Take flight Daria

A Daria fanfiction


Wouter Jaegers

"How did I ever let Jane talk me into this?" was the question that had been ringing inside Daria's head for most of the night. It was just a couple of hours after coming back from Jane's place; sleep was urgently needed after this very unusual movie night. Cartoon Network had broadcasted the full forth season of Dragonball Z in the uncut episodes. Daria had seen it all, from Goku fighting in the other world tournament to the face off against Majin Buu, it made no sense, why on earth did she actually watch that, she was no anime fan and certainly no Dragonball Z fan.

But still, she couldn't help but to enjoy watching it, the way how Mr. Satan would play right into the crowd's hand actually was very recognizable, her own father wasn't much different. "Why did I do this?" kept on rotating inside her as she slid her body between the sheets of her bed, fall was setting in and it was getting colder, luckily her extra blanket was sure to keep her warm. Knowing Jane, she would probably be telling everybody about her actually enjoying a series as violent as Dragonball Z. But there was one thing that even Jane didn't know. Daria couldn't help but to admire those saiya-jin men. And the cutest of them all being Gohan, if he were an actual person, he would have been a hunk, at least in her perspective. She envied Videl, Gohan's friend who eventually became his lover.

"Get real." She told herself. "Why on earth should you get weak between your thighs for a guy who only exist on paper, besides most real live guys are already two dimensional." With that Daria put her glasses on the nightstand and turned out the light. Before closing her eyes she imagined Gohan and Videl in bed. Her riding his saiya-jin flesh drill. "Lucky bitch!"



"Missy whatever it is you’re selling, I don't want it." A voice spoke making Daria snap to attention, finding herself standing in front of a little house situated in a beautiful open landscape somewhere in the mountains. The woman addressing her looked her in the eye with much suspicion.

"Hi there I was looking for Gohan, is he home?" Daria heard herself ask, the woman nearly took her apart with her gaze but Daria wouldn't be fazed by that. After all she cracked tougher nuts before. As she saw herself in the reflection of one of the windows, it struck her how different she looked. She wasn't wearing her usual attire for starters, a white shirt, long enough to dub for a dress and black shorts replaced what she usually wore when going to school. Strange, she couldn't remember owning stuff like that. but what struck her more was how good she looked, double pig tails and a more muscular built than she remembered to have, if only Quinn could see this.

"Well if you came here looking for a date, you're at the wrong place." The woman resumed, coming to steam, Daria didn't know how this would turn out but if she wanted a fight she was happy to oblige. "What manners do you have coming over unannounced and without proper introduction, shame on you!"

"Look lady, I didn't come here for a date." Daria replied, the gaze in the woman's eyes became more vicious, she wouldn't buy it.

"Sure..." the woman growled, but suddenly the look on her face changed. Daria heard it too, there was somebody coming. Two boys came running from the woods, a small boy from roughly seven or eight year old and an older boy roughly about her age, dressed in a dark blue martial arts Gi. His black hair spiked and his big chest slightly exposed.


"Hi mom, we're back." The elder of the two spoke while approaching the house. The younger one ran up to the woman who most likely was the mother of the two.

"Hey mom, I got to throw rocks at Gohan." The younger boy spoke while squealing in delight.

"You did?" the mother replied sounding kinda surprised.

"Hey there Daria, wow, how did you find my address?" The older boy asked while walking up to her. Daria took him in; he was tall about six feet. And yet he had a cute face.

"Simple, I looked you up in the student directory." She replied while eyeing his facial _expression of 'Oh yeah'. Daria liked it, this boy was wrapped around her finger. "Listen, thought you could get away from your promise by leaving an absence from school, well I've got some news for you Gohan, you are gonna teach me how to fly whether you want it or not."

"That's fine, I gave you my word and that's all there is to it." The boy replied trying not to sound scared. Fear was definitely not an issue for his mother though.

"Ex-cuse me!" She almost spewed out the words. "My Gohan can't give you lessons; he's busy preparing himself for the world's martial arts tournament."

"Mom, Daria is the one who talked me into taking part of the tournament in the first place." The guy came to her aid, good so he had some spine after all. "If it wasn't for her, I would never even consider entering at all."

"Hmmph! Alright then, teach her." The woman spoke slowly but Daria knew this wasn't over yet. "But let me give you some advice young lady, you'd better keep your filthy little hands off my son." Daria had heard enough, time to defend herself.

"HEY! I'M SICK OF YOUR TRASHY TALK LADY!" Daria shouted before catching herself, oops, that might have been too much. The woman walked up to her, fire in her eyes.

"All right, you listen and you listen good, our family is counting on the prize money to live on and the last thing we need is for Gohan to be distracted from his training by a hussy like you!" A hussy? A HUSSY? That was the last draw, no miss nice girl.

"I AM NOT A HUSSY!" Daria snarled, time to remember this hardheaded woman what her reason for coming her in the first place was. "WE ARE TRAINING FOR A MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT NOT A WEDDING, THE TWO DON'T MIX!"

"But my mom and dad got married at the world's martial arts tournament didn't you mom?" The younger boy spoke up, revealing the reasons behind this woman's hostile behavior. "I guess that's why she's worried, kissy-kissy stuff and fighting do mix sometimes, don't they mom?" Daria saw the woman's hard facial _expression melt, the woman began to blush like a twelve year old who's thinking about her first crush.

"In our case, yes." She spoke hiding her face from view, obviously feeling ashamed for this secret being revealed. "I competed, fought your father and married him in the same day."

"You fought in the world's..." Daria murmured, this housewife used to be a fighter?

"Ah, those were the days." The woman spoke with a dreamy edge in her voice. "Those were some of the happiest days of my life. Going head-to-head with Goku in a Vicious battle and then riding off with him in a swirl of romance that still makes me tingle to this day." The woman let out a happy sigh. "Yes, sometimes true love and fighting DO mix." And all of a sudden the hostilities returned with a vengeance. "BUT YOU... Your case is different, Goku and I have been dating ever since we were kids!"

"LOOK, DON'T WANT TO MARRY YOUR SON, ARE YOU DEAF OR SOMETHING?" Daria shouted in response, it was crazy but a good cat fight enabled her to get all kinds of shit out of her system. The two boys were laughing at the antics of their mother and Daria.

Eventually things had settled down, there were more important things to think of. The flying lessons for example, the older guy had explained that you needed to tap into your energy and since she didn't have a clue on how to do so, he took her apart to teach her that first.

There she sat with this big hunk in front of her, Daria felt how the attraction began trigger reaction in her own body. She wanted him, now for a subtle way to let him know, or a less subtle, that also would be good.

"I'll do it slowly, that way you can watch me better." The boy spoke while clasping his hands and creating a ball of energy. Daria was taken aback, how the fuck did he do that? "Cool huh, now it's your turn. Take your energy and bring it out."

"Oh of course, sorry for being a little absent Gohan, I haven't slept well." Daria replied as if it were the most normal thing, not even for a second was she doubting what was going on. As she clasped her hands together, pulling that trick of creating energy balls wasn't as easy as that guy made it look. Daria felt her heart beating fast and the sweat started to cling her clothes to her skin. Damn it, this wasn't gonna work.

"Please relax; you'll never be able to bring it out if you're all tensed up like that Daria." The boy spoke when seeing her fruitless efforts to create and energy ball just like the one he just made.

With a loud huff she gave in, and collapsed in the boy's lap. As soon as she did she was temped to bolt up again. What was she thinking? But when she tilted up her torso, she couldn't help but to inhale that odor of sweat coming from his chest and enjoying it. As if a switch inside her head was turned over, she felt her body respond to the sensation it caused.

"Daria are you alright?" The boy asked with a little concern in his voice as he helped her up again. "Maybe we should call it a day and continue to... WHOAH!" The boy gasped when he saw how the sweat revealed what was hidden underneath her shirt. Her nipples stuck out. Daria smiled, she felt hot and full of energy she was bound to use in an other way rather than by creating energy balls.

"Gohan, we don't need to call it a day yet." Daria spoke softly. She felt like naughty little girl and she couldn't get enough of this. "And although I haven't been able to bring my energy out the way you showed me to, I can still bring it out in a far more enjoyable way."

"Err.. oh really...?" The boy murmured while his face slowly began to resemble a light house. Daria smiled warmly at him, this was so cute. Something very big became visible between his legs. Daria didn't question her way of acting, she did what she did because something told her that it was now or never.

"I see that you have an interest in my breasts." Daria spoke trying to sound seductive and failing at it. But never mind that, she did break the ice. Certainly when she shoved her right hand under her shirt, taking her left breast in her hand and kneading it. "I'm pretty sure that you want more of this."

A small line of blood came from the boy's left nostril. But his eyes showed pure enjoyment, the boy was unable to speak but his body did the talking for him. Sweat poured from his forehead and the battering ram inside his pants was at full strength.

"Gohan." Daria spoke while getting face to face. "I can see that you want me and I have good news, I want you too." With that she planted her lips on the boy's mouth and removed the last restraints from his mind. Their tongues began a wild dance while tasting each other's sweet saliva. Daria brought his hands to her breasts and felt how he carefully began to explore them. But the boy began to built up courage as he broke the kiss and pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts.

The boy didn't speak, who needed words for this? Daria moaned as she felt his tongue making circular motions around her nipples. His other hand meanwhile had opened up the zipper of her shorts and tried to slide in. Daria didn't try to stop him, she was in too deep to tell him off anyway. A low sound, almost a gargle came from the very back of her throat as she felt his fingers sliding through her hair and reaching her moist lips. Supreme enjoyment, that's what this was all about, rational thinking came later.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Daria asked trying to sound seductive and this time doing a far better job at it. The boy still hadn't found his voice yet but nodded. "So am I, shall we take it up a notch then?" The boy's eyes began to sparkle with joy. Daria smiled, apparently she wasn't the only one who made her dream come true. Slowly she got up and undid her shorts and panties before kneeling down again and undoing the boy's pants.

"Wow, even bigger than I thought." Daria thought while admiring the throbbing flesh pole that revealed itself. She took it in her hands and jerked it, she could barely clasp the whole of it. Big or not, this sucker begged to be sucked, breaking the very last threshold Daria opened her mouth and slowly took the top in.

"Ooohhh... Eeegghh... Aaagghh..." Came the moans which indicated that the boy had found his voice again. As Daria looked up at his face she could see his irises had gone way up to the upper corners of his eyes. Seeing this as an encouragement, she resumed the blowjob with more intensity than before. She knew what he had in store and was bound to claim it.

"No... p..p...please stop, I... I'm about to..." The boy pleaded at deaf ears, Daria knew damn well what was about to happen and nothing short of death could stop her now. With brutal force it came covering her face and filling her mouth, Daria grunted loudly as she accepted it all.

"Oh god, that was so good." The boy murmured becoming of his own explosion. Daria smiled at him with her smeared face, noticing the look in his eyes that told her that he was hungry for more. "Okay then Daria let's see how you can handle a Super Saiya-jin!" the boy smiled in mischief while the color of his eyes suddenly changed from dark to bright green.

"Try me." Daria laughed while lying down and spreading her legs, inviting him in. The boy's eyes began to shine as he released his full power, gold energy and golden locks of hair betrayed his Saiya-jin heritage. Daria licked her lips, this was bound to be good, very good.

Carefully the boy opened up her inner lips and brought the barrel of his love gun at the opening before slowly shoving it in making sure she didn't get hurt by the sheer size of his weapon. Then he began pumping, Daria had difficulty breathing, stuffed to the fullest and loving it, oh god how she loved it.

She felt how her body became limp, she now surrendered herself to all extends to him. The boy picked up the pace. Daria felt a whole stream of orgasms coming, endlessly or so it seemed. God if only this could last forever.

Suddenly she began to notice that her lover was losing strength. And how his underbelly began to shake, a real eruption was about to take place. Quickly Daria slid from underneath him and slid his red hot rod between her breasts and began to jerk him. She then noticed the boy's golden aura going up until it nearly blinded her, Closing her eyes she heard his scream announcing that it came, and it came and came and came...

"Gohan... you have no idea how much I wanted this..." Daria sighed while lying down besides him and bringing her dirty face to his. She once again planted her lips on his open mouth and searched for his tongue, strange, why did he taste so dry?



Daria slowly opened her eyes at the sound of her alarm clock. The first thing she noticed was the pillow she was hugging, and even having one of the ends in her mouth. As reality returned Daria became aware of the battle zone that used to be her bed. The blankets were scattered round the floor, the pillows were all over the mattress and her nightshirt and shorts were wet as if she had peed in bed, but no, that wasn't the case. Daria smiled while undressing and putting on a bathrobe, this moisture had a different origin. Time for a shower.

"Hey there Daria." Jane smiled as the two of them met up and a normal day began. "Boy Dragonball Z overload last night. I couldn't stop dreaming of participating in that tournament in Videl's place."

"Yeah and getting your ass kicked by Spopovitch." Daria retorted. 'Dragonball Z overload', that was the right way to describe it but the fantasy triggered by that overload would be kept a well guarded secret. For one night, she had actually been Videl, for one night she had experienced just how lucky Videl was to have such a hunk as Gohan as her boyfriend. Daria laughed at how silly her fantasy was but still, you'd have to give Videl credit for being very lucky.

"You lucky bitch..."




This story was made out of fun and is not meant to make money of. The story is slightly based on things that happen in Dragonball Z episode 191 "The newest super saiyan" and 192 "Take flight Videl"