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Daria's gown in "Succeeding in Your World"

Cecelia Czernicki (CC), Jane's BFAC roommate.  "Holiday Breaks"

Karen Myerson, Daria's Raft roommate.  "Boarding the Raft"

Michael Fulton, Daria's boyfriend.  "Home for Thanksgiving"

Daria and Michael's reconciliation. "Seeking Hearts"

Daria with her new glasses.  "Through Lenses Most Bright"

Jane's poster for the party to celebrate Daria selling her first Melody Powers story.  "Out of the Frying Pan"

Daria in Kimono with naginata.  "Band of Bothers"

Vincent meets Lindy.  "Quinn the Tutor"

Daria's adopted children's gift.  "Alien Pond"

Darius Morgendorffer from The Angst Guy's story, Darius.

Daria as Princess Katherine in Henry V.  "Boston Baked Band"

John from the Series "John Lane"

The gown Jane wore to the inaugural meeting of the honor society.  "Out Of The Frying Pan"

Daria dressed as Depth Takes a Holiday's Halloween.  "Bump In The Night"

Evil Daria

"Evil Daria" by Angelinhel & Richard Lobinske. Three

Waitress Daria stuck in Highland. Three.

Quinn's new look.  Christmas Melody.

Daria ready for the theater.  Tale of Two Brains.

Daria in a properly fitted bridesmaid dress.  A Mirror of Future Fears.

Daria as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal), classic armor

Daria as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal), green armor

Jane as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal).