Lawndale After Dark



The Penetration of Stacy Rowe - Stacy desperately tries to retain her membership in the Sex Club.

Connie Lindquist

The Eldon Rogers Garden Tiller And Pastry Company Wacky Giggle Time Crazy Excitement Rock And Roll Extravaganza And Cowboy Poetry Slam -
Find out what Mrs. Barch and Mr. DeMartino are doing together after hours.

Dirk Gently

Daria Does Lawndale - It's the story of Daria and Tom's first time


The Passion Club - Quinn and Sandi learn something about each other.
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The Passion Club 2011: Reunion - It's been ten years since Quinn and Sandi fell for each other, and a lot has happened since then...
Pt.1| Pt.2

Lyin Tamer

Night of the Storm - Daria and Quinn need comfort...who better to turn to than your sister?

Max Hentai

Seven Minutes in a Closet - Sometimes a bad day can turn really good, really fast. 

Ninjin Ohki

La Bella Dame Sans Merci -Trent goes home with someone else after a gig. 

Something's Afoot - Find out how Quinn manages to pull her grade up in Mr. DeMartino's class.

Pearl Necklace

Seek and Ye Shall Find - How to pass the time during a really, really boring class.

Rod Dickley

Beneath the Giant Strawberry - Is it porn? Or is it X-Files? Find out just what, and why, Artie knows about UFOs.

Ruthless Bunny

Spirits in the Night - Jane tries to deal with life after high school. 


Power Corrupts Absolutely - Upchuck suddenly becomes very popular with the ladies. How could that be?

T Wilde

Satellite - Tom and Daria breaking up? But why?

Disreputable Wheels - A story montage of the twisted happenings of Lawndale.

T. Wilde and Ivanovna

Ragged Denim - Daria cuts herself in shop class and her parents think she tried to commit suicide. Increasingly bothered by and annoyed with her family, where can she turn?

Walter Jerkings

Trouble Fucking - Jane has to leave town for a bit.