by Gystex


This story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of sexual activity.  Discretion is advised.

Chapter Five:  Making Dates

Quinn sighed as she snuggled into Sandi's arms, basking in the afterglow of another wonderful session of hot love with her best friend.

"Quinn?" Sandi whispered.

"Yes, love?"

"Do you see us, you know, lasting for a while?"

"At the moment, I could see myself right here forever."

"That's not what I meant," Sandi said, stroking Quinn's long, red hair. "I mean, I'm kind of worried that you'll feel like you're missing something, and want to go back to dating guys again."

Quinn sat up a bit, and looked into Sandi's eyes. "How far do you see this going, Sandi? I mean, do you think we'll want to stay together all the way through high school and afterwards?"

"I don't know," Sandi admitted. "Like you said, at moments like these, I want us to go on forever. But it hasn't even been two weeks yet."

"Two weeks and two years, Sandi," Quinn pointed out. "That's how long we've been friends. I think we can count that part."

Sandi smiled, and kissed Quinn lightly on the lips. "I love you so much, Quinn," she said.

"I love you too, Sandi," Quinn replied. "And where am I going to get a boyfriend who likes shopping so much, or understands the importance of good-quality nail polish, or the horror of split ends, or has such a great set of tits?"

Sandi laughed out loud. "Oh, God, Quinn… I never thought I could be as happy as I am with you."

Quinn smiled and rested her head down between Sandi's breasts.

Sandi stroked her hair some more, then said, "Do you think Stacy and Tiffany are really okay with this?"

Quinn shrugged. "They said they were. And actually, Stacy's probably more okay with it than you realize."

"What do you mean?"

"The other day, she asked if she could kiss me. You know, to see what it was like."

Sandi stiffened a bit. "Did you?"

"No," said Quinn. "I didn't think it would be fair to you."

Sandi still looked concerned, however. "Um, Quinn, I know we never said we were going steady, but… I feel so attached to you, it's kind of like we are."

"I did think about that," Quinn said. "We said that we loved each other. What more did we need to say?"

Sandi finally relaxed a bit. "Why do you think Stacy asked you that?"

"She was probably just curious," Quinn said. "Anyway, her curiosity did get satisfied."

"How? Did she kiss Tiffany instead?"

Quinn chuckled. "Funny, that's what she suggested at first, not really seriously. But I set her up with Jane. You know, Daria's friend."

Light dawned on Sandi. "So that's what the portrait was all about. Quinn, you little minx!"

"Stacy didn't give me all the details, but I gather it went well. She got her kiss, and she loved it."

"Think she'll want more?"

"I know I did," Quinn said, tracing her fingertip around Sandi's nipple. "But she and Jane aren't really compatible, you know? We need to find someone else for her."

"I think we already have," Sandi said slyly. "How about Tiffany?"

Quinn looked up at Sandi. "Tiffany? How do you know she'd go for it?"

"We don't," Sandi said. "We'll just have to find out. Um, Quinn, that's driving me crazy."

Quinn noticed that she was still playing with Sandi's hardening nipple. "Does it, now? How about this?" She replaced her finger with her tongue.

"Mmm… Quinn, are you really ready to do it again, so soon?"

In response, Quinn threw a leg over Sandi's body and lay down on top of her, pressing her lips to Sandi's own. Sandi's blood was on fire in an instant, and she pulled Quinn closer, breaking the kiss long enough to lick with feather-lightness over Quinn's wet lips. Quinn had never been kissed quite like that before, and it sent chills though her. Torn between the need to embrace Sandi hotly and tightly, or to let Sandi's tender tongue kiss continue, she shivered with barely leashed desire.

Sandi could tell the effect she was having on Quinn, and increased it by sliding her hands down Quinn's waist to her thighs, stroking delicately up and down. The position excited her, for although Quinn was on top holding her down, Sandi was in full control. In that sense, nothing had changed about their relationship. Sandi still needed to take charge, and Quinn still loved to be adored.

Finally, Quinn could take no more. Her thighs tightened on Sandi's hips, effectively pinning her down, and she thrust her tongue deep into Sandi's mouth. Their breasts squeezed gently together, a sensation that Sandi had always craved. They both knew the need to finish quickly, as the hour was getting late and they couldn't afford to get caught. Sandi took the initiative by working her hand around Quinn's thigh and slipping a finger inside her, stroking slowly in and out as she rocked her hips to the same rhythm.

As one, they rolled to one side so that Quinn could return the favor, which she did without hesitation. Her finger slipped into Sandi's warm wetness easily, and she thrust along with her lover to bring them both to the peak. Unable to break apart even for a deep breath, they both moaned through their tight kiss as they reached climax together.

It was a long time before they could bring themselves to separate, dress, and head downstairs to say goodnight.


Tiffany had spent the evening doing something she'd never done before. She was surfing the Internet.

It took a few hints from the geek running the computer lab to get her started, but it all went pretty easily after that. Tiffany wondered for a moment how they got all those screens into that little tiny computer, but figured it was kind of like TV, only slower. She rather preferred the slower pace, it gave her mind a chance to catch up.

Tiffany was looking for information on lesbians. She figured that if Sandi and Quinn were into that now, she should figure out something about it, so she wouldn't be caught short like she had when Sandi had done the club meeting about shoulder pads and Tiffany had asked if they were going to let Kevin join. But it wouldn't do to ask the school librarian for a book about lesbians. Someone might get the wrong idea.

Then Tiffany had remembered something about the Information Superhighway, and figured that sounded like a good place to get information, even if she would have to borrow her mom's car. Fortunately, it turned out that all you really needed was a computer, and once she had figured out the little roller thingy (the guy had called it a mouse, but that was icky) and learned that you click on the underlined words that say what you want to find out about. The guy had called it the World Wide Web, but that was also really icky. Spiders were gross.

After a little while, she had found something called YAHOO, which was where the guy said she should start even though Tiffany insisted that she didn't want to learn about cowboys. The next step, which Tiffany had written down so she wouldn't forget, was to type in the word "Lesbians" in the little box and see what came up.

She got over two thousand results. Tiffany sighed. This was going to take a while.

She arrowed down the list, looking for something interesting. Most of it seemed to be about clubs, which she didn't need because they were already in the Fashion Club. There were also some news articles, which didn't seem helpful because she knew Sandi and Quinn hadn't told anyone yet and it couldn't be in the news anywhere. There were a couple of entries on magazines, but that wouldn't do any good because she was using a computer, not a magazine. Maybe she was looking in the wrong place.

She tried typing "Lesbians" into the space at the top of the screen which seemed to have a bunch of weird stuff in it, lots of percent symbols and slashes and words that didn't make sense. Obviously the computer was getting confused.

The next page that came up seemed more helpful. There was a lot of small writing that was hard to read, so Tiffany ignored that. There was a big word that said ENTER, so she clicked on that one.

Her screen filled with lots of pictures.

"Whoa," she said out loud.

Except for Sandi and Quinn, she had never seen two girls kiss before, but according to the internet, it seemed to happen all the time. They were doing a lot more besides just kissing, too. Tiffany was startled to see that they were also licking each other's bare breasts, and touching between their legs, and rubbing up against each other in all kinds of different ways. A strange sensation stirred her just a bit, and she felt a chill run through her body. She looked around – no one was watching her. Tiffany wasn't sure why she was suddenly so concerned with that, she usually liked it when people looked at her, but something told her that it would be better if no one saw what she was doing.

Tiffany couldn't help but notice that although their makeup and hair were usually done in a really cute way, they had no sense for clothes – those that had them on at all. Obviously, lesbians were the sort of girls who believed in a "less is more" approach, which was just so late eighties. Then again, Sandi had impeccable taste in clothes, and she was a lesbian. This was going to take a lot more research.

Tiffany settled in to search further. She looked over some of the underlined words at the bottom of the screen that said things about more pictures of lesbians. Tiffany preferred to look at pictures; it was easier than reading. There was one called Teenage Lesbians and she smiled because she knew she was finally on the right track.

The screen came up with a large picture of a redheaded girl and a brunette holding each other very close and staring out of the screen with an expression Tiffany had never seen before. It startled her at first because they looked for a moment like Quinn and Sandi, but that was only the hair. Still, it looked like a good place to investigate a little deeper.

She clicked on the place that said next picture. The next one came up. In this one they were kissing, and their tongues were licking together. It was a much larger, more close-up picture than the last one. Again Tiffany felt that odd stirring deep inside, and an itching at her inner thigh. She rubbed her free hand across it, which seemed to help and make it itch more at the same time.

The next picture showed them pulling each other's clothes off. Tiffany wondered why, the clothes looked really cute on them, even though they were a little out of date. The next picture showed her why, as the redheaded girl was licking the other girl's breast. Tiffany stared at the picture for a long time, and noticed that, in addition to the tickling sensation she felt between her legs, her nipples were also starting to itch just a bit. She couldn't rub them without people seeing, though, so she just left them alone.

She clicked through the pictures more quickly now, wanting to see what would happen next. The girls were completely naked, except for their shoes, after about four more shots. That, at least, made sense – they were really cute shoes. They kissed some more, took turns licking each other's breasts, and seemed to be really enjoying it. Tiffany wasn't sure where she got that idea from, because they weren't smiling. They just both looked like it was feeling really good. Another chill went through her body, and she absently rubbed a hand across her chest to try to stop the itching on her nipples. It helped, but only for a moment before it came back even more than before.

Tiffany decided to go through the rest of the pictures very fast and then leave, before the tickling got any worse. Already she had found that she had to sneak a hand up her dress to rub between her legs, and the more she did the more it tickled, but she couldn't stop. The next picture made her mouth drop open in surprise. One of the girls had spread her legs apart and the other one had her tongue down there, licking her. Tiffany had never seen or heard of anything like that. The next few pictures showed it up close, and Tiffany stared in open astonishment. She wondered why anyone would do that. Her own hand was driving her crazy enough, to think of what someone might do with her tongue – and as Tiffany though of it, she got another chill. This one was different; it was a warm chill, like nothing she'd ever felt before in her life. It was almost as if she were building toward something, but she didn't know what and she decided that this was not the time to find out.

Tiffany reached out and turned off the computer, then quickly left the room. Her cheeks were flushed bright red, and she was (ew) sweating.


Tiffany stayed up late that night in her bed, looking at the ceiling and trying to get her mind around this new concept she had found. She had always thought that a "lesbian" was a girl who kissed other girls and usually had no fashion sense at all, never wore makeup, kind of like that weird girl from Quinn's house, except for the kissing thing. But from what she knew of Sandi, and what she had seen on the computer, that wasn't necessarily the case. Lesbians could also be pretty girls with good fashion sense who were really popular, and just happened to kiss other girls.

Tiffany thought about the times she had been kissed by guys. It was okay, but she did kind of wonder what all the fuss was about. Guys would usually want to kiss her goodnight at the end of a date. There were guidelines in the Fashion Club handbook about that sort of thing, like how many dates he needed to take you on and how much dinner had to cost and what kind of car he needed to have before he could kiss you. That was funny, because Quinn and Sandi had never dated before and neither of them even had a car, and they were kissing. Probably the rules were different when it came to girls.

Anyway, sometimes she would let the guys kiss her, and it would always feel kind of nice, but that was all. There was no reaction, any more then if she were kissing a lipstick blotter. The girls in the pictures were certainly having more of a reaction than that. Just thinking about it was causing the same feeling Tiffany had felt before. She tried to ignore it, but it kept coming back as she thought more and more about Sandi and Quinn, and what it might feel like to them as they kissed each other or licked each other's breasts or did any of the other things Tiffany had seen.

Tiffany shrugged – there was no one watching in her room, and no reason why not to soothe the tickling she felt in her nipples and between her legs. She slipped off her nightgown, and after a moment's thought slipped out of her panties as well. The silk sheets felt wonderful on her naked skin. She slipped a hand between her legs again and began slowly rubbing back and forth.

A sudden chill struck her, causing her to shiver all over. It was a delightful feeling, even more so now that no one was around and she could let it take over a little. Her other hand found her small, firm breast and rubbed in slow circles, causing both her nipples to harden. Tiffany wondered why for a moment, since she certainly didn't feel cold. On the contrary, she felt a delicious warmth all over that seemed to come from deep within.

Her hand between her legs began to feel wet. Tiffany didn't care, it felt too good to stop. She imagined for a moment what it would feel like to have another girl tough her like that, or even lick with her tongue, and rubbed harder as the need to touch herself increased. She pinched a nipple hard between her fingers and gasped at the sudden pleasure it gave her. Something, an inner urge, made her wet her fingers in her mouth and rub her nipples with the moistened fingertips, and as she did, little moans began to escape from her panting lips.

Her other hand felt a tiny bud between her legs, and she touched it gently, wondering at how so soft a touch could create such a sensation. She left her fingertip on that spot and moved it gently back and forth, faster and faster, until she was biting her lower lip hard to keep from crying out. The need to feel crowded out all other thought from her head, and she gave in completely to these newly discovered longings.

The warm center that had been building inside her suddenly released. It was as if a tiny spark suddenly whooshed into flame, or a cork popped from a bottle released a fountain of sweet foam. The sensation spread throughout her entire body, touching every nerve and standing every hair on end. It was the most wondrous, extraordinary feeling she had ever had.

When she was able to think clearly again, Tiffany saw that she had kicked all the sheets off the bed onto the floor, and that she glistened with perspiration from head to toe. Just this once, she didn't mind about that. Her heart pounded as if to want to fly out of her chest, and she gulped for air as if she had just swum up from the bottom of a deep, warm pool.

As she lay there, her breathing slowed, her racing heart quieted, and the stillness of the room settled upon her. She felt tired, ready to sleep. She sat up and reached for the sheet that lay crumpled at the foot of her bed, and as she did so, she saw her own face in the mirror. The expression she wore was unlike any she had ever seen on herself – but it was exactly like the girls in the pictures on the computer that day. So that was what they were feeling, she thought.

She curled up under the sheet, and soon was sleeping as deeply as she ever had in her life.


"Guys, for the last time, I'm not going to Homecoming with some other guy, I'm going with the rest of the Fashion Club!"

"But Quinn, I don't understand!"

"Is it because we kidnapped you the other night?"

"Stacy made us do it! She said you were going to die!!"

Quinn's patience was definitely wearing thin. Couldn't these guys take a hint? She was ready to go ahead and tell them the real reason she wasn't going to Homecoming with a guy, just to get them off her back. But that wasn't just her secret, and it probably wouldn't work anyway. "Look, guys," she said, for what she hoped would be the last time, "I'm not mad at you for dragging me out of my house in the middle of the night in a burlap sack – not that I want you to do it again."

"I didn't even have anything to do with it!" wailed Jeffy.

"Shut up, Jeffy. And before either of you other guys say anything, I want you to shut up too. I am not, will not, go to Homecoming with any of you. I am also not going with any other guy. I am going with my friends. For God's sake, find another girl to pester!"

"But, Quinn…" said Joey.

"I don't understand!" said Jeffy.

"Don't you like us anymore?" asked Jamie.

Quinn looked around at the three pathetic, sad faces around her, and made her choice. "Guys… I'm not going to date anyone for a while, anymore. And I don't want you to get me sodas, or carry my bags, or anything like that, because it's not fair to you." She went to each one of them, one at a time, and gave each a kiss on the cheek. "You've all been really nice to me. If any girl ever asks me about any of you, I'll tell her that you're terrific guys. I'm sorry, it just isn't going to work out between us." With that, Quinn showed them her back and walked away.

The three of them stood there for a moment.

"What are we going to do now?" Joey asked.

"Hmm…" Jeffy said. "There's a cute exchange student who arrived last week from France or something."

"Hey, I saw her first!" shouted Jamie.

"No, me!"

"She'll never go for you guys, she wants me!"

The three of them argued amongst themselves on their way to the next class.


Quinn arrived early to her next class, having discovered that things actually went a lot quicker when she didn't have to divide her books between the three J's and then collect them again. She sighed. In a way, she was really going to miss those guys. It was kind of nice having them at her beck and call, even if one did have to put up with the constant bickering between them.

"Hey, Quinn!" said a bright, cheery voice next to her.

"Hey… Tiffany?" Quinn said, startled. It hadn't sounded like Tiffany.

"How's it going?" Tiffany asked. "I'm, like, reaaally doing great this morning." She began humming a happy little tune.

Quinn stared at Tiffany, uncertain of what to make of all this. "Um, Tiffany, are you feeling all right?"

"Never better," she replied. "Why, don't I look like I'm feeling all right?"

"Actually, you do look different. There's a… glow about you today. Are you wearing different makeup, or something?"

Tiffany looked surprised. "I wouldn't do that, Quinn. I mean, not without talking to the club first. Oh, hi Sandi, hi Stacy!"

Stacy and Sandi were likewise taken aback. Tiffany actually seemed… perky. Oh sure, she was still taking twice as long to say anything, but she was definitely happy.

Stacy recovered first. "Um… Hi, Tiffany. How are you doing today?"

"Oh, I'm feeling really good today… for some reason I just woke up this morning feeling as if all my favorite outfits were marked down fifty percent…"

Well, that was certainly something they could all identify with. Explanations would just have to wait until after class.


Lunch that day was taken up mostly by finalizing of plans for Homecoming. With no guys in the picture, it suddenly became necessary to arrange for things like dinner, flowers, limousine, and after-party plans by themselves.

"Now then," Sandi said. "Since Tiffany has an aunt who owns a greenhouse, she's taking care of the flowers. Stacy will arrange for the car, which we have agreed must be white so as not to clash with our outfits, right Stacy?"

"Check!" Stacy agreed. She was enjoying these meetings so much more lately, and was reminded of why they had formed the club in the first place.

"Quinn, you will be making dinner reservations for us… where was that again?"

"Copazano's," Quinn said. "It's this cute little Italian bistro, very stylish, and my Dad's doing some consulting for them or something so I can get us in on short notice."

"All right. Just remember girls, one plate of Alfredo sauce is the equivalent of eating a stick of butter."

Shudders all around.

"And I shall arrange for after-party entertainment." She glanced at Stacy and Tiffany. "And, um, don't worry about me and Quinn, we'll be, er, discreet."

"Oh, it's no big deal, Sandi!" Stacy said.

"Yeah…" Tiffany agreed.

"By the way, Tiffany –" Quinn was interrupted by the bell.

Sandi closed up the planning book and passed it off to Stacy. "All right, ladies. Remember to pick up your dresses tonight. Unfortunately, there won't be enough time for us to go together to everywhere we need to go, so keep your cell phones handy in case of an emergency. Location check?"

"Cashman's at Cranberry Commons for dress, then Diamond Girl for jewels," said Quinn.

"Trendsetters on Seventh Avenue, then Gemstones," said Stacy.

"Trendsetters on Seventh Avenue, then Ice Palace," said Tiffany.

"And my outfit is at Cashman's at the Mall of the Millennium, my jewelry is at Diamond Girl. See you all tonight at eight o'clock for final coordination check!"


Daria dodged out of the way as Kevin tore down the hall, football in hand, ready to kick some butt.

"QB, coming through!" he shouted as he passed.

"Go, Kevy, GO!!" Brittany encouraged.

"Idiot," Daria said, also by way of encouragement.

"Hey, it'll all pass soon," Jane remarked. "This school hasn't won a Homecoming game in over ten years. Everyone will be properly melancholy by next week."

"Stop trying to make me feel better. Uh-oh, fashion alert."

Jane looked up and saw the fashion foursome headed their way, talking back and forth about dresses or something. As they passed, Stacy glanced shyly at her and whispered, "hi."

Jane smiled and waved discreetly back at her.

"Oh God, I think I'm going to be ill," Daria said once the club was a safe distance away.

"You wouldn't understand, Daria," Jane said as she shook her head. "We shared something special, you know. Even if we did have to go back to our separate worlds afterward, Stacy and I had a moment together once."

Daria, for once, had nothing to say.


Trendsetters on Seventh was, at one time, the kind of place the Fashion Club avoided like a clearance rack. Ever since they had come under new ownership, however, they were living up to their name. Every dress was one of a kind, thus eliminating any possibility of duplication with another girl. Sure, they were a bit more expensive, but it was worth it.

Tiffany and Stacy stood back-to-back in the dressing room, checking themselves out in three-way mirrors and looking for the slightest flaw in their dresses.

"It's so hard to see your own back in these mirrors," Stacy complained. "What they really need is a closed-circuit TV camera pointed at your back."

"Cameras in the dressing room?" Tiffany asked.

"Ew. Good point. Well, it was a nice idea."

"So… who was that girl you said hi to?"

"Hm? What girl?"

"The one in the hall," Tiffany said. "The one in the red shirt who hangs out with Quinn's cousin."


"Sorry. Habit."

Stacy didn't say anything, concentrating fiercely on her left shoe for some reason.

"So… how do you know her?" Tiffany pressed.

"Oh, you know, I've seen her at Quinn's house."

"But, she waved back to you, like she knew you…"

"Um… she painted my picture the other day, and it came out really good."

"Oh." Tiffany still looked doubtful.

"Really, I can show you the picture!" Stacy insisted.

"I believe you, Stacy," Tiffany said.

"So, why were you in such a good mood today?" Stacy asked.

"Oh… I just got a really good night's sleep…" Tiffany said.

"Oh," Stacy replied. She wasn't convinced either.


Boxes in hand, Stacy and Tiffany left the store.

"What time is it?" Tiffany asked.

"Um… four thirty," Stacy replied. "We've got lots of time, do you want to go get a soda?"

"Diet soda," Tiffany clarified.

"Of course!"


"Um, Tiffany? I wasn't totally honest with you before."

"What about? You mean, my dress does make me look fat?"

"No, not that!" Stacy said hastily. "I mean, about how I know that girl… Jane."


"She really did paint my picture," Stacy said. "But… there's more to it than that."

Stacy took a deep breath. "You know all this stuff going on with Sandi and Quinn? You know, how they're… lesbians?" The last word was whispered.

"Um, yeah."

"Well, I was kind of curious about it, you know?"

Tiffany nodded. "So was I. I could show you how to use the little roller thingy on the computer, if you want to find out more about it."

Stacy looked perplexed. "What are you talking about?"

"Never mind," Tiffany said. "So, you were curious?"

Stacy nodded. "So, I… asked Quinn to kiss me."

Tiffany's eyes got wide. "Did she do it?"

"No," Stacy said. "She said it wouldn't be fair to Sandi."

"Yeah," Tiffany agreed. "They are kind of going out. But, what does this have to do with that girl?"

"Well, Quinn said I should kiss someone else, so she set it up so Jane would paint my portrait for me, and, well…" Stacy smiled in a shy way and looked down at the ground.

"Whoa," Tiffany said. "Did you faint again?"

"I came close," Stacy admitted.

"So, what was it like?" she asked.

"It… took my breath away," Stacy said. "It was so different from kissing a guy, you know? I mean, it gave me the chills, but they were warm chills, not cold ones. I don't think I can explain."

"I understand," Tiffany said, thinking back to the previous night alone in her bed.

They sat in silence for a bit, sipping their diet sodas.

"So, why didn't you ask me to kiss you?" Tiffany asked.

Stacy performed a spectacular spit-take, liberally spraying the thankfully empty chair next to them with artificially sweetened carbonated beverage.

Tiffany looked at the mess disapprovingly. "Stacy… eww…"


Quinn showed up at Sandi's house first, not by accident. It was only seven-thirty when she rang the bell. The sudden rush of pounding feet made her roll her eyes. Sandi's brothers were answering the door.

The door flew open, and Sam and Chris grinned at her. "Hi, Quinn!" they said together.

"Oh, hi, guys!" Quinn gushed. "I am, like, so glad to see you!" She kissed each of them on the forehead. "You are such cute little boys, you know that?"

The boys were struck dumb. Neither of them could figure out how to react. On the one hand, Quinn had just kissed them, and on the other, she had clearly stated her opinion of them as nothing more than "little boys". They couldn't say a word.

Which was exactly how Quinn wanted it. She smirked as she flounced past the two of them up to Sandi's room.

"Come in!" Sandi said at the knock.

Quinn slipped around the door. "Is anyone else here?" she asked.

"No," Sandi whispered. "But come in quick, we're not exactly alone in the house."

"I ran into Tweedledee and Tweedledum at the door, and gave them something to think about for a bit," she said, closing the door behind her. "I'll explain that later."

"Good," said Sandi, crossing the short distance between them and pulling Quinn into a brief but intense kiss.

"I've got something for you," Quinn whispered in Sandi's ear.

"Mmm… you know we don't have time for anything kinky…"

"Not that, silly!" Quinn chuckled. She went into her shopping bag and pulled out a small jewelry box. "You still have the second piercing in your left ear, right?"

"I guess so. I haven't used it for two years, but I don't think it's closed up."

"You'll use it tomorrow night," Quinn said, coming back with a small jewelry box. "Open it."

Sandi did. She was surprised at what was inside – of course, she was expecting earrings, and that's what they were, but they were mismatched. "Quinn? Um, you've got one green one and one blue one in here."

"I know," Quinn said. She plucked the green one out and affixed it to her own left ear. "You wear the blue one," Quinn said. "Tomorrow, I'll be wearing a single emerald along with my sapphires, and you'll be wearing a single sapphire along with your emeralds. You know, so that way, we've each got one piece of the other's outfit, and it'll be kind of like we're symbolizing that we're together, and even though I don't think anyone will figure it out, we'll both know it's there."

Sandi looked at the earring in the box for a long time, her face expressionless.

"Um, Sandi?" Quinn asked. "Don't you think it's a good idea?"

A tear fell from Sandi's face into the earring box. "I think it's the most thoughtful, wonderful thing anyone's ever done for me, Quinn…" Sandi said. "Thank you so much."

Quinn's eyes brimmed with tears as well as she hugged her friend and lover tightly to her. "I love you, Sandi," she whispered.


Stacy pulled up to Sandi's house and shut off the car. She was about fifteen minutes early, and decided to wait it out in the car instead of going inside. Quinn's dad's car was parked out front, and odds were that she and Sandi were engaged in pre-meeting activities, and it would be better to wait.

She sighed. Things were better than before, what with Sandi being happy and nice instead of bitchy, and Quinn no longer engaging her in those little power struggles. The club was a better, nicer group now, and it was all because Sandi and Quinn were… dating? That wasn't quite right, but it would do. The thing was, Stacy couldn't help but feel even more left out than before. It was like Quinn and Sandi had a direct connection now outside the club, and sure, Tiffany was nice and everything, but Stacy couldn't relate to her on the same level.

A sharp tap at her window startled Stacy out of her thought. It was Tiffany.

"Where did you come from?" Stacy asked.

"I had a guy drop me off here," Tiffany said. "And I saw you were still outside, so I thought I'd wait with you… you know, if you're waiting…"

"Um, sure!" Stacy said, reaching over to open the passenger side door. She felt a little guilty that she had been thinking unflattering thoughts about Tiffany right before she showed up. She'd make up for it by being really nice.

Tiffany dropped her parcels in the back seat and slid into the car. "Do you mind if I check my makeup?" she asked, pulling down the vanity mirror.

"No problem!" Stacy said. "My car is your car!"

"I thought this was your mom's car…" Tiffany said.

"I meant… never mind."

"So… what do you think Quinn and Sandi are up to?" Tiffany asked.

"They're probably, you know, making out or something," Stacy said quickly.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" Tiffany asked.

"Well… I just haven't gotten used to it yet, you know."

"Is it because Sandi made a pass at you once?"

Stacy looked surprised at Tiffany. "She never did that! What are you talking about?"

"It was, I don't know, three years ago," Tiffany said. "You guys were sleeping over at my place, and I woke up, and Sandi was holding you and stroking your hair and stuff…"

Stacy was stunned. "You mean… that was real? I thought I dreamed that…"

"Maybe I did… I don't know…"

Stacy was thinking rapidly. "She must have been dreaming too," she said. "She was actually coming on to me in her sleep. That's, like, so weird!"

"Yeah…" Tiffany agreed. "You're not mad or anything, are you?"

Stacy thought. "You know, I would have probably been freaked out at the time, but it doesn't seem like such a big deal now." She smiled a bit. "Actually, it's kind of nice, you know, to think that she might have been attracted to me."

"You're a really pretty girl, Stacy," Tiffany pointed out. "I mean, why wouldn't she be attracted to you?"

For the second time in less than five minutes, Stacy was floored. "Why… Thank you, Tiffany! I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!"

"Do you think I'm pretty, Stacy?" Tiffany asked.

"Well, of course you are!"

"Then… why didn't you ask me to kiss you, instead of that Jane girl? You never answered that, you know."

Tiffany sure was having a way of throwing Stacy for a loop. "Um… I don't know, I guess I thought you might freak out or something. I didn't want you to think you were, like, the only girl in the club who didn't kiss other girls. And you told me you weren't a lesbian."

"Yeah, well… I thought lesbians were only really unpopular girls with, like, no fashion sense and stuff. I didn't know that they could also be cute and popular and everything."

"So… you are a lesbian?"

"I don't think so…" Tiffany seemed deep in thought, which was very unusual for her. "No, I don't think so… but, you know, I'd kind of like to know what it's all about, since Quinn and Sandi are so into it."

Stacy took a deep breath. "Tiffany, would you like to kiss me?"

Tiffany smiled. "Sure, Stacy… I'd like that…"

They turned to face each other. Tiffany closed her eyes and moved in closer, her lips shining wet with freshly-applied gloss. Stacy also leaned in, her whole body trembling with anticipation. Their lips touched…

And Stacy pulled away. "Wait," she said.

Tiffany looked up. The first touch had been like an electric shock, her face showed how disappointed she felt about stopping it. "What is it?" she asked.

"Not like this," Stacy said. "Not all rushed, and on the spur of the moment. I want it to be really special."

"What do you mean?" Tiffany asked, puzzled.

"Tomorrow night," Stacy insisted. "We're getting all dressed up and our hair done and everything, but we don't have dates or anything. Now we do. We're going to look beautiful for each other. Quinn and Sandi are going together, maybe we could too. I guess what I'm saying is… Tiffany, will you go to the Homecoming Dance with me?"

"I'd love to," Tiffany said, smiling.

To be Concluded…


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