by Gystex


This story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of sexual activity.  Discretion is advised.

Chapter Two: 

Emotional turmoil. That pretty much summed it up for Quinn.

Sandi had dropped her off an hour ago, after having spent the bulk of the day shopping with Quinn. For the first time in as long as she could remember, Quinn had enjoyed the company more than the shopping. She hadn't even bought much, just two or three bags worth. Well, objectively that might be seen as a lot, but compared to what she usually brought home it was nothing.

It had been as relaxing and, at the same time, stimulating a shopping trip as she had ever been on. It was astounding the difference it made to be totally honest with someone about what looked good and what didn't, and to get that kind of advice in return. Not to mention kissing Sandi in the dressing rooms.

Quinn sighed in a way that could best be described as lovestruck. If someone had told her even a week ago what was in store for her, she probably would have screamed and run away. Who could have imagined that Sandi was in love with her? Who could have further imagined that Quinn would discover she felt the same way?

It had only been last night that they had bared one another's souls completely, embracing in ways that Quinn had never imagined. In the heat of the moment, she had known her budding feelings for Sandi were real. In the afterglow, she had felt Sandi's love and returned it wholeheartedly. And now, having spent the day together as the friends they had never been before, she knew it was still true.

The problem was everyone else in the world.

They had been honest and forthcoming with each other about everything except one detail: what to tell people about their new relationship. The subject had pointedly not come up. Quinn knew that they couldn't keep it a secret forever, though they did have the advantage that no one would think it was strange to see them together all the time. Quinn wasn't sure how people would react, especially the rest of the fashion club. Could Stacy and Tiffany handle it, knowing that Quinn and Sandi were lovers? Quinn figured that Stacy would probably scream and faint, and Tiffany would need to have it explained to her at least three times using small words. Then she might also scream and faint.

Things were suddenly very complicated.


"Quinn Morgendorffer! Stop right there!"

Quinn had gotten halfway up the stairs before Helen stopped her. "Oh, hi Mom! Don't worry, I didn't spend too much money at the mall. Wait until you see the cute little sandals I got, though. I'll be right back!"

"Not so fast, young lady! You have some explaining to do."

"Um, Mom? Can this wait?"

Helen set her feet and put on her absolutely-no-nonsense-will-be-tolerated expression. "I want to know exactly what went on here with you and Sandi last night!"

Quinn paled. She grabbed the railing for support. "L-look, Mom, I can explain…"

"Explain? What if I had to explain this to her mother? Do you know how embarrassing it could be for me?"

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you??" Quinn ran down the stairs. "You can't do this to me! I mean, Sandi trusted me and everything!"

"Oh, so this was her idea? That figures, I suppose, she does seem the type."

"Well… I suppose it was more of a mutual thing, but yeah, it was Sandi's idea first. I mean, I didn't know how to react at first, but… she was just so, well, convincing." Quinn had the impulse to assert herself a little. "Besides, I'll bet you did a little experimenting of your own when you were my age."

"That's beside the point, Quinn!" Helen had lost some of her resolve, but you had to know her to see it. Quinn knew her very well.

"Come oooon, Mom. You can't tell me you didn't try something similar with your girl friends when you were growing up. What's the big deal, anyway? I mean, it's not like you have a problem with Daria and Tom."

"What? Daria and Tom are doing this too?"

"Well, I haven't actually caught them at it, but I mean, come on, they're teenagers, they like to have fun too… then again, this is Daria we're talking about."

"Let's not change the subject, Quinn," Helen said, slipping back into Mom mode - or lawyer mode, it was hard to tell with Helen. "I'm willing to let this slide just this once. But I don't want this sort of thing going on again. Not until you're an adult. Is that clear?"

Quinn deflated. "All right, I guess…"

"Fine. Oh, and by the way, I have to say I'm impressed with your choice."

"MO-OOM!! That's just weird!"

"I mean, the first time I tried it, I didn't select nearly so fine a vintage."


Helen held a champagne cork out to Quinn. "But, I was a little more careful about cleaning up the evidence. Seriously Quinn, underage drinking is no laughing matter. Can I count on you to be more responsible in the future?"

Quinn stared at the cork, then at her Mom, and finally got what this was all about. "Um, sure, Mom. I'll make sure Sandi knows that we shouldn't drink anymore."

"All right. I think I can trust you, Quinn. But, I still think you need to stay in for the rest of the night. You can call Joey or Jeffy or Jamie and cancel."

"It's Jeremy, Mom."

"Well, whomever it is will just have to see you some other time. You should be grateful I'm letting you off with just one night of grounding."

"Oh, believe me, Mom, I know it could have been much worse." Quinn grabbed her bags and ran back up to her room. Once behind the closed door, she let out a long, cleansing breath.


After about an hour, Quinn was sure that there was no evidence to be found anywhere in her room of the previous night's goings-on. Her bed was made, her clothes were off the floor, and the champagne bottle was carefully packed away in a box in the bottom of her dresser. She wanted to save that as a keepsake.

The phone rang.

"That's for me!" she said to no one in particular. She picked it up. "Hello?"

"Oh, Jeremy, hi!"

"That's what I said."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can't. Mom grounded me for the night. Could we take a rain check on that?" Quinn paused to think. Did she really even want to go out with any guys any more? This was a complication she hadn't thought of.

"Look, Jason, I have to go, I can't talk now."

"That's what I said. I really have to go, the, er, kitchen's on fire." She hung up.

Oh, great, she thought. The boys are just going to keep calling. What do I do? I can't stop dating, or people will know something weird is going on, but what about Sandi?

Quinn threw herself down on her bed. She would just have to think about this.


The next day at school, Quinn got out of History class and went straight for Sandi's locker. She had missed coordination check again that morning, this time because she genuinely was late for class, and didn't want Sandi to get the wrong idea.

She turned the corner and there was Sandi with the rest of the club. Quinn took a moment to drink in the sight of her friend. Ever since their night together, Sandi had changed her look in subtle ways, showing the beauty mark on her left cheek and wearing outfits to match the true green color of her eyes. She was smiling more, too. Especially when she turned and saw Quinn coming.

"Quinn! Over here!" Stacy waved to her. Quinn hurried over. "We were just talking about scheduling an emergency fashion meeting tonight, since Sandi's gone back to her original eye color. Doesn't it look so much better on her?"

"She looks beautiful," Quinn said, trying to keep the lust out of her voice. She succeeded just enough for no one to get it except Sandi, who sneaked a wink at her.

"Really pretty…" said Tiffany.

"So, when's the meeting?" asked Quinn.

"I thought we could get together at my place, around seven-thirty. Oh, and Quinn, could you show up just a little early?"

"Sure, Sandi!" Quinn realized she might have sounded a little too enthusiastic. "I mean, of course I will."

"Then it's arranged. We'll meet tonight."


"What's with your sister lately, anyway?"

Jane and Daria perched in their usual location on the school roof, just under the heating vent.

"You mean, aside from her usual shenanigans?" Daria didn't care for the direction the conversation was taking. Quinn was hardly her favorite topic.

"Well, it all started with the roof key thing. I mean, she was in an absolute panic, which made sense when I saw that Sandi was after her. But then today, she and Sandi were laughing together in the halls, and Sandi actually said hi to me and asked how I was doing before returning my key. Then Quinn thanked me for loaning it to her."

"That is weird," Daria said. "You know what else? I found a champagne cork sitting on the sofa the night before last. Sandi and Quinn must have had some slumber party. I made sure I put it where Mom would see it."

"That was mean."

"Thank you. But I figured I owed her one. I don't know for what, I just felt like I was a little behind."

"What vintage?" Jane asked.

"You'd never believe it. Dom Perignon '53."

Jane whistled. "Boy, these fashion girls don't do anything halfway, do they?"

Before she could answer, Daria was startled by the access door opening. "Oh, great," she said. "I thought Kevin and Brittany were going to the janitor's closet lately."

"Look again," Jane pointed.

Sandi and Quinn emerged from the roof door and glanced around, failing to notice Daria and Jane behind the heating vent.

"What the hell are they doing up here?" Daria whispered.

"This is our spot," Jane said angrily. "Can't the popular kids be satisfied with the rest of the school?"

Daria's reply was cut off by her mouth dropping open in shock as Quinn and Sandi threw themselves into a passionate kiss.

"That's… that's really going to mess up their makeup," Jane said.

Daria was speechless.

"You were right. That must have been some slumber party."

Daria found her voice. "That's not funny, Jane."

"Hey, just because you're the only one on the roof who's never been picked up on by a girl before..."

"How would you like to be picked up by me and dropped off the side of the roof?"

"Sshh! They're coming over here!"

Daria grabbed her pack and slid around the heating vent, keeping it between her and her sister. "This is bad," she said to Jane.

"How so?"

"Either we pop out and become irrevocably involved, or we stay here and witness what happens next."

"Ew. This is bad."

"So, what do we do?"

"I say we show ourselves."


"Or, we could pretend they caught us in the same act."

Daria stood up quickly. "Hi, sis," she said.


A mile and a half away, Mrs. Rosenthal looked up from feeding her cat and wondered what the scream was about.


"Fifty dollars!"


"A hundred dollars!!"

"Quinn, listen…"

"All right, you can have my Social Security!"

"Shut up, Quinn!" Daria fairly shouted. "I don't want your damn money!"

"I'll take it," Jane smirked.

"Jane, you're not helping. Look, Quinn, I'm not going to blackmail you. What you do with Sandi is your own business."

"Thanks, Daria," Sandi mumbled. It was hard to tell how she felt. Her face was completely blank.

"You're really not going to tell anyone?" Quinn asked hopefully.

"No one would believe us anyway," Jane pointed out.

Daria sighed. "Quinn, I've never really cared about who you were dating. I'm not going to start now. All I ask is that if you find you need advice at some point, for God's sake, go to someone besides me. I. Don't. Want. To. Know."

"I'm kind of curious, though," Jane said.


"All right, all right, you don't have to yell. Jesus, Daria, why are you taking this so seriously?"

"Can I say something?" Sandi asked.

"Since when do you ask for permission?" Jane returned.

Sandi turned to Quinn. "Let me talk to your sister and her friend alone for just a moment. I think I can straighten this out."

Quinn started to say something, but saw the look in Sandi's eyes. With a last, worried look at Daria, Quinn walked back over to the access door and sat down.

"Look, Daria, Jane," she said. "Quinn's feeling really unsure right now. I don't want her to give up on this because she's afraid of rumors."

"I wasn't going to start any," Daria said.

"I only like spreading false rumors," Jane said. "True ones aren't any fun at all."

"The thing is, I do want to, er, come out at some point. But not until Quinn's ready. We haven't even had the chance to talk about it yet. Like I said, she's really scared."

"Fair enough," Daria said. "Tell me, though, what's with your change in attitude? I mean, you're suddenly not acting like a, er…"

"Cast-iron bitch?" Sandi said, smiling a little.

"My thoughts exactly."

Sandi looked thoughtful for a moment. "Have you ever been in love?"

"Not really," said Daria.

"Never for more than five minutes at a time," said Jane.

"I'm in love with Quinn," Sandi said. "I have been since I met her. You can't imagine what it's like to have that need fulfilled after so much time of feeling like it was hopeless. It's, well, given me a reason to be happy. You see, I could handle it if Quinn didn't feel the same way… but I couldn't handle it if she were scared off before she had the chance to find out." She looked straight at Daria. "You might not believe this, but Quinn listens to you. She puts a lot of stock in what you say. I'm… begging you, don't destroy this." Sandi had tears in her eyes as she turned away and left with Quinn.

Daria watched the spot where Quinn and Sandi had disappeared for a long time. "Damn," she finally said.

"What?" Jane asked.

"She got to me," Daria said. "Dammit, she really got to me."

"Hey, there's a little speck of sentiment in my eye too. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"Come on," said Daria. "Let's get downstairs. I really need an Ultra Cola."


Quinn sat on her bed, fighting back tears. She and Sandi hadn't talked much after coming off the roof. Sandi had just said that she hoped to see Quinn at the club meeting, and then left for her next class.

The phone rang. Quinn picked it up and angrily slammed it back down on the cradle. She didn't feel like talking to any guys at the moment.

There was a knock at her door.

"Go away!" she shouted.

"That's my line," Daria said. She came into Quinn's room.

"Look, I don't know what you came in here for, but I don't care what you have to say. Save your funny little remarks for your friend Jane!"

Daria sighed. This wasn't going to be easy. "Look, Quinn… I might have been a little, well, thrown off my stride up on the roof before. I just got this mental image of you and Sandi making out in here the other night while I was trying to sleep. It's got nothing to do with the fact that she's a girl, I'd have been just as weirded out if you had a guy in here."

"Really?" Quinn wasn't convinced.

"Okay, maybe not quite as weirded out. Hey, I can tell this isn't just another date for you, you know."

"What was your first clue?" Quinn asked, her sarcasm rivaling Daria at her best.

"She called me your sister."

Quinn looked up. She hadn't expected a real response. "What?"

"She knew I was your sister, and you didn't deny it. That, at least, shows you're being totally honest with each other."

Quinn smiled a bit. "When I mentioned it, she said she already knew."

"Well, she's not that dense, you know. Look, I just wanted to let you know that I've got nothing against same-sex relationships, and if you want to pursue this with Sandi, I'm not going to spill the beans on you. I'll even run a little interference if you need me to."

Quinn smiled even more. "Really?"

"But you owe me big time for this." Daria said, smirking.

"Oh, thank you!" Quinn jumped up and hugged Daria tightly.

"Gahh! No hugs! NO HUGS!!"


Sandi waited in the living room. Her brothers were off to the video arcade, thanks to a twenty-dollar bribe and a threat of crippling injury should they return before seven thirty. She found herself glancing at the clock every half-minute, wondering when (or if) Quinn would arrive. Everything depended on, of all people, her weird sister. Sandi didn't know whether her words earlier had made things better or worse. She could only hope that somewhere, under that cold, sarcastic exterior, Daria had a heart.

The doorbell rang.

Sandi jumped off the couch and stumbled over the coffee table. She checked herself after two sprinting steps toward the door, calmed down a bit, then went to see who was there.

It was Quinn.

"You're here," Sandi said, smiling.

"Of course I am," said Quinn, her face perfectly deadpan.

Sandi lost her smile. Something didn't seem right.

Quinn came inside, closing the door behind her. "So, Sandi, what did you want to talk about?" Quinn asked.


"Well, you wanted me here early, right?"

"Um… sure."

"So, did you want to talk about dress choices for the Homecoming Dance?" Quinn asked brightly. Then she stepped very close to Sandi, put her arms around her, and whispered, "or, would you rather make hot love to me?"

"W-what?" Sandi stuttered.

Quinn smiled. "I had you going there for a second, didn't I?" she said, and kissed Sandi lightly on the lips.

Sandi burst out laughing. "Oh God, Quinn, don't do that to me!" she squealed.

"Hey, Sandi," Quinn replied. "That's what happens when you get involved with a compulsive tease." She wet her lips with her tongue and kissed Sandi again, drawing her closer into a heated embrace.

"We have over an hour before the meeting," Sandi whispered in Quinn's ear. "Can we go up to my room?"

"Now?" asked Quinn, delicately nibbling Sandi's earlobe.

"Right now," Sandi replied. She grabbed Quinn's wrist and ran for the stairs. The two of them giggled wildly as they ran up the stairs.


They tumbled into Sandi's room. Quinn threw herself onto the bed while Sandi flipped the door shut and slid the chain latch into place.

"You're not locking because someone's home, are you?" Quinn asked.

"No," Sandi replied. "I just don't want you to get away." She launched across the room and pinned Quinn to the bed, kissing her deeply and forcefully. After a moment, Quinn pulled away just to get air.

"What happened to you?" Quinn asked, more than a little startled.

"If you can be a tease," Sandi growled seductively, "I can be a bitch." She seized Quinn's shirt in her teeth and ripped it halfway down the middle.

"Sandi!" Quinn protested.

"Shush," Sandi admonished, silencing Quinn with another deep kiss. She let go of Quinn's wrists for a moment, pinning her down only with the slight weight of her slim body. Quinn knew she could get away if she wanted to, but chose to let Sandi play out her fantasy. It was exciting for both of them.

Sandi broke the kiss with a slight nibble to Quinn's lower lip, then sat up and pulled her own shirt over her head. Her hair fell in disarray over her face, not quite concealing her hungry eyes. Her hands finished the job on Quinn's shirt that her teeth had started, tearing it all the way to the bottom seam. Quinn started to undo her bra, but Sandi stopped her and pinned her wrists over her head again.

"That's my job, lover," Sandi whispered. "You wouldn't want me to have to tie you up, would you?"

Quinn trembled at the thought, partly from nervousness, mostly from desire. She shook her head.

"I think you would like it, actually," Sandi said. "But we'll save that for another time." She reached behind her own back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders and giving Quinn an eyeful of her firm, round breasts. Then she took Quinn's bra in both hands and ripped it apart at the center. Quinn was past caring about what Sandi was doing to her clothes, and arched her back to give Sandi the best possible view.

"You're so hot, Quinn," Sandi whispered. "You make me want you so badly…"

Quinn felt Sandi's hands cup her breasts and give them a gentle squeeze. Her nipples hardened under Sandi's touch, as Sandi's hands moved past her breasts, lingered gently for a moment on her slender neck, and traveled up her arms to Quinn's own hands. The next touch she felt was Sandi's stiff nipples grazing her own, and then their breasts pressed together. The exquisite sensation made Quinn gasp for breath, moments before Sandi's tongue plunged into her mouth.

Quinn felt Sandi's hips rocking against her, and the urge rose within her to strip away the cloth barriers between them and know the touch of Sandi's bare skin on her own. Sandi had taken total control this time, however, and somewhere in the back of her mind Quinn knew this was the way Sandi liked it best. After all, it was in her nature to want to command, just as it was in Quinn's nature to crave attention and adoration. They were both getting what they needed most.

Sandi's desires weren't far behind Quinn's. She pulled away for a moment, pressing firmly once on Quinn's wrists to compel her to keep her hands where they were. Standing up for a moment, Sandi pulled Quinn's sandals off and dropped them on the floor, then reached up and undid her tight jeans, pulling them over Quinn's hips. Her own jeans followed shortly after. Then she took Quinn's slender leg and raised it high, kissing the firm calf muscle and running a wet tongue all the way up Quinn's creamy white thigh.

Quinn moaned with pure pleasure, and grabbed the headboard of Sandi's bed with whitened knuckles. Soon Sandi's questing tongue reached the pink between Quinn's thighs. Once again, Sandi's passion took hold, and she grabbed Quinn's panties in her teeth to rip them away. Then, giving Quinn no time to rest, she lowered her heated lips onto Quinn's glistening sex.

Quinn stifled a lusty cry as Sandi's lips worked magic upon her. Her legs spread apart, seemingly of their own accord, to give Sandi full access to her most private places. The familiar sensation of climax began to build within her, and Quinn let it take her over completely, moaning passionately as Sandi gave her pleasure. Even as the sensation drifted into a soft afterglow, Sandi's lips continued to caress her hotly.

Only a moment after Sandi finally stopped, Quinn felt a soft hand over her eyelids, and she nodded slightly to show she understood. After a short moment, she felt a pressure on the bed to either side of her, and a sweet, musty aroma came to the air. Then Sandi's moist clit touched her lips, and Quinn responded immediately, drawing the hard little bud gently into her mouth.

Sandi moaned softly. "Mmm… that feels so good, Quinn… you're going to make me come, lover…"

Quinn let her tongue play along Sandi's tender pink sex, bobbing her head along with Sandi's rocking motions. Suddenly she felt a wet fingertip between her legs. She spread them apart to encourage Sandi further, and was rewarded as Sandi slid the finger up inside her, stroking back and forth in the same rhythm as her thrusting hips on Quinn's pretty face.

Quinn dove into Sandi's pussy with renewed vigor, increasing Sandi's excitement in turn. Quinn had never felt deep penetration before. She wanted to do the same for Sandi, but her arms were pinned over her head by Sandi's thighs. Instead, she thrust her tongue inside Sandi as deeply as she could.

"Oh, yes, Quinn…" Sandi moaned. "You're making me so hot… I love it when you do me, lovergirl… lick me hard, make me come…"

Sandi's words and her thrusting fingers, took Quinn over the edge for the second time. Her back arched high as the feeling of climax spread again through her body, even as Sandi cried out with her own pleasure. Before Quinn knew what was happening, Sandi had dropped down on top of her, wrapping her arms around Quinn's body an pulling her close for a hot lover's kiss. Quinn couldn't resist taking Sandi in her arms as well, and the two girls enjoyed the last throes of climax locked together in deep passion.

At long last, they pulled apart, enjoying a few last tender kisses before separating.

"Wow…" Quinn whispered when she had regained the power of speech.

"Mmm…" Sandi agreed.

Quinn felt what was left of her shirt. "We may have some explaining to do," she giggled.

"No problem," Sandi smiled. "I have at least three duplicate outfits for you." She rolled over and whispered in Quinn's ear. "I used to wear them while I touched myself, and thought of you."

Quinn smiled. "Wow," she said again. "You'll have to show me that sometime. Maybe when you want to try being the submissive one."

"Well Quinn, if I'm so submissive, maybe you should be President of the Fashion Club."

Quinn cracked up when Sandi said that. "Oh no, Sandi, I could never replace you."


"So we're settled," Sandi said. "Let's review. I'm going in green, to set off my newly revealed eye color. Floor-length gown, slit to just above the knee, small bow on the shoulder. Emeralds. Stacy?"

"Little black dress, white lacy knit sweater, pearls."

"Excellent," said Sandi. "Tiffany?"

"Dark purple strapless, slit to just above the knee… um, what's my jewelry again?"

"Stacy, do you have that is the minutes?" asked Sandi.

"Um, sure. Tiffany, you're going with gold and amethyst to match the dress, and your hair will be down."

"Sorry I forgot," Tiffany slurred.

"Don't worry about it, Tiffany," Sandi said sincerely, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. "With all the combinations we tried out, it's easy to forget."

Tiffany and Stacy both looked at her in shock. Quinn just smiled. They weren't used to Sandi's new attitude yet, and certainly didn't know the cause.

"Quinn?" Sandi continued. "What's your outfit?"

"Baby blue dress, cut at an angle from the floor to the back of the knee. White silk scarf. Sapphires."

"Excellent. Well, that should wrap it up for the meeting."

Stacy and Tiffany got up to leave.

"Hold on," Sandi said. "Who wants to go someplace fun tonight?"

"Huh?" asked Stacy.

"That's a great idea!" Quinn gushed. "Let's go take in a movie. I hear 'My Infinite Wanderings' is really good."

Tiffany and Stacy just looked at each other.


"All my life, I've been my mother's child…"

"No one could expect you to be less. I just ask that you give me a chance."

Quinn went for another handful of unbuttered popcorn. As she did, her hand brushed Sandi's, and even though she never looked away from the screen, she felt Sandi's smile.

They held hands, hidden in the popcorn bucket, for the rest of the movie.

To be Continued…


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