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Apollo C. Vermouth

What If Daria and Tom Did it? - A "Daria"/"What If?" Crossover Fan Fiction Story.  Rated NC-17

Mr. Bigglesworth

Alternate Plan - Trent finally dumps Monique for good, but who is his new girlfriend?  Rated NC-17

Session - a ficlet about a part-time submissive and her new mistress.  Rated NC-17

Steam - What ‘do’ the Lawndale High cheerleaders get up to after a game?  Rated NC-17

‘Til Human Voices Wake Us - Charles is having that dream about the mermaids again…  Rated NC-17

The Caneman

Herd About Ms. Li – Ms Li as a slaver? Sandi as a Bitch dom?  Ok so some things are the same, but high school was never so strict.  Rating: NC-17  
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The Things People Do… - Just how is Jane paying her way through BFAC?  Daria is about to find out.  Rating: NC-17

Working Girl - Two high school friends meet up again under unusual circumstances


Feisty Night - Jane lures an unsuspecting fly into her web. Based on Late Night Nightmare by Dr Mike  Rated NC-17

Quinn's Night at Casa Lane - Jane and Quinn develope a new understanding of each other after Daria leaves for Boston.  Rated NC-17

Drake Mallard

Unreasonably Short Fic – If I actually wrote a summary it would probably be longer than the fic itself.  Rated R

Erin Mills

Fever Dream - While hopitilized Daria discovers another side to Jane.  Sequel to Herd about Ms. Li, co-written with  the Caneman.  Rated NC-17
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The Passion Club - Quinn attempts to bond with Sandi in an attempt to form a true friendship, but gets a LOT more than she bargained for.  Rated NC-17

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Night of the Storm - After a family tragedy, two sisters find solace in each other.  Rated NC-17

Master Recipient

Luxuriant High Firehose -An unusual interpritation of a Daria episode.  Rated R

My Imperial Donuts - The Fashion Club takes a bad trip.  Rated R

Nr0m th3 Mad Pr0ner

Bath Time – Daria ‘enjoys’ a nice bath. Rated R

Thea Zara

An Affair to Remember – Someone’s having a rendezvous at the local hotel.  Rated R

Afternoon Delight - A song ficlet dealing with an afternoon of passion between two people you'd never expect... Rated R

Around the Town – A new series exploring the secret sex lives of our favorite Lawndale citizens.  Rated R

Birds in the Park – A pair of love birds make the park their playground.      

The Shoppers – A trip to the Supermarket takes an interesting turn.

Just desserts – Dinner is over, now comes the dessert.  (Fanart by Ken T.)

Second Chances – Two people rediscover one another.

The Trophy – A new prize for the hunter.  (Fanart by Ken T. )

Study Date – Motivation techniques in action.

Of Human Bondage – A couple share a Bonding experience.

TnT – Something sparks off a new relationship.  (Fanart by Ken T.)

Of Moonlight & Dreams – A moonlight stroll along the beach.

Tell-tale Kisses – A tender encounter with revenge.

Girl’s Night in Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 – Female bonding  (Fanart by Ken T.)


Take Flight Daria - Too much Dragonball Z and Daria has an interesting dream.  Rated NC-17 

All Natural Behavior - A Dariarotic web-comic


Roofies Roulette - Stacy is playing a game with her friends, that they won't appreciate when they find out.

Brother Grimace

The Winters Of Those Gone Before… - Helen must deal with life-changing issues and conflicts, both internal and in her home, in the aftermath of devestating events in the lives of her family. A continuation of the single most controversial 'Daria' fic ever written, 'Night Of The Storm'.  Rated NC-17
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