The Cave

Tanandaria. So the epitome of inside-joke-Mary-Sue that the cast doesn’t even remember who Daria is anymore while in The Cave. The denizens stalk Daria, have peculiar misadventures, and get into shipper fights. The neon hair dye has definitely leaked into their brains.


Beth Ann, Mahna Mahna, Scarlett, Tananda, Taryn, Angelinhel, Brandon League, DarkWing, Elizabeth Haynes, Huggy, Kristen Bealer, Krysten, Nomad X, Qwerty, Ranger Thorne, Roger E. Moore, Woot

Season One - Includes much hair dye.

Season Two - Includes various Mystik Cyniks songs

Season Three - Includes Beth’s birthday

Season Four - Includes Elizabeth’s induction and the Halloween Spook-tacular

Season Five - Includes “Lawndale Tango” with Tanandara

Season Six - Includes Scarlett’s marriage to Tom

Season Seven - Includes Qwerty Master of Mystic Magics turning everyone into Fashion Clubbers, cheerleaders, et cetera, the Final Fantasy work, and everyone getting lost.

Season Eight - Includes some Final Fantasy and Thanksgiving

Season Nine - Tanandaria - The Elderly Years

Season Ten - Includes an excess of newbie material and Woot and Darkwing’s excapade with conning

Season Eleven - Includes the renaming to “Infamous Unserious Five”

Season Twelve - Includes Christmas, Furbies, and the search for muffins

Season Thirteen - Includes the add-a-line story

Season Fourteen - Includes the recovery of Scarlett, Valentine’s Day, and Beth and Tom “romance”.

Season Fifteen - Includes the aggressive stalking of Daria that entailed looking normal.

Season Sixteen - Includes Mahna's "birthday" and the 70's

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