Title: Roofies Roulette

Description: Stacy plays a game of chance that her friends would not appreciate if they found out.

Rating: R/NC17

Constraints: end of season 3.

Synopsis: Stacy plays a game of chance that her friends would not appreciate if they found out.

                 Roofies roulette.

Content: rape, misuse of a controlled substance.

Legal: Cast of Daria belongs to MTV, and I seriously doubt they would do this with them, Also, Ronin helped with this, Thanks Ronin.

Stacy prepared the drinks for the fashion club meeting as per usual for the meetings held at her house.

She always got a thrill from this, because she prepared four identical diet ultracolas, and she would spike one.

Then she would spin the tray around, and turn away for the time it took to stop, this being a tray with a pattern and shape that had rotational symmetry of 4, when she looked again, she had no idea which one was spiked.

It could even be her own.

She chuckled at the times it had been her own, she’d wake up and realise that she’d slipped herself the sedative.

But what’s a gamble without risk?

Just makes the rewards sweeter.

The first time she had played this game, the roofies went to, … … Sandi.

She couldn’t walk home, so she asked her parents if it was okay for her to sleep over, her parents called Sandi’s parents, and it was agreed.

Stacy had calculated the dose so Sandi would be sleepy, but not too sleepy.

After all, if you’re going to capture a real person, you want something more than what you get from a blow up doll.

So, 5 minutes after her parents went to bed, Stacy would get up and go to where Sandi’s mattress lay.

She would start off by kissing Sandi gently on the lips, until Sandi was aroused enough to reciprocate.

Then she’d move in on top of Sandi, rubbing her breasts over Sandi’s, which wouldn’t do much for Sandi, but would get her started.

She would slide the quilt down, and start feeling under Sandi’s tee-shirt, not going to her tits immediately, of course, she wanted to take this slowly, she wanted Sandi to be energised enough to respond in kind.

It felt good when she felt Sandi’s tongue enter her mouth, and Sandi’s hands roam her torso, Stacy grabbed the quilt with her toes and pulled it further down, so she could feel Sandi’s body head directly, feel Sandi’s body squirm against hers, her legs interlock with hers.

She pulled Sandi’s tee shirt off, Sandi reciprocated, the bare flesh against bare flesh experience was better.

Stacy decided to move her kisses to Sandi’s throat and neck, running her hands along Sandi’s back as she did, heating her love dolls skin, she moved her hands up Sandi’s sides, and moved herself further down, and started kissing Sandi’s breasts.

She heard Sandi gasping underneath her, but her vocal chords never tightened enough for her to make any serious noise.

She licked at each breast, inwards to the nipple, but staying off that for now.

Sandi’s legs wrapped around Stacy’s waist, and squeezed, being held like this excited Stacy, who writhed in Sandi’s scissor, both girls drew pleasure from this.

Stacy reflected that it was a pity that Sandi wouldn’t remember this, but that was also why she had picked Rohypnol in the first place, so her friends would forget she did this, and not prosecute.

The fact she was getting away with rape was also a thrill for Stacy, for the night, she had the body of one of her friends under her control, and she could do what she wanted, and have them do what she wanted.

She moved to Sandi’s nipples, licking it, sucking it, nibbling at it, Sandi was holding Stacy’s shoulders as tightly as she could, for her stoned condition anyway.

Stacy eventually decided it was time to get some back, so she moved each of Sandi’s hands to her own breasts, supporting herself on her elbows as she resumed kissing Sandi’s nipples.

Sandi wasn’t exactly gentle, even stoned, but Stacy decided she could go with this, she continued to stimulate Sandi’s breasts, as hers got squeezed and twisted, Stacy writhed against it, feeling the warmth generated in her body, and feeling Sandi’s vulva secrete vaginal lubricants against her lower abdomen, she was feeling her own vagina lube and twitch too, she decided to continue with her current situation for now, she wanted to get the need to get off as high as possible before actually sating it, and Sandi might not be up for another cycle after she reaches climax.

She eventually started to sit up, now manually stimulating Sandis breasts instead of orally, Sandi kept up her effort on Stacy.

There was something satisfying about feeling Sandi’s sweat on her body, her vaginal secretions on her body, and her legs insisting her body rub against Sandi’s vulva.

Sandi would shit a brick if she knew, she would shit a fucking breezeblock in fact.

She moved her hands to Sandi’s pyjama trousers, and started to unbuckle them, she then started to pull the back down so she could place her fingertips in Sandi’s ass crack, and squeeeeeeeeeze her cheeks, causing Sandi to buck and moan, her hands squeezed Stacy’s forearms, her legs clamped on Stacy’s waist for the moment, and Stacy was starting to consider how she would deal with Sandi if she cried out loud enough to alarm her parents.

That sent another shot of adrenaline into her system, the possibility that her parents would burst in and do what? … Would they separate them? Faint? Tell them to keep it down and return to bed? Beat the shit out of them? Would it even occur to them (assuming they took long enough to assess the situation) that Sandi was not entirely lucid? Would they realise Stacy was in fact raping Sandi? Would they call the police? Would they instead dress Sandi and make like nothing happened while tying Stacy up and locking her in their closet so they could punish her later? Would they deny her allowance after making her hand over the remaining roofies? Torture her? Send her to a nut house? Would she receive counselling? Would she be strapped down and electrocuted in strategic locations as some sort of aversion therapy?

The numerous possibilities caused Stacy to shiver with excitement, she was playing a very dangerous game, taking her friends body without permission, using it without asking, she moved her fingers down Sandi’s buttocks and started feeling along Sandi’s labia, leaning back down onto her, kissing her on the mouth as she tickled her cunt, eventually grabbing the lips between her fingers and massaging them, Sandis moans where muffled by Stacies mouth, but where they muffled enough?

She thought about weather or not she could get Sandi to blow or wank her back, but that seemed unlikely, she would instead just have to live vicariously through Sandi.

She pushed Sandi’s legs in front of her and pulled off her trousers and removed them, and started kissing Sandi’s thighs, licking them.

She noticed Sandi reach down and start to masturbate.

Stacy grabbed Sandi’s hands and moved up Sandi’s body, and pulled off her own pyjama shorts, sitting on Sandi’s pelvis as she did,she then moved into a 69 position, placing Sandi’s hands on her own ass as she returned to licking and nibbling Sandi’s thighs, Sandi felt a cunt under her hands and went to work, Stacy thought ‘fuck it’ and started blowing Sandi, sucking and nibbling and licking at her clit and surrounding tissue, Sandi poking her fingers up Stacy’s cunt, massaging the labia, and clit, Stacy felt her lower body and legs clench, she decided to ease up her own efforts, maybe she could get Sandi to
get her off several times before she would eventually get Sandi off.

Her tits and hips rubbed against Sandi’s hips and tits respectively, as Sandi and Stacy continued to work on each others genitals.

Sandi got three fingers of each hand in and where pulling Stacy open like a flesh speculum as Stacy got off.

Stacy finally got Sandi off after experiencing 5 orgasms herself, and now it was time to call it a night.

She dressed Sandi again and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower.

She had an identical pair of shorts that she hadn’t soaked, so she wore that instead.

She returned to bed.

“Aww, man, where am I?” Sandi groaned the next morning.

Stacy rolled over and leaned up and asked “Are you all right Sandi?”

Sandi turned to her and lifted her quilt and said “I must have a fever or something, I’m all sweaty, and, … ” she looked down at hercrotch and said “ohhh, yuck, I need a shower”

Sandi never suspected a thing.

Of course Stacy didn’t know that initially, but after a week of not saying anything else about it, Stacy was finally convinced she was in the clear.

And that got Stacy so aroused that her cunt was itching again very shortly after she finished masturbating, she spent most of her break time on the throne getting off for about two days, only just making it to the mirror to co-ordinate makeup with he others.

Sandi was president, but Stacy had been her master for that night, that thrill got her buzzing every time the fashion club met up, like she was playing ding dong ditch, except with genitals for door bells.

Yes, Stacy had to admit, it was extremely puerile to be doing something like this, but it was what got her off, and she wasn’t stopping.

About a week later, they where meeting at her house again, and she prepared the drinks about halfway though again.

She decided that it would improve the randomness of the outcome if she could spin the tray faster, so this time she placed the drinks at the centre of the tray, and she spun it as hard as she dared.

Eventually the tray came to a stop, and she was ready to throw the dice again.

Four girls, three diet colas, one visually identical diet cola with a pinch of rohypnol, which girl would she have tonight?

The meeting concluded, and this time it was Quinn Morgendorffer who was too tired to walk home.

“Well, you could sleep here tonight” said Stacy.

“All right” yawned Quinn.

So, second in the bed, and Stacy said ‘let’s have sex, let’s have sex’

Stacy again waited for her parents to go to bed and then slipped into Quinn’s bed, snuggling up next to her and feeling her warmth, Stacy decided this time it would be better to leave her shorts in her own bed this time.

She lightly rubbed Quinn’s arm and Quinn was eventually aroused from her sleep enough to shift positions to roll towards Stacy. 

Stacy continued the roll a little more so Quinn was slightly on top, their breasts rubbing nipples.

Stacy reached around and grabbed Quinns head, rubbing her ears as she started kissing her on her lips, dainty little kisses, just to get the ball rolling.

This continued much like Sandi did, and Quinn rolled further on top of Stacy, who now moved her hands to Quinns body, Quinn’s right leg inserted between Stacy’s, and she could already feel Quinn’s body scent saturate her own clothes and Quinn was starting to get into it herself.

Eventually Quinn’s hands where exploring Stacy’s body as much as Stacy’s hands where exploring Quinn’s.

It eventually came time to do away with tee shirts, and Stacy sat up with Quinn still on her, she leaned forwards, letting Quinn lean back, and started working on Quinn’s collar and upper chest, once again working slowly towards the nipples.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, again, she was having sex with another girl without her knowledge or permission, car’s rolling, but there’s no one at the wheel.

She sucked a raspberry on Quinns nipples, each time causing Quinn to grip her shoulders with all her available strength, and since Stacy’s arms where supporting Quinn, all Stacy had was her mouth.

She and Quinn where kneeling, their knees interlocking, Stacy decided to simply lay Quinn back.

She pinched and nibbled at Quinns nipples, causing Quinn to squirm and moan, but the noise remained low for now.

Stacy felt like pushing the limits just a little though.

She pulled Quinn’s pyjama trousers off and licked at Quinn’s thighs, near her vulva.

As Quinn was squirming and grabbing Stacy’s head, Stacy suddenly kissed Quinn’s Clit very hard, that caused several gasps and moans, they where very loud, but they died down, Stacy waited, now her heart was really racing!

Did that wake her parents? Are they sitting up and looking around going ‘What the fuck was that?’ where they listening for further signs of an intruder, or where they headed here very quietly right now? … … Or where they just asleep?

She kept her tongue at work on Quinn’s vulva, loving the taste, and loving the way Quinn’s thighs rubbed against her ears.

She wasn’t about to bring Quinn off just yet, she had plans for this one.

After several trips to the edge, Stacy was ready to try and get Quinn to give her a blow job.

She pulled Quinn onto her knees and forward, moving her own ass back so that when she leaned Quinn all the way forwards, her lips met cunt lips, she pulled Quinn’s hands up to her tits, and lay back to enjoy the first of what would be many orgasms.

Stacy writhes a lot under Quinn’s stimulation, feeling Quinn suck and bite on Stacy’s clit like a total clit slut.

Then Quinn’s head left Stacy’s crotch, Stacy sat up, seeing Quinn bringing herself off.

“Wonderful” Stacy said, watching Quinn end the night rather abruptly.

Stacy dressed Quinn again and put her back in bed, then went to clean herself off, noting next time she tried this, she should use Quinn's pyjama trousers to keep Quinn’s hands where she wanted them.

She brought herself off manually in the shower, but it lacked satisfaction, she had been defeated by Quinn.

She had been defeated by Quinn when Quinn was asleep.

That fact sucked her clit back into her body.

Depressed, Stacy towelled off and returned to bed.

Stacy found many of the possible fuck ups to be exciting, but having her prey sate itself and go to sleep was not one of them.

The next hits had been herself (that wasn’t very good either) then Quinn again.

This time, she did Quinn pretty much like Sandi, this time she tied Quinn’s hands over her shoulders with her pyjama trousers as planned, Quinn didn’t stop trying to bring her hands to her own cunt, but she did put in a full nights suckling, so Stacy eventually let Quinn go.

Stacy was concerned about one thing: every night the meeting was held at her house, one of the girls fell asleep, Quinn twice in a row, so Stacy had to skip every other opportunity, then every two, and every [insert random number between 2 and 8 here].

It was difficult to tell who it was one time, no one appeared to be sleepy.

But then when everyone tried to get up, Tiffany landed on hands and knees.

Tiffany Blum Deckler, their co-ordination officer, who wasn’t very alert to begin with, was now even further retarded.

Stacy waited as usual, until her parents where asleep, Tiffany was in a one piece night dress.

The fact that Tiffany was slow seemed to enhance the thrill Stacy felt as she snuck under the quilt and went to work.

It took a while to get Tiffany started, Stacy decided to try something else this time.

After getting Tiffany aroused and naked, Stacy decided to simply have Tiffany wank her, and she’d do the same back, only Tiffany would get it soft, Stacy would get it hard.

One of the things Stacy had figured out over this time was that positions where they can easily think (while stoned on Roofies) that they are stimulating their own cunt instead of Stacy’s, the best position for manual stimulation or oral stimulation in this instance would be the 69, she had considered procuring toys such as double ended dildoes, but she found that each girl had an intact hymen, they’d know if they’d been fucked with one of those.

When Tiffany woke up, it was pretty much the same thing only with a single word repeated precisely twice in slow motion:

So, here we go again, random placement of Rohypnol dosed drink, and she headed into the living room.

As soon as she sat down, Sandi, Tiffany and Quinn pulled those matchbox sized drink testing kits.

She looked between them as they each dripped the drink onto the indicator papers.

“Negative all drugs” called Sandi.

“Negative al drugs” called Quinn, they both looked at Tiffany.

“Poooossssssssiiiiiiitiiiiiivvvvvveeee … Rooooooohyyyyyyyypnoooooooool” Tiffany drawled.

Stacy looked between them.

What just happened?

They stared at her with those angry stares.

“Um, … What’s Rohypnol?” squeaked Stacy.

God, could she possibly sound any lamer?

Tiffany picked up Stacy’s drink and placed hers in front of Stacy.

“Drink it, Stacy” ordered Sandi.

Stacy was frozen where she sat.

Sandi and Quinn got to their knees and approached from either side, causing Stacy to visibly shake with fear.

Tiffany put the drink she took from Stacy to one side and picked up the spiked drink, she approached Stacy while Quinn and Sandi grabbed Stacy by her arms and forced her flat on the ground, Tiffany straddled Stacy’s hips, holding the glass over her, one hand on Stacy’s wrist, Sandi held Stacy’s face down, pinching her nose so she couldn’t breathe through it, and Quinn, in concert with Tiffany, forced Stacy’s jaw down, Stacy kept shaking violently, afraid to be under their control now they knew what she had done to them.

Tiffany used the straw to create a siphon (covering the end with her finger while the joint was below the elbow line, not sucking it through) started depositing the fluid into Stacy’s mouth, slowly filling it with the tainted drink.

Stacy could tell they had a plan.

They hadn’t expressed shock or anger, they where carrying out their revenge.

Once it was all inside Stacy, they sat her up and watched her.

Stacy couldn’t think of anything to say to them.

All she could do is wait for the drink to take effect.

Stacy awoke with a strong pounding headache, and little memory of the booze party that had obviously took place, … no, wait, she must have been the one sedated last night.

Well, … … hang on, … yeah, she remembered, … … matchbook sized drugs indicators? … She suddenly felt extra nauseous, and that was nothing to do with the withdrawal from the Rohypnol.

She found a note on her pillow.

“We’re done now” she said.

She checked her body, nothing seemed to be different.

Except when she grabbed her labia, her cunt felt really sore.

Had she been, … … What had they done to her?

She went to the bathroom and stuck a cotton bud up her vagina, after she removed it, she examined it.

Nothing resembling semen up there.

But they could have cleaned up afterwards.

She turned to the toilet and puked.

The next morning, she met with the fashion club, they acted perfectly normally.

“Err, what did you lot do last night?” asked Stacy.

“You don’t need to know that” said Sandi.

“Erm, I sort of, do actually” said Stacy.

“Stop worrying about it” said Sandi.

About a week later, Stacy woke up feeling really, really sick, she ran to the bathroom and barfed up.

She was probably just making herself Ill thinking about that night.

She knew they wouldn’t get a boy in and, … … No, they just wouldn’t, … … would they?

After having breakfast and heading out to school, she felt Ill again, but managed to hold it back.

At school, she had an urge to mix ice cream and mayonnaise.

Another week passed, and one morning, she awoke with a damp feeling around her nipples.

She sat bold upright and looked down at her breasts, there where dark patches, where she was, … she was, … she was fucking lactating!

The first thing she did before going to school was intercept Sandi on her way.

She grabbed Sandi by her arms and asked “WHAT THE FUCKIGN HELL DID YOU BITCHES DO TO ME?”

Sandi broke Stacy’s grip and grabbed Stacy’s lapels and shouted back “THE SAME THING YOU DID TO US!”

“I DIDN’T GET YOU PREGNANT!” Stacy responded and headed off to school.

Outside the school, she saw Quinn, Tiffany, and Quinn’s sister (whom Quinn always refers to as something completely different).

“Hey Stacy” called Quinn.

Stacy marched around them intending to go to the principal’s office to tell on these bitches.

But Quinn and Daria stopped her.

“Let, go, of, me” snarled Stacy.

“Not yet, there’s something you need to know, as soon as Sandi gets here, … and here she is”

They turned Stacy around to face Sandi, they all formed around Stacy from her 10 to 2 o’clock position (going CW).

“You’ve been having morning sickness, weird food cravings, and have recently lactated, possibly gotten a positive on a pregnancy test, right?” asked Quinn.

“Yes” snarled Stacy, except she hadn’t done a pregnancy test, she hadn’t needed to.

“You’re not pregnant” said Quinn.

Stacy blinked several times “w-w-what?”

There was a pause as everyone milked the moment for all it was worth, then finally Quinn got a small bottle with a pipette in the lid and said “we’ve been spiking your drink every lunch time with some special hormones my distant cousin has been  synthesising for us”

“My brief was to make a drug that would simulate the symptoms of pregnancy up to the 1 month stage, that has been known
occasionally to include lactation at an early stage, so I started throwing in progesterone about a couple of days back” said Daria.

“Maybe now you have realise just how not funny it is to wake up surrounded by evidence that you’ve been raped” said Sandi.

Stacy just stormed off.

The next morning, the fashion club met up, Sandi, Quinn, and Tiffany acted as if nothing had happened, so Stacy decided to play along too.

She would deal with Daria as soon as she had a decent plan.