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Afternoon Delight  - A song ficlet dealing with an afternoon of passion between two people you'd never expect...

An Affair to Remember  - Someone's having a rendezvous at the local hotel.  Rated R for sexual situations and adult language

A Long Ago Christmas - A Daria Christmas past

All My Children - You know how it ended, but how did it all begin.  Written with Deref.

Around the Town – A new series exploring the secret sex lives of our favorite Lawndale citizens.  Rated R

Birds in the Park – A pair of love birds make the park their playground.   

The Shoppers – A trip to the Supermarket takes an interesting turn.

Just Desserts – Dinner is over, now comes the dessert.

Second Chances – Two people rediscover one another.

The Trophy – A new prize for the hunter.

Study Date – Motivation techniques in action.

Of Human Bondage – A couple share a Bonding experience.

TNT – Something sparks off a new relationship.

Of Moonlight & Dreams – A moonlight stroll along the beach.

Tell-tale Kisses – A tender encounter with revenge.

Girl’s Night in Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 – Female bonding

A Sarcastic Friendship – A new series set in Lawndale several years before the Morgendorffers moved to town. 

A Sarcastic Beginning – A chance meeting takes place. 

Avenging Jane - Jane’s brother decides to teach Tom a lesson.

The Cheer Stands Alone - Someone found Daria's Melody Powers stories...

Fangs for the Memories  - There are witches, vampires, ghosts, and various other creatures around us all the time. These creatures of the night have now come out... to Lawndale.

If Only – Charles contemplates his lady fair.

Jesse's Girl - A song minific based on Rick Springfield's 'Jesse's Girl'

Seeking Trent  - Trent goes missing -- not unusual, except for the fact that he failed to tell anyone where he was going -- prompting Daria and Jane to go looking for him.

Through the Silver Screen – A series that throws Daria and friends from the small screen to the silver screen. 

Daria in ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Warped Speed Captain  - A mini-ficlet that puts Daria in an interesting predicament…


The Change

The Teddy Bear

Warm & Fuzzy Thoughts from a Warped Mind