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Diary Dearest - Daria is committed to a mental hospital. But why?

Fanning the Flames - A boy meets Daria during "summer vacation."

The Fear of Living Dangerously - Daria has to put up with the attentions of a new boy at Lawndale High.

Holding On - The Morgendorffers have to cope with a recent tragedy in their lives. How is Daria handling it?

Kiss Until - Daria is shocked when she discovers who Jane is now dating.

Malice of Absence - A day in the life of the Morgendorffer's daughter.

Psycho Sis - A mental breakdown and a suicide attempt leads to Helen visiting her daughter in the hospital... again.

Seeing Things Through - Before departing the art colony, Jane has another encounter with Alison. Set during the events of "Is It Fall Yet?". 

Twilight's Own - Daria wakes up to discover she has another younger sister, and she's the only one who notices anything strange about it.

Last Stage Out - Daria seeks help in coping with a recent tragedy.