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Fan Art for Canadibrit's TLAS Series.

Icons created by Canadibrit using SRA's artwork can be found here.

From "A Meeting of the Brains". Wonder-Twin powers, activate!

From "A Meeting of the Brains". Jane's really starting to regret working with oils with the windows closed.

Couple Most Likely to Incite a Riot, as voted by Oakwood High School.

The Look-Alike Series banner, Criminale arc. "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun".

From "Blind Audition". "THEY are Mystik Spiral. I'm just their sex toy."

From "Bare Acquaintances". When the masks come off ... they still look like freaks. And they're proud.

From "Children of the Scorn". They'll be poisoning pigeons in the park next.

From "Children of the Scorn". Security guards look on, bemused, as AP McSkywalker and Darth Cullen battle it out.

Daria design from Lew Richardson's "Heroes...". Lynn design from "And the B.A.N.D. Played On". So ... which one's the fallen angel?

After the Criminales arc, Jane says it all with a spot of well-placed vandalism.

From "Fifth Wheel". Tom Sloane gets a very special Lynn Cullen welcome to Lawndale High.

From "Growing Cynical". Suicide is painless ... but the attempt hurts like hell.

From "Gym Dandy". Motto: if you want to reach for the stars, support -- or at least a step-stool -- helps.

From "Good Morning, Lawndale High". Blunt and Blunter team up to rock the air waves.

From "Kiss and Makeup". An enraged Quinn gets flashed.

Most Likely to be Expelled Before her Senior Year.

"Next time, we'll get you a tattoo. They last forever."

From Dr Mike's "Pairings". "You are so my bitch."

From "Rue Brittania". Roundabouts. Tailgating lunatics. Shouting. Profanity. Road rage.

From "Rue Brittania". First the cynic takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the cynic.

From "Rue Brittania". Two's company. Three's a freak-out.

From "Swear to be Different". "Come and see the violence inherant in the system!"

Flack-Jacket Mafia, assemble!

From "The Flack-Jacket Mafia". The quartet taste sweet, sweet justice.

From "Tour of Duty". The Deathwish Duo motor with the rest of the Cynical Convoy.

"Tour of Duty" -- movie poster style.

From "The Parent Crap". Even cynics get the blues...

Daria and Lynn in their first modeling gig... won't Quinn be jealous?

Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series starring TLAS.  From right to left, Cuthbert (Jane), Roland (Lynn), Alain (Daria) and Susan (AP)
(the artist states, "Three girls plus one guy means the guy will get the worst part")

A T-shirt design based on Jane's first taste of Lynn's version of Coffee.

From "World Geek Show".  Jane gets a hit of the stuff that powers Lynn -- no
wonder she looks so freaked.

From "Penny For Your Thoughts": The prodigal Penny returns home for a visit.

Fan Art for Mike Yamiolkoski's FanFiction

The Blues Others - "It's 106 miles to Lawndale.  We got a full tank of gas; half a pepperoni pizza; it's dark; and I'm wearing thick, round glasses." 

Blues Others - With a little help from Daria and Jane Blues, Mystik Sprial plays to a sellout crowd.

 Blues Others - The poster


Daria "Darlene" Blues    -    Jane "Tiffany" Blues

Community Disservice - Trent and Link rock to the sounds of the Baha Men, much to the dismay of a concerned chinchilla.

The Next Step - "What the holy living CRAP are you doing in my BED??"

Fan Art from Steven Galloway's Fanfiction.

From Revelations chpt 10 - Jane uses a rather 'creative method' to keep Darren from a fight.

From Revelations Chpt 15 - The dramatic conclusion.

Fan Art for Roger Moore's FanFiction

From 'A MidSummer Nightmare's Daria' - Death & Daria have a book club meeting.

Fan Art from Kara Wild's Fanfiction.

From "The Tie That Chokes": Upchuck gets a rude surprise when he makes a move on Amy.  Hey Chuckster, was it good for you?

FanArt from Lew's Fanfiction

The concert from Heroes.  Daria's outfit is based on artwork by Lew.

This is based on an as yet unfinished X-men / Daria crossover tentatively called 'Dominion'