by Gystex


This story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of sexual activity.  Discretion is advised.

Chapter One: 
Sandi's Secret


"Oh hi, Matthew!


"Well Matthew, that sounds like a really fun idea and all, but I don't know that I'm ready to make such an important decision yet. It is, after all, my first Junior Homecoming.

"Well, does it have a moonroof?


"Oops! That's my call waiting. Let me get back to you."


"Hello? Oh, hello Sandi.

"Tonight? Well of course I can make it!

"No, he was just a filler date, you know, in case nothing else came up.

"Yes, I know how important the meeting is, that's why I only made a filler date! What's on the agenda?

"You know, what we're going to talk about.

"Homecoming? We're not doing the whole float thing again, are we? I still can't get some of the exhaust stains out of that outfit.

"Oh no, Sandi, I would never suggest that it was your fault.

"Oops, is that my call waiting? I gotta go, Sandi, but I'll be there tonight. Bye!"

Quinn hung up the phone. There wasn't anyone on call waiting, of course, but sometimes that was the quickest way to get rid of Sandi. Besides, it gave the proper image of overwhelming popularity to suggest that she got a call from someone else every ten minutes (which wasn't actually that far from the truth).

She sighed. The problem with overwhelming popularity was that it was sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes Quinn wished she did have just a single boyfriend, someone who was perfect for her, who she could call and talk to about what she really felt way down deep. She even found herself envying her sister, of all people. Daria had a boyfriend, and not only that, but he was rich, handsome, witty, they had everything in common, and she had the satisfaction of knowing she had stolen him from someone else. Funny how Daria didn't see that one as a plus. Maybe it was because she felt bad about hurting her friend.

And there was another jealous point. Daria had such a good friend in Jane, and the closest Quinn had to that was Sandi. Not that Quinn wanted to hang around with Jane, she was too weird and she had no fashion sense and her house was just creepy, but she was envious of the friendship.

Quinn checked the clock. Ten minutes to six. She had a good hour to kill before the club meeting, which was scheduled at seven, but everyone always showed up fashionably late. Since her outfit for the evening was already decided on (pink long-sleeved tee with exposed midriff, jeans with a flare at the cuffs) there wasn't much to do but kick back and read up on Waif's Homecoming issue. She'd already read it twice, but there might be some subtleties in the fashion spread that she'd missed the first time.

Quinn loved to look over the fashion spreads, and not just because of the outfits. The models always had such expression, in their pose, their faces, their eyes. Quinn wished she could do that. Her attempts at modeling always seemed to end in disaster. But those were the people she wanted to be around and wanted to be like, beautiful women with poise and confidence. The most she could hope for right now was the Fashion Club. Really, they were fairly pathetic sometimes. Well, Stacy was pathetic pretty much all the time. And Tiffany was just clueless. Actually, Sandi was the only one even close to her own level. That was probably why they fought all the time.

Suddenly Quinn felt a rush of regret, and tears welled up in her eyes. Why did she and Sandi have to be on such awful terms? Why did they spend every moment together at each other's throats? The things they got competitive about were so petty, so meaningless. It was as if the arguing itself were more important than the topic. A sudden sob escaped her, and Quinn quickly put her hand over her mouth. It was a good thing Daria wasn't home to hear that.

Stop it, came a voice from inside her. That's the old Quinn, the child, the one who cries over things without even trying to fix them. You're a better Quinn now, you're in control of yourself. David was right when he said you were shallow and superficial. But that's not who you are anymore.

Quinn at up straighter. Tonight, she resolved. Tonight I'll square things with Sandi. After the meeting, she'll be my best friend, or my worst enemy, but I don't want both in the same person anymore.


"Take a close look, ladies. Here's where the future is."

Sandi held up a picture removed from the latest issue of Waif, the same one Quinn had been studying. The picture showed one of Quinn's favorite models, decked out in a long red gown with a slit up to the back of the knee.

Stacy thought for a moment, then said "Red?"

Sandi got that scowl on her face. If only she knew how ugly that made her, Quinn thought.

"No, Stacy!" said Sandi, exasperated. "The slit in this dress goes to just below the knee. Last month, the same model was featured in a dress where the slit reached upper-mid calf. The month before, right to the middle of the calf."

"The blue one…" Tiffany said.

Sandi waved her off as unimportant. "The thing to notice is the gradual lengthening of the slit. Each month, the slit in the side of the dress increases in length. The question is, how long will it be next month? This is what we want to reflect in the outfits we wear for Homecoming."

"Wow, Sandi!" Stacy said. "You're so perceptive!"

"I try," Sandi said faux-modestly.

Yeah, right, Quinn thought. You don't even know what Stacy just said. You just assumed it was a compliment.

Stop it!! shouted her inner voice. You're not going to do that anymore! Sandi is your friend, and you're not going to think mean things about her like that!!

"Can I see that?" Quinn asked, holding her hand out for the pictures.

"Of course," Sandi said. "Everyone should get a closer look."

Quinn studied the pictures carefully. "Hmm… It looks like the slit got four inches longer the first time, and three inches the second time. So, this time, we should find outfits that have a slit two inches longer."

Tiffany took a moment to count on her fingers. "Four… three… two… hey, I think you're right… but isn't two shorter than three? I thought we were trying to go longer."

"Don't hurt yourself, Tiffany," Sandi admonished. "But actually, in this case you're right."

"I am?"

"She is?" asked Quinn, wondering if Sandi was disagreeing with her for the sake of doing it, or just being dumb, or actually having a point.

"You see," Sandi said, "If we extended the slit by only two inches, the top would end up right in the middle of the kneecap, which is absolutely the wrong place for it to end up. Therefore, we must extend once again to four inches, thus clearing the knee completely and maintaining the necessity to go longer."

Oh, Sandi, you're so smart, Quinn didn't say. But she heard it in her head, and it shocked her how petty and sarcastic it sounded. Instead, she looked again at the pictures, and then up at Sandi. "You have such a good eye for style, Sandi," she said. "This is what this club is all about."

Sandi looked surprised at Quinn for a moment, seemingly unaccustomed to the tone. It was… sincere. "Um… thanks, Quinn," she said, her cheeks turning slightly pink. She smiled just a little.

Wow, thought Quinn. She's so beautiful when she smiles for real.


"All right," Sandi said. "We've covered the slit-length issue, the sequins-or-not debate, the proper degree of accessorizing, and the faux pas of little butterfly hair pins. The final consideration is… Dates."

Silence all around.

"Homecoming is still two weeks away," Sandi continued. "I suggest that we begin making our final decisions such that our dates are given one full week to obtain the outfits we select for them. Think of your date as your largest and most important accessory. If he doesn't match, it can throw off your entire ensemble. Questions?"

Stacy raised her hand.

"Yes, Stacy?"

"Do you think Brian Larson's hair has grown in enough to make him a viable date?"

"It will by Homecoming, unless he shaves it again. Make sure you make that one of you conditions of acceptance. Anything else?"

There wasn't.

"Then I declare this meeting closed. Oh, Quinn? Could you hang around for a moment?"

"Sure, Sandi." What did I do? wondered Quinn.

Sandi busied herself by packing up the visual aids until the the other girls left. Once they did, she looked at Quinn. "Um, Quinn? That was really nice, what you said earlier."

Quinn looked down at her feet. She realized that she was as unaccustomed as Sandi was to sincere compliments. "Well… that's why you're president of the club, I guess. You really do know more about fashion than any of us."

"Um… yeah. Well, I do what I can." It seemed as though Sandi had just flipped a switch, reverting from shy and uncertain to her usual closed-off self. She returned to the visual aids and started sliding them under her bed with countless others.

"Don't do that, Sandi," Quinn said quietly.

"Hm? Don't do what, Quinn?" There was a hint of ice in her tone. She didn't even look up.

"We had a moment there. Don't just shut it off."

"I don't know what you mean. Maybe you should go now. I'll see you in school tomorrow."

Quinn sadly turned to leave, then dragged up the same inner resolve that had been moving her all day. "Sandi, please stop messing with those pictures and talk to me!"

"God, Quinn, don't have a cow!"

Quinn turned around to face Sandi squarely. "This is exactly what the problem is! Sandi, you're like my best friend in the whole world and we can't even give each other a real compliment without it being a major event! I mean, I realized today that all we ever do is fight and argue even though we pretend everything is all right all the time and I just want to be real friends, Sandi! I want to be able to talk to you about really important stuff and not just how long me dress should be and what color earrings go with your hair! And school's not going to go on forever, and we'll both be moving on and I don't want to end up going to the ten-year reunion and picking up with the same petty argument we left off on, because I really like you and I want to be friends with you, you bitch!"

Oops, Quinn thought. That last part probably wasn't a good idea.

Sandi turned away. It was a long moment before Quinn knew what was going on, until she heard a sharp little intake of breath from Sandi, and her shoulders quivered. Sandi was crying.

"S-Sandi?" said Quinn. She felt like crying too. "I'm sorry, it just slipped out, I didn't mean it…"

"But it's true," Sandi replied, her voice distorted by sobs. "I am a bitch. I don't know what you could possibly see in me."

Quinn stepped tentatively forward, and put a hand on Sandi's shoulder. "Well, I'm a bitch too," she said. "You know what they say about birds of a feather."

Sandi didn't move.

"Sandi?" Quinn asked.

Suddenly Sandi turned around and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry, Quinn!" she wailed. "You are my best friend, and I don't want it to be this way either!"

"Oh, Sandi!" Quinn sobbed, and they cried together in earnest. It was quite a while before they were each able to stop.

Sandi broke the hug gently, leaving one arm around Quinn at they sat on the edge of her bed. "Thank God for waterproof mascara," she joked.

"So, what happens now?" Quinn asked, dabbing at her eyes.

"I guess we start trying to break some habits," Sandi said. "We need to start being really nice to each other for a change."

"Who goes first?"

"I will. Here goes… Quinn, you have… really pretty hair."

Well, duh, thought Quinn. But I suppose we have to start somewhere. "Thanks, Sandi. You have nice eyes."

Sandi blushed and smiled, the way she had before. "Thanks," she mumbled.

"And when you smile like that, you look absolutely beautiful," Quinn added.

"It's supposed to be my turn," Sandi chided.

"Hey, who says we have to take turns? We can say nice things about each other whenever we want!" She giggled, still on an emotional high from her cleansing crying session.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" Sandi asked, looking into Quinn's eyes.

"Of course I do, Sandi!" Quinn said. "I thought you knew that!"

"No," Sandi said. "I mean, we know better than anyone that properly applied makeup, hair done up just right, clothes in style, all that can make anyone look good. But I never knew how I looked underneath it all."

"I'll make a deal with you," Quinn said. "We'll both go take off our makeup, let our hair go, and dress in frumpy sweatshirts. Let's get a look at the real us."

"I don't know…" Sandi said.

"Friends have to trust each other, Sandi," Quinn said. "Come on. We've seen each other in the morning, how bad could it be?"

"Everyone looks bad in the morning," Sandi said. "This is, I don't know, different somehow."

Quinn got up, went over to the closet, and pulled two large hair-dye stained sweatshirts out of the back. "You stay here," she said. "I'll go use the other bathroom." She left Sandi to herself.


Quinn took her time. She started by removing every last trace of makeup, rubbing carefully with facial cleanser, hard enough to remove it all but not to leave any redness behind. The freckles emerged from behind the foundation. Her eyes lost some of their illusory depth. The only blush left to her cheeks was her own.

Then she attacked her hair. It was a bit messy, but soon her thick layers of hairspray, mousse, and gel were down the drain. She toweled her hair dry as best she could, then brushed it smooth. The natural bounce remained, as did the highlights. the bangs were brushed straight back now instead of curled just so, however.

After a few minute with nail polish remover, Quinn faced herself in the mirror with nothing to hide. She smiled a bit. It had been a while since she had really looked at herself without all the artifice, and she was happy to see that she still liked what she saw. It was amazing how much younger she looked. Quinn had long ago discovered that when she wanted to, she could easily look twenty-one. She hadn't realized that she could still look sixteen.

Sandi had to be done by now. As a final gesture to the abandonment of all unnatural aids, she slipped her bra off and stuck it in her pocket. With the sweatshirt on, she couldn't tell it wasn't there, but it was all the spirit of the thing.

She went back to Sandi's room.


The lights were out.

"Sandi?" Quinn asked.

"I'm here," Sandi said, and Quinn saw the silhouette in the door to the bathroom off Sandi's room.

"Are you done?"

"Mm-hm. Are you?"


"Turn the light on, then."

Quinn flipped the switch, and there they were.

Sandi had done the job as thoroughly as Quinn. Her hair lay stick-straight and flat, her lips seemed to have lost that remarkable fullness, and her eyes… well, more had changed about them than the lack of makeup. Quinn came closer, and then it hit her.

"Sandi, you have green eyes!"

"I wear colored contacts," Sandi said, looking down. "Green just seemed to clash with everything, so I went to brown two years ago. It was before you moved here."

"No, Sandi, they're beautiful!"

Sandi blushed, and looked back up at Quinn. "Freckles?" she giggled.


"They're cute. I like it."

Quinn noticed something else. "What's that on your cheek? Is that a natural beauty mark?"

"It's, um, a mole," Sandi said, covering it with a fingertip. "It's only a beauty mark if the rest of you is flawless."

"Don't sell yourself short, Sandi," Quinn said. She took Sandi's hand and gently lifted it away from her cheek.

Sandi looked into Quinn's eyes for a moment. Their faces were only inches apart. The moment became a little longer, and then, Sandi did something that took Quinn completely by surprise.

She kissed her.

Not a short, friendly peck – this was a real, genuine Kiss, with no mistake about the feeling behind it. This was the sort of kiss that Quinn imagined sharing with a special guy someday, the kind that makes your heart race in that moment, the kind that makes you feel like your whole body tingles with tiny sparks.

Except it was coming from Sandi. Her best friend. Another girl.

With that thought, Quinn stepped back. "I-I-I… I gotta go," she stammered.

Sandi looked as scared as Quinn felt. "Quinn, wait!" she said.

"No, I gotta go!" Quinn turned and ran from the room, ran down the stairs.

At the front door, she heard Sandi yell, "Quinn!!" one more time, and then she was gone, out the door and running back to her own house.


Quinn was a fairly good shape, but she was no sprinter. By the end of the block, she was already out of breath. It didn't help that she had started out that way, either.

She looked back behind her. Sandi wasn't following.

My God, she thought, what the hell just happened?

It was one thing to want to bond a little closer to a friend. It was another thing entirely to get a passionate kiss from her.

Quinn started walking slowly, trying to breathe, trying to get her thoughts around what Sandi had done.

And what she herself had done.

Quinn realized that she had, after an instant's hesitation, actually kissed back. She had even pulled Sandi a little closer. Only then had come the shock of reality, the pushing away. Was it possible she had actually liked it?

Well, sure, she thought. I mean, it was my first kiss. You're supposed to enjoy it.

But with her best friend? Another girl?

This probably happens all the time, she thought. Back at summer camp, some of the girls would joke about practicing on each other. Some of them probably went through with it. There's nothing wrong with that. It's the nineties, or it was a few months ago… what would you call this decade, anyway? The zeros? The turn of the millennium? Except that doesn't actually happen until next year, Daria said. I should look that up, she was probably pulling a fast one on me.

"Whoa!" she said aloud. "What the hell am I thinking about? I kissed Sandi, and I'm worried about the Y2K problem? Get a grip, Morgendorffer!"

Oops. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to say that aloud.

Quinn glanced around in the bushes on either side of the sidewalk. No sign of anyone. Her little confession must have gone unheard. God help her if Upchuck had been listening in, though Quinn didn't see how she could be that unlucky. Besides, Upchuck usually sat in trees on the same side of the street as the full moon, to better light his subjects. In any event, this was a fairly poor evening for eavesdropping, the wind was a little noisy, and weren't those rain clouds moving in? Good thing, too, they could use the rain, it had been dry lately.

"Ugh!" she shouted. She was doing it again! Why was she avoiding even thinking about what had just happened?

Because you enjoyed it, said her inner voice. And you don't want to admit it.

"Shut up!" she whispered harshly. "I listened to you once, and look where it got me!"

Now Quinn was talking back to voices in her head. She was starting to act like Daria.


The next day, at school, Quinn frantically loaded books into her locker after history class. Thank God DiMartino hadn't called on her today, she probably couldn't have given her name correctly.

"Hey, Quinn."

"Eep!" Quinn dropped half her books. She turned around quickly enough to almost lose her balance in the process. "Oh, hi Stacy!" she said, a little too loudly.

Stacy jumped back half a step. "Whoa, Quinn, what's wrong? I was just wondering why we didn't see you outside the school today for coordination check."

"Oh, that? Well, I was late for class, so I just ran in and got started. You know how it is."

"Sandi seemed kind of worried about you."

"You don't say? Well, tell her I'm just fine, everything's fine. I just walked a little more slowly to school this morning, had to stop and kiss the roses – smell the roses I mean!"

Stacy looked nervous. "Um, Quinn, you're acting awfully weird."

"What do you mean, Stacy? This is how I always act. I haven't done anything out of character lately." Quinn noticed that Sandi and Tiffany were approaching over Stacy's shoulder. "Well, gotta run, don't want to be late for class again! See you later, Sandi!"

"But… I'm Stacy!" Stacy called as Quinn took off. "And, we have lunch this hour?"

"What's with her?" Tiffany drawled as she and Sandi arrived at the scene of Quinn's departure.

"I don't know," Stacy said. "She's acting really weird. Does this have something to do with the meeting last night, Sandi?"

Sandi said nothing. She looked sadly after Quinn, and walked off in the opposite direction.

"Sandi?" called Stacy. "Was it something I did?"


Quinn ran into Daria and Jane a little further down the hall.

"Daria!" she shouted.

"Check it out, Jane," Daria said. "She looks just like Quinn, only she talks to me in public."

"Daria! I need to use your key!"

"Huh? Did you lock yourself out of the house?"

"Not that key!" Quinn said. "The other key! The copy you made of the key to the roof!"

"Not so damn loud!" Jane whispered angrily.

"Fifty bucks," Daria said, producing the key.

"Here!" said Quinn, shoving her entire purse into Daria's hands. She then grabbed the key and took off.

Daria and Jane just stared after her. "What the hell was that?" Jane asked.

"She didn't even bargain," Daria replied. "Weird. Come on, let's go ransack her purse before class."


Quinn sat on the roof, desperately hoping that Kevin and Brittany would choose a different make-out spot for the day. Company was not what she needed.

On the other hand, you can't keep avoiding Sandi forever.

"Not you again! Can't you just leave me alone!"

"No. I can't."

Quinn looked up. Sandi was standing there in front of her.

"How did you get up here?" Quinn asked.

"I ran into your weird cousin and her friend. They had your purse. I asked where you went and they gave me the other key. For twenty dollars. Oh, and here's your purse back." Sandi put down the purse and sat some distance away.

There was a very, very awkward silence.

"We need to talk," Sandi said.

"Gee, what about?" Quinn said sarcastically. "Um… sorry."

Sandi shrugged. "I actually expected worse."

There was some more silence.

Quinn decided to break it. "Why did you do it?"

Sandi looked her straight in the eye. "Honestly?"

"I think we can't afford anything else right now."

Sandi took a deep breath. "Because I've always wanted to."

"What?' exclaimed Quinn.

Sandi shrugged. "It's, you know, the way I am," she said. "Statistics say it's one teenager in twenty. I'm the one. I, um, like girls."

Quinn gaped. "How long have you felt like this?" she asked.

"I always have," Sandi said. "It's not like you wake up one morning and start being gay. It's just the way I've always been, for as long as I can remember."

Quinn turned that over in her mind. "And you thought I might be too?"

"No!" Sandi said, a little too loudly. "I mean, I can't deny that maybe I hoped a little, but I never meant to… rush into things like that. It's just, there you were, and there I was, and… I had never been so close to you… and I looked into your eyes… and I couldn't help myself…"

Quinn watched the tears fall down her friend's face.

"You're so beautiful, Quinn," Sandi said. "I fell for you the first day I ever saw you. I wanted you in the club so I could be close to you in some way, but then I couldn't handle it, having you there all the time but never being able to… you know. So I pushed you away. I acted like a terrible bitch to you. I guess I hoped that I could make you quit or something. Then, last night, you got all upset with me –"

"Oh, Sandi," Quinn said, her own tears falling now.

"No, I deserved every word of it. And you made me realize how unfair I was being to you. So I decided to give friendship a try. But then, right when everything would have been perfect… I ruined it. I destroyed everything. I made you run away after all."

Quinn got up and walked over to Sandi, and sat down. "I'm sorry I did that, Sandi," she said. "It was just a real shock, that's all. I didn't know how to deal with it."

Sandi kept crying.

Quinn hesitated, then put an arm around her shoulders.

Sandi ducked away. "Please don't, Quinn," she said. "I don't think I can handle it right now."

A sudden urge took hold of Quinn, one that she needed to act on before losing her nerve. "Maybe this will help," she said. She turned Sandi toward her and kissed her full on the lips.

Sandi was surprised enough to try and pull away at first, but Quinn would have none of it. She put both arms around Sandi and pulled her close, kissing her gently but firmly enough to show that she meant it. It wasn't long before Sandi responded in kind. They stayed in their embrace for what seemed like hours, and finally broke apart.

"Oh, Quinn," Sandi whispered. "I… I never thought…"

"Shush," said Quinn. She pulled Sandi to her again, and this time, Sandi gave as good as she got, and then some. Their lips parted and Sandi tentatively flicked her tongue across Quinn's. Quinn broke the kiss just long enough to take a sharp breath and then plunged ahead, thrusting her tongue deep into Sandi's panting mouth, feeling Sandi return in kind. She also felt Sandi's fingers clench in her hair, pulling her in closer and closer, in a passionate frenzy that Quinn had never even imagined. She became very aware of Sandi's young, firm breasts pressed tightly against her own, and the sensation excited her to a fever pitch.

The bell rang.

Sandi and Quinn broke apart, startled. They had been up on the roof for almost an hour. Both of them were panting hard, sweat glistened on their faces, and their lipstick was pretty much shot.

"Wow," whispered Quinn.

Sandi nodded.

"We need to get down from here," Quinn said. "We need to get into a bathroom, fix ourselves up, and pretend for the rest of the day that this never happened."

Sandi nodded again.

"And, we need to get together tonight, and talk about what we're going to do about this."

Sandi just nodded a third time. Then her eyes focused on Quinn's lips.

"Talk is cheap," Quinn said, as they fell into each other's arms again.


Quinn waited at home that evening, watching that stupid show that her sister seemed to like so much. Mom was at work, of course, and Dad was out wining and dining a potential new client. Daria was out with that friend of hers watching that godawful band play. No one was likely to be in until after ten o'clock.

No one but Sandi.

Somehow, they had managed to get off the roof and into separate bathrooms without being spotted. They couldn't go to the same one, of course, of the whole thing might have started all over again. Then the day had gone on, fortunately without incident, until Sandi had slipped her a note just before the last class. It said, "Where should we meet?"

Quinn wrote back "My place at six o'clock" and stuck it in Sandi's locker.

Then she had gone home. And went straight up to her room and had a good hard look in the mirror. "Is this what you want?" she had asked. "Is this really what you want? Because if you don't, you have to stop now. This isn't just some guy you're toying with, this is your best friend who took a chance on trusting you."

The mirror didn't have the answer.

Quinn had gone to her closet then, searching through it to find the best outfit to wear for the evening. It was a hard one. Waif had never done an issue on "A night with your lesbian friend."


Quinn hadn't even thought the word until that moment. She went back to the mirror, looked herself straight in the eye, and asked, "Are you a lesbian?"

No answer, but Quinn was satisfied. She had been able to ask the question. And sure, she liked guys. She was probably bi. Or maybe Sandi was a special case. They would work on some answers together.

Quinn had then returned to the closet with renewed vigor to select her outfit. In the end, she settled on a low-cut blue velvet top, a white skirt that was layered with sheer fabric, and blue heels to match the top. She decided that since she and Sandi had already done the "no makeup" test, she would go ahead and do her face. She chose a shade of lipstick that was a shade darker than usual, but otherwise stuck with what worked.

Standing before the mirror, her outfit hanging beside her, it suddenly occurred to Quinn that on this occasion, her lingerie might matter a little more than usual. Then it occurred to her that this was no ordinary evening, that she and Sandi could conceivably go all the way tonight. The thought made her shudder with excitement. She thought back to only a few hours before, on the roof, when she had taken the leap and let her inhibitions go. Who was to say how far things might have gone if the bell hadn't rung? Who was to say how far they might go tonight?

Quinn started to imagine what it might feel like to have Sandi touch her naked skin, in all kinds of wonderfully intimate ways. She closed her eyes and ran her fingertips across her breast, pretending it was Sandi's soft touch. A thrill ran through her as her nipple hardened into a tiny bud. She remembered something else, how during their first startling kiss, her nipples had rubbed against the inside of her borrowed sweatshirt. She hadn't noticed at the time, but it had been an exciting sensation.

With that, Quinn's mind was made up. She wouldn't wear any lingerie at all, tops or bottoms. That way, even if she and Sandi spent the entire time talking, it would still be exciting to know that she had one layer less between them.

She was ready ahead of time. She was so anxious, she could hardly stand it. This was so unlike any date she'd ever been on. Too worked up to wait quietly, she nonetheless forced herself to sit on the couch and watch TV.

At two minutes before six, the doorbell rang. Quinn smiled – even Sandi wasn't going to be fashionably late for this. She got up and ran to open the door.

Sandi was there. She wore a hot, tightly-fitting green dress that set off her eyes. Her eyes, Quinn thought. She took out her contacts.

Sandi had also done her makeup, but it looked different than it usually did. Her lips were emphasized a little less, her cheeks had just a little more blush, and she had not only left her beauty mark visible but even accented it a bit. It was a Sandi that Quinn had never seen before.

"Hi, Quinn," she said, smiling. "This is for you." She held out a single deep red rose.

"It's beautiful, Sandi!" Quinn said, overjoyed somehow at such a simple gift. "Come on in, I want to put this in a vase right away. Can I get you something?"

"Just hurry back out," Sandi replied, sitting on the sofa. Quinn noticed that she had brought a bag or something, but couldn't tell what it was. More surprises, she thought. How many can I take?

Quinn collected herself in the kitchen while she cut and watered the rose. Sandi looked so hot! Quinn couldn't believe that she'd never had these urges before. She wondered how Sandi had held it in for so long.

"Quinn? Are you coming?"

"I'll be right there!" she called back. Quinn took a deep breath, then headed back into the living room.


Quinn just about jumped through the ceiling. Sandi smirked at her, and revealed a bottle of bubbly freshly uncorked. "I thought we should have something special tonight," she said.

"Where did you get that?" Quinn asked.

"Borrowed it from the wine cellar," Sandi said. "My folks have more of this stuff than they'll ever drink, they won't miss it." She poured into two slim flutes that she must have brought with her.

Quinn sat down close to Sandi, and took a glass. "What shall we drink to?" she asked playfully.

"To friends," Sandi said. "And so much more." She clinked her glass with Quinn's, then they linked arms and drank it down.

Quinn coughed just a bit. "Wow! That's so fantastic! I've never had anything like that before!"

Sandi smiled and said, "More?"

"Please," said Quinn. This was going to be a night to remember.


One empty bottle later, Quinn and Sandi were laughing together like they never had before.

"You had a minister fighting over you?"

"Uh-huh, and he kept going on about 'Love thy neighbor, Love thy children…' he was so pathetic! And then that groomsman, whoever he was, came up and got in his face, and before I knw it they were pounding at each other like… like… I don't know, what do a minister and a boy in a tuxedo look like when they're fighting?"

"Penguins in heat?" Sandi offered.

That set off another round of uncontrollable giggling. "Oh… oh God, I think I need another nip of the bubbly…" Quinn said.

"This is it." Sandi held up her half-empty glass.

"Maybe I could share?"

"Hmm… I don't know…"

"Oh, come on, Sandi!"

"Well… okay. but you have to let me hold the glass. Come in close, and close your eyes."

Quinn did so without hesitation.

"Here it comes," said Sandi.

Instead of a cold glass, however, Quinn felt warm, wet lips. They tasted of champagne, but also of something far sweeter.

"Mmmm… delicious," Quinn whispered when the kiss stopped. "Why haven't we been doing that all night?"

Sandi's giggling stopped for moment. "Well, I just… remember when you said you wanted to be my friend? I want that too. I wanted to make sure we could still be that way, even after, you know, everything else."

"So, now we know we can."

"Mm-hm. So let's see what else we can be… lover."

The word excited Quinn. She took Sandi in her arms and kissed her deeply, tickling her tongue against Sandi's. At once, she felt something cold and wet on her chest. "Eep!" she exclaimed.

"Oh no!" Quinn pouted. "That was the last of the champagne! And I got it all over your shirt!"

"I'll just have to get rid of it," said Sandi playfully. She stood up and walked slowly, deliberately around to the front of the couch.

"Want to see what you've been missing, Quinn?" she asked.

Quinn was frozen on the sofa, too overwhelmed with champagne and desire to answer.

Sandi took the silence as a yes. She began rolling her hips around in a way she knew would be enticing, pulling at the lace tie that held the top of her dress together. Once it was freed, the collar popped open. The scoop neck went from shoulder to shoulder, just over her nipples which were hardening from the cold bubbly and from Sandi's own lusty feelings.

Sandi leaned over the coffee table, giving Quinn a perfect view down her dress. "Do you like what you see?" she whispered. Quinn could only nod.

She crossed her arms one over the other and grabbed the bottom of the dress, pulling it clear over her head in one smooth motion and whipping her hair free. Cupping her young, firm breasts in both hands, Sandi gave both her nipples a squeeze, and threw her head back to moan with pleasure.

Quinn remained spellbound, her eyes were locked on Sandi's naked bosom.

"You know, Quinn," she said. "They're a little wet from the bubbly. Maybe you could help with that?" Swinging her hips, she strode purposefully back to the sofa, licking her lips with anticipation.

"What do you want me to do?" Quinn asked shyly. This was what she wanted, every fiber of her being said so. She was just a little nervous about venturing into the unknown.

Sandi giggled. "I want you to take the next step," she said, sliding back onto the sofa. "Give me your hands."

Quinn's trembling fingers reached out to Sandi, who took them in her own. "Oh, but Quinn, your hands are so cold," she said. "We can't have that…" Keeping her eyes locked on Quinn's the whole time, she raised quivering fingertip to her lips and gently kissed it. Then she sucked Quinn's finger into her mouth, running her tongue all along the length.

The effect on Quinn was electric. Her breath came out in a rush, and her nipples perked out into her velvet top. Sandi excited her further by tracing a wet line across her palm, then blowing with heated breath across her hand. "Do you want to touch me?" she asked.

"Y-yes," whispered Quinn.

Sandi laid Quinn's open palm across her cheek, then pulled it slowly down her neck, down her chest, and finally onto the soft roundness of her breast. She started Quinn's other hand on her hip, up her side, and onto the other breast. Quinn's eyes were wide, her lips panting, as Sandi showed her how to rub in slow, gentle circles to tease the nipples erect. It wasn't long before she started to lose some of her control, and moaned with pleasure as Quinn continued the motion that Sandi had started.

"Do you still want some champagne, Quinn?" Sandi asked breathlessly.

Quinn nodded.

"There's still some right here." Sandi cupped her left breast and offered it to Quinn.

Quinn hesitated only a moment, then leaned in close to Sandi's naked bosom. She took just a moment to enjoy the sight before her, then took a deep breath and touched her moistened lips to Sandi's nipple. Sandi eased her hand behind Quinn's head and pulled her closer, compelling Quinn to open her lips around Sandi's breast and take her first, gentle suck.

"Oh yes, Quinn…" Sandi moaned. "Oh, that feels so good. I've wanted this for so long, I can't believe this is happening to me…"

Sandi lowered herself slowly back on the sofa, and Quinn followed, her tongue tracing delicate circles around Sandi's nipples. She sucked on one breast and then the other, unable to get enough of the wonderful feeling. She soon felt Sandi's hands pulling up on her top, and broke contact long enough to let the velvet shirt go over her head.

Not wanting to deprive Sandi of her first look, Quinn sat up and ran her ran her hands through her own hair to move it up and out of the way, throwing her head back to let Sandi see all of her. she then cupped her own breasts the same way Sandi had, and pulled one up high enough to lick her own nipples a bit. From the look on her face, Sandi was enjoying the show.

Her own tongue felt good, but Quinn knew that Sandi's would feel even better. She put her hands over Sandi's head and lay down on top of her so that her breasts were thrust into Sandi's face. Sandi wasted no time in giving Quinn the pleasure she needed. She started by nuzzling deeply into Quinn's cleavage, feeling the sensation of Quinn's soft skin against her cheeks on either side. Soon, she licked her way over to Quinn's waiting nipple and sucked it into her mouth, pulling hard for just a moment before applying a gentle kiss.

Quinn almost lost her balance at the sudden shock of sensation. A tiny cry escaped her, and she bit down on her lower lip to prevent another. Sandi took the initiative, pulling Quinn closer to her and rolling them both over on the sofa until Sandi was on top. Her hands carefully kneaded Quinn's breasts as her tongue continued to offer pleasure to Quinn's sensitive nipples. A tiny bite inspired a shiver and a moan from Quinn, and she began to rock her hips reflexively as Sandi got her hotter.

Without warning, Sandi stopped and stood up.

"S-Sandi?" asked Quinn. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," she said, smiling. "Can we go upstairs, to your room?"

"I need you, Sandi…" Quinn begged.

"I need you to. I want to make love to you. But not here. I'm scared someone might walk in, you know."

Quinn nodded, and with an effort, got up from the sofa. She took Sandi into her arms and kissed her deeply, her knees almost giving way as she felt the delicious sensation of Sandi's naked breasts pressed against her own.

Sandi broke the kiss after a moment. "Upstairs, lover," she whispered.

They Quickly gathered up their discarded clothes, the glasses, and the empty bottle, and fled to Quinn's room.

Once inside, they locked the door. Quinn closed the blinds and lit a pair of decorative candles on the dresser. When she turned around, Sandi was waiting for her with open arms. They kissed again and lowered themselves sideways onto Quinn's bed, their hands roaming over each other's bodies.

"Take your skirt off, Quinn," Sandi whispered in her ear.

"Feel under it first," Quinn responded.

Sandi's hands dropped low onto Quinn's thighs and traveled up under her dress. Sandi took her time, her hand inching higher and higher, until they reached Quinn's firm, round bottom.

Sandi's eyes went wide. "You don't have anything on underneath," she said in a shocked whisper.

Quinn's response was to unhook the clasp that held the skirt around her waist, and kick up her hips so that it would easily slide off. With a little help from Sandi, she was undressed.

"Your turn," Quinn whispered.

Sandi stood up, and slid her panties off her hips, kicking them away. Like Quinn, the last of her defenses was stripped away.

"Make love to me, Sandi," Quinn begged. "I want you to make me feel like I've felt in my dreams. I want you to do to me what you've done in your fantasies. Please, Sandi, I want you so much…"

Sandi took a step forward and took Quinn into her arms, lowering her backward onto the bed nd fanning her long red hair over the sheets. She kissed Quinn's forehead, her cheekbones, her lips, her neck, working her way downwards and restoring the passionate mood that had been interrupted. Sandi paused for a long time at Quinn's breasts, kissing the nipples hard once again, then continued to make her way down. Sandi smiled when she discovered that Quinn was a redhead through and through.

"I've never done anything like this before, Quinn," Sandi said. "I'm so glad you were my first."

"You were my first kiss, Sandi," Quinn replied. "And now you're my first lover. Love me, Sandi, and then I'll do the same for you…"

Sandi needed no further encouragement. She gently eased Quinn's thighs apart, and lowered her lips to Quinn's sex. The first taste was like ambrosia, and Sandi lost control completely. She plunged into Quinn with intense energy, pulling herself as close as she could, and thrusting her tongue inside as far as she could.

Quinn stiffened with the sudden, raw pleasure. He breath came in gasps and moans as Sandi's mouth worked magic upon her. She had never imagined a sensation like this, never dreamed that anything could feel so good. Her hips rocked into Sandi's embrace, and Sandi rocked along with her, moving her tongue in time with Quinn's motions. Quinn felt as though she might burst if the intense feeling grew any stronger, but nothing could have made her want to stop it.

Sandi's lips found Quinn's clit and pulled it softly into her mouth, where her tongue flicked back and forth on the sensitive little bud. By now Quinn had laced her fingers in Sandi's hair and was puller her closer and tighter.

With a final cry of release, Quinn felt the tight knot of pleasure between her thighs explode, and a wonderful, blissful sensation ran throughout her entire body. Every nerve seemed to light itself on fire, her blood boiled, her heart pounded as if it might burst. The incredible sensation reached a peak and then slowly ebbed away, leaving only a warm, beautiful glow that settled on her entire body. She felt Sandi on top of her and reached out to touch her face, to pull her closer, and kiss her warm, wet lips that tasted like a sweet honey.

There were no words. Quinn felt guided by instinct, and knew she had to show Sandi what she had felt. She rolled over so Sandi lay on her back, then moved her face down between Sandi's creamy white thighs. Her lips found Sandi's womanhood, and Quinn kissed her as if they were Sandi's lips, twirling her tongue inside. At the same moment, she felt the touch of Sandi's wet fingertip on her clit, and knew that Sandi wasn't done pleasing her. They locked together in a hot, loving embrace, lips to lips, both free from inhibition and oblivious to anything but the rapture they felt together.

A familiar sensation began to build in Quinn once again, and she could tell by Sandi's moans that it was happening to her too. She spread Sandi's sex with her fingertips and pursed her lips on Sandi's clit, kissing and sucking delicately to drive Sandi higher.

Once again, Quinn felt the pleasure reach a peak, and the warmth flooded through her body. It was less intense than before, but it seemed to go on forever, filling her with a glorious satisfaction that she could feel Sandi sharing beneath her. It seemed that for a moment Quinn lost all sensation of the outside world, that she and Sandi were floating together in the clouds. When she began to awake, she found herself wrapped in Sandi's arms, trading soft kisses on each other's lips.

"Oh, Sandi," sighed Quinn.

"I love you, Quinn," whispered Sandi.

"I love you, Sandi," Quinn replied, knowing it was true. Slowly, she fell asleep in her lover's arms.


The soft, gray light of dawn awoke Quinn the next morning. She felt Sandi's arm across her, cupping her breasts, and smiled at the sensation. Then she began to realize the position they were in, and what would happen if they were caught. "Sandi?" she whispered.


"Sandi, wake up, we can't get caught like this!"

Sandi's eyelids fluttered open, and suddenly she was wide awake. "What time is it?" she asked

"It's five thirty AM! What are we going to do?"

"It's okay," Sandi said. "I arranged to be able to sleep over."

"But Sandi, what if someone saw us!"

Sandi raised herself on her elbow. "There's still a champagne glass in front of the door," she said, sighing with relief. "Anyone who came in would have knocked it aside."

Quinn let out a long breath. "Still, we can't stay here like this."

"Bored with me already?" Sandi teased, blowing gently in Quinn's ear.

Quinn shivered with a moment's delight. "Oh, Sandi, I could never be bored with you," she said in the patronizing tone they both knew so well.

They both giggled, and then quickly stifled the sound. The wall between Quinn's and Daria's room was awfully thin. "You stay in bed," Quinn whispered. "I'll go to the floor."

"It's your bed," Sandi said.

"But, what about your condition?"

"Oh, that," Sandi smiled. "I made that up."


"Well, one time Stacy and I slept over at Tiffany's, and I woke up in the middle of the night with my arms around Stacy. She didn't wake up, thank goodness, but from the sound of it I inspired some interesting dreams. I didn't want to take that chance again."

"Should I be jealous of Stacy, now?" Quinn asked lightly.

"Oh no, you're way cuter than Stacy." That inspired another potentially disastrous giggling fit.

"Come on," Sandi said. "Let's just borrow some of your pajamas, and we'll both stay in the bed. It's not that weird, after all. And that way, we'll be able to cuddle each other some more."

"I'd like that, Sandi."

They were soon back in bed, not quite as intimate as before, but it was better than being separated.


"Yes, Quinn?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

To be Continued…


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