by Gystex


Thus endeth the story of the Passion Club – my muse is finally satisfied. Anyone who's curious about what happens to Daria and Jane will have to get used to disappointment. Anyone who's curious about the behind-the-scenes of the story… read on.

Why did I do it?

I actually think a lot of Sandi's behavior could be explained if it turned out she (a) were a lesbian, and (b) was in love with Quinn. Notice how she started off the series being actually rather nice, and has just gotten bitchier a time goes on? She's frustrated because her object of lust is right there in front of her, and yet totally unreachable. She tries to sabotage Quinn's romantic interests, yet never seems to date a guy herself. And there's the voice.

Of course, I could have just written a nice little romantic story and avoided the sex part. But, I wanted to do the sex part. I think that pornography, if properly handled, can be just as good as mainstream writing. It was actually my original intention to have this story be a lot more about the sex instead of the romance, but the romance just sneaked in. I guess the two are just hard to separate in my mind.

Anyone who's ever read "Kiss Until" by Renfield may be familiar with the part where Daria, having found out Quinn is gay, asks if the rest of the Fashion Club is as well. Quinn denies this. But hey, what if they were? There was another inspiration.

Finally, writing about lesbian sex turns me on. That's reason enough, isn't it? And before anyone asks, I don't plan to do a m/f sex story. I like girls, and if I want to see a penis, I'll look at my own rather than describing Trent's in detail.

So, there's the original inspiration. I had intended to write one story, that of Sandi and Quinn, and be done with it. But I got such a wave of response (twice as much as for my mainstream stuff – go figure) that I decided to sit down and go for a sequel… then another… and another... there was, as it turned out, a good deal of unfinished business, and the title did indicate that the whole club should be involved. Which, of course, they finally were.

Nuts and Bolts

The original premise: Sandi is a lesbian, and Quinn's willing to give it a try. From there, the obvious course of events leads to someone finding out, and I decided that someone should be Daria. This way, we get a nice strong reaction, but the whole school doesn't have to know... yet. It also provides a way for Jane to get curious, or at least more so than she actually was since the Alison thing (naturally, I had to bring that up).

The next step seemed to be to let them have a falling out. Like Daria says, both of them are way too concerned about image for the relationship to go public. Sandi, however, would never blame herself for this. I think she would take the first opportunity to blame Quinn, without even realizing that it could destroy what she's wanted for so long. The original Sandi is still there, after all: manipulative, selfish, and occasionally thoughtless. The solution to their troubles? Come out to those they can trust. I figured Tiffany would take it in stride, like she seems to take anything else. Stacy, on the other hand… but in the end, she can't go against the grain, and is more or less forced to accept it.

More than that, Stacy needs to be a part of it, joiner and follower that she is. Her error is setting her sights on Quinn, who's changed due to her newfound love – she's not a player anymore, and won't betray Sandi's trust. I thought about having Stacy go for Tiffany, but that seemed too obvious. Why not Jane? Truth be told, I think Jane would go for it if she were given the chance to kiss another girl with no strings attached. As for Stacy, she's just doing what Quinn tells her to do – but this being the kind of story it is, she enjoys it more than expected and wants more.

What's left now but to bring Tiffany into the fold? I imagined she might want to find out about the whole lesbian thing, and what better place to find distorted information than the internet? It's enough to get her interested, and make her want to explore further. The natural choice for her partner is Stacy, and in this case I went with the obvious because anything beyond that would probably be too much for Tiffany's simple mind. I deliberately ended Part V on a cliffhanger, since I knew the next chapter would be the last.

Quinn and Daria in the dressing room: That was a deliberate misdirection. My feelings about that sort of encounter are pretty much on par with Quinn's. Sorry to those perverted readers who actually wanted to see that one happen!

The final scene between Daria and Jane just seemed like a great way to end things without really ending them. I don't intend to do a Daria/Jane story, because it's been done several times and I really don't have anything to add. Besides, it's my opinion that, under such circumstances, they would kiss once and that would be the end of it. Friendship would go on, but I see no romantic spark between them. I think Jane would appreciate the irony of getting back at Tom by kissing his girlfriend, however.

In the end, I realized the title was more appropriate than I had imagined at the beginning. This is a story about passion; not just sex, but strong emotion of all kinds. Inhibitions are broken like glass and tears are shed like rain. Even Daria has her vulnerable moments in this one.

By the way, I'd be very much interested in some fan art from this story. Not just the sex scenes, although I'm sure those are the parts that most people would like to see illustrated, but in particular the photo of the Fashion Club at the Homecoming Dance. Remember: Sandi's dress is green, full-length, and the slit goes to just above the knee. Quinn's is baby blue and the bottom goes diagonally, higher on one side than the other, and she has a white silk scarf. Tiffany is in a purple floor-length gown, slit to just above the knee, she had an amethyst pendant, and her hair is down. Stacy is in a little black dress with a white lacy top and pearls. They all wear a white rose corsage.

To those who have read this far, thank you. And, be aware that I lied before – the Passion Club will return, in "P.C. 2011 – The Reunion".

- The Mysterious Gystex (who intends to remain mysterious)


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