Lawndale After Dark

Reader Response

"[T]here is a porn site for Daria fans! Incredible! I don't know who these crazy motherfuckers are, but as for my jibes about the creativity of Daria fans, they stand permanently corrected." Cincgreen

"MTV's legal department will be all over that" iObjector

"I didn't look at it. I just checked the two ripoff sections, which was enough for me to become incensed." MJP

"Anyway, enough of this...I've had enough weirdness for one day." MsGeek

"I'm personally sadded to see how far some people who claim to be "Daria" fans will sink to trash others simply for their own personal satisfaction, or for some warped sense of "vengeance."" - MJP

"It's actually kind of a somewhat pathetic sort of way..." sam

"Hmm, wonder if you can get sued for copying other people's websites..." Kara Wild

"Hey, I like toon T&A as much as the next guy, but geez - the copying of well-known web sites here is absolutely shameless."

"Parody or no, tribute or no, it's still just plain wrong to steal someone's hard work" MJP

"Hear of it? I've seen it naked!" JBerry

"I have ZERO sympathy for this site." MsGeek.

"Great. Really great." Glenn Eichler as reported by MsGeek (and taken out of contex by US!)