "Me either!" Jane piped in. "Hell, you know us artist types, we could just call this a performance piece, 'Ode to a kinky nightmare'." 



  "Even better, girls! I was just on the phone with Terry Berry Barlow!"



 "The franchising genius?" Daria asked innocently. Li scowled, and gave her a hard blow across her chest.



 "Yes. He'll be here in his private 747 to pick all of you up! I was going to keep it a surprise, but I just wanted to see the look on your faces when I tell you where you're going!" she chuckled, as she began freed the girls from the wall and put them on a long chain.



 "Excuse me? Are you telling us that we've just been purchased by the man who owns the 'Pizza Forest' chain? No, thanks. I'd rather be sold into prostitution than be forced to parade around in an animal costume singing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' for a bunch of bratty kids."



  "You're going to get your wish, Ms. Morgend-Drat! I mean, 573! He recently bought out the largest chain of brothels in Thailand, and he needs fresh American teens to crush his new competitors! You young ladies should be thanking me for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a new country!" she said, as she dragged the chained girls up to the barn.



  They looked out on a group of naked teen-age girls being led to a large door at the rear of the barn. Jane and Daria were herded to the back of the line of captives and added to the long chain connecting them together.



 "Lokks like this is it, Daria." Jane said, as she saw the door begin to open. Outside, a large truck was pulling into the yard. "If there ever was a time for a last minute plan to get away, this is it." she prompted.



 "Hate to disappoint you, Jane. Look on the bright side. At least we weren't bought by some lowly independent chain. We'll have branding behind us!"



 "We already HAVE been branded, Daria. ON our behinds. Daria? Are you all right?" Jane asked, seeing her friend rocking gently, eyes closed. "Daria? Daria?"




  It was too much, the line of naked girls, the leather clad people, the pain and fear, Daria's head swam as she was pushed forward. The truck was backing up, and she heard the strident tones of it's alarm as it pulled in. The doors were open and hard, cruel faces stared at her naked, bound body.


 Jane asked fearfully, "Daria? Talk to me! Daria? Daria?"


















  "Daria? Hey, wake up! You're alarm's been going off for ten minutes! Daria! What's the matter with you? Daria?"



  The cold gray dawn of an October day was visible through the dorm room windows. A hard spatter of freezing rain lashed against them, as Daria opened her gummed over eyelids. She recoiled in shock as a face appeared over her. It was blurry and blonde, and she panicked, trying to escape, but she was trapped. She screamed in terror.


  "Don't hurt me anymore! Where's Jane? And Quinn? Where am I? Please let me go!"



 The RA hurried up to their room at her screams. When he reached the room, Mary Sue was over Daria's bed, trying to calm her down. "What the hell's going on? It sounds like pigs being murdered in here!" he demanded.


 Looking into room 573, he saw Mary Sue McCarthy, a freshman dental student from some little dump called Corn Flats, Nebraska, kneeling over her roommate Daria Morgendorffer's bed as the latter thrashed about, crying and begging about something.



  "Hey! She better not be freaking out on anything! If they catch anybody else doing drugs in here, it'll be my ass!" he snarled, as he stormed into the room. He looked at the girl and recoiled at the sight.


  Daria was fully entangled in her blankets, her hair wet with perspiration. Her eyes were wild and unfocused, and there was a little blood coming from her lip. He looked around her side of the room, looking for bottles or paraphernalia.


   Mary Sue replied, "It's alright, dammit! She's just having a bad reaction to the pain meds the dentist gave her after she had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday! Come over here and help me, she's got herself all tied up in her blankets!"



  He grunted and tried to help hold down the thrashing girl as her roommate got the blankets off. Daria Morgendorffer writhed on her bed, sweat pouring from her brow as the two people tried to help.



  "Christ! She's as hot as a pistol! I think we have to get her to the clinic, Randy! She's got a fever, and that means there's an infection. I think we better call an ambulance." she said, as she felt Daria's forehead. They got the blankets off of her, and she soon calmed down.


  Half awake, she looked around in relief as she recognized the things she brought from home. Her brain model, and the hydrocephalic head were where she remembered putting them, gathering dust. Her roommate was sitting beside her, peering at the bottle of pills the dentist gave her, and dialing the number. She smiled weakly as she looked at the stack of books on her desk. Even without her glasses she could read the titles on their spines, including the one on top for her Sociology course. deSade.


  "That figures." she thought, as the RA came back and told Mary Sue the ambulance was on the way. She closed her eyes and smiled as she heard the sirens approaching.




  Jane whistled appreciatively, "Wow, Daria. When you have a drug-induced fantasy, you don't pull out any stops, do you?" she spoke into the phone. On the other end, Daria sat in a hospital bed, an I.V. running into her arm.



  "Yeah, The doctor said it was a combination of overwork, lack of sleep, and mixing pain pills and cold formula. What I didn't tell him was my roommate and her friends had also conned me into going to the Cro-Bar on fetish night earlier. The doctor was in earlier, and he said now that my fever's broken, I can go back to the dorm."



"What happened when your parents found out?" Jane asked, as she reached for her sketch pad. She jotted down a few basic body outlines, and grinned as she realized she'd have a brand new series, just from this one conversation.



  "Predictably, my dad freaked out, and my mom was worried I may have been 'abused'. I had to have Mary Sue, my roommate, explain I never left the dorm." Daria explained.



  "And just how did you get into this "Cro Bar", young lady?" Jane teased. "And on a what, "Fetish Night"? no less? Don't you know that stuff’s bad for you?"



  "That. Well, Mary and some of the girls in the dorm have been bugging me to get out since I got here. They got me in a moment of weakness. It really wasn't that big a deal, Jane. It was basically a room full of people acting like versions of Upchuck and Sandi, wearing dead cow skins, and performing bad theatre for a non=paying audience. As soon as I could, I got the hell out of there and came back to finish a report for Sociology. And then I bottomed out."



  "Well, I'm glad you're all right, Amiga. Maybe I should let YOU take me to the parties in Boston. Sounds like you occasionally live an interesting life. I just have one little question before I go, Daria."



  "I don't see why not," she replied, stifling a yawn.



  "In your dream, when I was forced to, you know. To you. Was I any good?" Jane teased.




   "I'll tell you when you get here, Jane. Good night." she said, as she hung up the phone and closed her eyes.





                                     THE END