The last few weeks had been weeks of silence in the Morgendorffer household.

Daria prepared for bed. She saw the newspaper on the coffee table, didn't want to look at it. It was all about Jake Morgendorffer. Dad was finally famous, but not in a way anyone could have guesses.

Sometime, the week before, Jake Morgendorffer lost his tenuous grip on sanity. Daria couldn't help but admit it to herself -- she saw it coming. The cluelessness was replaced by an ominous silence. He had stopped shaving. And he began talking to himself more and more.

One day, while at the Pizza King, the next door neighbors had found Daria. Daria and Jane were shocked to learn that Jake had shot the mailman and had taken Quinn hostage. The Morgendorffer estate was surrounded by police, the EMTs unable to remove the dead body of Mr. Ceedle due to the gunfire. Quinn was screaming at the top of her lungs while Jake ranted on about something, his sentences turned to psychotic word salad.

And no one could have predicted how it ended. It wasn't the cops, or expert negotiators, who managed to rescue Quinn. It was Trent Lane, of all people. Trent Lane was recognized, when Jake didn't even recognize Daria. ("Get out of here GADDAMMIT!! You're one of THEM!!! The IMPOSTORS!!!") Trent Lane was allowed into the house, at extreme risk to himself (Jane fainted the second the door closed behind him -- some good blackmail material had been provided there).
And it was Trent Lane who, somehow, talked Jake into giving up the gun. The Lawndale police must have kicked down every door of the house. Helen watched in horror was Jake was strapped down to a guerney and hauled away. Trent said, "It was nothing." It was his natural humility. Bryant Gumbel called him a hero on TV.

He had been at Golden Acres ever since. His psychosis was being controlled by medication, barely. The doctor said he was trying to eat his bathrobe. One of Helen's law school friends was preparing Jake's insanity defense. Helen, however, never said what Daria knew.

Dad wasn't coming home. Not for a long time. Perhaps, not ever.

As for Quinn, she went into fashion airhead mode, almost as if nothing had ever happened. She had received tons of flowers from male admirers, and her date book was as full as it had ever been. However, she hadn't even said two words to Daria or her mother. One time, Daria caught Quinn staring out the window, watching the weather, for over an hour.
Tonight would be a good show. Rainstorm. Five counties. Good doppler radar effects, worth taping. If she looked at the pretty colors, Daria thought, she could ignore the fact that everything had gone to hell.


Daria strugged with sleep, once again. To hell with it, she thought. She had average, what, two hours of sleep a night. Jane had been trying to help. But it wasn't getting through. *Some best friend I am.* 

Someone knocked on the door. Helen was out for the night. "Abandon hope all ye who enter here", muttered Daria.
"Daria?", asked a small voice outside the door. Quinn's voice.

"All lines are busy."

"Daria, can I come in?"

"Let me think about this for a while. Okay, I've come to a decision. No. Go back to bed." With that, Daria shoved the pillow over her own head in an effort to block out the expected string of curses.

Instead, she heard something outside the door. She didn't know what it was, a whining sound, maybe? Neighbors cat caught in the fence again. The heavy rain outside.

No, it was another sound. Crying. And only one candidate for the tears. Daria felt like a sucker again.

Daria spoke. "All right. Don't tell me you got another letter from Dave again. Either that, or Mom's silver card has maxed out again." Quinn, outside the door, continuing to cry.

"All right, come in," said Daria with a sigh. Not only couldn't she sleep, she'd have to listen to Quinn moan and groan about
something stupid all night.

Quinn stepped into the room. She was wearing a diaphenous nightgown, pink colored, and sheer, with a pair of pink bikini panties underneath.

The top of the gown was tied into a decorative bow, and, seen from certain angles of moonlight and darkness, Quinn looked like a vision of loveliness, as if the wind would break through the padded walls and blow the nightgown up and over her head. The shadows hid Quinn's red eyes and concealed the stray tresses of her hair. Quinn was not well.

"Hey, Daria," said Quinn, trying hard not to cry.

"Quinn." It was all the answer she deserved. "All right. Since you've decided to torture me with tears, and since there's no escape from this room, what's wrong."

"Daria...," asked Quinn, "have you been sleeping at night?"

"No. I sleep during the daytime. It helps me get through another day of classes."

"Oh, Dah-ria!", moaned Quinn. "Be serious!!"

It was true. Daria hadn't been sleeping at night. Jodie said she looked like a train wreck. It was her father. ", not really."

"Why?", asked Quinn.

"Because I can't sleep, dammit. Maybe you should talk first. You were so curious to get in here."

The sheer material clung to Quinn's body. Daria had a hard time looking at Quinn's face. Envy, dammit. Quinn's breasts were at least 34 C, and perfect, with tiny nipples to match her tiny pores. It had been a long time since Daria had seen Quinn naked, or near naked. "What would anyone see if they saw--me naked?", thought Daria. She wondered if anyone would even care.

"Okay." Quinn sat on the bed. "Dad...I that he's (choke) locked you might be genetic?"
It was exactly what Daria thought. What she had been thinking. She was surprised Quinn put her finger on it. "Well, notwithstanding the fact that I've always wondered about your mental health...yes."

Daria didn't want to say any more. This cloud of gloom that hung over her head day by day. The fact that Daria had always been an outcast. A weirdo. That her dad, and by extension, her grandfather, "Mad Dog", were...well, to put it bluntly, psychotic. What kept her awake at night was wondering if someday, that genetic bomb would go off. It was like sleeping on a time bomb. She didn't feel quite sane in a crazy world, not even on her best days. It was a gift from her father that she didn't want.

Quinn sighed. "Yeah. That's what I've been thinking."

"And what drew you to come to this conclusion?"

 "Well, duHHHH!! The fact that you seem to get such joy in pissing people off at the time. And the fact that...well, I haven't been myself lately."

"Jake put a gun to your head, Quinn. I don't think you come back to normal so quickly after that."

"I was just so...GRRRRRR!! Angry!! And since then...(sigh)... nothing seems to give me much pleasure any more."

Daria nodded. Quinn had taken it really hard. They both had.


"Yes, Quinn?"

"Can I sleep in bed with you tonight?"

What the hell was this? They had slept together a grand total of one hour in their lives. Helen had to keep them from ripping each other to pieces.

"One hundred."

"Done!!", said Quinn. Quinn lept into bed, and dived under the covers.
"You're paying ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to sleep with me?", said Daria.

"Daria...", moaned Quinn, "I'm to be alone!"

"Jesus. All right. Here's the rules. No talking in your sleep. You stay on your side of the bed. No snoring. No breaking wind."

"Dah-RIAA! Ewwwwww!!"

"And we'll forget this unfortunate incident ever happened."

"Done. It's not like you're the kind of person I'd enjoy sleeping with anyway."

"Shut up," said Daria, "and no talking."

The two agreed to remain silent. They began to try to sleep. Daria did feel more comfortable with Quinn in the room. It
might keep her from going crazy, she told herself. The plan worked wonderfully until Daria had an involuntary muscle spasm, one that she had at night, at clockwork, everytime before she dozed off.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!", yelled Quinn, almost jumping out of the bed.

"Wha-- WHAT? WHAT IS IT??", shouted Daria.

"Dammit, Daria, your feet are cold!!"

"How would you know?"

"You touched me with your cold foot, that's why!!"

"And your feet are warm?"

"Well, they're warmer than your feet!!"

"You're about to smell my stinky feet if you don't shut up!!"

"Dammit, Daria, a deal's a deal!! One hundred dollars and no touching!!"

"I'll touch YOU!!", said Daria, trying to put her obstensibly cold feet on Quinn's tender legs. Quinn grabbed her pillow and started hitting Daria with it!

Daria grabbed her pillow and dived off the bed! "Childish--BRAT!!", she shouted, diving onto the bed and swinging with her pillow.

"Ooo!! Scooby-Dooby-Doo!!", Quinn shouted, pointing out Daria's long Scooby Doo nightshirt. "Get me a camera!!"

"GAAAAAHHHH!!", said Daria, diving in, determined to mop the floor with her younger sister, as always. She just needed to get Quinn's arms, behind her back, that's all. Then, sis would squeal like a newborn kitten. She went for her arms, but Quinn slid out of the way, and rolled over on top of Daria, pinning her down to the bed. She was sitting on top of Daria, almost riding her like a horse.

"You're gaining weight," muttered Daria.

"Gaaaah!!!" Quinn hit Daria a few times with the pillow to punctuate her upper hand.

"Help! Stop!", said Daria, in her nasal voice. "I confess!! I confess!!"

"Confess what?"

"I'll give you your hundred dollars back!!"

"No way!! It's my bed, now!! You can sleep on the floor!!"

"After all this," moaned Daria, "who's gonna sleep?"

Quinn looked at the pillow she was holding in her hands. "All right. We're awake. So what to do?"

"You could call your Fashion Club friends. Tiffany's undoubtedly poring over what length of false eyelashes to wear to school tomorrow."

Quinn remained on top of Daria. "What? Are you cuh-razy? The Fashion Club, they're just so...gahh! Vacant!"

"Pretty...vacant. Sounds like a song. What about food?"

"Food is fattening!!"

"Okay...what price do I have to pay to keep you from breaking my back?"

"Let's play a game!!", Quinn squealed.

"Sure. Chess. Loser leaves the bedroom."

"Dah-RIAAA!! I'm not going to play one of those 'brain' games!! I have it," smiled Quinn, "how about 'Truth or Dare'?"

"Anything you say can be held against you in a family court of law, you know."

"Same here, Daria." Quinn let Daria up. Daria propped herself on her pillow, sitting on it, yoga-style.

"You go first, then," muttered Daria, not knowing that she was doing this. "And you're willing to go through ANY penalty I care to impose?"

Quinn stared down Daria. "Only if you do the same."

"Now, we have some excitement. Have you ever let any of the three Js get to second base with you?"

"That's eeeeasy! I choose 'truth'. No."

"Baloney," said Daria.

"No, it's true! I'm not going to let one of THOSE guys touch my boobies!"

"Do you have to call them 'boobies'?"

"Are you talking about my titties or about the three Js?"

"Touche. But I still don't believe it."

"Just ASK them, Dah-riaa. They'll all say 'yes'."

"Which, of course, means 'no'. All right. You've called my bluff. Your turn."

"Have YOU ever let Tom Sloane get to second base with YOU? Truth or dare?"

That was a sensitive question. If she said, 'yes', it meant that part of the image she held over her shoulder would reveal a fissure line. If she said, 'no', she would be the prude her sister always thought she was.

What could she ask? "All right, dammit. Dare."

Quinn squealed. "You have to give me your Scooby-Doo nightgown!!"

"It's a shirt. Fine, it's yours."

"No, I mean NOWWWWWWW!!!", squealed Quinn, clapping her hands.

"What? You mean...?"

"Take it OFF, Dah-ria!!"

Daria blushed. "You don't want me to do you?"

"Hey," said Quinn, "you can see MY titties. So I wanna see YOURS!!"


"Then answer my question. I thought you were tougher than that."

Daria growled. "All right. But you can never, NEVER tell anyone. I don't want any comments from you." With that, she grabbed the hem of her nightshirt, and pulled it up over her head and handed it to Quinn.

Daria was now naked, except for a large pair of white panties. With her glasses off, she looked quite vulnerable in the moonlight. Quinn could see her stomach breathing, anxiously, moving in and out. Her breasts weren't as firm as Quinn's, but Daria had large aureoles, the bottom half of the brown circles moving to the undersurface of each breast. She definitely weighed more than Quinn, but all of Daria's weight was in the right places.

Daria covered her breasts with her arms.

"Daria," said Quinn, "you have really nice titties."

"I wish you'd call them 'breasts' at least."

"Whatever. I mean...why don't you wear a low neckline. You have a great bust, I really mean it!"

"Thanks," muttered Daria.

"No, really!! But that underwear, like, has to go, and go now! I mean, it's something Grandma Morgendorffer would wear."

"Always with the compliment, eh, Quinn?"

"Well, you are a bit pale. But I'd say without your clothes, you're pretty good looking. Why don't you let me make you over?"
"Jesus. You're going down on this next Truth or Dare round."

"Name it," said Quinn.

"Oh, nooooo. My turn, now. Truth or Dare? When Kevin Thompson came over for my science project, why did you put on
that micro-mini skirt?"

"MINI-SKIRT!! It's NOT a micro-mini!"

"Good. Get your mini-skirt. We'll measure the length."

If Brittany found out that Quinn was wearing a mini with Kevin in the same room, Quinn would be killed! Heck, Daria might even ask for the skirt!!


"Truth or Dare? Why were you wearing that skirt?", said Daria with a grin.

Quinn was not going to fall into the trap. "Dare!!!"

"Oooo. Let me think. This has to be good. I mean, really good. I mean, it has to mess with your mind so much that you can't even stand it."

Quinn fumed. Why, oh why, did she have to suffer for being cute and popular?

"I've got this. This will blow your mind, Quinn."

"Try me!"

Daria grinned her infamous lopsided grin. "You have to kiss me."


"Then that mini-skirt is mine!" Daria knew that Quinn would never go through with kissing her sister. Another victory for cynicism in America. "Which is it going to be?"

Quinn thought about it. She smiled and said, "Wait right here."

"Five minutes. And you can't go back to your room."



Quinn had finally finished brushing her teeth. "What the hell are you doing in the bathroom?", shouted Daria.

"NEVER MIND!!", shouted Quinn. All right, Daria, you want a kiss? Well, you're gonna get one!"

Daria's younger sister found the bottle of Scope mouthwash and began gargling. Ewwwwwww! This stuff was *rank*!! Which was exactly why she decided to make the trip. If they'd had onions, Quinn would have been tempted to eat some.
Quinn bounced into the bedroom. "Pucker up, Daria, 'cause here it comes?"

"What th--? Quinn, you smell like a medicine cabinet!"

"I'm not gonna get *your* germs all over *my* mouth! And why are you hiding under the covers?"

Daria sighed, and sat up in bed again. She felt very embarrassed, half-naked like this. Quinn didn't seem to mind her flimsy nightgown at all.

"All right, Sis", said Daria, "let's get this over with." She closed her eyes and puckered as if she were about to taste a foul persimmon.

"You don't get off that easy! Like, stop puckering!!" Daria returned her mouth to its normal shape.

Suddenly, Quinn felt a pang of anxiety. Here she was, in bed with her half-naked sister, about to kiss her. Then again, how bad could it be? You've kissed plenty of guys...well, not PLENTY of guys, only certain lucky ones who wined and dined her appropriately. Hey, Daria should consider herself lucky! After all, Quinn didn't kiss and tell, and she certainly didn't kiss everybody.

"Get ready for it!", giggled Quinn, suddenly putting her arms around Daria.

"What in hell--?"

"I don't want you to escape!" Quinn exhaled, giving Daria a literal taste of Quinn's medicine. As Daria suffered, Quinn said,
"Close your eyes...."

Daria's eyes were closed. She looked rather uncomfortable, which is just how Quinn wanted it. *C'mon, Quinn. You can do it! After all, it's only Daria!*

Quinn looked for courage from somewhere, and found it.

She pulled Daria closer and gave her an open mouthed kiss, right on the lips. Daria gave an "mmmph" in response, but quickly found that the medicine-y taste wasn't that bad. Daria responded by letting her mouth open a little more. She returned Quinn's embrace, and soon, the two sisters were sharing a long, deep kiss.

Suddenly, the two pulled back. They looked at each other. What THE HELL WERE THEY DOING?? WERE THEY CRAZY??

Quinn looked at Daria with wild-eyed amazement. Daria did the same.

That was good, each of them thought. Too good.

Daria and Quinn danced about the moment. Each keeping their eyes open, each moving towards each other millimeter by millimeter. Two pairs of willing lips parted microscopically, each looking for the signal, each finding it, however they cared to interpret it.

Simultaneously, they returned each other's kiss. They embraced each other, Daria's breasts resting against the sheer flimsy material of Quinn's nightgown, their breasts not quite touching. They each kissed with great fear, feeling that they had crossed some invisible line that could never be uncrossed, a line with magnetic power that keep them in the embrace. Once a line is crossed, why turn back?

Quinn's head tilted to the side. "Ohhh....Dah-ria....", she moaned.

"B--be quiet," stuttered Daria, placing a hand behind Quinn's head to support it. She sucked the mouthwashy taste out of Quinn's mouth with her kisses, and for the first time, she felt Quinn's hot saliva. Daria's eyes closed, drinking in the moment. She could have stayed here forever.

They continued exchanging a long kiss. Quinn decided that she didn't want to sit up anymore, and the two of them collapsed to the surface of the bed, never letting their gaze or their kisses stop. As they continued to kiss, Quinn thought about Daria. "She really has a nice body," she thought, and wondered what it would be like to touch it, touch it all over. She stopped. The thought frightened her. Daria would undoubtedly be quite angry. She loved Daria's kisses, though. "Don't stop", she mumbled.

"I won't", answered Daria. For the first time, Daria thought about what she could do, now, here, in this bed, unaccountable to anyone. Except for her hated sister. Well, now her not-so-hated sister. Quinn was finally good for something. Daria felt something hot between her legs, coming from her own body.

"Noooo...", moaned Daria, breaking off the embrace. Daria looked at Quinn. She expected rage from Quinn, but instead saw the gaze of a sweet, fragile, silly child.

"Please, Daria...", said Quinn, "I'm so...horny...."

There. She said it, thought Daria. Daria wanted to take the explanation at full face value, so that all of it would be Quinn's fault. Yes, yessssss.... it's all Quinn's fault...all Quinn's fault....

Daria reached over to the hem of the nightgown. She pulled it over Quinn's head, and got a much better view of Quinn's slim, tanned body and wonderful firm breasts. "Yes....", moaned Quinn, "k-keep going...."

Quinn took Daria's hand, and put it up to her neck. Daria leaned towards Quinn, her head letting her hair fall in Quinn's face. She planted a kiss on Quinn's lips. Then at the tip of her chin. Then, along her long, slim neck....

"Ahhhhhhh", whispered Quinn, breathing rapidly as Daria moved her lips across Daria's neck. Quinn's hands reached out and pulled Daria as close as possible, their breasts finally touching each other. "Ow", muttered Daria.


"Sensitive", mumbled Daria, as she continued kissing Quinn's neck. She began using her tongue, just a little, running it down the side of Quinn's neck. Quinn gasped, her eyes and mouth wide open, dreaming of Daria and what she was doing.
Daria played with Quinn's neck like a new toy. When she parted Quinn's hair and moved to the back of Quinn's neck, Quinn audibly gasped. "ah!!"

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing. I'm just...sensitive there."

Keeping her sister in mind, Daria gave Quinn gentle kisses to the back of her neck, almost air kisses. Quinn shook, and began rubbing her legs together. "Mmmmmmmmm...."

Daria absentmindedly thumbed her right nipple. It was very hard, and Daria gave a pleasurable hum as she touched herself. She could feel her own heartbeat rush through the arteries in her neck.

With sudden abruptness, a massive lightening strike threw the sisters into each other's arms. The combined EAPs were the only sound that could be heard in the empty house. The lightening flash filled the room with a brief, incandescent light.

"What was that?", shivered Quinn.

Daria throught for a few seconds, disoriented. "A bird?"

The two held each other. Then, they looked into each other's eyes. Daria felt the same way on that night in the car with Tom, a night which seemed to have suddenly faded away. The bolt of lightning freed them from their last rational restraints.

Now...they could enjoy the pleasures of the animal nature.

"Quinn...lie down." Quinn obeyed, for one of the only times Daria remembered. "I read about this...I'm hoping you like it...."

As Quinn lay on her back, Daria flipped onto her stomach and reached out for Quinn's breast. Quinn took an uneven inhalation as Daria stroked her right nipple.

Daria then went to work. Using her lips, she kissed Quinn's right nipple. She then extended her tongue and began to flick with it, to flick at Quinn's pert, slightly thick right nipple. "Aaaaaahhhhh!!", said Quinn, softly, almost a whisper, as she closed her eyes and let Daria's rigid tongue work its magic. Daria flipped the tip of her tongue back and forth and watched Quinn's stiff nipple vibrate, as Quinn moaned with gratitude.

After five minutes of nipple ecstasy, Quinn almost managed to say the words, "Do the other one....", but Daria read her sister's mind and immediately flicked her tongue across Quinn's left nipple, then kissing it. "Feels...feels goooood....", moaned Quinn. Daria then pucked her lips, and very strongly, blew across the surface of Quinn's nipple.

"aaaaAAAAHHHHHH", groaned Quinn as her back involuntarily arched, and her hands began subtly to tug at the fabric near her hips. She wanted Daria to stop, and at the same time, to never, ever stop...Quinn's face began to contort in a nonfashionable way as Quinn arched her left leg over her right.

Quinn began to rub her legs together, massaging her clit in that way she was always embarrassed to think about. Not anymore. But she noted that Daria's face was red, and that Daria was starting to slow with the flicks of her tongue. Daria was getting tired.

Quinn suddenly sat up. Taking Daria's hand in hers, she indicated that Daria's should take the place where Quinn formerly lay. Daria grabbed a pillow and placed it under her own head. " can't...I'm too...."

Quinn put her hand to Daria's stomach. "Just let me know...with your eyes... what I should do...." Quinn put her other hand on Daria's soft stomach, a stomach with tiny white hairs that Quinn had noticed for the first time. Looking at her sister's large aureoles, she reached her hands up to gently take her sister's breasts in her hands.

Daria's eyes grew wide. "You'll hurt me!"

"No, Dah-ria. I'm just gonna rub 'em...." She began moving her hands back and forth slowly, gently massaging Daria's nipples. "Do you like it?"

"Tom touched me once there...but his hands were so rough...and yours...yours are so sofffffftttt...AAAAHHHHHH!!!"

"What!?", yelped Quinn, taking her hands away.

Daria grabbed Quinn's hands and put them back. "*Do it again*!!"

Quinn watched Daria shake in ecstacy as Quinn massaged her breasts. She loved giving her sister Daria pleasure, loved watching Daria's body move almost at her invisible command. But there was something she always wanted to try, and Quinn was gonna try it now that the opportunity was there.

She gently reached down and kissed Daria's right nipple. Seeing that Daria's nipples were stiff, Quinn closed her eyes and began to slowly suckle at Daria's right breast.

It was an incredible sensation for Daria, as her legs absent-mindedly kicked in the air. Daria cupped her own hand under her breast and fed it to her insatiably hungry sister, who was playing with her own nipples. " your mouth...", muttered Daria as Quinn used the suction of her mouth to take in as much of Daria's breast as she could. Daris squinted and clamped her mouth shut as Quinn's drinking motions brought spasms all the way down Daria's back. She knew she wasn't lactating, but her breast glands certainly enjoyed the stimulation. "She looks like an Quinn-baby....", thought Daria.

Quinn continued her work, then finally, grew tired. Daria moved Quinn's head gently away from her breasts. "You can come back...anytime...."


"Yes....", said Daria. "Quinn...I want to touch you...touch you down there... I've never felt so good before...."

Quinn climbed off the bed and stood up. Slowly, almost hesitantly, she pulled down her pink panties, one thumb around each of the strings at the side of her hips. Quinn had shaved her bush down to a strip of red hair, the better to wear a bikini with.
"What happened to your hair?"

"Dah-RIA!", said Quinn, with a smile. "Don't tell me you don't shave!"

"You'll find out," smirked Daria. "Get in bed." Quinn climbed back into her accustomed place.

"Now," said Daria, barely getting the words out, "show me...spread your legs...."

Ewwwwwww!, thought Quinn. She never like thinking about what *it* looked like. But...this was for Daria...her sister...her now *beloved* sister. If Daria had asked her to sit in a bucket of razor blads, she would have. Not that Daria had never asked before.

Quinn closed her eyes and moved her legs apart. Daria looked at Quinn's vagina, the traces of moisture between Quinn's legs. *It mine*, thought Daria. *I'm normal. I look normal.* Daria had always feared otherwise.

She reached out a hand to touch Quinn's mons pubis. "Oh, yeah, Daria," whispered Quinn with a smile, "oh do it, do what you want with me...."

Daria began to massage Quinn's hidden depths. Soft...and surprisingly sticky. She must have touched Quinn's clitoris a few times -- she couldn't see too well even in good light -- because Quinn yelped each time. But Quinn's moaning was growing louder.

"Ah!", shouted Quinn, grabbing Daria's hand.


"I'll show you...where I want it to go..."

Then, using her sister's hand, Quinn began to masturbate herself. She used Daria's fingers to rub the area near her clit as she slowly began rocking her pelvis. Her moans were becoming louder.

Daria watched in half-horror and half-fascination as Quinn continued to use Daria. "Move...uhh...move your fingers dowwwwwnnnn....", grunted Quinn, almost writhing on the bed.

Slowly, Daria's hand sank between Quinn's beautiful slim thighs, and Quinn brought one of Daria's fingers to Quinn's vaginal orifice. She could feel her digit slip between the labia and reach a soft warm area. Quinn pressed down.

She...Quinn...wanted it to go *in*. Daria couldn't believe this....

Silently, with much trepidation, Daria slid her slickened finger into Quinn's small, almost hairless pussy. "OH! oh, Dah-RIA! OH!!", shouted Quinn, as the finger Daria watched in stunned fascination...almost to the third knuckle.
The muscle felt slimy, but somewhat strong. So gooey...Quinn took both her hands and held Daria's hand in place. Quinn's eyes were closed and she was oooing and ahing between the rocking of her hips. Daria couldn't believe it! She was finger-fucking her fashion-plate sister, Quinn!

Quinn seemed to have forgotten about Daria, completely. "Quinn," said Daria, "my hand's starting to hurt."

Quinn gave a few more jerks, then stopped. Reluctantly, she pulled out. "Here," said Quinn, "let me do you. Then, we can do it together...."

"You've done this before?", said Daria.

"Dah-RIAAA!! I am *not* a lesbian!", said Quinn, almost shouting. "Now...let me do you...."

"No way!", said Daria, taken aback.

"What's wrong?"

"I...uh...I think it will hurt...."

"Let me see. I'm not going to hurt you." *I'm going to help you*, thought Quinn. It was nice to see Daria coming to her for help. Honestly, you'd think Daria never even thought sexy thoughts before....

"My panties...."

"Off!", shouted Quinn. Blushing, Daria turned to the side as she let the large white panties fall to the floor. She then turned back around, letting Quinn see.

Daria's bush was unshaven, a flock of brown carpet. Quinn looked on. Daria turned her head away.

"Come here," Quinn whispered. Daria cakewalked a few steps forward. Quinn reached out and began to stroke her sister's pubic hair, gently. Daria loved the feelings she got when her sister patted her mound. She let her head loll backwards, and licked her lips with her tongue.

"Daria...I want to make *you* feel you made *me* feel good....", Quinn muttered. "Lie down."

With no small fear, Daria lie down, bun cheeks in the air. Quinn almost admired Daria's perfect, white back, letting her fingers run against the small of it. But didn't girls look better with a tan? Even her sister?

Very quietly, Quinn let her fingers sink down to Daria's inner depths. She split her second and fourth fingers into a "V" and began to rub Daria's labia.

"Eap!", said Daria, not expecting that, but enjoying the sensation. She began to move her hips against her sister's rapidly moving fingers. Daria gritted her teeth, loving every moment of it, wishing it could last forever. Quinn changed the rhythm, massaging her sister's inner lips with light touches, then letting the skin under the fingers rub against the hard part of her sister's hipbone. Daria was getting a full ride, and loving it.

Daria grasped the sheets of the bed, as she bucked against her sister's hand. Her sister, however, had one finger in reserve. Slowly, but firmly, she brought the finger up to Daria's vagina.

"eeeeYAAAAAHHH", moaned Daria, very sensitive at even the touch of Quinn's finger. Daria was hot, and wet, and Quinn decided that she had to attack the ramparts. The finger began to move in.

"AAAAAAH!!"", shouted Daria, who almost lept up out of bed. "That *hurt*!"

"Well, duHHHH!! But it feels a lot better afterward!"

"Do you even know what you're doing!"

"Ass down! You've got to let me try!""

Daria reluctantly lovered her buttocks. "I'm going to go, like, reall super slow, okay??"

"Sure. Whatever."

Quinn moved very slowly into Daria's pussy. Daria moaned, but it was not a moan of pleasure. Quinn knew her sister was not relaxing...and that her pussy was very tight indeed. She was feeling resistance, from somewhere.

"YEEEOOOWWWWW!", shouted Daria as Quinn tried to move beyond the first knuckle, and failed. Daria sighed, in agony, and disgust. "I...I can't do it...."

"Dah-RIA, if you tried...?"

"No! I just want to give up. Let me...wait a second."


"I know how we can"


Daria showed Quinn how to do it.

She moved to the complete opposite end of the bed. "Spread your legs, Sis." The fashion princess obliged.

"Wha--what are you do-ING?!", sqeuealed Quinn as Daria spread her legs, too. She moved her buns up the bed and soon, her legs were interlocked with Quinn's, like two pair of scissors locked together by the blades.


"sssssshhhHHHHH!!", said Daria. She moved her pussy right next to Quinn's.

"oh!", shouted Quinn, as Quinn began grinding her pussy against Daria's. Quinn's engorged clit found solace in Daria's pussy juices, whereas Daria's clit rubbed against Quinn's hairless bush.

The two began really grinding, discovering a lost continent of pure pleasure. Daria's cum ran down the length of Quinn's leg as she moved her thighs against her sisters slim, trim legs.

Quinn used her inner muscles, the ones she had strengthened from a year of power yoga. "AAAAAHH!!", moaned Daria, smiling, matching Quinn measure for measure.

The heat level in the room went up in the room, as the dueling clits were about to start a forest fire with their constant rubbing. The bed was collecting a big wet spot as the Morgendorffer sisters bucked against the bed, causing the mattress to squeak. Quinn was making unladylike grunts.

"Don't", snarled Quinn, "don't-make-me-cum!"

"T--too late," muttered Daria.

Something was happening. Both noticed it. "Oh, SHIT!!", shouted Quinn, as Daria clamped down her teeth hard.

"It's WORKING!", moaned Daria. "I-I-aiaiaiaaiaiai...."

"jee!", yelped Quinn, then made ahahahahahahahh noices as she squeaked, coming harder than even *she* could imagine. A wave as powerful as the foot of a mammoth element crawled out of her pussy and up her backboan, making the hair on her ears stand on end. "gggejjjjeeeaaaahhhhhhhh!!", shouted Quinn, seeing exploding colors go off behind her eyes....

...Daria went completely silent. Then, spasmed, literally, into a thunderous orgasm, bucking in rhythm, almost like a mechanical horse. She lost control of her body temporarily, orgasmed almost into stupidity. "Guh!", grunted Daria, as she grabbed her sister's leg, pulling it hard so that Quinn's lovery pussy would be trapped forever against hers.

The pulling of Quinn's leg set off another explosion. "I'm CUMMMING!!!", screamed Quinn, with only Daria to hear. "DARIA!! DARIAA!! AaaaaHHHHHH!!" She grabbed Daria's leg further.

Daria's overexcited, overrubbed clit could take it no more. Her head shook with another powerful orgasm, as she defiled her sister's pussy by grinding hers even harder. "fthphht!", muttered Daria, almost as if stricken by Tourette's or some neurological disease.

But Daria's uncontrolled bucking made Quinn only try harder. "Daria, I love you," was the last thought in her mind before liquid pleasure swelling up out of her chest made the room spin in 78 time....


The two enjoyed the scissor kicks all night. Daria thought it must have been for hours. She was moaning all sorts of threats and promises to Quinn, and she could have sworn they were French kissing all night. Somehow, she figured, they must have fallen asleep in each other's arms.

When Daria woke up, she was in the wet spot. And there was no Quinn. Damn.

Daria climbed out of bed. Her pussy juice had dried, and now, she was all sticky. Perhaps it was Quinn's. Where *was* that sister of hers anyway? Downstairs? Or had she left?

Daria decided to get dressed. When the water hit her thights, she gasped. She must have rubbed herself raw, or something. Carefully, she washed up, however, and got out of the shower.

Sex burns a lot of calories, Daria thought. Sex. Sex with your *sister*. Which breaks every Daria law in the book.
Dressed, she sat down. What the fuck was she supposed to say when she came downstairs? "Hi, Quinn. That was a great fuckfest last night, wasn't it? Are you going to tell Sandi and her drones that I have a big, brown muff?"

Tell? Hell, she wouldn't even be able to look Quinn in the eye. But would Quinn be able to look *her* in the eye?

Curiosity got the better of Daria. It was better to get it out of the way now before it hung over her head for the rest of her life. She laced on her boots and walked down the stairs.

Then, Daria heard it.

"Sta-CYYY!!! You have *got* to see the new scarfs at Cashmans! Available with a platinum card only! Like, I hear they have a sign that says 'you must be this thin! to wear this scarf!!"

Daria scowled. Quinn was back to her mindless chatter. My God, didn't it ever end? Didn't Quinn every learn anything? Didn't I just have my first sexual experience with a brain-dead fashion jockey?

"So, like...NO! Gail was wearing green and *orange*!! Like, I wouldn't even let her in the front doo-oooRRR!! So, like, I'll meet you in twenty minutes! And for God's sakes, don't *buy* anything without me!!"

Quinn clicked the cell phone shut and turned to leave. She saw Daria standing there.


"Uh...hi, Dah-RIA!"

"Quinn. We have to talk."

Quinn turned a solid shade of red.

eMALLSOIHAVETOGORIGHTNOWBYEEE!!!" Quinn made it to the door in record time before Daria could say another

This was worse. Complete rejection. Quinn ran out like a cat on fire. "Well, Quinn...I'm glad we had this conversation. Now I can eat that arsenic cupcake."


Night came. The storm had cleared. All was peaceful in House Morgendorffer. Mainly, because Daria stayed away from the house all day, at the library, trying to read every book that had nothing to do with lesbianism, women, love, or sisters. That left "Care and Maintainence of the 1969 Chevy." Daria threw the book in the trashcan when she saw the crankshaft. After that, it was soda, pizza, arcade games, and major depression.

She wasn't sleeping. It was midnight, but nothing was happening. She wanted to cry.

Wait a second...was that...a tear? From Daria? She wiped her eye with the pillowcase. Dammit. DammitdammitDAMMIT.

She *had* to know.

Stumbling, she climbed out of bed and walked over to Quinn's door. There was no light on under Quinn's door. The sleep of the ignornant held sway.

Daria sat against the door, head in her hands. One word escaped her mouth, almost sotto voce. "Quinn...."

Daria remained in her silent interlude. Then another voice made its small presence known. Almost directly from the other side of the door.


Daria turned. She...yes, it was true. "Quinn, I have a request. Don't think I'm crazy."

"Like...what is it?"

Daria mumbled the truth. "I'm lonely. Can I -- sleep in your bed?"

Silence from the other side of the door. Daria got ready to stand up and go. She took one step, then heard the answer.

"It's gonna cost you."

"How much?"

"Oh...a hundred."

"Done!" With that, Daria opened the door. Life would never be the same.