Nomad X

NomadX is a California artist and author, whose works are very energetic and original; Think controlled pandemonium. J  His non-Daria related projects including his web page,  SmileyBomb Productions
and two web comics; ‘Infinate Nothing'  and 'Brain Fuzzies'

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NomadX’s Daria FanFiction


From the Pad of NomadX – Nomad has some ‘fun’ with the Daria cast.

Son of Pad - A revisit to the asylum that is Nomad’s mind.

TRANSCRIPT_43685T--9-3-00 - A conversation is overheard.

Digital Girl in the 21st Century – Everyone’s  favorite cynic vs. portable gaming. 

Artwork based on this fic

Breaking Point – Sandi has had enough.

The Song Remains the Same – A journey inside the mind of everyone’s favorite slacker musician.

Brainstorming Session – Daria does a Public Service Announcement… in her own unique way.

Rude Awakenings – A father daughter outing takes a ‘Nomadic’ twist.

Infinate Daria – Nomad’s wonderful Infinate Nothing / Daria crossover ficlet.

NomadX’s Artwork


Here for a cool flash animation he did.