Daria Does Lawndale

Chapter 1: Cherry Popping Daddies

Daria and Jane walked out of the school on Friday afternoon, together as usual. "Thanks for agreeing to cover for me this weekend." Daria said.

"Oh, no problem. Youíre going to owe me big-time for this, and I can always use a source for art supplies." Jane responded.

"Yeah, youíre all heart."

"I learned from the master." Jane looked around, hamming up a spy search. "Besides, if I wasnít, youíd be taking a damn big risk bringing this to me. You really going to go through with it?"

"I canít believe it, either, but yes. And I had to talk to someone."

"Gee, thanks."


"Yeah, yeah. A little nervous, are we?"

"I donít know what you have to be nervous about. Youíve already been through this."

"Relax, Daria. Tomís a good guy. You should have a nice time tomorrow."

"Yeah, I guess youíre right. Itís been fun so far."


"Canít believe Iím saying that, either." Daria interrupted. "Yes, I know."

Daria and Tomís relationship had really settled down. Over the several months they had been together Daria had actually started to trust Tom, something she never expected to happen with anyone but Jane. It took her a while to get used to calling him her boyfriend, but eventually the idea just seemed right to her. She even found herself enjoying what from anyone else would have been irritating invasions of her space. As much as she enjoyed kissing, it still took her a while to get used to holding hands. After that things started heating up.

They had started their relationship with a kiss, and Daria found this new sensation to be incredible. They had to be careful about where they did it, after Helen caught them once and totally freaked, but Daria took far more opportunities to kiss than anyone but Tom or Jane knew. And then, only a couple months ago, Tom had French-kissed her for the first time.

The sensation of having her tongue in someone elseís mouth was incredibly erotic. After that first one, Daria turned every kiss, even if her parents might be watching, into one. She has a special liking for when Tom sucked one of her lips into his mouth and nibbled on it. Several nights of making out Ė once in the park Ė ended with her alone on her bed, touching herself while remembering the kisses.

She had been surprised by her own reactions at first, then considered what she knew of Helen. Concluding that it wasnít really strange at all for her to feel this way, she decided she and Tom had better have a serious talk before things got out of control.

Tom had been very receptive, and had no problem with Daria setting the pace of their physical relationship. Daria told him that she was a virgin, and his admission that he wasnít almost sparked another fight but Daria returned to her senses before any major damage had been done.

Things continued to heat up, and Daria allowed Tom to get to first base, then second. She had taken off her top with some hesitation, sure that heíd think her breasts were too small, but the look on his face has convinced her otherwise. The first time she allowed him to touch them he spent nearly an hour kissing and caressing. Much to Dariaís surprise this brought her to a climax, her first that wasnít self-generated.

After this she decided more needed to be done. Pointing out that she hadnít been to the doctor since that whole rash thing, she got Helen to set up an appointment for a physical. While Helen was out of the room Daria told the doctor what was behind the visit. When Helen returned at the end of the exam the doctor, making it sound like her own idea, suggested getting Daria started on the Pill. Helen was offended at first, but recalled enough of her hippie days to realize there was some sense to it. Daria might as well get used to it before heading off to college, after all.

This also sparked Helenís paranoia to unmatched levels. For a couple weeks Daria and Tom were unable to get away with anything, Helen always checking up on them in one way or another. Luckily a huge case came up at work, and Helenís paranoia had to be channeled in another direction, leaving Tom and Daria free to continue.

Tom had agreed to get tested for STDs when Daria went to get on birth control. How he managed to conceal the cost from his parents she didnít ask. It wasnít like he or his parents couldnít afford it. Something about the whole scenario made Daria recognize some parallels with Victorian era courtship rituals, although any Victorian would have been shocked at what she and Tom were doing.

Then she saw him naked for the first time. She had seen pictures before, but that wasnít the same as real-life. She touched him gingerly, not wanting to hurt him, unsure of what to do. Tom showed her what he liked, and she started giving him a handjob. The feel and reaction of him were fascinating to her, but not as much as watching his face. His excitement increased her excitement. When he came he came hard, covering his chest and even his neck. Daria found that the smell excited her even more. Thinking that if it smelt that good it couldnít taste bad, she tentatively tasted some, and grimaced at her mistake. She didnít like it, but it wasnít the worst thing sheíd ever tasted, and seeing Tomís arousal at watching her lick her fingers convinced her to try it again.

When she allowed Tom to see her naked for the first time she was incredibly embarrassed. Even after what theyíd already done she blushed bright red. As Tom started exploring her body she relaxed, soon simply enjoying the sensations.

They explored each other this way for over a week, snatching any time they could get together. Daria convinced Tom to stop using deodorant so she could catch his scent better. Tom managed to get her into ballroom dancing lessons, which pleased Helen and Jake inordinately.

Tom asked her to let him watch while she masturbated. Startled, Daria countered by saying only if she got to watch him first, which Tom promptly agreed to. Still faintly embarrassed, she started slowly. Tomís arousal while watching her made her forget the embarrassment, and Tomís reason for asking was soon made clear as he started to help her. It was finally her turn to startle him, licking her fingers clean afterward.

A few days later Daria was startled again. Tom, kissing his way down her belly, started kissing her between her legs. It took him some gentle persuasion to get her to let him continue. After a series of climaxes she was perfectly willing to try it again later, and offered to return the favor.

Daria left Janeís house early Saturday and met up with Tom at High Hills Park, comfortably distant from both their houses. They spent the morning just walking in the park holding hands, flirting, and in general just paying a lot of attention to each other.

They had an early dinner at the country club, sure they wouldnít run into anyone that knew Daria should be at Janeís. After the light meal they spent some time on the dance floor. Dariaís boots threatened Tomís toes, and they got a lot of attention for being underdressed, but they didnít notice.

The anticipation was definitely getting to her. It was getting to Tom as well, as she could tell, pressed up against him.

"Tom, think we could bump the schedule up a bit and head out now?"

"Of course we could. Until we get to the hotel the timingís all yours."

"Then letís go."

The two headed out hand in hand. Daria had found one thing about Tomís car she really liked, the bench seat up front. She cuddled up against him as he drove, resting her hand on his thigh. Watching out the window, she spotted what she was looking for and told Tom to pull over.

"What for?"

Daria smirked at him. "Itís time for my desert."

Tom did as she said, then jumped as she started to unbutton his pants.

"Daria, what are you doing?"

"Dry cleaning your pants. What do you think Iím doing?"


"No one ever comes around this parking lot in the evenings. Just watch and make sure Upchuck isnít sneaking around out there with a camera."

Daria lay across the seat and gently kissed the tip of Tomís hardness. He moaned as she licked around the head, then kissed up and down his shaft. Daria could tell that he wasnít going to last long after all the dayís excitement, so she quickly wrapped her lips around him and slowly bobbed her head up and down, taking a little more of him each time. She hadnít been doing this long and still couldnít take all of him in her mouth, but she didnít get a chance to work on her skill this time. After only a few seconds he moaned out "Iím coming."

Daria had quickly grown to tolerate the taste. It took a while, as it had with coffee, but by now she was starting to like it. He came heavily into her mouth as she swallowed quickly, managing to only let a little run out of her mouth. She licked him clean before she sat up and quickly kissed him full on the lips. Tom eagerly returned it, as excited as always by tasting himself on her lips.

Breaking the kiss after a long moment, she said, "That was better than any cheesecake."

"It certainly was."

"Although not quite as good as that Death by Chocolate cake at the clubÖ"

"Iíd respond to that, but Iím afraid of what youíd do to me."

"As you should be," Daria answered, squeezing him gently before helping him pull his pants up.

Tom had reserved a fancy suite at Le Grande Hotel, and they headed there after dinner. Daria pointedly ignored the suggestive looks of the bellboy on their way to the room before Tomís tipping managed to convince the bellboy they knew the way. Tom opened the door, then turned around and swept Daria up into his arms.

"Drop me and my mother will sue your pants off." Daria said, smiling as Tom carried her in.

"Ooh, kinky." Tom replied, as he set her down on the bed. "Does that mean youíre going to tell her all about tonight?" he asked, leaning in for a kiss.

Daria leaned into the kiss for a moment, then pulled away and said, "Itís all part of my diabolical plan. Close the door and Iíll tell you all about it."

Tom stood up straight and tossed Daria a salute. "Maíam, yes maíam!" He sauntered over to the door, placed a Do Not Disturb sign on the outside, then closed and locked it. Daria sat on the side of the bed, watching him across the dark room. He returned to the bed and sat down beside her, leaning over to kiss her again. This time Daria slid her tongue gently into Tomís mouth and buried her hands in his hair, holding him close. She felt Tomís hands slide up and down her back, then up and down her sides. As she started sucking on his lower lip, he slid one hand to the zipper on her jacket and slowly unzipped it. He slid his hands beneath her jacket and ran them up her flank and beyond, gently brushing her breasts with his thumbs. Daria released her grip on his hair as his hands pushed the jacket gently off her shoulders. They tossed the jacket off to the side, and Daria moved to sit in Tomís lap, straddling his legs.

The day had very much excited her and, pressing herself close to Tom, she could tell heíd already recovered from the quickie in the car. She moaned softly as Tom started kissing her neck, both of them running their hands over each otherís back. Daria soon tugged at the hem of Tomís shirt, and helped her remove it. She ran her hands over his bare chest, suddenly reminded of fashion models. She gently rubbed his nipples, feeling them harden. Daria pushed Tom onto his back, then leaned over and kissed his nipples. Tom stroked her hair as she licked and kissed his chest, then groaned softly as she nibbled gently.

"Quite the little cannibal, arenít you?" he said. Dariaís only reply was to bite his other nipple, then slide up to kiss him again. As she explored his mouth with her tongue, Tom slid his hands down to her waist, under her shirt. As he slid his hands up her sides, Daria arched her back and held her arms over her head. Tom slid her shirt up her arms, and while she was still entangled he rolled the two of them over.

Daria freed her hands from her shirt as Tom slid off her to the side and started kissing her neck again. She moaned softly as his hands caressed her breasts through the lacy bra. Daria had actually wanted to dress up for today, but knew that if she had been seen her mother or her sister would probably find out and start asking questions. Instead she had snuck into Quinnís room while no one was home. She had rifled Quinnís lingerie drawers, looking for something she liked, and then went and bought one in her size, with a matching thong. The intricately sculpted lace let hints of her pale flesh show between the dark, forest green fabric, a color Tom loved seeing on her.

As Tom caressed her, he slowly kissed his way down her front. He kissed his way around the bra, then lightly kissed her nipples through the fabric. Daria moaned and felt his hands sliding under her back. Tom rested his weight on his elbows as Daria arched her back, allowing him to unhook her bra and slide it off. Tom kissed her breasts, switching between them every few kisses, and slowly worked his way around and up to her nipples. She began to moan in earnest as he licked first one, then the other of her rosy areolas, and she ran her hands through his hair. As he began to lightly brush his teeth along her nipples, he slid one hand down her front. Daria spread her legs slightly, and Tom reached under her skirt to slowly draw his hand up and down her thighs.

"Please, Tom," she whispered, and he gently cupped her sex through her wet panties. Leaving one hand in his hair, Daria slid the other down her front and pulled Tomís hand tight against her. He started stroking his fingers against her, and she relaxed, her moans building in intensity as she rapidly built to her first climax of the night.

Tom continued to gently stroke and kiss her as she came. Without ever stopping, he slid his hand up and under her panties. Daria moaned as he gently caressed her lips, then she pushed her hips up against his hand as he inserted first one, then two fingers. She rocked her hips against his hand as he slid his fingers in and out. She was soon moaning again, and as her climax approached she felt his thumb on her clit. The sudden extra sensation sparked an intense orgasm and she moaned "Oh, god, yes!" as she clamped her legs around Tomís hand.

Tom cupped her until her orgasm subsided, then he drew his fingers out. Daria said, "Donít stop now." Tom moved up to kiss her again, drawing his hand up and rubbed her wetness on to her nipples. Breaking the kiss, he softly blew on her nipples, the coolness sending a little shiver through her. Tom slid one of his legs between Dariaís. Daria spread her legs and reached down, tugging at Tomís sides. He obliged her by lying full on top of her, between her legs, as he continued to pay homage to her breasts. Daria tried to wrap her legs around him, but he gently prevented her, putting his hands on her knees. He started kissing his way down her body, stopping to carefully kiss and tongue her bellybutton.

He soon slipped totally off the side of the bed, and started kissing her legs as he removed first her boots and socks and then his own. Pulling her so that her legs hung over the side of the bed, he started massaging her feet, occasionally sending one hand sliding up her leg or kissing her toes. Then he started kissing his way up her legs, abandoning the massage. He worked his way up her inner thighs, then licked around her panties. He slid his hands under her hips, and she, going on tiptoes, lifted her hips so he could remove her skirt.

Daria had pulled a pillow beneath her head and put her glasses back on, and she watched as Tom moved back between her legs. She watched the rapt expression on his face as he paused to breathe her scent in. Then she moaned as he softly kissed her soaked panties. As Tom kissed her she brought her hands up and started caressing her breasts. Tom was almost obsessed with breasts, but sometimes she just wanted him to be rougher than he was willing to be. She pinched her nipples hard as she came again. Tom slid his hands under her ass, cupping it for a moment, then pulling her panties off.

By the time Daria recovered from her orgasm, Tom was already licking her. She wrapped her legs around his head, and reached down to pull him closer. His fingers inside her, he teased her clit with his tongue until she came again.

"I need to feel you in me, Tom." Daria said softly. Tom didnít pay attention, continuing to lick and suck her until she was frantically thrusting against him again. He pulled his head back, sliding out from under her legs.

"Damn it, Tom! Donít stop now!" Daria said.

Tom stood up and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. As he moved in between her legs, Daria wrapped them around him. Tom put his hands under her, lifting her and sliding her further onto the bed. "Are you sure about this, Daria?"

"God, yes! I need to feel you inside me. Now."

Tom took his hardness in his hand, and gently rubbed the head of his dick against her pussy. Daria moaned as Tom said, "Iím not going to last long."

"I donít care." Daria responded, pushing her hips up, trying to draw him in.

"The first timeís going to hurtÖ" he started.

"Jane and I talked about it. Please, now."

Tom slid gently between her lips. Daria dug her head into the pillow and moaned, thrusting her hips towards him. He slid only part way in, then drew back, setting up a rhythm. Daria slid her hands down his back, grabbing his rear and trying to pull him further in. "Deeper," she said, then moaned in a mixture of pleasure and frustration as he ignored her request.

He leaned down on top of her, resting his weight on his arms. Daria slapped him lightly on the ass and then ran her hands back up his body, pulling him tightly against her, licking and kissing his neck. Her moaning increased in intensity as his rhythm slowly quickened. Tom was moaning too as Daria came and started nipping at his neck, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him.

Tom pulled almost all the way out of her, then pushed all the way in. Her breathing hitched as penetrated her, then her hands found his hips, pulling him into her as she thrust upwards with a loud moan echoed by Tom. Dariaís excitement added to his own and on his next thrust Tom came inside her.

His rhythm became ragged as he came, Daria saying "Yes, come inside me, Tom, come!" Daria nipped and kissed his neck as he slowed then stopped. He sat up enough to bend down and kiss Daria on the lips. As she opened her mouth to him, he leaned on one arm, and caressed her breast. They continued this for a few moments, then broke the kiss. They gazed into each otherís eyes for a while, and then Daria laughed quietly.

Tom smiled and rolled onto his side. Dariaís legs were still wrapped around him, and he pulled her with him. They ended up lying face to face, Daria managing to hold Tom within her. "Are you okay," he asked her.

"Better than okay. That was great. If I had known what it was like, we would have started a long time ago."

"I didnít hurt you too much?"

"No worse than getting my bellybutton pierced. And it was definitely worth it."

Tom was toying with her nipples, but as she said this he paused and looked up in surprise. "Youíve got a pierced bellybutton?"

Daria chuckled, "No, not any more. I think you would have noticed if it were still pierced."

"Too bad. I would have liked to see you in a navel ring."

"And nothing else, no doubt. It just itched too much, so I took it out."

"I couldnít persuade you to get I pierced again, could I?"

"I donít see you offering to poke any holes in your hide, so donít hold your breath."

"Whyíd you get it in the first place?"

"It was for Janeís birthday. Sort of."

"You got pierced for Janeís birthday? That must have been some practical joke. I didnít think you were into those."

"Not exactly. Iíll tell you about it later."

They switched subjects and talked for a while longer. Tom was describing how beautiful he though each part of her body was when Daria interrupted, "Damn, my legís falling asleep."

"Oh, sorry about that." Tom moved to let her slide her leg out from under him. As he did he pulled out of Daria, and she sucked in her breath.

"Are you okay?" Tom asked her.

"Yeah. That was justÖ new. Pleasant, but new." They kissed lightly again, then Daria said, "I think Iím going to go clean up a bit."

"Okay." Tom rolled onto his back and watched through the dim light as Daria stood up and walked across the room. Daria knew he was watching her, so she added a little extra sway to her hips. She turned to smirk at him before she closed the bathroom door.

Tom lay on his back and relaxed. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened again, and he looked up to see Daria returning to the bed holding a damp washcloth. She climbed onto the bed and knelt by him, wrapping his limp cock in the warm washcloth.

Tom moaned and said, "That feels great."

Daria put the washcloth on the nightstand and asked Tom, "Think youíre up for another performance?"

He grinned at her and said, "Not yet, but give me a bit."

"Oh, but Iím very impatient." Daria leaned down and took him into her mouth. As she ran her tongue up and around him, he reached out and started rubbing her back and sides. He grew harder, and Daria shifted position to let his hands slide further down her body. Daria began to lick him like a lollypop and he slid his hand between her legs, finding her already wet again. As he stroked her, she started moaning. She glanced back at his face with a devilish grin, then wrapped her lips around him and slowly bobbed her head up and down carefully, trying not to lose her glasses. Tom slid a finger inside her and she moaned, causing Tom to catch his breath as he felt the vibrations from her lips.

Daria let his hardness slip from her lips. She rested her head on his thigh as Tomís hand worked between her legs. She softly blew on his moistened skin and watched him twitch in response. After thoroughly enjoying the sensations, she pushed back to all fours, then swung around, pulling away from Tomís hand. She stood up on the bed, astride Tom. She watched the look of desire on his face as she slowly lowered herself down onto her knees, then sat straddling him, her warmth pressed against his. He ran his hands up her legs, then rested them on her hips, pulling her down to him.

Daria leaned forward and started sliding slowly backwards and forth. Tom groaned and ran his hands up her sides. As he cupped her breasts Daria leaned forward, pressing into his hands. While Tom was doing that, Daria lifted her hips. She reached back between her legs with hand, encircling Tom with thumb and forefinger. She held him as she slowly slid down on top of him, the two moaning in unison.

She sat up straight, Tom running his hands down her sides to her hips as she did so. Daria watched him through half closed eyes as she sat still, savoring the sensation. Then she started to rock up and down him. She could see the excitement on his face as he watched her moving up and down, seeing himself disappearing inside her. Daria put her hands on Tomís and started stroking and holding his hands and arms.

Tom thrust up against her, moaning with each movement. He quickly came and as he did so he threw back his head and arched his back, lifting Daria up for a moment.

Daria kept moving, and soon Tomís hands slid up between her legs. She put her hands over his as he started to gently rub her labia. Daria gripped him tightly with her knees and started to come. Tom lightly ran a wet finger across her clit and Daria moaned heavily, thrusting down hard onto him as her climax peaked.

They sat still for a while, Tom with one hand between her legs, the other stroking her hip. After a bit he said, "Youíre beautiful when you come."

"What?" Daria asked, startled.

"You get this incredible look on your face. You know, I almost never see you smile, but when you come you seem so happy."

"I smile when I come?"

"No, you just seemÖ happy. Maybe joyful is a better word. Like nothing else matters but that moment."

"Iíve always been remarkably focused," she noted, dryly.

"Whatever it is, I love it."

"So the truth appears. The last six months were nothing but your evil plan to get into my pants."

"Not at all," he said with a grin. "The last six months were my evil plan to get into you."

"You need to work on your evil plans, Clyde. They take too long."

"Well, little miss impatient, now Iíve got you to help me with them."

"You mean Iíve got you to help me with mine."

"Either way works for me."

"Sounds good. But if you call me Snuggles again, Iím going to break your fingers."

"That was days ago, Daria. Have I called you Snuggles since you said not to?"

"Not that I know of, and you better hope I donít find out otherwise."

"I bet you can come up with a more suitable punishment than broken fingers. If you did that I couldnít do this." Tom started stroking her labia.

"Good point," she said. She ran her hands over his for a while, enjoying the sensation. Then she said "Be right back," and stood up. When she returned from the bathroom she curled up against Tom, her head on his shoulder, one leg draped across his.

Tom kissed her as she ran her hands across his chest. They kissed again, and again. Lips against lips, tongue against tongue, breath against breath, lost in the act. Some time later, Daria took Tomís hand in hers and pressed it to her chest between her breasts.


"Thereís two such lovely targets, and you missed."

"Not them, this." She put her hand on Tomís chest, over his heart. "I just noticed. Theyíre beating at the same time."

Tom felt Dariaís heart beating in the same rhythm as his. "Wow."

Daria watched his face as he concentrated inward, feeling the beats. She kissed him again, feeling his focus change as he kissed back. Her hand on his chest slid down his body, and found him growing hard again. She stroked him and felt his breathing speed. He rolled her onto her back and started kissing his way down to her breasts. Daria chuckled, then just lay back and enjoyed.

Tom stroked the inside of her thighs as he brushed his teeth across her nipples. Daria was still riding a wave of sensation from her last climax, and it didnít take much to start it climbing again. Tom started kissing the valley between her breasts, the ends of his short hair teasing their tops.

She was soon whispering, "Now, Tom."

Tom slid his hand up her thigh and found that she was ready for him again. He slid up between her legs and slowly entered her, Daria pushing herself against him. He rose up on his hand and lay unmoving on top of her, watching.

Daria wrapped her legs around him again, locking her ankles behind him. Her hands rested in the small of his back and her eyes were closed as she savored the sensation of Tomís warmth inside her.

She opened her eyes and met Tomís gaze. Surprising herself, she said, "I love you Tom."

Tom smiled and said "I love you too, Daria."

He leaned down to kiss her, somewhat awkwardly due to their height differences, then started a slow rhythm. Daria could feel his weight pressing against her hips. She ran her hands up his body and pulled his head back to hers, kissing him. Tom slid his tongue inside her mouth and started a rhythm in counterpoint to his thrusts.

Daria shifted her hips, running her hands down his body and pulling his weight more firmly against her. They moaned into each otherís mouths, and Tom increased his pace and intensity. As he thrust stronger, she reached above her head and braced against the headboard, lifting her hips to meet his.

They came at almost the same time. Daria threw her head back and moaned out a series of yesís, triggering Tomís climax and another series of moans.

Tom slowed and lay on top of her, kissing her forehead and stroking her tangled hair as she slowly drifted down from her pleasure. Daria idly kissed his neck and chest, concentrating on the sensations, feeling Tom slowly shrink within her.

They stayed that way a timeless time, then Daria gave Tom a gentle push and said, "You know the drill."

Tom smiled and kissed her on the cheek. He rolled off of her, but not before kissing as far around her neck as he could get, burying his face in her hair, sucking gently on her earlobe. They lay side by side for a moment, exhausted, before Daria managed to sit up. "Wow."

Tom chuckled and responded, "Yeah."

Daria leaned over to kiss him again before getting up. While she was in the bathroom, Tom forced himself to his feet and stripped the comforter off the bed. He collapsed back onto it, trying not to fall asleep.

Daria returned with another washcloth. When she was done with it, she left it by the side of the bed with the other. She set her glasses on the nightstand, then crawled into bed, cuddling up against Tom and resting her head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her.

They lay lazily in that position and talked, sleepily, for a long time. Daria told Tom about her family, things she had never said before. How much it meant to her for Quinn to finally call her sister. Her respect for her workaholic, paranoid mother. Her big, goofy father who was really more like a big brother. How much she really did hate Lawndale, except for Jane and Tom, and her belief that even college couldnít be that bad.

Tom told her about his family, not something he had ever liked to do. His obnoxious, self-absorbed and over-indulged sister. His father, always working or socializing, with more contacts than most politicians. His mother, with her tennis obsession and constant charity work. How he was expected to follow his fatherís career, but really had no intention of doing so, and yet not having anything he really did want to do.

They drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each otherís arms, surrounded by each otherís warmth, their two hearts marking the same time.

To Be Continued.
Next chapter, Tom and Daria spend Sunday together.