a Dariarotica fic

by Mr. Bigglesworth


"Damn. My first time cheering and the Lions lost," she said as they entered the locker room.

"Well, it wasn't your fault," said Angie helpfully. "And not even the Lions can win every time. Just bad luck this time, that's all."

She hung up her pompons in her locker, sat down on the bench and pulled her shoes off, then looked back over at the cheerleader who'd come in with her, just in time to see Angie, already barefoot, stepping out of her short skirt. She then straightened and pulled her top over her head and off, leaving herself clad only in her bra and jump pants.

"Well, don't just sit there," said Angie, "we got here first, and not all cheerleaders' showers are created equal, if you know what I mean."

Angie was unhooking her bra as she said this, and after she'd shrugged out of it she stowed her bra in her locker and, hooking her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her jump pants, pushed them down over her hips.

Realizing she was starting to stare, she tore her gaze away from Angie and first pulled her own top off, then brusquely shucked out of her skirt, lifting her ass momentarily to get it over her hips (such as they were, she thought a little enviously), and tossed both carelessly into her locker (no point in neatly hanging them, they were just going to be washed anyway.)

She pulled her towel out of her locker, then, tossing it over her arm, turned back to Angie and said "lead the way."

Angie turned & looked, then her eyes widened and she said "You're, uh, not planning to shower with your panties on, are you?"

Looking down, Lawndale High's newest cheerleader said "Well, yeah, actually I was."

"But why?" asked Angie.

"I don't really have all that great a body, and it kindof makes me feel self-conscious to be naked around a bunch of girls who do," came the reply.

Angie frowned in response to this, genuinely puzzled at what she was hearing.

"I mean, you've got real hips...and...and I wish I had tits like yours!" said the new girl.

Angie's jaw dropped open at this confession; before she could close her mouth to ask anything, the girl continued.

"I mean, maybe they're not the biggest, but they're big enough, and they're really well formed, and firm, and...just...perfect," she finished.

Angie blushed when she heard this, then reflected a moment before saying "well, yeah, I guess they are pretty nice, now that you put it like that, but it's not like I've got a perfect body or anything...I mean, you already know my dark secret."

The girl couldn't help chuckling at the way Angie'd put that last bit. One of the things she'd discovered about her fellow cheerleader the first time they changed into their uniforms together -- and that at the moment was plain to see -- was that Angie's blonde status was courtesy of the local Drugs 'n' Stuff.

"Besides," Angie continued as she tossed her own towel over her shoulder and stepped closer, "you've gotta be in good shape to get into cheerleading in the first place...I saw you jumping out there, and then when we made that human pyramid...and anyway, it's not as if there's anything wrong with these..."

Angie said the last part of this as she stepped past the new girl, and as she did one hand reached out, cupped the underside of one breast, and slid lightly along it, dropping away as Angie stepped out of reach.

She felt her breast respond to the touch, the nipple tightening a little even though it hadn't received any direct contact. As Angie continued along towards the showers she at first just stood there, her mind racing in small, tight circles.

Omigod! Did she just..?. Did I just...did...

She snapped out of her reverie as two other of the Lawndale Lions' cheering squad entered the room.

"Hey, Nikki. Yo, Lisa," said Angie pleasantly. The two girls returned the greetings as they continued to their lockers. Angie looked back over her shoulder. "Well, are you coming, or are you gonna let them get all the good nozzles?"

She followed Angie to the showers as Nikki and Lisa began stripping out of their uniforms.

The cheerleaders' shower room was lined in tile, and the fixtures were in stainless steel posts running in a line down the center of the room. The new girl followed Angie to the second one from the end.

"This one's got the best water pressure and spray pattern," said Angie, reaching for a valve on the metal post. She suddenly twisted the valve handle sharply and a spray like needles of ice hit her new friend squarely in the chest, eliciting a shocked yell. "'Course, it takes a minute to warm up," she added with a sly smile.

The girl tried to stop shivering and get her breathing under control, then suddenly had her attention called to one of her body's other reactions in a way she found rather shocking.

"Nope, nothing wrong with these at all," said Angie as she closed a thumb and forefinger around each of the girl's nipples. "Wow, look at 'em," she continued, gently pinching and rolling them, "hard as little rocks."

And they were. They'd hardened instantly under the icy spray, and now she felt herself responding further to the contact even as she tried to decide what to make of it. She'd sometimes been...a little...curious....okay, maybe even a little more than curious, and her admiration of the other cheerleaders' bodies had been a little more than purely academic, but wasn't this a little...sudden? She started to say something, she wasn't even really sure what, when Angie ducked forward and kissed her.

It wasn't a particularly deep kiss -- she'd reflexively closed her mouth when she saw it coming, but she found herself returning it, lightly brushing her lips back and forth and around against Angie's as she received the same. The girl closed her eyes as Angie's lips parted slightly, caught her lower lip between them, sipped lightly at it as one hand left a breast, turning on the other four nozzles of that shower-post. The water warmed. The room began to fill with steam. Angie returned both hands to their previous work, only now cupping her tits, instead of just playing with the nipples, gently squeezing and pressing them.

The kiss broke off, she opened her eyes and looked briefly into her friend's face, then closed them again as they kissed again. Once again, Angie's lips parted. This time she parted hers slightly, too, and slowly, gently, a little tentatively, slipped the tip of her tongue between Angie's lips and into her mouth. It was greeted on arrival by the tip of Angie's tongue, which lightly, nimbly swirled around it, then gently but firmly pushed it out of her mouth and back home, following it there as it did.

The girl sipped at this visitor, drawing -- or maybe just encouraging? -- it deeper into her own mouth, where she first explored it with her tongue, then felt hers being explored in return, before Angie drew things back to her mouth and the process repeated before the second kiss broke off.

Both girls opened their eyes and looked at each other for what seemed longer than the few seconds it must've been before Angie breathed, simply, "Good kisser," and smiled.

The new girl's heart was pounding. Was she really doing this? Did she want -- no, she knew she wanted to, was she, were they, going to do more than kiss?

As if reading her mind, Angie took her hand away from a nipple, cupping the breast from beneath with her hand as she lowered her head, and pulled the nipple between her lips. At first she sipped at it very lightly, then she began to draw harder, sucking at it...beginning to build a rhythm...the girl closed her eyes again, tilted her head back slightly, and moaned softly.

Angie chuckled softly in her throat when she heard, and a few moments later managed to elicit a gasp as she (oh so lightly!) raked her front teeth along the nipple she was sucking.

Angie then pulled back from that breast and switched to the other, planting a light rapid series of kisses around the nipple before taking it into her mouth -- briefly, really in little more than a more-lingering kiss -- then she pulled her head away from her friend's chest, straightened and said, "Nice ones, really. Of course, these aren't really for me."

The new girl looked at her quizzically, wondering what she could mean, when Angie took her by the hands and, placing the girl's hands onto the breasts she'd been playing with said "they're for you."

Leaving one hand resting lightly on one of the other girl's hands, Angie let her other hand drop down and the girl suddenly opened her eyes wide and gasped as the hand found its way between her legs, touching her gently through the fabric of her jump pants.

"This," said Angie with a smile, "is for me."

Before the girl could say anything, Angie had both her thumbs hooked into the elastic waistband of her jump pants and dropped quickly to a squatting position, taking them down the other cheerleader's legs almost to her ankles in one swift motion. She then stood back up in front of her and, looking her in the eyes, brought her hand back to her friend's crotch. This time one of Angie's fingers slipped between her lips. The girl gasped and moaned, in rapid succession, both more loudly than she had before.

"Gee," said Angie coyly, "I don't see how it could've gotten so wet so fast with your jump pants in the way..."

The new cheerleader opened her mouth, starting to try and say something -- she didn't know what, or at any rate she forgot as she felt the tip of Angie's probing finger find the entrance to her vagina and begin slowly, gently, but inexorably pressing into her...entering her...slowly making it's way deeper till it was all the way inside her. Angie left it like that for a moment, motionless, then suddenly swiftly withdrew it, the coating it'd picked up letting it glide lightly up the girl's slit until the caress reached a certain hard little bump.

The girl whimpered, and reached out to the showerpost with one hand to steady herself. Angie began lightly but swiftly stroking up-and-down the little bud of her clit. She caught her breath, felt herself go weak in the knees...

Then Angie again slid her finger back along the other cheerleader's slit, back into her, this time she felt herself stretch a little as a second finger joined the first.

This time they lingered a little longer inside her, gently exploring...Angie pumped them a short distance in and out a few times. The other girl felt her hips pushing onto her friend's hand involuntarily in response...

Then suddenly the fingers were out of her again, again trailing forward...this time they caught her clit in the "v" between them, and began rubbing up and down, pinching her lightly in addition to the stroking. The girl's hips began moving again, and she started making noises softly in her throat. Disbelief again settled over her as she realized that if Angie kept this up she, she most definitely would...

And just then Angie stopped. Took her fingers away, raised them to her mouth and, pursing her lips slowly inserted and then...sucked on them. Then she took a step back, turned around and walked out of the room, swaying her hips slightly as she walked, glancing back over her shoulder once and smiling just before she walked through the exit.

She just stood there for a moment with her mouth hanging open, staring after Angie. There she'd been, maybe a couple of minutes from orgasming all over this other girls hand, and now she was...stopping and walking away? She wasn't sure what to do, say, or even think.

Just as she was about to make up her mind to go after Angie, she came back, her towel in her hands, folding it as she walked back towards the end of the line of showers.

"I might have to borrow yours once we're don't mind, do you?" Angie asked.

She didn't really know what to say in reply, but she got the idea a reply wasn't really expected as Angie dropped the folded towel at her feet and then dropped to her knees in front of her. Angie pushed her jump pants the rest of the way down to her ankles and helped her step out of them, still confused as to exactly what was happening, then Angie looked up at her and she realized...

Omigod, the girl thought, she's she really...I've never...not even with a guy...

Angie put her hands on the insides of the girl's thighs and gently pushed, encouraging her to spread her legs wider. She could feel her lower lips parting, could feel herself spreading open, as she did. Then Angie leaned forward and, never breaking eye contact, nestled her face between her legs, snaked out her tongue and...

The first touch of it hit like an electric shock. It was so unlike a finger...slicker and much warmer and so much softer! She caught her breath with a sharp hiss as Angie's tongue began duplicating the motion her finger had been making earlier. She could hardly believe how good it felt...

But it didn't last. Every few strokes, Angie would pull her face away, seem to ponder the situation and then try again from a slightly different angle. Finally, much to the other girl's frustration, she pulled away and, frowning, said:

"I'm just having to stretch my tongue too much to reach your clit. I wonder if..." and then Angie reached down, hooked the crook of her arm around the back of the other girl's knee, and pulled. The girl let out another startled yelp, swayed on her feet for a moment and grabbed again at the shower post as, with Angie's help, she hooked one of her legs over one of Angie's shoulders.

"There," said Angie, an unmistakable tone of satisfaction in her voice, "much better." She then demonstrated just how much better by enthusiastically burying her face in her friend's pussy. The girl cried out and, as she found her balance, the hand that'd been holding onto the post buried itself in Angie's hair as her other began urgently squeezing her own breasts.

Angie was voracious, her tongue everywhere down there. Now tracing her inner folds, now darting inside her, now flicking at her clit, now teasingly tracing around it. No longer on a straight path to climaxing, but definitely headed in that direction, she found herself beginning to grow dizzy with the sheer variety and intensity of the sensations. She closed her eyes again, tilted her head back and began to moan. Catching herself beginning to sway on her feet she reached out to grab the post again...

When a pair of arms encircled her from behind. She gasped in surprise, opening her eyes and turning her head, and found herself gazing into Nikki's warm brown eyes. Nikki's hair was still pulled back into the pronounced widow's peak she wore it in, but it was out of its topknot ponytail and spilled down over her shoulders in a truly impressive mane. She opened her mouth to say something shock-inducedly banal about how pretty she thought it looked like that when Nikki covered her mouth with her own, pressing her body against her from behind, steadying her upright as Angie continued tonguing her pussy without missing a beat.

Nikki was a more...aggressive kisser than Angie, thrusting her tongue deep into her mouth. The noises she was making in response to Angie's attentions became muffled as she closed her eyes again. After a few moments she felt a hand take hold of one of hers -- the one she'd been reaching for the post with when Nikki'd grabbed her -- fingers interlacing with hers, pressing palm-to-palm. At first she thought it must be Angie, but then she felt two hands slide around to start squeezing and kneading the cheeks of her ass. Just as the impossibility of this began to register, she felt a third mouth close on one of her nipples and begin sucking. Eyes snapped open in surprise again, and she found herself looking down at Lisa!

Lisa looked back, a mischievous glint in her eyes, then she felt someone take hold of the back of her knee and pull-and-lift. Angie and Nikki both momentarily assisted, grabbing at her ankle and thigh, lifting the leg she'd been resting her weight on and hooking it over Angie's other shoulder! She was now being held in midair, supported by the other three cheerleaders (well, mostly by Angie and Nikki, truth be told.) She felt weightless between them.

Just then, Angie began concentrating exclusively on her clit, sucking it between her lips, drawing it into her mouth, holding it a few seconds as her tongue lightly but rapidly flicked over it, then releasing it and starting over. The girl began to feel a huge orgasm getting ready to happen. She started grinding herself against Angie's face and throwing her head from side to side as she moaned loudly and continuously. Lisa continued suckling at her as Nikki began to play with her other breast. Her free hand groped around briefly, then found itself squeezing -- no, clinging as if for dear life -- to one of the cheeks of Nikki's ass, eliciting a soft, amused-sounding chuckle from Nikki.

The girl realized she was about to come harder than she ever had in her life, and that it was going to happen any second now. She was so close...almost there...almost there...alllmosst...


Jane blinked, took a second or so to realize where she was. In her room, sometime in the wee hours of the any rate it was still dark out. Damn what a dream! She was flushed, she was panting, her heart was pounding...but most definitely in a good way! It was the third time she'd had this dream since that assignment of O'Neill's to "succeed at failing", and the second time this month. She'd been surprised, to say the least, the first time it'd happened. She'd never considered herself bi, and she strongly suspected the cheerleaders on the squad she'd so halfheartedly tried out for didn't really get up to that sort of shenanigans in the showers, either. As near as she could figure, her subconscious had seized on some lockerroom horseplay she'd seen -- the equivalent of the football players slapping each other on the butt or snapping each other with towels -- and had run with it. She was faintly disappointed she hadn't found herself coming awake literally, the way she had the first two times she'd had the dream...

As Jane mused on these matters, a hand drifted down her body and she touched herself absently through the shorts she'd worn to bed. Jane caught her breath in a sharp hiss at the resulting sensation.

Damn! I'm as close as I was in the dream when I woke up!

Thinking 'why not?' she put both hands to her mouth and applied a generous dose of saliva to her fingers. One hand snaked up the front of her shirt and took Lisa's place at a nipple, while the other slid down the front of her shorts, her index and middle fingers slipping between the lips and deftly finding her clit as they filled in for Angie.

Even as she began to pinch and roll her nipple, she realized the lubrication she'd applied to the fingers of her other hand was superfluous, she was already so wet. Jane gasped sharply and her body twitched as her fingers first lightly brushed the hard little ridge of her clit.

Jane wasn't in a mood to tease herself -- the dream had provided enough of that -- and she started making light rapid circles over her clit with her fingers. Within moments she was frantically hunching and grinding against her hand, her breath came more and more rapidly...she began panting loudly...

The hand with which she'd been playing with one of her tits reflexively went to grab at the sheets, only to become tangled in the t-shirt she was wearing as her hips bucked, her lithe athletic body arching into the air as what would've been a scream was muffled to a dull roar through tightly clenched teeth. Her mouth opened wide as she gulped in air, then failed to close in time to stifle a second cry, high, strained and loud...

Jane collapsed back onto the bed. Another contraction rolled through her body, then a third, tapering off into hard shivers, and then she was catching her breath and relaxing as her body started returning to normal. She took her fingers out from between her vaginal lips and cupped herself with her entire hand, occasionally gently squeezing and pressing at herself, savoring the aftershocks that thrilled through her body in response. She disentangled her other hand from her shirt, brushed her hair back, then slid that arm behind her head, under the pillow, sighed and said to the night:

"Hottest damn sex dream I've ever had." She chuckled softly to herself and continued "Poor Daria, choosing trying to get her sister grounded as a project. I wonder what old O'Neill would think if he knew about this little spinoff, anyway?"




the disclaimers: Daria (even though she doesn't appear in this story, I mention her anyway) and all ancillary characters are the property of MTV/Viacom, not me. I'm not making a dime off this story and suing me would probably be bad PR (to say nothing of Karma) anyway.