Caneman & Erin Mills
Daria and Jane are (C) 2004
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Continued from the end of “Herd About Ms.Li”

Chapter 1

Daria had spent the better part of that day laying in her hospital bed, feeling generally sorry for herself, as well as just a tinge of homesickness. Her parents had reacted as expected, panic bordering on psychosis, especially since neither could leave their jobs and attend to her. Fortunately, the doctor had reassured them she wasn’t on her deathbed, and that the stress of them coming might actually prove worse.

I could just kiss that man, she thought, settling back against her pillow as a fresh wave of nausea washed over her. If I didn’t think I was about to barf, that is. I could just as easily be doing this in my dorm room, where all my books and computer are. That was her last thought for awhile, as the medications kicked in and she slipped away into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, she was awakened by a familiar voice. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, at least this time you aren’t lobster-colored, like last time,” Jane’s voice spoke to her. Opening her eyes wide, she did a double-take at her friend standing over her.

“What the? Jane! How the hell did you get here? And why in God’s name are you dressed like that? Oh, wait…Okay, I’m just having another one of those hallucinations again. I’d better get me a nurse…” she mumbled, reaching for the call-button.

Jane smiled and pulled it out of her friend’s reach. “Uh-uh. That’s the last thing we need in here right now. No, amiga, you’re not hallucinating, it’s me in the flesh, and as for the uniform, well…let’s just say hospital policy forbids anyone other than family members to visit you right now, and I had to indulge in some creative response to that dictum.”

Jane was attired in a correct, classical nurses’ uniform, right down to the funny hat, sensible shoes, and stethoscope, holding a chart quite professionally. “I took shameless advantage of my mom’s credit card and frequent flyer miles to hop the red-eye up here after we talked last night. The uniform was a simple matter of going down the street to the store, and voila! Nurse Jane, at your service. Now, let’s just check your vitals just in case a real nurse stumbles in here, okay?” she smirked, taking

Daria’s wrist and pressing a finger to her vein.

“Bravo. Or rather, brava, as O’Neill would say. I hate to say it, but you look and act more like a real nurse than the actual article here. Is criminal impersonation another one of your hobbies you never told me about?” Daria commented, as her friend entered the information onto the chart before reaching over to an electronic thermometer attached to the wall.

“Among others. Open wide, and keep this under your tongue while I explain. You see, in addition to Wind’s inability to maintain a relationship longer than two weeks, he’s also a practicing hypochondriac, and over the years, I was forced into playing nurse for most of his ‘ailments’. I’ve picked up quite a few tips and tricks from his frequent hospital visits, as well, so playing the role isn’t too hard by now. Hmmm, still a little elevated, I see. Let’s do a quick BP on you and we can chat for a bit before I have to split.” Jane added, wrapping the cuff around Daria’s bare arm.

“Handy. I don’t suppose you have a plan if a doctor sees you and wants some help, do you?” she asked, feeling the device tighten around her arm. “I’m pretty sure this is a crime here, unlike Lawndale.”

“Pish! I’ve already irrigated a wound, drawn three tubes of blood, and changed two dressings. These clowns are so used to seeing ‘floaters’ from other units here they don’t care who it is, as long as they don’t have to do it. Had breakfast yet?” she asked, writing down the last of the data the device recorded.

“What if there’s a real emergency? Or, they grab you for an operation or something? Maybe you should lose those clothes, Jane, before you get in trouble or something.” Daria replied, nervously.

Jane chuckled as she shook her head. “And walk around in my underwear? They’d put me on the Psych Ward for sure, then. Besides, I have to return these later today so my mom doesn’t totally flake when she see these charges on her card. The airfare she won’t notice, but this will catch her eye. As for operations, if I were in scrubs, maybe, and emergencies on this floor are few and far between. It’s not like you’re in an ICU or anything.”

“Hey, you’re the one who’ll need to answer. Whatever. It’s great to see you again, Jane. I was sorta…” Daria looked away.
“Lonely? I figured. When you told me your folks couldn’t come up to see you, I figured you might need some cheering up. Okay, now tell me how all this started…” she said, pulling up a chair and sitting down. Daria smirked and looked away as she began to relate the tale again.

“…and then I came to in the dorm room, with my weird-ass roommate and the RA standing over me freaking out. I swear, I’ll never set foot in that place again! It was bad enough I let them talk me into going to a bar in the first place, let alone a bar like that. I guess the combination of a couple drinks, the pain pills and the sight of a room full of leather geeks pushed me over the edge. As for that dream, I’m sorry I told it to you, but there it is. If it’s anything, I’m not…that way…okay?” Daria ended, blushing mightily.

“Never thought it for a second, especially after you snagged Tom out from under me, but that’s old news. I’d say you were just acting out some of those weird sex dreams you refuse to tell me about and one got the better of you,” Jane replied, with a grin. “DO you wanna hear one of mine?” she teased, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Good Lord, no! I swear, as soon as I can get out of here and into a real shower, I’m going to stay under it until my skin peels off. By the way, does that thing say when I’ll be able to blow this asylum?” she asked. Jane looked at the file again, shaking her head.

“Hmmm, says here, the doc wants to keep you here until your white count is normal, just in case the infection from your tooth decides to bite back. Seems you and antibiotics don’t get along too well, which is why you’re so nauseous right now, hmmm? I’ll see if I can’t get you something to make that go away…” she said, scribbling something on the file.

“Hey! You can’t just write an order for drugs! You’re not even a real nurse, dammit! What did you write, by the way?” Daria hissed, looking towards the door. Jane laughed softly.

“Nothing bad, don’t worry. All the crap they’re pumping you full of isn’t all that exotic, and I’m pretty sure you won’t have a reaction. Hey, I didn’t kill Wind when I did that when he was in the hospital, and I like you.” Before she could protest further, a weak voice called out from the other side of the room, where a curtain was drawn between the two beds in the room.

“Nurse? Nurse? I need to go, please! Help me!” and old woman called out. Jane rolled her eyes and got up. “The only bad part about this get-up is you have to play the game. I’ll be back in a second, amiga!”

Amazed, Daria watched and listened as Jane went to the old woman and talked to her like she’d been a nurse all her life, and she could hear (the curtain being drawn) the sounds of bedclothes rustling and a few grunts as she assisted the other patient onto a bedpan. A few minutes later, after flushing the contents down the toilet, she returned, pulling off a pair of latex gloves.
“That should keep her quiet for awhile. Look, Daria, I better go before your real nurse comes back, okay? And since it seems to bother you seeing me dressed like this, I’ll come back pretending to be Quinn tomorrow. I saw a place that sells wigs and stuff, and with a little creativity, I’m sure I can pull off the vacant, self-absorbed act,” she said, rising to go.

“Oh sure, really give me nightmares, why don’t you?” Daria sighed. “I can always ask if they’ll bend the rules and let you visit me instead.”

“Naw, I’m having too much fun doing it this way. I’d better get out of here before someone sees me and makes me help pass out breakfast trays or something. Get some sleep, and I’ll see you tomorrow!” Jane smirked, replacing Daria’s file at the end of the bed.

“Looking forward to it, except for the Quinn part. Jane? Thanks for coming…” she said, sleepily. Jane patted her on the head, and gave her a little hug, brushing her cheek with the faintest of kisses.

“No more nightmares! Consider it doctor’s orders, or, nurses orders to be more precise!” Jane chuckled softly, as she watched her friends eyes flutter and close.

“You got it…snzzzzzzzzz…..” came the feeble reply.

Jane stepped out into the hall, thinking, I sure hope so, amiga, I sure hope so….

Chapter 2

Daria opened her eyes again, and everything seemed…off. Hmmm, why is it so quiet? she thought, looking around her room. Her roommate seemed to be gone. Probably some more tests for the old biddy, she mused, trying to turn on the TV.

“Oh great, the one time I can actually sit and watch without having her bitch all the time,” she muttered. “Hello? Hello? Now where the hell IS everyone?”

Instead of the usual buzz that seemed to permeate the ward, there was a dead silence all around her, and it seemed uncomfortably warm. She pressed the call button experimentally, and waited. “Great. All of them are on break. Well, that means I can get out of bed and go to the can without being scolded,” she said to herself, throwing back the covers and dangling her bare feet over the edge. I wonder if this is such a good idea, she mused, remembering how she’d felt just a day or two before. Slipping from her bed, she clutched the open back of her flimsy gown as she padded to the door.
Where is everyone? This place is deserted. Oh well, I suppose they must have one hell of a strong union…she mused, creeping to the nurses station. Something’s wrong here…

“And just why are you out of your bed, hmmm?” Jane’s voice rang out in the eerie silence. “Or do you want to have a relapse?” Daria whirled around.

“Jane! Jesus, you scared the shit out of me! What the hell’s going on around here? Where is everyone?” she exclaimed in relief. The she saw her friend and took a step backward. “Jane?”

Standing before her, Jane Lane was attired again in a nurse’s uniform, but just barely. Pristine white runner shone with an oily gleam from her hat to the extremely short dress, as well as thigh-high lace up boots with brutally high heels, white as the rest of her attire. To either side of her stood a thick-necked orderly, each the size of an NFL linebacker. Jane snapped her fingers, and the two goons sprang forward and seized Daria by the arms.

“You understand this is for you own good, amiga…” Jane said in passing, as the orderlies dragged the struggling girl away.

“Dammit, let me go! Jane, what the hell is going on? Okay, it’s a damn good joke, but it’s over now! Jane! Jaaaaaaaannnnne!” she screamed, as they pulled her into a room and wrestled her onto a bed. She bucked and writhed as they strapped her hands and feet into thick leather restraints before one wrenched her jaw open while the other jammed a metal instrument into her mouth.

“Haaaaaeeeeeeehhhh! Huuuuhhhhh!” she hollered uselessly as the two huge men departed silently. Jane appeared in the doorway, with a decadent smirk on her face.

“I am SO sorry it has to be this way, Daria, but sometimes your stubbornness gets in the way of your common sense,” she said in a condescending tone as she approached the bed. “If I let you run around willy-nilly while you’re supposed to be getting better, I wouldn’t be a very good nurse, now would I?”

But you’re not a real nurse, dammit!  Daria thought furiously, abandoning any further attempts at verbalizing her displeasure. You’ve gone insane…Her eyes widened as Jane opened cabinet drawer and withdrew a hypodermic needle.
“Now, Nurse Janey gonna make you feel all better…” she sneered, as she drove the needle home in arm as Daria screamed again. Her vision blurred, and darkness swept over her.


When she awoke, she became acutely aware that she was completely naked, and Jane stood over her with a strange look on her face.

“How are you feeling now, amiga? Better, I hope,” she said huskily, pulling on a surgical glove. “I’m afraid that your condition is more serious than we had thought, and we have to take drastic measures. I’d say open up and say ahhh, but that’s already been taken care of,” she smirked, running a gloved finger around Daria’s open and trembling mouth.

"Hmmm..." Jane hmmm'ed. "Nothing wrong with your teeth. Very flexible tongue...may have to do more tests with that later." She grinned that evil toothy grin again, and Daria trembled.

Jane shucked off the glove and pulled another one on. "Well, since you absolutely insisted on climbing out of bed, now I have to do a thorough exam to make sure you didn't do any damage to yourself." She stepped out of Daria's field of vision. Daria hear her rummaging through some drawers then heard the sound of a jar being opened. Jane reappeared, holding a blue jar in one hand and what looked like a minature remote control in the other.

"Jnnnnn!" Daria tried to speak, but the jaw spreader in her mouth prevented it from being intelligible. Jane grinned down at her again.

"First off, I think we need to take a temperature, but since that clamp is holding your mouth open, we'll just have to do it the old fashioned way." With that Jane clicked a button on the remote, and Daria suddenly felt the bed underneath her rear begin to divide. Both ends of the bed elevated and her legs began to spread. Daria's eyes widened and she tried to protest, her dry throat forcing air out in pitiful squeaks.

Soon, she found herself with her legs spread and elevated, and her rear end exposed completely to Jane, who had put down the remote and was now holding the jar and wheeling over a small metal tray with a very large glass thermometer on a towel. Jane whistled absently as she dipped the fingers of her gloved free hand into the jar.

"Need to lube you up a little before I put the thermometer in. I hope you aren't going to give me any trouble, amiga. Then I'll have to discipline you. Hmmm...on second thought, maybe a little resistance wouldn't be so bad..."

Jane put the jar down, then stepped between Daria's legs. She placed the unlubed hand on Daria's stomach, and slid the lubed fingers of her other hand slowly down the cleft of Daria's buttocks. She looked into Daria's frightened eyes.

"Just relax, Daria," she murmured huskily, "Remember, I'm only thinking of your health." With that, Daria felt the slightly sickening sensation of Jane's fingers sliding deep into her rectum. What she didn't expect was the sudden jolt of sensation it sent to her breasts and vagina. Jane slowly pushed and pulled her fingers, twisting them around. Daria felt the slimy coldness of the lubricant warm as Jane manipulated her anus. Daria moaned softly and Jane's smile turned softer.

"Just relax," she said soothingly, "I'm taking my fingers out now." She slowly withdrew her fingers, then shucked off the glove and picked p the thermometer, dipping the tip in the jar of lube. "Okay, deep breath and relax as much as you can."

Before Daria had a chance to inhale, Jane slid the long thermometer into her rear. Daria's eyes widened and she yelped incoherently as the glass cylinder penetrated her most private nook.  Jane twiddled the thrmometer a bit, causing additional squeals to eminate from Daria. The evil smirk returned to Jane's face. "Okay, while that does it's thing, I'm gonna get one or two other preliminaries out of the way."

Daria struggled against her bonds as Jane turned away from her again, fiddling with something in one of the nearby cupboards. As she did so, she let out a dry gasp. Her throat and mouth were drying out. Jane stiffened.

"I hope that thermometer is still where I left it." she said without turning her back "You don't want me to have to get...nasty, now do you?"

Daria froze, not liking the sinister tone in Jane's voice. She forced herself to stop struggling...and reluctantly tightened her sphincter to keep a grip on the thermometer.

Jane turned back, now wearing a stethoscope around her neck. She smiled again.

"Good girl. Now, I'm going to take a listen to you, and when I'm done I'll take the thermometer out."

Daria tried to swallow as best she could, forcing air through her nostrils, trying to remain calm.  Jane placed the stethoscope earpieces in her ears and pressed the bell onto Daria's sternum.

"Unnngh!" Daria yelped. Jane quirked an eyebrow, then smiled again.

"Ooops, forgot. These things seem to always be cold, don't they? Don't worry. I'll take care of that.” Jane picked up the bell, and breathed slowly on it, keeping her eyes on Daria as she did so. Daria watched transfixed. It was a simple enough action, but Jane was dragging it out to the point that it was somehow extraordinarily...dirty.

Of course, her transfixtion turned to yet another shock when Jane leaned over her and repeated the process on her bare skin. Daria let out a little squeak as Jane’s warm breath coursed over her chest. It was warm and a little wet.

Oh wow... Daria thought, That’s just...NO! What the hell are you thinking?! Forget about this. Find a way off this damn table, you idiot!

And of course, it was at this point that Jane put the stethoscope back on Daria’s chest and began moving over underneath her left breast. Daria froze as the tube leading from the bell to the earpieces brushed against her rigid nipple, sending a breif jolt of pleasure through her system.

“unnggghhh...” she uttered. Jane looked down at her.

“Oh you like that, huh? Much better now that it isn’t so cold? Hmmm...let’s try the other side now.” Jane slid the bell over Daria’s ribs to below her right breast, listened, then nodded.

“Heart rate’s a little elevated, but nothing unusual. Now, let’s do a couple more checks.” Jane slid the stethoscope up, over the curve of Daria’s tit, bringing the bell to rest against her nipple. Daria inhaled sharply as Jane began to move the bell around her areola, the edge of the bell making little circles around the pert bud of her nipple.

“AHHHHHHGNN!” Daria cried, jaw hurting like mad. Jane giggled.

“Ohhh, she likes it. Well then...” Jane moved the bell again and gave Daria’s left nipple the same treatment, moving the bell around and around her friend’s nipple and back again, until both were flushed and looked ridgid enough to cut glass.
“OH GAHHHHHHHH” Daria’s incoherent cries increased as her nipples stiffened to the point of pain. Her breasts were sending little shocks of feeling to her whole body. SHe was so preoccupied with the sensations, that she hardly noticed Jane putting the stehoscope down.

At least, until Jane yanked the thermometer out of her ass with no warning whatsoever. Daria yelped again and looked at her bogus nurse captor, who was holding the thermometer up to the light.

“Hmm...99.3.” she pronounced, “A little high, but also nothing to get too excited about.”

Daria blinked as she noticed Jane was now holding a clipboard that she was sure hadn’t been there previously. Jane scribbled a note on the clipboard then turned back to Daria.     “Almost done. Got to do a couple of manual exams just to check you over, then I’ll let you go back to bed.”

Daria frowned. Manual exams? That better not mean--

Her thoughts were interrupted as Jane pulled on a fresh pair of exam gloves. The latex echoed through the room with a loud snap. Jane leered at her helpless paitent as she wheeled the tray with the lubricant on it back over. “Three exams, amiga. I’m going to do the breast exam first. Just relax and flow with it. Most people like it...I know I do.”

With that Jane reached out and placed her hands firmly on Daria's breasts. Daria gasped as Jane's latex clad plams brushed against her stiff nipples. The gasps turned to moans as Jane began to rub and massage her chest, squeezing gently here, pinching lightly there. Jane grinned and suddenly gave both of Daria's nipples a qick pinch.

"AAAIIIGGHHNNN!" Daria yelped, her back arching at the jolt of pleasure that flowed through her. Jane laughed and lowered her head, clamping her lips around Daria's left nipple and sucking gently. The response was instant, Daria began arching her back, driving her breast against Jane's lips. Jane held the nipple between her teeth and begins flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Daria screamed in delight as the sensations overwhelmed her brain. Jane leand back up, grinned, then proceeded to give Daria's right breast the same treatment.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jane stood back up, and Daria collapsed on the exam table, breathing loudly through her still pried open mouth, eyes rolled back in her head.

"VERY good reactions...and no lumps either." Jane said, shucking off the gloves. SHe reached behind her and snapped on a new pair. "Next up...the vaginal exam."

Daria's eyes snapped forward, and her eyebrows shot up in disbelief. Jane grinned her evil toothy grin again and rested her index finger between Daria's breasts. Daria began struggling    against her bonds again, but Jane forced and held her down with her free hand.

“Ngahhhhh…” Daria half sobbed, as her friend traced her finger down her body, brushing her strangely erect nipples and down her belly towards… “Uhhhhh-uhhhhh! Jnnnnn! Ngggggghhhhh!” she gasped, as Jane’s finger began to tease the sensitive flesh of her vagina, flicking back and forth as they explored her tiny orifice. The knuckles of Jane's other fingers idly brushed up against Daria's clit causing her hips to buck involuntarily once or twice.

“I see you’re still in as-issued condition, amiga. A minor inconvenience to be sure, but I know just what to do,” Jane giggled, reluctantly pulling her finger away. "But before I deal with that, I think it's time to do a quick rectal."

"Rectal?!" Daria yelped, but because of the clamp it came out more like "Yecktalgh?!" Jane dipped two fingers into the jar of lubricant. "Now, Daria, just relax and don't fight me. Remember, this is for your own good."

With that, Jane once again plunged her fingers deep into Daria's ass. This time, however, they went deeper. Daria could feel Jane pushing, probling, feeling around the walls of her cavity. The feeling was unpleasant, but still, little twinges flowed to her pussy, adding to the wetness that had already formed. Daria moaned and writhed on the table, unconsciously raising her hips so Jane could have better access.

After a few more probes, Jane withdrew her fingers and shucked off the glove, replacing it again with a new one. She frowned down at Daria.  "Well, I've done the exam, and it looks like we can forego the enema, unfortunately.  However, frankly, Daria, you do have a serious problem."

Daria looked up fearfully, wondering what further indignities her deranged friend was going to put her through. Jane looked at her with a serious expression.

"I'm afraid you suffer from rampant virginity. Normally, this problem takes care of itself, but I really don't think you should go any further in your college career without taking care of it. It can cause all sorts of stress in your life. So, as your devoted friend and nursing professional, I'm going to remove it for you."

In horror, Daria watched as she stood up straight and began to open her blouse, letting it fall to the floor. Her boots chuffed and squeaked as she wiggled out of her outfit, to reveal her matching rubber lingerie. “Do you like what you see? Good, because it’s all part of the cure, my dear,” she said in a hushed tone, as her fingers slid down her stomach, into her white rubber panties and found her own vagina.

Not only has she gone mad, but now she’s gonna diddle herself in front of me? Why am I feeling so turned on? The needle, it has to be what she injected me, Daria thought, as she felt her body ache for Jane’s touch again. “Ngggghhhhh! Aggghhhhhh!” she gasped, her mouth open and aching from the jaw-spreader. As if on cue, Jane mounted the bed and knelt over her.

“Yes, this condition calls for rather extreme measures,” she said again, removing the device and kissing her deeply. At first, Daria recoiled as Jane’s lips met hers, and her tongue darted in, but she surrendered to the invasion, and her tongue ventured carefully back. Jane pulled back with a smile. “I bet you’ve been waiting for that for a loooong time now, haven’t you? You want this, don’t you? You need this?”

“Yesssss, yes I do,” Daria gasped, her head swimming and her body a live wire of sensation as her friend lay atop her, her hands framing her face. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop…” she heard herself saying, even as a tiny voice screamed, What’s wrong with you? She’s your best friend, and look at what she’s doing to you! Heedless, she let Jane kiss her deeply again, feeling her gloved hands sliding down her nude body, and she closed her eyes and arched her back as they found her vagina again. “What are you going to do to me now?” she asked, breathlessly, as Jane slid down to her crotch. “Jane! No! EeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyeeeeeSSSSSSS!!!!” she screamed, as she felt her tongue dart into her tiny hole, still unsullied by a male member, swollen and wanting. Jane’s tongue traced the opening, and little by little, forced its way deeper in that anything had ever been before.

"OOOHH SHIIIIIIIIT!" Daria cried as Jane's tongue snaked it's way through her folds, before sliding back out, circling her clit and back in again. Daria soon found her hips thrusting violently up towards Jane's face. She moaned loudly, overwhelmed by the sensations. She felt a pressure building, rising, searching for release...

And then Jane pulled her tongue out of her friend's lovehole.

Daria tilted her head. "You stopped...you didn't..no..."

Jane laughed and kissed her again, Daria's own fluids still on her lips. "Relax, amiga, I wouldn't leave you in such a state. But I wanted to give you something really special."

Jane stepped out of Daria's view for a few moments, leaving her to struggle against the bods that prevented her hands form reaching down and finding some release. After what seemed like an eternity, Jane reappeared, the remote for the exam table in her hand. SHe clicked a button and Daria found her self being elevate into a reclined sitting position.

She also found, with wide eyed shock, that Jane was now wearing a clinically white strap-on dildo. Jane took her finger off the remote, tossed it aside and stepped between Daria's legs again.

"Time for your operation, Daria, dear..."

And with that, she thrust the strap-on deep into her helpless friend's eager pussy.  Daria cried out incoherently, as Jane thrust deep into her. Daria's face was screwed up in a mix of pain and pleasure. Jane leaned forward and kissed her again.

"Shhh..it's like that to start, but just relax, Nurse Janey'll make you feel much better."

Jane began to move her hips, slowly at first, but with increasing speed and rythmn. Daria moaned loudly each time Jane thrust into her. Over and over again. The pressure returned and built to twice what it was. Jane wa smoaning right along with her.

"Yes! Yes, Jane! Cure me! Cure me!" In the back of her mind Daria thought Did I really just beg for her to cure me?

But any embarassment was soon overwhelemed as she felt something shift inside her and she began screaming at the top of her lungs as her brain short circuted and an explosion went off in her groin, searing through her nerve endings. Jane soon followed suit, but didn't stop pounding away at Daria. She leaned forward and resumed nursing on Daria's breasts, which redoubled Daria's own feelings and caused another orgasm to course through her.

She opened her eyes wide, and an odd thought occurred to her just then. Where are my glasses? I can’t see without my glasses, yet I can see everything as clear as ever…

“Jane! Stop! Something’s not right!” she gasped, and out of the corner of her eye she saw the curtains move as if someone had walked past. In horror, she saw an old woman’s form appear diaphanous before the two young women coupling on the table. “Jane!” she hissed. “We’re not alone!” but her friend seemed not to hear as the phantasm approached, and she heard a thin, dry voice speaking out.

“Daaaaaaaarrrrriiiiiaaaaa, waaakkkke upppppppp…” over and over, and in a flash, she remembered where she’d seen that face before as the ghostly form drew nearer.

“Mrs. Sullivan? Eleanor Sullivan? What are you doing here?” she gasped, trying to alert Jane, who seemed oblivious as she ground the artificial phallus ever deeper into her genitals as the ghostly voice kept repeating over and over,
“Waaaaaakkkkkkeeee upppp, waaaaaakkkke uppppp, waaaaaakkkkkee upppppp…” as her vision dimmed and everything went black and cold to her once again.

Chapter Three

“…Wake up! Miss Morgendorffer, please! Wake up!” an insistent voice said again as she opened her eyes. Like a bolt, the sounds of a busy hospital ward assaulted her ears, and the light was different again. The face above hers wasn’t Jane’s, but that of her regular nurse, creased with concern. “Miss Morgendorffer! Daria! You were screaming and upsetting your roommate! Wake up!” the middle-aged woman said insistently. Daria blinked several times, and noticed her vision was its normal blurriness.

“A dream. It was all a dream,” she croaked, as the nurse’s hand went to her forehead. “Jane….”

“Oh my goodness, you’re still burning up! Miss Morgendorffer, I’m afraid you’ll have to step outside for a few moments,” she said over her shoulder. Daria’s face wrinkled in confusion.

“Step outside? But you just said I’m burning up? I don’t understand…” she asked, in a small voice and the nurse smiled and patted her on the head.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I was speaking to your sister. She came all the way up from Lawndale to see you. But I think the doctor needs to see you first before she can,” the woman said. Daria rose up from her pillow and seized her by the blouse.

“No! I-I want to talk to her! I need to talk to her! Please!” she begged, as the nurse took her hand. “I feel okay enough. It’s important!”

“Okay! Just let go of me, and I’ll let you speak for a few minutes, but the doctor must know what’s going on with you,” she replied firmly. “Miss Morgendorffer, Quinn, you can come in now, but you’ll have to leave when the doctor arrives,” she spoke to someone outside the room. Daria saw a blurry, red-haired figure enter and stand beside the bed.

“Oh my gawd! Daria! You look so, like, ill or something?” Jane’s voice mimicked Quinn’s inane prattle. “Is she like, gonna yack or something? Cause I don’t wanna get, you know, that all over my new shoes!”

“No, no, she’ll be fine! But if she does get a little…queasy, there’s a basin in here,” the nurse replied, pointing to the nightstand.

“Thanks!” Jane bubbled, and turned to face Daria. “Hi sis! I told you I’d visit,” she winked. Giving the nurse a look that meant it was time to depart, she waited until they were alone.

“Jane! You don’t know how glad I am to see you!” Daria almost sobbed, as Jane sat down.

“Jeez! I didn’t know this was that tough a hospital! Wow! You are burning up! Do you need some water, amiga?” she replied, concern in her voice as she felt Daria’s brow.

“It’s not that, it’s just…wow, you DO look like Quinn. Either that, or I am having another one of my hallucinations again.
Either way, I’m glad you didn’t show up in your nurse costume again…”

“Hey! Shush about that! I’m your dizzy-ass sister Quinn now, remember?” she whispered fiercely. “You’re still not supposed to have any visitors outside of your immediate family yet! And if they find out about the mysterious nurse yesterday, they might not even let them in, so watch it! By the way, nice to see you again too, ‘sis’, now how about some water before you die in front of me?” Jane asked, pouring her a cup full.

Taking the small plastic vessel, she drained it in one gulp and held it out for more. “What happened last night? I mean, you and those two big guys, and the bed with the straps and that outfit you were wearing…” she trailed off, as she realized what had happened.

“You had another one of those dreams again, didn’t you? And here I thought your one with E.T. were weird. I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me, are you?” Jane asked, as she watched Daria flush crimson and nod.

“Oh gawd…I’m sorry, Jane, it was just so real…I mean, ‘Quinn’…I don’t know anymore,” she half sobbed, her empty cup falling from her fingers. Jane took it up and refilled it, seeing that Daria’s gown was soaked with sweat, and she looked concerned.

“Damn, whatever happened to you isn’t playing fair is it? I can see that big brain of yours doesn’t do so well when you’re sick, does it?” she asked, setting the cup down again. “Maybe I should leave for now until after the doc see ya, huh?”

“No, Jane, errr, Quinn. I’m feeling okay now. It’s just that the dream was…Oh damn, I can’t tell you right now,” she said quietly, looking away. Jane rolled her eyes.

“This wouldn’t be like that last one, was it? Oh boy…Look, don’t over-analyze it, okay? When people are sick, their heads come up with some weird things, and if I just happened to be in them, it doesn’t mean anything in the real world, right? It was just a dream, Daria. Remember that, just a dream. I don’t suppose you feel up to giving me the details of this one, do you?”
Shaking her head, Daria continued to look away. “No. Not yet, and maybe never. I don’t know…” Looking back, she squinted at her friend. “By the way, not a bad job of impersonating my sister. Right down to the annoying tone she has. Ever consider making it a career?” she quipped, settling back against her pillow.

“You really think so?” Jane squeaked, bouncing her red wig about. “Like, it was soooo hard to find just the right outfit on such short notice! I mean, do you know how many places I had to go to find these jeans? And these damn shoes, too?” she replied, in a frighteningly close approximation of her voice.

Daria laughed weakly. “Yep, that’s her all right. Look, I’ll tell you about the dream later, okay? I’m not ready to describe it in any detail right now.”

“I can imagine. I was hearing the tail end of it right outside the door. I know I hear you telling me to stop. What exactly was it you wanted me to stop, hmmm?” Jane smirked, tossing her false locks prettily.

“Like I said, I’ll tell you when I’m feeling better. Let’s just say I’m really glad you didn’t show up in that nurse get-up again. Not that seeing a faux Quinn is much better, but it works for now.”

“If that’s all, I can always arrange for one of your beloved former teachers to pop in. Would you prefer Barch, Gibson, or DaFoe? DeMartino is out, because of the eye, but I could pull off O’Neill if ya like,” Jane winked as Daria blanched.
“Good Lord no! That would be all I needed to dream about! But thanks for the offer,” she said, as there came a knock on the door.

“Miss Morgendorffer? I’m Doctor Jones, I understand you had a little setback this morning. Miss?” he looked at Jane. “If I may have little time alone with the patient?” Jane took the hint and winked at Daria as she went into her ‘Quinn’ act again.
“Like, I’ll see you later, ‘sis’! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” she snickered, leaving the room in a convincing bounce. Daria sighed.

That’s all I’d need to have a dream about, isn’t it? she thought, shaking her head.

The End