Lawndale After Dark

Why do we do it?

The Daria Porn Conspiracy was conceived one steamy, bouncy evening.  Some voyeurs were watching - not Daria, but the Daria fans, and started wondering how they could capitalize on it.  At the next MTV commercial break they had their answer.  Sex sells.  And, obviously, more sex will sell better.  So if there's so many fans for the show Daria, just think how popular it'd be if it went X rated?

And so, with much moaning and giggling, a Conspiracy was conceived.  We're not like those other boring conspiracies.  They only want to mutilate cows or stomp on crops or sell you industrial-strength mouthwash.  We want to give you porn.  Hot, burning, break-the-bed-sex porn.  Porn until you're raw and exhausted.  And even more porn than that.

We may not have footage of the grassy knoll, but you'll like the footage of our grassy knolls a whole lot more.

Who are we?

A true Limey Lima Bean - Born in the high mountains of lower great Britain she quickly rose to prominence as a purveyor of all things vinyl and leather.  Her affection for sweet things brought her to the attentions of the local schoolmaster who took her under his wings and tried to teach her about the more exciting things in life.  To his surprise this imaginative young lady (yea she's a real live girl - all the parts fit) taught him more than he ever knew could and should be done between satin sheets.  After giving most of the adult men in the UK heart attacks she was forced by Scotland Yard to move to Nome Alaska where she now runs an exclusive Eskimo escort service and dabbles in Cartoon porn.

Martini Gay Pornlord
After retiring from the Navy (Don't ask - Don't tell) decided to try his hand (get it hand) at animation.  When MTV fired him for not being wild enough he decided to try his other hand at webhosting.  When that failed he finally dumped his girlfriend (everyone though it was a girl anyway) and decided to just write gay porn fanfic for the rest of his life.  Martini was awarded a distinguished flying cross in the navy. A citation that has been controversial since he was a cook on a submarine the whole time.  He now manages a print shop in upstate New York.  With one hand tied behind his back.

Kinky AXXXion
Jumper Cables, Bungee Cords, and Handcuffs Oh My... Nothing beyond this is known about this enigma. Except to say she's been on the grassy knoll more than the FBI or the Discovery Channel.

The PussyPusher
After being wrongly accused of shaving the neighbor's cat PP went underground while searching for the One Hung man who could prove his nickname was not an admission of guilt. While in hiding he net up with a spicy Inuit who introduced him to Candybush. Knowing trouble when he saw it he immediately went about trying to win her heart. When she saw what was happening she called the local tribal elders who drugged him and smuggled him to an undisclosed location in the canadian wilderness where his only contact to her is through this website where she humiliates him on an hourly basis.

We don't just push the envelope, we blow it up!