Late Night Nightmare by Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike

Daria awoke with a start. It was strange for her to awaken in the middle of the night but she swore she had heard something. She lay in Jane's sleeping bag on the floor in Jane's room, turned on her side facing away from Jane's bed. They had planned on making it a short Bad Movie Night due to the late night cramming they had both done during the previous week but with so many choices to choose from, it had gone onto about 3 in the morning. Her stomach rumbled with hunger. She was amazed that it did considering Jane and her had polished off a pair of large, meat-covered pizza pies that they had had delivered. Enough of this cheeseless pizza. When they wanted to swim in the grease that is pizza, they didn't go half way. Daria closed her eyes to return to sleep when she heard the noise again. It sounded like it was coming from Jane's bed and it sounded like some type of strange, low moaning.

Daria reached out for her glasses. If someone or something dangerous was in the room with them, Daria wanted to go out knowing what had hit them. The fact that the room was pitch black and she could barely see a thing made little difference to her as she slowly rolled onto her back.

"Nothing strange," she thought to herself as her eyes made a quick pass around the room. Jane had put up all of her paints before going to bed. The fumes made for interesting dreams normally but the last batch about her and Quinn being hypnotized into cats made her shutter, even weeks after the nightmares had finally finished. Her search continued until reaching Jane's bed. It was a poor angle from the floor but she could barely make out her friend lying under the single sheet, her head slowly flopping side to side on the pillow. "Jane's just having a dream," Daria assured herself as another low moan passed from Jane's lips, this one a tad longer then before.

Daria lifted her head to make sure that her friend was in no danger and was surprised at what she saw. She smirked as one of Jane's hands slowly drifted over her body under the sheet while the other paid attention to her budding breasts. "I wonder who she's dreaming about," Daria questioned as Jane moaned again, a bit longer and with more feeling. Daria's eyes went wide as Jane threw aside the remaining sheet and pulled at the fabric of her nightshirt. She grew frustrated at the confining clothing as she returned her hands to the probing of her young body until finally reaching that special spot between her thighs. Jane's rhythm strengthened as she was finally able to pull aside the shirt that had frustrated her explorations as the other hand continued its beat. Daria was shocked to realized her own hands slowly working their way down her front and purposely pulled them away from her undergarments. Jane's free hand ran across the hard points on her slim chest as her breathing grew harder and more forced. She arched her back in an exotic lack of control and the loudest moan exploded out of her mouth.

"Up, Chuck! Up, Chuck!" screamed Jane as her hands were blurs across her front. Daria recoiled in near horror as Jane's thrashing shook the frame of her bed. She reached for a pillow for reassurance as Jane's hands finally slowed their exotic beat and her beathing returned to a more normal pace. With a small smile and a sigh, Jane slowly pulled up the sheet to cover herself as she returned to her normal deep sleep.

Daria, on the other hand, remained crouched against the wall of her best friend's room, a pillow heard protectively in front of her in fear that the monster that is Jane might awaken again. It would be hours later until she finally relaxed enough to let go of the now sweat soaked pillow.

The next morning finds Jane sitting at the Lane kitchen table, a huge mug of black coffee sitting in front of her. She grins ear to ear as she reaches out with the television remote to change the channel. A commercial for the new Garfield the Cat movie shows on the screen. With a quick shudder, she finds another station to waste her morning with. She drains the last of her brew as Daria drags her sorry ass into the room. She looks like she got no more sleep during the night as her hair is beyond messy, her nightshirt hangs off one shoulder, a path of dried drool marks a passage down the side of her face and she still drags her pillow in one hand. She heads to the coffeepot on the counter, grabbing one of Jane's over sized mugs along the way.

"Good morning, 'Ol Partner of Crime," spouts off a very awake Jane. Daria turns in shock at the sound of Jane's cheerful voice, recoils in horror and makes a cross with her fingers. Jane's eyebrow raises in amusement and Daria's eyes look around the room for any threat. She slowly relaxes and continues her journal to morning enlightenment. "Have a good night sleep?" bubbles Jane as Daria begins to pour the brew. Daria turns to Jane to deliver a look of bitter irony but the turning of her body pulls her arm forward as coffee spills out across the counter. Jane misses the look as she turns to point at the refrigerator. "I know how much you like your cream so I went and got some during my jog."

Daria grunts slight as Jane's announcement of actual, fresh cream sinks its way into her barely there brain. Daria stumbles over to the fridge, opens it and reaches in for the milky white, um milk.

"I slept like a log last night. Couldn't have been better," says Jane. Daria's head comes up hard against the top of the inside of the fridge at Jane's statement. She turns to glare at her just as the door flies open and in stumbles Trent and the rest of the band. Jane jumps up in welcome, rushes over and hugs each one of them in greeting as Daria remains by the fridge rubbing the pain out of the back of her head.

"Good morning, guys. If you just wait right here, I'll have breakfast ready for you in a few minutes. How does waffles and sausage sound?" Trent turns in a bit of amazement to hear his sister acting this way but the rest of the band continues on into the living room.

"Nah, we just got back from a gig. We gotta rest for practice this evening," mentions Nick as they drop their gear off around the room and collapse across the furniture. "Blimey, it smells like fish in here. Did you two have seafood last night?"

The end. :)

Just a quick little story. Someone mentioned on the Paperpusher's message board that no one had ever written a Jane/ Upchuck shipper before. While a few were pointed out to the questioner, this idea popped into my mind. Not a biggie and not really a shipper but here it is. Just some, quick humor.