Milderbeast is a large mammal with a doughnut fetish. His natural habitat is the lakes of the mid-west, with frequent migrations into a kitchen, where he gets paid to feed the starving students of a small college. He can often be found surfing the net, playing music, and hibernating with a Playstation. His major ambition in life is to remain centered, so that he can become the center of the universe.

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Moon over Daytona - After graduating from their respective colleges, Daria and Jane's lives take an unusual turn due to Daria's new job. 

Every Villain Is Lemons Tom - An evil Tom parody.  Please be advised that the nature of this fic while graphic in nature is purely in jest.

Something About Amanda - Amanda has brought home a new member of the Lane family.  
Jake's Punctured Romance - Jake gets all dolled up. 

The Many Loves of Thalia Gillis - A Daria/Dobie Gillis crossover; Someone thinks Jane is attractive.... Co-written with Deref.