Robert Nowall

Robert Nowall lives in South Florida.  He's been writing for almost twenty-eight years.  He stumbled on fanfic when looking for information about his then favorite show.

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The Strange Loves of Anthony Demartino - Another year has gone by at Lawndale High, and saying goodbye proves particularly hard for one of the teachers and one of the students...


All You Outcasts -  In a bar on Dega Street, Daria learns her life, and fate, and future, weren't what they had seemed. Based on a short story by Robert A. Heinlein.


Boxing Daria 2 - A play in one act, and perhaps a more appropriate--and literal--use of the title.


Chance Meeting on Dega Street: A Poem - Years in the future, Daria has a chance meeting with an old friend.


Christmas Morning - Early Christmas morning, Jane gets a visit...


Condition - Sandi Griffin is sick, which gets her to thinking about who her real friends may (or may not) be.


Heart's Desire: A Tale of the End of the World - Ever wonder why nothing on "Daria" ever changes much? The truth may be a LOT stranger than you could ever imagine...


Lost Girl Found - What would have happened if "The Teachings of Don Jake" had ended in tragedy? Find out as Daria reluctantly returns to Lawndale for a most unusual family reunion.


Night of the Living Doll - The horrible accident ten-year-old Tiffany suffered was only part of the story...


North to Alaska, South to Lawndale - Trent learns a lesson in the latest Great Alaskan Gold Rush. Based (loosely) on the song "Saginaw, Michigan" by Lefty Frizzell.


Outcast Castaways - "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale / a tale of a fateful trip / that started from a Lawndale port / aboard this tiny ship." Yes, Daria and her friends are stranded on a certain uncharted island... and tempers begin to flare as they start getting on each others' nerves. (Gilligan's Island/Daria)


Shoot, Damn You, Shoot! - It's Picture Day at Lawndale High, where alphabetical order makes for strange bedfellows.


Stinkbutt Part Two - A new intern comes to WNYX... a certain sarcastic teenager from Lawndale. Meanwhile, Matthew is posting fan fiction on the Internet. (NewsRadio/Daria)-*

Flame - A new boy in town learns how difficult a relationship with Quinn can be.

Daria 2010 - A series set ten years after Daria's graduation from Lawndale High, where life for her and others has gone in directions that none of them ever imagined

Destiny Deferred - Ten years on in her life, Daria wonders why things didn't work out the way she thought they would.

A Meeting of Two Minefields - The collapse of Stacy's marriage is closely followed by the separation of Jake and Helen.  
QB Ghost - Why is Kevin Thompson haunting Daria?

The treasure of  Angela  Li -  Daria meets up with yet another               familiar face from the past...and Ms. Li, too...

 The Judgement of Quinn - When two of the three J's blow back      into Quinn's life, what will the one J she kept do about it?

Next Time, This Time - Who is this person having breakfast with the Morgendorffers?